Saturday, 2020-06-27

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rabbit9911Seems like I have to patch clang to use the  EAT_TARGET_SYS name when searching for a linker? Or I have make my TARGET_SYS name match.. but its a weird triple that breaks some packages on config.00:07
rabbit9911yay compilers00:07
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Spirit532Hi. I'm following an example of how to build a device image with yocto - page 15 here:
Spirit532I've successfully built the image and the SDK, and I've managed to shoehorn libsdl2 in by putting it into core-image-base.bbappend and actually placing the files in "recipes-myir" which is where the custom stuff seems to live04:53
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Spirit532But I can't for the life of me get libglesv2 to build - I placed "libgles2"(which is its name) in the same .bbappend file, and bitbake still succeeds, but I have NOTHING on the output. No built libs, not in the SDK.04:55
Spirit532What am I doing wrong?04:55
Spirit532Bitbake fails if I put an unresolvable name in the same .bbappend file, so it reads and validates it04:56
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Letothe2ndSpirit532: that sounds pretty much off... may i reommend to have a good look at episode #2 of
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Letothe2ndSpirit532: which gives a very good rundown on how to do custom images - becasue bbappend'ing core-image-base is certainly weird at least and prone break at worst.06:01
Spirit532I'd like to avoid spending 40 minutes staring at a half-frame-per-second console06:01
* Letothe2nd shrugs06:01
Spirit532they already provide a custom image, but said custom image is broken as shit06:01
* Letothe2nd would like to avoid explaining it 40 minutes here already having done it on video for all the world to use.06:02
Letothe2ndhave fun, then.06:02
Spirit532let's skip the "right way" part06:02
Spirit532and go straight to the "you shouldn't do this, but..."06:02
Spirit532they made their own meta folder for this board, inside there's several "recipes-" folders, one of which is core, the other one is fsl-*/...../ with "fsl-image-qt5.bbappend", which is the broken one06:04
* Letothe2nd skips this altogether, then. its saturday 8am here and family is calling. the video contains all i have to say, if you want something else, i wish you all the best in finding somebody who provides.06:06
* Letothe2nd is out again.06:06
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Spirit532yeah, that video appears to not explain anything I've already more or less understood06:14
Spirit532what I need to know is why adding something to "IMAGE_INSTALL +=" does not, in fact, install it06:14
Spirit532there's no documentation explaining how to use mesa with yocto, only people answering irrelevant questions on stackoverflow06:15
Spirit532I can build any recipe I want by placing it in the right spot and appending it to "IMAGE_INSTALL +=", except things apparently "provided" by mesa, like EGL, GLESv2, and others06:16
Spirit532it gave me an error when I added libsdl2, I installed the recipe and the error went away, sdl2 building successfully06:16
Spirit532I did't install any mesa/egl/gles2 recipes, but adding any of it(mesa, libgles2, libegl) to the list does not result in errors, and I also don't get anything built06:17
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RPSpirit532: if you run "bitbake <imagename> -e | grep IMAGE_INSTALL"= does it have the values you expect?07:39
Spirit532I've discovered another issue that potentially halts this, I will test in a bit07:40
RPSpirit532: sounds like you're referring to the freescale layer, does this hardware have accelerated GL? If so they layer could be doing strange things with GL/mesa. The freescale is known to do some things a little oddly (I don't remember exactly what)07:41
Spirit532nope, this is the no gpu version for a smaller soc07:41
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dv|2Failure expanding variable TUNE_FEATURES_tune-cortexa9-neon, expression was ${TUNE_FEATURES_tune-cortexa9} neon which triggered exception RecursionError: maximum recursion depth exceeded19:03
dv|2- why?19:03
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