Friday, 2020-06-26

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* alessioigor waves allDoes someone knows why when I change *only* DISTRO_VERSION the kernel without initramfs bundled is never rebuilt whereas the kernel with initramfs is always rebuilt? 06:53
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kroonalessioigor, check with bitbake-diffsigs ?06:54
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Letothe2ndkanavin_home: i feel bombed...07:52
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stkw0Hi. I was trying to auto-load a module using KERNEL_MODULE_AUTOLOAD in a systemd system. But it doesn't work, seems that systemd-modules-load.service doesn't exist. Is this a bug or I'm doing something very wrong?08:07
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xtronQt is configured with xkbcommon only for x11, but qt apps through warning about missing xkbcommon when run on wayland, and this warning goes away by adding xkbcommon in qt packageconfig09:36
xtronis this understanding right thta Qt with xkbcommon is not X11 specific?09:37 says it run in various platform including Wayland09:38
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dv|2I want to make native recipe. what is the better way to do it: 1) with BBCLASSEXTEND += native or 2) ?10:47
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paulbarkerdv|2: Does it make sense to build your recipe for the target as well? Or just native?11:04
Letothe2ndor to rephrase: it "DEPENDS" :)11:05
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dv|2paulbarker, mainly to ba able to add DEPENDS += "myrecipe-native" (help tool to bild other recipes). It should be included into SDK and target also, I think. So both - native and target. I'm planning to add "lerna" tool (If you know NodeJS)11:06
Letothe2ndlerna to target? *lesigh*11:07
paulbarkerdv|2: It's pretty obvious then. If you go with (2) you'll only be able to build for native. If you go with (1) you can build for native + target.11:07
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dv|2paulbarker, thank you!11:14
dv|2Letothe2nd, yes! I have a big emmc so customer may want to install node module that requires build-tools and lerna...11:15
dv|2btw, anybody there able to see the problem with dunfell npm.class ?11:16
dv|2npm.bbclass I mean11:17
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NiniC0c0Hello all, after upgrading our yocto from zeus to dunfell I got this issue: "Exception: FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/mnt/DATA_2/Ns/YOCTO/build/tmp/deploy/licenses/cust-base-image/recipeinfo'" any idea to fix that ?11:32
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NiniC0c0from / task11:33
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RPndec: - from your fix :(11:47
ndecRP: hmm. maybe it's a bug in explode_dep_versions2() ;)11:48
ndeclet me check!11:48
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ndecRP: ok, i can reproduce.. i tested with meta-stm and meta-poky.. looks like meta-yocto-bsp fails..12:00
ndecLAYERDEPENDS is empty, that's why it fails.. will send a v2..12:01
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RPndec: thanks12:06
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kanavin_homeRP: I think the new arrangement where I pre-test my patchbombs on the AB works rather well - I will not be bombing in july most likely, as I will be in a lake cabin12:29
ndecRP: v2 sent..12:31
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RPkanavin_home: If we know you're not doing it we may try and keep things up to date13:08
RPkanavin_home: it does seem to work, yes. Its nice to look roughly up to date13:08
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NiniC0c0Someone here could give me some info about recipeinfo file ?13:23
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kanavin_homeRP: I mostly want to avoid big bang/total recipe rewrite version upgrades (e.g. python 3.5->3.8), I think I've done my share of those :)13:44
kanavin_homeapt was the last, now we're good13:45
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zeddiihalstead: around ?14:46
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halsteadGood morning zeddii.15:43
zeddiisent you an email with the details.15:44
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kergothHas anyone built an sdk targeting x32? I'm running into an issue where the cross-canadian toolchain in the sdk fails to find any libraries, it seems like it didn't obey BASE_LIB/baselib to search libx32, but gcc-cross works fine17:41
kergothI'm not super familiar with our gcc build, though17:41
RPkergoth: I don't think that is in the test matrix fwiw17:45
kergothah, good to know17:45
kergoththe x32 gcc binaries in the sdk are symlinked to the non-x32 binaries, but it wasn't built with a multi-lib configuration, so it always uses 'lib', not 'libx32', regardless of whether i'm building for x86_64 or x86_64 -mx3217:47
frayis anyone using x32 anymore?17:48
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rabbit9911I am a little stuck.. I have an external-arm-toolchain ive been working on (that packages up a toolchain installed on the host).  It works as expected however... I want to compile some things with clang. So I have the meta-clang layer. When I set TOOLCHAIN="clang" those packages get the error "tmp/hosttools/ld: unrecognised emulation mode:18:23
rabbit9911Any ideas what I might have done wrong that makes clang use the hosttools/ld?18:24
rabbit9911Oh and yes if I skip the external-arm-toolchain and use the yocto generated one.. things work.18:25
rabbit9911So i'm sure its my fault :)   Just not sure what to look for18:25
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paulbarkerrabbit9911: Are you using the ARM toolchain from meta-arm? Or writing your own recipes/classes? It's not clear from your question18:54
paulbarkerAlso what Yocto Project version are you using?18:54
rabbit9911I have a toolchain generated from crosstool-ng thats pre installed.   I am writing a yocto recipe to package up that toolchain for building yocto recipes.19:16
rabbit9911I am using dunfell19:16
rabbit9911My current thought is that there is a missing ld link missing in my PATH.. so the next ld in my PATH is tmp/hosttool/ld?19:22
rabbit9911still looking at that.. no idea if that is even possible.. seems strange.19:23
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paulbarkerrabbit9911: Writing your own toolchain integration is probably one of the more advanced things you could do with Yocto Project. I don't expect it to be straightforward19:42
paulbarkerI recommend looking at the external-arm-toolchain support in meta-arm and seeing what you can learn from that19:43
kergothmeta-external-toolchain has logic that searches in multiple locations and handles differing toolchain layouts, so it's probably doable, but it's definitely non-trivial to integrate still19:44
kergothi've spent the past 4 days working on adding support for oe's own sdks as an external toolchain..19:44
kergothand i'm still not done19:44
kergoththe layer index should list a few external toolchain layers that work as examples, they take different approaches depending on which copied from where when19:45
kergothmeta-sourcery is a good example of a layer that builds upon meta-external-toolchain for more specific requirements, you don't have to copy everything to make an external toolchain layer, so that's a slightly different approach than most19:47
rabbit9911I did start with external-arm-toolchain. It seems to mostly work..19:47
rabbit9911I had to modify some things... but pretty much the same recipe.19:48
kergothmaybe ask khem if he knows if anyone has worked with clang and an external toolchain? afaik he's done a lot of the work on clang and musl19:48
* kergoth shrugs19:48
kergothi used to prefer the single recipe approach, since you can just grab the whole sysroot, but then you run into headaches with not knowing what your PROVIDES needs to be based on what the sysroot contains, can conflict with other recipes, etc. but the more granular external toolchain recipes have their own pain points19:50
rabbit9911So clang is just configured to use the wrong linker somehow. Going to look at the clang CMakeLists.txt and cmake.bbclass next.20:04
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jdfreehow to migrate from yocto rocko to thud20:36
jdfreeis there any guide for the same20:37
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jdfreecan anyone help in yocto20:42
RPjdfree: there is a section in the manual about migration20:43
RP(for each release)20:43
rabbit9911Why thud and not zeus?20:45
jdfreei am a newbie, the manual provide only the changes takes place in the version, do we have a guide on how to20:48
jdfreeas i have a lot of local layesrs20:48
jdfreerabbitt9911: it is a specific need, want step by step increment in upgrade20:49
RPjdfree: wouldn't you start with rocko to sumo then?20:50
RPjdfree: the manual details the changes made to the core between each release series. We can't know what that means for any given layer and I doubt such a guide is possible20:51
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jdfreeRP yes i can go from rocko to sumo20:55
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jdfreemy doubt is if i copy all the existing layers from rocko to the new version do i have to make any changes to the config files20:57
jdfreeand if i have to what all precautions i need to take20:58
RPjdfree: we have no idea what is in your config files so its impossible to say20:58
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RPjdfree: presumably this is a new clean build environment you're doing this in and you can regularly rebuild whatever it is from scratch so you should be limited in the issues you can cause by trying?20:59
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rabbit9911Personally I like to keep the poky directory 100% clean of any changes. My layers are external to poky directory.  So jumping between poky versions is pretty easy just a matter of fixing your recipes21:13
RPrabbit9911: that is how its meant to work :)21:13
RPJPEW: - your patches I'm afraid21:15
RPJPEW: do we have to have a flag day with the client/server changing together21:15
RP(this is an old server with new client changes)21:16
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JPEWRP: The new server can support old clients, but not the other way around21:26
kergothargh, can't use a multilib oe external toolchain with a non-multilib external tcmode build as things stand today, due to the particular libdir paths in use. the fact that it puts x32 binaries under lib64/x86_64-oe-linux/10.1.0/x32 instead of the expected libx32/x86_64-oemllibx32-linux-gnux32/10.1.0 is a problem.. unless i grab the other arch paths *too* when pulling the external files..21:30
* kergoth scratches head21:30
kergothi must be missing something21:30
RPkergoth: could some symlinking help?21:31
RPJPEW: thanks, I can safely upgrade our hashequiv server to this and we should be ok then?21:31
kergothi think i might need to check for a symlink in the current found gcc libdir (64, 32, x32) and follow it to its destination, then also include those files.. not sure, though21:32
JPEWRP: Yes... I can't remember if I explicitly checked for that so let me try it quick before I have you break everything ;)21:33
RPJPEW: thanks, I'm a bit nervous of breaking this21:34
JPEWRP: understandable21:35
RPJPEW: autobuilder hashserv db is 16GB21:35
JPEWWell, good news is that I'm fairly confident it wont corrupt the database21:35
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RPJPEW: that is something, I think I had better make a backup though...21:40
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JPEWRP: Probably wise21:41
RPthe system in question isn't enjoying the large files21:42
JPEWRP: OK, I just verified and the new server supports the old clients21:42
RPJPEW: thanks. I will update things and see what happens21:42
kergoththere we go, got my heuristic auto-selection of which environment-setup script to parse for tcmode-external-oe-sdk to work. now to sort out this missing crtbegin.o with my x32 multilib build issue..21:45
kergothchecks TARGET_ARCH, TARGET_OS, baselib, and then if TUNE_PKGARCH is included int he environment-setup, will check for it in PACKAGE_ARCHS in the env-setup21:46
RPkergoth: I keep dreaming there must be a better way to work with these toolchain paths21:50
RPJPEW: for fun I watched the cpu usage of the hashequiv server whilst we triggered a build on the autobuilder. Peaks at 36% cpu so far which isn't so bad21:55
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RPhalstead: you might find the above interesting21:55
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* halstead nods.22:28
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rabbit9911any reason EAT_TARGET_SYS not matching TARGET_SYS would cause trouble? Still trying to figure out why clang-cross-arm is using hosttools/ld linker.22:58
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rabbit9911Seems like because the TARGET_SYS linker is not found.. the host linker is used... but I really want the EAT_TARGET_SYS linker..23:16
rabbit9911any ideas? The EAT_TARGET_SYS=arm-ca9v3-linux-gnueabihf  TARGET_SYS=arm-poky-linux-gnueabi23:17
rabbit9911This is only a problem when trying to use TOOLCHAIN=clang with the meta-clang layer23:18
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kergothI've run into issues with that mismatch previously with gcc, search paths might not be matching up, depending on how clang does library path searching23:22
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