Monday, 2020-06-22

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mckoangood morning06:48
Letothe2ndhowdy mckoan06:48
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yannoh, "Running setscene task 3057 of 219", really ? :)13:04
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yannthe cooker output shows "Running task 367 of 1011" and the next one is "Running setscene task 1400 of 219" (on dunfell)13:05
RPyann: its a known issue, not sure if there is a bug open for it13:06
yannoh ok13:06
RPyann: the task counts are right, the setscene ones can't be really13:06
RPits due to hash equivlance13:06
yannRP: I'm reducing the testcase for the meson bug when configuring mesa - it's likely to be small :)13:08
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RPseebs: happen to be around? I have a new pseudo issue which I've mostly debugged for your entertainment ;-)16:55
seebsoh no16:55
seebsi'm sort of around, which is to say, i'm on hold16:56
seebsi keep thinking any day now i'll have free time and catch up on my backlog, then Things Happen16:56
RPseebs: We're seeing machines where the xattr functions are failing with ENOSYS16:56
seebslike, the pseudo ones, or the underlying system ones?16:57
RPseebs: that can only happen if real_fsetxattr is null.16:57
frayI've seen that when people try to use xattr on (via pseudo) on filesystems w/o xattr support16:57
RPseebs: its the enosys message from pseudo16:57
frayahh sounds different from when I saw it.. had to tell the people to use a real FS16:57
RPseebs: the issue is that dlsym() isn't finding fsetxattr and friends in some cases16:57
RPseebs: interestingly dlerror() isn't set16:58
RPseebs: I then discovered that dlsym *is* finding a null symbol in libacl which is the one for fsetxattr in libattr16:59
seebsoh weird.16:59
RPseebs: behaving as defined in the man page :/16:59
RPseebs: I can "fix" this by adding "GLIBC_2.3" versions to our xattr function entries16:59
RPseebs: it does raise a new question though - so we need to wrap the functions in libattr :/17:00
seebsi don't know what libattr does. if it's calling libc functions, then we probably want to just skip past it to the glibc versions, because its functions just call ours, i guess? but i don't really know. hmm.17:01
RPseebs: I think this only happens if we haven't bound the symbols in libacl. If we have, we find those, things "work"17:01
seebsso, why does libattr have null values for these symbols, and why is it linked?17:02
RPseebs: I haven't looked at libattr yet. I was wondering if you happened to know. That is my next step I guess17:02
seebshaven't really been attached to this stuff for a while. these days i'm mostly doing performance stuff in Go, which is definitely a very different world.17:03
RPseebs: libacl links to libattr. I think the null entries are the unresolved function pointers in libacl to libattr17:03
RPseebs: I'm way out my normal comfort zone as well...17:03
RPseebs: Some good news from libattr:17:04
RP * These dumb wrappers are for backwards compatibility only.17:04
RP * Actual syscall wrappers are long gone to libc.17:04
seebsi wonder if we can just not-link-with libattr.17:05
RPseebs: which I think makes a reasonable fix?17:05
seebsmy concern would be that if the symbols change versions in glibc, we might lose later, but i guess they should stay compatible for a while?17:06
seebsi seem to recall having had some prior issues with libattr being Annoying in some way.17:06
RPseebs: they seem to have been around forever and not changed...17:06
seebsyeah, fair enough. i think the GLIBC_2.3 versions should stay visible for quite a while.17:06
seebsmy guess is that at some point pseudo will need to be replaced by something not relying on LD_PRELOAD, and that something like jail/container behavior would be better, but it may take some doing to get there.17:07
RPseebs: I'll tidy this all up, I guess I'm just wondering if there is anything obvious I've missed and if this is the right way to fix the issue17:07
RPseebs: ultimately there may be other ways but not easily without root privs :/17:08
seebsYeah, I think all the debugger-like stuff tends to require at least the option of getting privileges.17:08
seebsAnd definitely potentially hurts performance.17:08
RPseebs: we've seen this one occasionally for a while, I just had a reproducible test case today to poke at which helps a lot17:09
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seebsi am not entirely opposed to Go's "we just make syscalls directly" philosophical stance, but it does mean it'll be basically impossible to make any go programs work under pseudo.17:10
RPseebs: right, I can understand it but its problematic for us17:11
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seebsyeah. i don't really see a fix that isn't basically "become a debugger or require a way to at least transiently have root-like privs".17:12
smurrayI'm still holding out hope that advocates for non-privileged containers might get there eventually17:15
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snootavio: to your question whether it's sane to extract some common usable to an -fslc branch - I talked to a colleague this afternoon and we realized, that there is no reasonable QorIQ / fsl-lsch3 community17:20
snootavio: we're more or less on our own and stumble forward at our best ;)17:21
snootavio: but bringing everything as much as upriver as we can is one of our personal goals17:22
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moto-timoShouldn't /tmp be getting created by initrdscripts ?17:57
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otaviosno: awesome. When you think it is time, let me know17:57
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moto-timoI've got an initramfs-framework script (inherited from refkit) that does headers=$(mnktemp) but this fails because /tmp does not exist17:58
otaviomoto-timo: the framework base, I think, does it17:58
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moto-timootavio: I don't see it in
moto-timootavio: found it
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Letothe2ndis there any metric available on sstate/downloads reuse?19:04
Letothe2ndother than the rather coarse "x tasks not needed"19:04
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kanavin_homeaaaand here we have it
kanavin_homenot great news for linux, that19:14
* Letothe2nd shrugs19:14
neverpanicnot sure, I'm guessing it may actually be good news for Linux because it'll get significant testing on aarch64?19:16
neverpanicand be it just for docker containers19:17
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kanavin_homeneverpanic: I can imagine Apple will only allow linux in a VM, and lock down the hardware completely otherwise, so no baremetal linux19:31
kanavin_homeneverpanic: this is move away from being able to run linux anywhere where you want it to, not towards it19:32
kanavin_homeand aarch64 testing is already more or less covered with raspberry pi19:33
neverpanicLots of people run 32bit userland on Raspis19:34
kanavin_homeyeah, but 64bit is now fully useable, no?19:34
neverpanicGood point, however, secure boot on ARM may not be as flexible with machine owner keys as x86_6419:34
RPkanavin_home, rburton, sakoman: master now has a fix for the infradead server outage, useful to stop test builds failing19:39
RPsakoman: I can pull that straight onto the 1.46 branch if you want, its at least straight forward to test...19:40
sakomanYes, please do!19:41
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rabbit9911Has anyone noticed that toaster reports the machine as the machine configured in local.conf even when using multiconfig with a different machine?19:53
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sakomanRP: thanks!20:08
kanavin_homeRP: thanks, we can wait and see if mtd-utils recipe needs some kind of SRC_URI fix20:16
RPkanavin_home: the mirror repo is really just there for the fetcher issues. As you say, with mtd-utils we'll have to wait and see20:18
RPthe fetcher test issues20:19
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JPEWIs virgl broken on dunfell? I keep getting "failed to open radeonsi"20:27
kanavin_homeJPEW: it is tested on the AB20:29
JPEWIt's definitely failing on my Ubuntu 18.04 desktop20:47
JPEWCan't find drmSyncobjQuery220:50
kanavin_homeJPEW: full error messages please :)20:50
JPEWWith LD_DEBUG=symbols, it give a little more useful:      20516:/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ error: symbol lookup error: undefined symbol: drmSyncobjQuery2 (fatal)20:54
JPEWkanavin_home: Ah, I might have it. thats in a newer libdrm, but I think I forgot to rebuild qemu-helper-native after the upgrade21:00
kanavin_homeJPEW, yes, I was getting to the point where I would say that libdrm in yocto is older than the one on the host, and lacks the needed symbol21:01
kanavin_homeyou need 101 or 10221:01
RPkanavin_home: I think with the tweak I just found we can upgrade qemu21:01
JPEWkanavin_home: Right, I did that and assumed qemu would rebuild, but apparently it did not :)21:02
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kanavin_homeRP: nice, and Armin sent bind updates as well21:02
RPkanavin_home: How many upgrades is AUH saying are pending now? :)21:03
kanavin_homeRP: I have a stash of updates here
kanavin_home(still clinging to a belief that 'maintainers' would act on at least some of them in the next few days)21:04
kanavin_homewith those included, and bind/qemu excluded, it's vulkan... and not much else :)21:05
kanavin_homeoh, and mesa21:05
kanavin_homeJPEW: we probably should upgrade libdrm in dunfell then?21:06
kanavin_homeJPEW: I am rather curious, are you experimenting with virgl, or putting it into use?21:06
RPkanavin_home: nice, mostly small version deltas too21:06
JPEWkanavin_home: We use it to do development off-hardware with i38621:07
kanavin_homeRP: yeah I run them through the AB today, only elfutils needs further fixing21:07
JPEWkanavin_home: We also boot it with u-boot, which is also broken for some reason :)21:07
JPEWsakoman, kanavin_home: Yes, I think we need to upgrade libdrm in dunfell21:09
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JPEWkanavin_home: A, u-boot isn't broken, it was just the graphics. I can confirm that upgrading to 2.4.102 fixes it21:17
kanavin_homeJPEW: I am more surpised that ubuntu 18.04 has something this recent, but maybe it's part of their hardware enablement stack that they keep current21:19
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JPEWkanavin_home: Ya, looks like it's because of the AMD drivers21:19
*** vineela <vineela!~vtummala@> has joined #yocto21:20
JPEWblerg. Anyone tried to compile the latest luaposix? It looks like they completely gave up on cross compiling support :(21:21
kanavin_homeJPEW: lucky you have AMD card. Here they decided everyone should have nvidia, and nouveau is very slow :(21:22
kanavin_homeI am torn between adding support for the blob to yocto's virgl setup, or just declaring the linus thing21:22
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mranostaykanavin_home: nouveau is okay if you only do web browsing other than that :)21:24
kanavin_homemranostay: it becomes less okay on UHD resolutions :(21:25
kanavin_homenoticeably laggy even with regular desktop things21:25
mranostayyeah last time i used it like 4-5 years ago it was pretty unusable21:34
RPtgamblin__: FWIW I sent a patch to try and improve logging for the 1 != 2 error for rndCmd stdin21:38
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RPtgamblin__: Actually, I can make it fail21:44
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RPtgamblin__: I'll send a patch. Now you get to fix one of my bugs in return, right? :)21:55
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tgamblin__RP: take your pick :)22:02
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RParmpit: I think we may need dhcpcd in OE-Core to replace dhcp-client? :/22:27
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armpitRP, atleast dhcpcd is maintained22:57
* armpit needs to look into more things22:58
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