Tuesday, 2020-06-23

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paulbarkerLooks like meta-sancloud has disappeared from the layer index again. I can't re-add it as it says the name is already taken07:55
paulbarkerLooking at https://layers.openembedded.org/layerindex/updates/30073/ I can guess the issue, we depend on meta-rtlwifi which does not have a dunfell branch07:56
paulbarkerSo it's saying this dependency isn't met and so refusing to process the dunfell branch of meta-sancloud07:57
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paulbarkerThe master branch of meta-rtlwifi supports dunfell though: https://github.com/EmbeddedAndroid/meta-rtlwifi/blob/master/conf/layer.conf#L707:58
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dl9pflayerindex iirc does not know to look in branch != dunfell ...08:22
paulbarkerdl9pf: I've moved meta-rtlwifi from LAYERDEPENDS to LAYERRECOMMENDS, will see if it works on the next layerindex update08:24
paulbarkerAlso opened an issue on meta-rtlwifi to add stable branches to make the layerindex happy08:24
Letothe2ndare there any metrics in a build on how mmuch of sstate and downloads have been reused? other than the rather coarse "xxx tasks not needed to run"?08:29
dl9pfLetothe2nd: there is buildstats that you can enable08:38
dl9pfINHERIT += "buildstats-summary"08:38
Letothe2nddl9pf: let me check08:39
dl9pfINHERIT += "buildstats"08:39
dl9pfINHERIT += "buildstats-summary"08:39
Letothe2nddl9pf: that did the trick, thanks!08:43
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gaston53anybody knows how to add `strace` debugging and diagnostic utility to my linux yocto image ?08:52
Letothe2ndgaston53: yes.08:52
gaston53Letothe2nd how please ?08:52
Letothe2ndgaston53: add strace to IMAGE_INSTALL in your image recipe. http://cgit.openembedded.org/openembedded-core/tree/meta/recipes-devtools/strace/strace_5.7.bb?h=master08:53
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gaston53Letothe2nd thanks08:54
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mckoangaston53: or even add in local.conf EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES_append = " tools-debug"08:59
Letothe2ndmckoan: *sigh*09:00
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gaston53mckoan okey!09:01
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lukmaMaybe a bit dumb question - but I would like to ask if Yocto project uses containers to test all supported Linux distributions?10:10
lukmaIf yes, then are there somewhere available dockerfiles, which create those containers?10:11
lukmaTo be more specific - each supported distro requires some specific set of packages installed on host10:11
lukma(by host I do mean the container)10:11
RPlukma: we use actual installs to test but there are crops containers for most distros10:12
RPlukma: the manual documents the things that need to be installed and we try to keep that in sync with our autobuilder10:13
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lukmaRP: Do those "container" use any docker files for automatic creation ?10:16
lukmaRP: Or is it solved in another way?10:16
lukmaLike manually prepared image and then saved/exported?10:17
qschulzlukma: building Yocto in containers can be done with kas or pyrex AFAIU. That might be something to have a look at if "how to build in a container" is your question and not "how to build for all distributions"10:18
RPlukma: I just searched for "yocto crops" and found https://www.embeddeduse.com/2019/05/06/yocto-builds-with-crops-containers/ which will probably help answer your questions10:18
lukmaRP: Thanks for help :)10:26
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kroonRP, oe-core/meta/conf/distro/include/distro_alias.inc contains some entries for grub-efi-{i586/x86-64}, which I believe stem from a time when the target arch was encoded in the native package names, grub-efi-${TRANSLATED_TARGET_ARCH}-native (more info in oe-core commit 53d3f1273983dfce2a907b39768978afe99aab1a). Is that something you can verify, and if so should we remove them ?11:11
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RPkroon: yes, we should remove11:36
kroonRP, ok11:37
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gaston53how to install libgpiod-dev in my yocto image ?11:44
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Letothe2ndgaston53: http://cgit.openembedded.org/meta-openembedded/tree/meta-oe/recipes-support/libgpiod/libgpiod_1.4.3.bb?h=master11:45
Letothe2ndgaston53: generic procedures apply, as well as the usual remark about compiling in-target being stupid.11:45
mckoanlukma: maybe this may be helpful as well https://koansoftware.com/yocto-linux-lab-2018-florence/11:48
Letothe2ndmckoan: thats really a nice slidedeck111:58
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gaston53Letothe2nd After installing libgpiod , I just find libgpiod-tools into packages.manifest files12:32
gaston53I don't find libgpiod-dev12:32
gaston53besides, when I run a program that needs libgpiod , it complains that libgpiod driver is not installed12:34
Letothe2ndgaston53: like i said: generic procedures apply. if i install X, why should it bring along X-dev? so, install X-dev. plus, compiling in-target is stupid.12:34
Letothe2ndgaston53: and whats more, libgpiod seems to be quite configurable. you might want to look into it.12:34
mckoanLetothe2nd: thanks12:34
Letothe2ndmckoan: i might refer to it some day. do you happen to have a more recent version, or are you fine if i link back to the '18 version?12:35
mckoanLetothe2nd: you're free to use it, however I don't have plans to update it12:35
Letothe2ndmckoan: great!12:36
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polaris-hi, in meta-raspberrypi is a line that starts with "CMDLINE_append += '". does the usage of _append in combination with += make sense? I can not find an explanation for it in the Bitbake User Manual.12:43
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mihai-polaris-, some people use += with _append to avoid the extra space, e.g. CMDLINE_append = " something"12:46
RPkanavin_home: is something going on with vulkan headers? (https://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/typhoon/#/builders/23/builds/2290)12:48
zeddiithat is not logical.12:48
* zeddii runs12:48
polaris-mihai-, thanks!12:49
kroonzeddii, :-D :-D :-D12:54
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RPkanavin_home: I think your test builds have updated the source mirror and upstream removed the commits we were using :(12:57
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rburtonkanavin_home: can't do the devtool patch refresh thing on ICU13:12
rburton$ devtool finish --force-patch-refresh icu ../poky/meta13:13
rburtonERROR: Source tree is not clean:13:13
rburton?? source/patches/13:13
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nucatusquick question. I spent already few hours with it and it gets really frustrating.13:20
nucatushow can I pull a file from an https URL that requires authentication?13:21
nucatusI tried the FETCHCMD_wget_append = "auth_args" and FETCHCMD_wget += "auth_args" and both seem to rewrite the FETCHCMD_wget entirely13:22
nucatuswasn't this suppose to work?13:23
* zeddii is starting to regret the slack signup for ELC13:24
paulbarkernucatus: Have you tried using a url like `https://username:password@site.com/path/to/file`. It's not something I've used myself in a long time but I think that's how it's intended to work13:26
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nucatuspaulbarker: in case I store the user and the pass in env variables, can those be expanded in that URL?13:27
paulbarkernucatus: That should also work. Are they set in bitbake or externally in your shell environment?13:27
nucatusin the shell env13:28
paulbarkernucatus: You'll need to add the variable names to the whitelist for bitbake13:28
nucatushmmm... how can I do that? :)13:28
paulbarkernucatus: https://www.yoctoproject.org/docs/3.1.1/bitbake-user-manual/bitbake-user-manual.html#var-bb-BB_ENV_EXTRAWHITE13:29
nucatuspaulbarker: cool. I'll try this. Thanks!13:30
RPkanavin_home: seems we need a ".0" on the end of the branch name13:33
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snootavio: unless there is something open, can you merge meta-freescale-distro, too?13:35
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RPkanavin_home: nearly, they've only left tags. I've just referred to master which contains the same commit13:42
paulbarkerWhat's the best way to report a layerindex issue? Post to the mailing list or open a bugzilla issue?13:43
paulbarkerLooks like there's now some invalid data being returned by the API which is leading to a backtrace if you run `bitbake-layers layerindex-fetch meta-sancloud -b dunfell`13:44
paulbarkerNot sure if it should be fixed on the client side or on the server side13:44
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RPpaulbarker: bugzilla entry and cc the appropriator people (PaulE, fray)?13:54
paulbarkerRP: Will do13:55
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kanavin_homeRP: thanks, I just looked into it - yeah they deleted branches, but we can take commits from master branch which have the needed tag14:15
kanavin_homerburton: use -f14:15
paulbarkerBugzilla always confuses me. "New Case" is not the button to raise a new issue haha14:17
RPpaulbarker: we'll drop the testopia bits when we upgrade14:19
paulbarkerRP: That would probably reduce confusion :)14:19
paulbarkerLooks like I can't add more than one attachment14:21
RPpaulbarker: probably one at a time14:21
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Letothe2ndfind yourself a drink and get comfy, folks: live coding session coming up in 20 minutes! https://www.twitch.tv/letoatreidesthe2nd14:42
paulbarkerRP: I've filed it, thanks for the pointers there. https://bugzilla.yoctoproject.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1395414:43
RPpaulbarker: I added mark/paul to its cc14:49
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RPpaulbarker: we might have to email to get pauls attention but at least the info is collected in one place14:49
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snoA dumb question, since I never set up a http download cache before - all the files I have to upload are those ${f} which have a ${f}.done, haven't I?14:53
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Letothe2ndfind yourself a drink and get comfy, folks: live coding session coming up in 5 minutes! https://www.twitch.tv/letoatreidesthe2nd14:56
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smurrayYPTM: Scott Murray is on14:58
tlwoernerYPTM: Trevor Woerner is on14:59
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qschulzLetothe2nd: kernel-module-hello is the name of the package (most of the time, all packages are prefixed with kernel-module-)15:15
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qschulzLetothe2nd: S = "${WORKDIR}/git" !15:32
qschulzLetothe2nd: since you're using AUTOREV, please state also that PV should have SRCPV in it as specified in the documentation here: https://www.yoctoproject.org/docs/latest/mega-manual/mega-manual.html#var-AUTOREV15:34
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moto-timo /whois dreyna18:14
dreynaindeed, who is dreyna?18:15
dreynamy wife asks all the time18:15
moto-timomy keyboard keeps inserting spaces and other chars18:16
bluelightningI've had the same problem after I spilled water on mine18:18
moto-timobluelightning: a beer may have been involved18:18
moto-timoalthough it is a model of Mac Book that has the "keyboard issue"18:19
* moto-timo realizes the beer didn't help18:19
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mranostaymoto-timo: lies! beer always helps.. or you at least think it does :)18:32
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moto-timomranostay: I have code that proves you are correct!18:36
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kanavin_homeRP: rburton: I think I might have a lead on icudata fails18:46
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kanavin_homeI think there is a race between:18:55
kanavin_homeLD_LIBRARY_PATH=../lib:../stubdata:../tools/ctestfw:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH  ../bin/gencnval -s . -d ./out/build/icudt66l mappings/convrtrs.txt18:55
kanavin_homewhich writes out a file, and these:18:56
kanavin_homeLD_LIBRARY_PATH=../lib:../stubdata:../tools/ctestfw:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH  ../bin/genrb -s ./misc -d ./out/build/icudt67l -i ./out/build/icudt67l -k -q numberingSystems.txt18:56
kanavin_homewhich read it18:56
Letothe2ndmoto-timo: berr++18:57
moto-timoLetothe2nd: Habensie bier?18:58
moto-timooh no, I have forgotten German grammar18:59
Letothe2ndmoto-timo: ja :)18:59
Letothe2ndmoto-timo: as you know, ethanol is not a solution, but a solvent :)18:59
* moto-timo resets the cache flushing algorithm18:59
moto-timoLetothe2nd: ++18:59
moto-timoTapped a fresh homebrew keg of Oatmeal Cream Stout on Sunday.19:00
moto-timoIt is delicious.19:00
* Letothe2nd loves stout.19:01
Letothe2ndsend one over, please.19:01
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* Letothe2nd needs to do post-shoe housekeeping.19:03
Letothe2ndpost-show, even.19:03
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kergothfinally, got meta-external-toolchain working with an oe-built meta-toolchain. just need to add the setup environment parsing to ease usage19:34
khemdid we change the compression type for ipk ?19:35
kergothhttps://github.com/kergoth/meta-external-toolchain/compare/master...kergoth:external-sdk + https://gist.github.com/kergoth/b799ce2ce8c9b97c5c64e1587bc2d4ba gets a core-image-base built, but only if i add the locale packages to TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK on the sdk build, otherwise glibc-locale explodes19:35
kergothcourse, most wanting an oe built sdk toolchain probably will just use ext sdk or manually lock down and distribute toolchain sstate archives, but what the hell19:37
kergothfigured it makes sense to use it for testing the layer if nothing else19:37
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rburtonkanavin_home: its genrb racing19:46
JPEWAny meta-swupdate folks here?19:47
rburtonkanavin_home: the easy fix is to just turn off parallel for the data/ directory.  i ended up ratholing on improving the rest of the build time to make up for the performance hit19:47
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rburtonkanavin_home: i did look briefly at trying to identify what the actual race is but didn't get very far19:47
rburtonas i said the icu build is so horrible i rewrote large chunk of the recipe instead19:48
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kergothRP: can we fix the msg functions to str() the first argument? bb.warn(str(foo)) over and over gets old when debugging19:51
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RPkergoth: we probably should although I seem to remember some non trivial overhead on the performance graphs last time I looked at it :/20:12
RPkergoth: I think I did rip out the debug on the critical paths since then, hopefully20:12
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kanavin_homerburton: mercy me, rules.mk is written by a custom python library20:41
kanavin_homeand of course they got it wrong, as made clear by make races20:41
RPkanavin_home: that sounds like a very promising lead!20:43
kanavin_homeRP: proper fix is made extra complicated due to the makefile containing the issue being generated by a custom in-tree set of python modules!20:44
kanavin_homeRP: I am tempted to just remove the parallelization, and set the whole data generation thing as an optional PACKAGECONFIG, off by default20:44
kanavin_homeit was Khem's idea and implementation, so probably not broadly useful20:44
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kanavin_homeRP: I went ahead with that, icu patches on the list21:09
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jonmasonAnyone else seeing SSL Cert errors on layers.openembedded.org?21:23
jonmason'bitbake-layers layerindex-fetch meta-oe meta-python' is failing hard due to that for me21:24
jonmasonwebsite too21:24
RPkanavin_home: I'm not sure that option is going to be well accepted :/21:26
mranostayjonmason: getting a NET::ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID?21:26
RPOn another topic, how many people realise ASSUME_PROVIDED entries are also regexs :/21:26
mranostayseems the Let's Encrypt cert expired21:27
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kanavin_homeRP: filtered icu data generation is a very recent thing coming from Khem, and is only there to save a few megabytes of space. I'd say it is not commonly used.21:31
kanavin_homeI can put up with fixing musl failures, but this really doesn't need to be on by default.21:32
rburtonits more than a few, you can save tens21:35
rburtonwhich is non-trivial21:36
rburtonand the make in icudata doesn't need to build everything, just the data21:37
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kanavin_homeyes, but the default behavior is to not filter anything and just rebuild the full set21:42
kanavin_homeand the patch I sent does not remove the feature, just not enable it by default21:43
jonmasonmranostay: ssl.SSLCertVerificationError: [SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed: certificate has expired (_ssl.c:1056)21:53
RPrburton: does kanavin_home's fine match what you've been looking at?21:54
RPrburton: incidentally my last -next build failed with the icu issue :(21:55
RPvmeson: I put a possible lead into #13911, might be enough of a hint to reproduce21:59
khemRP: that patch is a good workaround, it shunts the function, rburton was trying to fix it in a better wy22:05
khemRP: perhaps we should apply a filter instead of building with no-filter defaults22:06
khemsince I do not see the build failures with filter applied22:06
RPkhem: according to kanavin_home's analysis it won't matter, the race is there22:07
khemRP: try a build with https://gist.github.com/kraj/59592787effe9613757cedef7038f5f522:12
khemRP: we do plenty of builds per day and it has never shown22:12
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rburtonRP: similar enough22:48
rburtonthere's definitely a race, it's just not common22:48
rburtonRP: i can rebase my patches on top.  i shouldn't have got distracted boiling the ocean22:49
rburtonah, new qemu still explodes everywhere on aarch6422:51
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