Wednesday, 2020-06-24

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dv|2Trying to build my recipe with origin/dunfell got strange error on the very early step (parsing recipes): my recipe is:
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qschulzdv|2: Indentation error? Just put a tab before your rm lines08:25
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xtrondv|2, use proper indentation (4 spaces or tab) for two lines in your do_configure_append(),08:25
Letothe2ndthats what i thought too, but as the functions are shell it should be permitted IMHO08:26
mihai-Letothe2nd, only that it might not be shell :)08:26
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qschulzmihai-: and it isn't, indeed08:27
qschulzdv|2: either use the python way to delete your files or add a task to be run right after do_configure ([postfuncs] I think it's called) which is using shell. Try and let us know :)08:28
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dv|2xtron, with 4 spaces the result is the same.08:39
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dv|2qschulz, it is shell...08:40
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mihai-dv|2, the existing do_configure inherited from npm bbclass is python, you're appending bash commands to a python function08:41
PaowZ_..yocto and its secret tricks.. :)08:42
dv|2qschulz, oh! how can I remove the file in python correctly then? Before /dunfell it work OK...08:42
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mihai-dv|2, hm, indeed that used to be bash before dunfell08:45
mihai-nice catch :)08:45
mihai-dv|2, I guess you can use os.remove08:47
mihai-or what qschulz said08:47
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rburtona postfunc would be best08:52
dv|2may I force the bash somehow there?08:55
PaowZ_dv|2, why don't you use the python way ? It looks pretty straightfoward.. no /?09:00
Letothe2nd"force the bash" sounds pretty brutal.09:00
dv|2now you have to reasearch if it is OK to write in bash in this function or not... Better to have a way to say "here is my bash script"09:09
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kroonpostfunc should take care of that09:15
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dv|2ok. but looks like needto find a way to specify the scripting language in recipes09:23
rburtonjust write a two line shell postfunc09:24
rburtonyou can't force do_configure to be another language, because its already been written09:25
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qschulzdv|2: by default, tasks/funcs are shell. If it's prefixed by `python`, it's... python :) So you should be good if you're using do_configure[postfunc] += "myfunc" or something and have myfunc() { rm whatever }09:30
qschulzalso.. is this rm that big of a deal? Does it bring anything to the table? because if you're losing a few hours just for cosmetic stuff, it's not worth it :)09:31
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qschulz(though you've learned a few new things already)09:31
PaowZ_wholesome words..09:32
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kroonJPEW, hmm, wasn't there a plan at some point to get the hash-equiv data output put under version control in buildhistory ?09:46
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YocdaAnyone here recruiting embedded engineers ?11:12
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Letothe2ndYocda: nobody officially/publicly :)11:28
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polaris-hi, BitBake does not seem to like git addresses starting with "git@". is there anything I can do about it?11:49
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Letothe2ndpolaris-: use the fetcher parameters for the username11:54
sstillerpolaris-: git://git@... works here.11:56
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polaris-sstiller: I'm trying that. I get "fatal: Unable to look up git@MYURL (port 9418) (Name or service not known)". git clone git@MYURL directly works alright though.12:02
sstillerpolaris-: perhaps you need to append ;protocol=ssh12:04
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polaris-sstiller: ah that's it :) thanks!12:08
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JPEWkroon: It wasn't on my radar13:02
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emriusHello everyone, I'm wondering how the mega manual was setup? Reason I'm asking: I could not find an alternative to the mega manual with sane split of chapters. I find the mega manual super annoying to work with (single straight go-to navigation, no splitting into subsection which leads to really tiresome and endless scrolling, etc.). So if the13:18
emriusmanual source is somewhere available I'd be happy to attempt a more easy to work through layout...13:18
Letothe2ndemrius: the mega-manual is just a concatenation of all single manuals in the poky/doc directory, AFAIK13:19
emriusI see13:19
emriusThanks for the hint. I'll start from there13:19
yannhm, under what conditions would do_patch not create a quilt series with what it applied ?13:26
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qschulzemrius: FWIW, I find this actually awesome. I **know** the info will be there, I just need a good word for Ctrl+F and/or scroll in some parts that are interesting to me.13:30
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qschulzeverything you need is there13:31
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emriusqschulz still structure helps. A lot! Also, navigation side bars that highlight where you are is a huge pro for orientation and where to find things (again). replace Ctrl+F with a search field and you have the same, plus search results ordered by chapter.13:36
emriusI mean there is a reason why single page documentations are hard to find on the web. They are a pain in the ass.13:37
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Letothe2ndemrius: feel free to suggest improvements. historically the documentation focused on a printout-style, hence the structure as far as i understand it. that certainly differs quite a bit from todays web expectations.13:39
emriusI totally get that. Sorry for the swearing! That was the pain in my worn out scrolling finger that made me say that.13:41
Letothe2ndall is fine.13:41
emriusI'll give it a shot if I find the time13:42
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Letothe2ndwe usually resort to the "tastefully chosen" ctrl-f invocation, but that doesn't mean we can't improve.13:42
qschulzemrius: that is an opinion you should share publicly on the docs mailing list honestly. The timing is excellent since there'll be quite some changes in the docs (well, the behind the scenes mostly)13:45
emriusqschulz good to know! thanks for the hint!13:46
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qschulzemrius: that's what in WIP so it should match more or less your request AFAICT14:13
emriusqschulz That matches exactly my request :)  Nice!14:14
qschulzemrius: it's a PoC though, so probably broken in many places. Maybe you can contribute to this effort :)14:15
emriusqschulz I definitely will! Even if it's just using it and giving feedback. This is very promising!14:16
beratiksHi, I reboot continously a lot of time for testing but systemd services sometimes occur failed and boot hanging. Now write "A start job is running for Permit User Sessions"  (18min 40s / no limit). But not always hanging. How can I fix this stiuation?14:22
emrius(y)  Thanks14:22
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qschulzberatiks: use sysv </troll>14:25
beratiksqschulz but Can I use sysv with qt5? I think there is dependency?14:26
qschulzberatiks: we use sysv with qt5.6 don't know about newer releases but that;d be surprising14:26
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beratiksqschulz thanks for support. I am starting to convert my yocto project systemd to sysv. I tried before but I cant. I might handle , if can't I will ask you :)14:28
* Letothe2nd facepalms and slaps qschulz with a large trout14:29
qschulzberatiks: Mmmm... For large and complex systems, I'd advocate against. Systemd brings many improvments14:34
qschulzhonestly if size and boot time aren't extremely critical, go with systemd. It's well maintained, widely used and you'll get help easily14:35
beratiksyes but I think systemd is not stable :)14:35
qschulzberatiks: tell that to all desktop distros :)14:36
* paulbarker "stable" is always relative14:36
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Letothe2ndpaulg: if i can sit on it with out it breaking, it has to be considered "stable"14:40
qschulzLetothe2nd: struggling with autocompletion I see14:43
Letothe2nds/struggling with/battling/g14:43
paulghey, leave me out of any system disease discussions!14:44
zeddiiwhat, you aren't ghonnorea'ing to help ?14:45
paulbarkerWho ordered the puns?14:45
Letothe2nddo they have to be ordered here?14:46
yannever seen "Error contacting Hash Equivalence Server" starting to pop up during a build?14:46
paulbarkerLetothe2nd: At least they're not fish puns14:46
Letothe2ndfish buns?14:46
paulbarkerLetothe2nd: This isn't really the plaice for fish puns14:47
Letothe2ndpaulbarker: why not? i like fish.14:47
Letothe2ndand any IRC place is good for that very specific fish pun. (for the youngters among us:
JPEWyann: Yes, I think it has trouble procssing requests when running locally with high parallelism14:49
JPEWyann: It wasn't a problem on my 8 core machine... it shows up a lot more on the 36 core machine14:50
JPEWI make marine electronics; my whole career has been a fish pun14:50
Letothe2ndJPEW: \o/ where can i sign up?14:51
paulbarkerJPEW: Ah that's interesting, I got into embedded by working on underwater noise monitoring equipment14:51
Letothe2ndpaulbarker: yay for more fish puns!14:51
JPEWLetothe2nd: for the career or the puns ;)14:51
Letothe2ndJPEW: both? :P14:51
JPEWpaulbarker: Ya, this is all consumer grade stuff... expensive yacht toys. Very interesting market14:52
yannJPEW: yeah there are 24 cores here - but then, don't we launch a hashequiv server once for the whloe build ?  that looks like it terminated ot sbd removed the socket ?14:52
yannwhat's the impact for the remaining tasks of the build ?14:53
JPEWyann: It's not any worse than not having the server, it just means you might not find some equivalence you would have otherwise14:54
Letothe2ndJPEW: no fish puns mentioned there... no deal :(14:55
JPEWLetothe2nd: Well, for good reason they don't let me work on the website14:55
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JPEWyann: The server is single threaded, so I think there is some connection limit slowing it down.... I wonder if listen() needs a longer backlog....14:59
yannhm, would it crash when its connection queue is full ?15:01
yanndoes it leave logs anywhere ?15:01
JPEWyann: No, it wouldn't crash when the log is full15:05
JPEWyann: Sorry, when the *connection* queue is full15:05
yanncan we get it to run in debug mode, or anything that would help understand ?15:06
JPEWyann: Probably the easiest is to run one manually on the side15:06
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JPEWyann: `bitbake-hashserve --log DEBUG`15:07
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kergothhmm, what's the status of hashequiv nowadays? i stopped using it for a while since it was in flux at the time15:29
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yannkergoth: it's activated by default in dunfell, it seems15:32
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JPEWkergoth: We seem to have most of the big kinks worked out15:50
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PaowZHi ! I'm getting back to my faulty recipe.. I got this recipe: and experiencing an issue with the path of delivered .service file.. if I use sbindir, package is delivered but with systemd_system_unitdir, nothing happens.. any clue ??15:53
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qschulzPaowZ: "delivered"? what do you expect and what do you have?16:01
ndecdreyna: joining in a minute..16:02
PaowZI expected a rpm package to be shipped.. but I only get -dev and -dbg packages16:02
dl9pfHAPPY HOUR is on now !16:02
dreynandec ok16:02
PaowZqschulz: .. I expected rpm to be generated, and now, I'm getting this error (Empty tag: Group)..
PaowZok.. for the error.. I had SECTION blanked.. I fixed it..16:05
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JPEWyann: Ah, the default buffer size is too small to transfer some of the larger packets. Probably needs a chunking protocol of some kind on the server side18:03
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JPEWyann: Ok, I implemented a chunking protocol for hash equivalence and it seems fix the issue. I'm going to try it out and send the patches20:01
dv|2qschulz, kroon, rburton, PaowZ_, thank you.20:03
dv|2I'm curious, that is the difference between dunfell and dunfell-next ? Is dunfell-next ready to be used for production?20:04
JPEWdv|2: dunfell-next are the patches being tested. That branch head will get rebased (e.g. move in a non linear fashion), where as dunfell will only move forward20:06
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sagnerI do have a variable ABC which gets assigned a random value (similar to DATETIME). ABC gets assigned to XYZ. I added now XYZ to vardepsexclude of a task which uses that variable to fix basehash changed issues. Question: Which one is the right one to exclude? ABC or XYZ? Why/what are the tradeoffs?20:21
sagnerI see lots of tasks excluding DATETIME, altough they only use it through indirection. Personally it seems that the actual variable in use in this task seems to be more sensible (XYZ)...20:21
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yannJPEW: cool, will shake that :)20:30
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yannJPEW: what list should I check for the patches ?20:38
JPEWyann: bitbake-devel, but I haven't sent them yet20:39
yannok my first guess was correct after all :)20:40
rburtonhm brainfart20:43
rburtonif a recipe does export FOO='bar', bitbake will track that and rebuild the recipe if FOO changes to 'baz', right?20:43
rburtonOr does it ignore environment unless told otherwise20:44
rburtoncan never remember20:44
yannAnother issue I get with my dunfell builds: I have spurious rebuilds.  A build just completed, but the hard timeout of 3h on runner killed it while uploading the images (sigh).  So I'm just relaunching the build ... and it's gone out rebuilding things, starting with opkk-utils and libtool-cross - wow I fear that build will hit the same timeout...20:45
kergothrburton: yes, every exported env var afffects all task checksums20:45
kergothwhich is why i was working on a patch series to move to minimizing global exports and using task level exports20:45
kergothnever did finish that..20:45
rburtonright, thought so20:46
rburtonhow to exempt all tasks from that?20:46
rburtonspecific use case: license key needed to run a native binary is in envrionment variable20:46
rburtonexport FOO=bar in the local.conf works but i fear a license key change will cause a world rebuild20:47
kergothprobably need to add it to the hashbase whitelist, or unexport it and explicitly export it where needed20:47
kergothwe do the former for our license at mentor20:47
kergothneeded to add it both to BB_ENV_EXTRAWHITE and the hashbase whitelist20:47
kergothoh, there it is .. .. hmm, i should really finish that.. it's tough to know all the potential fallout of a change like that though20:48
kergothneeded per-recipe additions20:49
kergothsuppose i should split that into two pieces, first use task level across the usual suspects for all currently exported variables, then minimize that set later20:49
* kergoth yawns20:49
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rburtonah no BB_HASHBASE_WHITELIST20:50
rburtonthanks kergoth20:51
JPEWrburton: You could also do something like FOO[export] = "1" in the specific recipe that needs it and not export in local.conf20:52
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kergothueaj tjat20:52
kergothyeah, that's an idea unless its needed for something particularly invasive like a toolchain component or something20:52
kergothreally dislike global exports in general20:53
rburtoni mean who'd have a toolchain with a license key20:53
* rburton slowly walks away20:53
kergoththere's no way to track what's used and what isn't, which is irritating20:53
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