Monday, 2020-06-29

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beratiksHi guys. Do you know that can I compile "gstreamer1.0-vaapi" for imx8 with thud branch? Is supported? Because now I am getting error. Is this only for intel?05:29
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Letothe2ndberatiks: "getting error" is not exactly a helpful problem desctiption.06:41
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beratiksLetothe2nd: co_compile error and give out a lot of stuff like syntaxs06:47
beratiksI thinks vaapi is not compatible imx8qxp06:47
Letothe2ndthats a possible reason.06:47
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Letothe2ndmckoan: howdy!06:48
mckoangood morning06:48
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Letothe2ndRP: ping - for the weekly stats report, please change my livecoding url to - thanks.07:24
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RPLetothe2nd: updated07:26
Letothe2ndRP: thx07:26
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alejandrohsmckoan: morning07:32
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rburtonkanavin_home: good news!  rpm 4.16 supports sqlite for the database10:14
rburtonkanavin_home: has details of f33 moving10:16
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kanavin_homerburton: not quite, I think sqlite in 4.16 is still marked experimental, but ndb is considered stable. Bdb is deprecated (yay).10:38
rburtonif f33 are moving to sqlite then i'd consider that backend the best tested when f33 is released10:39
kanavin_homeof course, I am just saying what rpm 4.16 release notes say10:39
kanavin_homelet's keep track of fedora's rpm.spec options and settings then10:40
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nameclashdoes anyone know why the crops/poky-container keeps prompting me for the sudo password (that I don't know)? looking at I thought it is set up to not prompt for sudo?11:23
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paulbarkernameclash: Which command are you trying to run by sudo?11:24
nameclashI'm trying to install a yocto sdk to /opt11:24
paulbarkernameclash: That won't work. Those sudoers entries you're looking at only allow the commands which are explicitly listed11:25
nameclashah ok11:25
paulbarkerYou can use `docker exec -u 0 ....` to run a command as root inside an existing container, or you can write your own Dockerfile to create a new container image from poky-container with your extra dependencies installed11:26
nameclashok, thx11:27
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yannI have a bitbake process stuck after hitting disk-full condition - is there any way I can query the server process what it's still thinking it's doing ?12:22
kroonyann, hold on12:23
kroonyann, if the process is still alive you can attach with gdb and use "py-bt"12:25
yannkroon: I pasted the last lines output and the current process tree at - any guess as to which pid will be most useful to dig into ?12:28
kroonyann, in my case there was a worker process left using all CPU, do you have any of those ?12:30
kroonusing all cpu that is12:30
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yannno, there's one (see paste) but not doing much apparently12:31
hyper_daveIs it a good idea to build yocto images inside arch?12:31
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hyper_daveShould I use a container?12:32
yannhm, debian's gdb would not have python support ?12:33
kroonyann, sorry, i don't have a good idea on what to inspect then, maybe RP has some idea12:34
kroonyann, you might need to install some additional package12:34
kroonyann, python3 debug info iirc12:34
kroonyann, yeah, at least that is required on Fedora 3212:39
yannright, that's python3-dbg12:40
qschulzAny reason for having openssl 1.0.2 named openssl in meta-openssl102? We effectively lose the ability to have both openssl10 and openssl in the same build.12:41
kanavin_homeI think this was never intended, and meta-openssl102 is meant to exclude 1.1 entirely from builds12:48
yannkroon: I've pasted all thread backtraces at - without any clue on bitbake's inner workings I can't see what's pathological in there12:48
qschulzkanavin_home: it was never intended to support both versions of openssl in the same build? that's what you meant?12:51
kroonyann, FWIW, I'd put that in a text file and attach it to the bug, or perhaps file a new12:59
yannyes, a new one could be worth12:59
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RPyann: bitbake really doesn't like running out of space :( It can be hard to figure out where its locked up like that :(13:05
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yannRP: so is it useful to open a new bugreport ?13:06
RPyann: Its probably worth documenting that there is an issue but realistically, I can't see anyone with time to look into that any time soon :(13:07
RPyann: there are other more serious issues that need attention and too few people to look at issues like that13:07
yannjust adding this to kroon's report then13:07
RPyann: please make it a separate bug, its a different issue13:08
RPmultiple different issues in the same bug becomes a nightmare13:08
RPI appreciate there is potentially a connection here13:08
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akanehi - i have my own BSP layer which specifies a version. When from another layers conf I do LAYERDEPENDS_mylayer = "core bsp:1" I receive an error message. When I remove the version from bsp I do not receive the error message14:01
akaneWhy is this happening? Thanks14:01
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qschulzbsp (=1) I guess?14:02
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akane=> qschulz - that fixed it - was looking at the wrong version of the mega manual - thanks14:03
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qschulzakane: my pleasure :)14:06
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kanavin_homeqschulz: I do not know that for sure, but trying to mix openssl 1.0 and 1.1 quickly leads into trouble, as you are likely to run into a situation where both versions are attempted to be installed into a component sysroot, and the filenames clash14:14
kanavin_home(filenames of headers, .pc files)14:14
qschulzkanavin_home: the current situation is that I actually manage to build SW with a dependency on openssl10-native but once running extend_sysroot or something like that from the staging.bbclass, something attempts to install openssl headers into the sysroot-native which are obviously already there because of openssl10-native DEPENDS14:21
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kanavin_homeqschulz: yeah, so you need to stick to openssl 1.0, which is troublesome because its out of support14:25
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qschulzyeah no, not going to happen for the reasons you stated :) I managed to remove the useless openssl10-native dependency (was needlessly brought up by some recipe) but I'm pretty sure it'll bite back soon enough14:27
qschulznow, I can understand it's impossible... but I really want to understand what's happening during this extend_sysroot function from staging class because it seems very weird to have something be appended to recipe-sysroot-native **after** it's been used for the recipe14:28
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dreynaTHe YP booth at ELC is open! Several people have already stooped by. Come say hello and chat with us and visitors, and share about YP14:50
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RPdreyna: do we want to focus people to the booth or the slack channel?15:05
Letothe2ndslack please15:05
dreynayes, probably slack since it is more persistent15:05
Letothe2ndthe chat interface is awful. and i think only available during the "breaks" anyways, right?15:05
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mcfriskhi, has anyone managed to build chromium or chromium-ozone-wayland from meta-browser with SoC specific graphics, without mesa? Looks like several things expect mesa details like dri.pc.. or I've screwed up the build feature config.15:14
rabbit9911There is a yocto slack group?15:26
rburtonthere's an ELC/OSS slack for the conference15:26
Letothe2ndrabbit9911: not exactly, there is one for the currently ongoing ELC/OSS15:26
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RPhmm, is another weird failure. Something sending out SIGTERM to the wrong things? :/15:56
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moto-timobooth is fairly quiet. And we've had a couple drive-bys that didn't stay long enough to engage17:40
RPmoto-timo: there are too many channels for information17:43
moto-timoRP: including this one today :)17:43
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rburtonif someone has a qemu to hand, can you run "qemu-system-aarch64 --machine help" and pastebin the output?18:25
rburtonmy qemu is the wrong side of a vpn right now18:25
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PaowZrburton: no pb18:30
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rabbit9911Some communities have moved to discord over slack because its free.  Has anyone in the yocto community looked at discord?19:54
*** mcr <mcr!> has joined #yocto19:55
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zeddiidiscord makes me wish for death20:02
RPzeddii: I'm quite happy with irc20:09
rabbit9911zeddii:  So.. it reminds you of heaven?20:09
zeddiiRP: agreed :D20:11
rabbit9911I just keep getting disconnected from IRC then I have to go back to the logs to see what was said. Just spoiled by systems like slack.. but slack is not free.20:11
RPzeddii: seriously, did you ever see any upstream fix for that make race kernel issue. We seem to be hitting it a lot. We need to try and reduce the number of intermittent failures as a matter of urgency as together they're causing problems :/20:12
zeddiiRP: no, nothing found yet.20:12
*** mihai <mihai!~mihai@unaffiliated/mihai> has quit IRC20:12
zeddiiI was poking at it today though.20:12
*** lucaceresoli <lucaceresoli!~lucaceres@> has joined #yocto20:12
RPzeddii: ok, cool, thanks. I spent half the weekend poking at other things and they're proving frustrating20:13
RPseems as soon as I fix one, something else pops up too :(20:13
zeddiiI have that + the ARM32 bit go build failures to sort out before I can finish my v5.8 kernel stuff, so I'm feeling the same.20:13
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khemRP: what is the race you are seeing ?20:41
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RPkhem: are our intermittent issues20:52
RPkhem: or you mean the new ones we don't have bugs for?20:53
RP and puzzle us20:53
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khemRP: I was interested in kernel one21:35
khemRP: is it happening on hosts with gcc10 natively21:37
khemits due to -fcommon being default21:37
khemI mean -fno-common being default21:38
khemso add -fcommon to host cc flags21:39
RPzeddii: can you reproduce/test that?21:42
zeddiiI already have the kernel fix in the tree for that.21:44
zeddiiwe don't need to futz with flags21:44
zeddiiIIRC you already have my latest. that being said, I can send you new SRCREVs and we can see if the fix holds.21:45
RPzeddii: I'm not sure we do. Steve was saying we needed to update some SRCREVs21:45
RPPerhaps this is where we're going wrong21:45
zeddiiI have a stack of 6 -stable bumps that I've tested locally. I can send them out.21:46
RPzeddii: I think we need to ensure we bump meta-yocto-bsp too21:46
*** xtron <xtron!~xtron@> has joined #yocto21:47
RPzeddii: but yes, please21:47
zeddiiyep. otherwise, the reference will continue to show it.21:47
zeddiiI'll confirm I have all the -f*common changes, and will bump them.21:47
zeddiiI'll send it late tonight, so you can try it in your morning.21:47
RPzeddii: sounds good thanks21:51
RPI think that will help sakoman too21:51
khemthis will be issue on all older kernels I believe. so using f32 as host will be PITA21:56
khemI looked at 50+ packages breaking builds when I turned it off in gcc10 by default.21:56
khemLets others do the work :)21:57
* armpit hides22:05
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RPsakoman: I'd ask kanavin_home if he remembers that ubuntu virgl error cause :/22:39
sakomanRP: it is  possibly ubuntu version related22:40
*** pbb <pbb!> has quit IRC22:40
*** pbb <pbb!> has joined #yocto22:41
sakomanRP: I'll ping him when he returns22:43
sakomanOnce you've rebooted I may try doing another couple builds to 16.04 and 18.04 to see if 16.04 still succeeds and 18.04 still fails22:45
RPsakoman: I won't reboot until my morning so feel free to run them22:46
RPwell, just restart the controller22:46
sakomanOK will do22:48
RPsakoman: maybe ?22:48
*** agust <agust!> has quit IRC22:48
RPsakoman: look at the surrounding changes too :/22:48
sakomanAh yes, a possibility!22:49
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*** stbenz <stbenz!> has joined #yocto22:54
sakomanRP: testing now on a 20.04 worker with those three patches.  Fingers crossed . . .22:57
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jpuhlmanRP: Question on bugzilla bugs. A bug was reported on an earlier release. Currently it has a 3.2 milestone, however the code has been updated that its obsolete in 3.2, but its still an issue in the older release. What is the correct resolution?23:02
jpuhlmanThe actual release it was reported on is no longer supported even via community.23:04
*** pacopedraza <pacopedraza!> has quit IRC23:07
paulgdunno about "official policy" but I'd be personally wondering about whether there was an isolated commit that could be backported, or if a pkg-uprev was the only way to deal with the issue....23:08
jpuhlmanpaulg: If that was at me, update is not likely the right word, completely reworked such that the failing recipe no longer even exists.23:11
paulgjpuhlman, yeah  - that is tougher - if it isn't even a patch to a pkg, but the original recipe is gone for the old pkg, then IMHO - if it was my project -- it would become "Won't Fix"23:12
paulgunless an older release had the same issue on the older pkg, and say, it was a CVE, and that older release was still "maintained".23:13
paulgjpuhlman, do you have a bugzilla link that you are able to share for more context?23:14
* paulg reads23:15
jpuhlmanBasically go-bootstap-native has been nuked from orbit and a binary replacement has been pulled in. It basically dosen't build the bootstrap any more we cheat.23:15
*** yann <yann!> has quit IRC23:16
jpuhlmanI haven't dug in to the history to see when the transision took place but the original was 2.323:16
paulgugh - I had the misfortune of dealing with go bootstrap stuff several years ago.23:18
paulgthere were no easy solutions back then.23:18
paulgI'm pretty sure we can rule this out as NOT being a "single commit backport CVE instance"....23:19
jpuhlmanYeah its always been a bear.23:19
paulgjpuhlman, ok - sorry to waste your time ; in this instance I'm pretty sure I've got no pro solution for you.   :-/23:20
paulgmaybe someone else reading can?23:20
* paulg normally hides in kernel cobwebs.23:21
*** xtron <xtron!~xtron@> has quit IRC23:23
jpuhlmanNo worries. Like I said for 3.2 its fixed, which is what the milestone is set to. Since is really a reorganization, moving it backwards is not likely correct either.23:23
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paulgI hate things with unreasonable and/or cross-compile unfriendly demands like "help2man".23:32
paulgmaking me kill it with fire.
smurrayI sometimes wonder how many projects actually have users using man pages on target23:34
paulgdon't care.  It still should be a working option.   Yocto isn't all  embedded targets.23:35
smurrayyeah, I know23:35
smurraydon't think I've ever worked on a project that used the doc packages, though23:39
fraysmurray it's interesting, I keep getting requests for man pages, especially on network programs.. especially 'ip', route and similar..23:41
jpuhlmansmurray: More often then not its part of the --make-customer-happy option.23:41
frayseems like it's a short cut way to document the tool on the target for network devices without resorting to Cisco style IOS interfaces23:41
smurrayfray: heh, that is interesting23:41
paulga bunch of years back I worked on making an installable version of a "server" install based on yocto (SDK/self-hosting)23:42
*** stephano <stephano!> has quit IRC23:42
smurrayfray: the large network equipment distro I worked on had its own CLI with its own help system23:42
paulgI believe all the history is in
smurrayyeah, I looked at it one point23:42
paulgI was focused on making the CLI env not suck - working git, working manpages etc.  ;  zeddii then took that and added gfx/X1123:43
fraysmurray I've been working with (as in a customer of) Ubiquity networks, ya I know not same level as Juniper or Cisco.. but they just use standard Linux tooling for command line -- their UI is all web based..23:43
paulgand a bunch of those changes fed back directly into oe/yocto - so IMHO time not wasted.23:43
paulgcommit deecd4314939268be94e3185239cd7e0c7e6dbf723:44
paulgAuthor: Paul Gortmaker <paul.gortmaker@windriver.co23:44
paulgDate:   Sat Feb 14 10:18:12 2015 -050023:44
paulg    git-manpages: remove recipe ; merged upstream23:44
paulgoverc commit that now everyone gets to use.23:44
*** marquiz <marquiz!~marquiz@> has joined #yocto23:45
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paulgmaking vim and/or "top" not suck -  I believe those went to yocto/OE too?23:46
smurrayI can imagine the usecases.  Was just an idle thought on my part given statements of there not being a lot of dev resources23:46
smurrayI'll retreat to my cave now23:46
frayon the uqiquity side I can run ip, route, ifconfig, iptables, etc and adjust things and my changes show up in the UI.. it's REALLY slick..23:46
paulgsmurray, no - it is all good - I am sure you aren't the only one, and it is a good dialog.23:47
paulgyocto does itself a dis-service if everyone thinks it is for flash install on non-x86 with 128MB ram.23:48
smurrayI don't disagree with that, but the project doesn't really market itself at all, and there are significant challenges once you require much beyond oe-core & meta-oe23:52
smurrayerr, market itself for that at all23:52
paulgyeah, I can't argue with that.23:53
*** dmoseley <dmoseley!~dmoseley@> has joined #yocto23:55
smurrayfray: I sort of gave up on Ubiquity after they blew off all requests for source for their (now dropped) powerbar products.  That kind of left me with a bad impression, even though I do hear good stuff re the access points23:57
paulgkinda thought people were smart enough now to toss a turdburger ftp site out there with un-compile-able code by now.23:58
paulglessons learned by Linksys on the WRT54G like 15y ago....23:58
frayYa, last ubquity stuff I used was years ago.. (10 or so)..23:59
fraythe new stuff seems way better.. and frankly I got tired of building my own stuff that 'mostly' worked23:59
paulgooh!  build 3.18 + binary radio blobs for my phone!   I can't wait!23:59

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