Wednesday, 2020-07-08

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pxfinERROR: iso-codes-4.4-r0 do_fetch: Fetcher failure: Unable to find revision 38edb926592954b87eb527124da0ec68d2a748f3 in branch master even from upstream01:24
pxfinin: /home/devuser/poky/build/tmp/work/all-poky-linux/iso-codes/4.4-r0/temp/log.do_fetch.395546301:24
pxfingit went bonkers ?01:24
jpuhlmanMy guess is someone replaced master and the revision was removed.01:26
tgamblinpxfin: jpuhlman: yeah, I've been getting similar issues on other stuff01:30
jpuhlmanThey nuked master for main.01:31
pxfinToday there was talk about this.. its not fixed yet01:32
pxfinwell respects to the devs01:33
jpuhlmanAh yeah, as usually a day behind everything. :) Looks like it should be fixed up already in poky.01:35
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pxfinIn the meantime let's listen to Letomusic01:57
rhowellI want to modify a do_install() function on a recipe provided by poky. The original func is rather large. Is there a way to do a diff-type modification in a bbappend or do I need to completely copy/paste the entire do_install() func to my bbappend and make my changes that way02:07
rhowellAlternatively, I could do a do_install_append() and just undo the particular things in the original do_install() that I don't want.02:08
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jpuhlmanrhowell: If the changes you want to make are resonably sane, option three, create a knob to change the behavior and add conditionals on that knob in the do_install and provide the patch back to the list. Of your two options they are both not great, but the second is probably less not great.03:04
jpuhlmanIt also comes down to if you need to maintain the bbappend for all eternity.03:06
paulgdon't worry.  Eternity is only 2038.03:10
jpuhlmanpaulg, I thought we already fixed that one. :)03:12
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paulgI guess we will know when we get there.03:19
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jpuhlmanYeah, there will always be that one place someone for got to fix. When I was in college I worked at a bowling alley. Our oiling machine tripped over y2k and so did our credit card reader. The latter was fixed pretty quickly the other we just reset the date to 1972.03:47
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tlwoernerjpuhlman: ...and the oiling machine needed an accurate grasp of the date because... ?04:59
jpuhlmantlwoerner, it had a calendaring system, so you could program the exact oil patterns depending on the day. The mechanic would set it up ahead of time depending on leagues, tournaments etc so all the porters needed to do was pull it out and run it down the lanes.05:01
jpuhlmanRolling back 28 years, you have the exact same calendar(just different year).05:03
tlwoernermy point is, i get the feeling many electronics need an understanding of the passage of time, but not necessarily a "date" per-se05:06
jpuhlmanThere are lots of features on a lot of things, we don't need. Those kind of machines are low volume high price, so they are constantly adding wizbang features. The one at our local center my family bowls at is completely self contained and runs largely autonomously.05:09
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jpuhlmanWhen I did it back in the day you had to follow it down the lanes with a 300 foot power cord, move it from lane to lane, etc. Now they drop it on the first lane, tell it how many, pick it up when they are done.05:11
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jaikAnyone else having problems with iso-codes repo? I'm rocking with warrior -release.. It seems the repository had some changes done to change master -> main, but in recipe it should be looking for hash, only when this fails go for the 'master' which now fails anyway :/06:13
ndecjaik: yes.. we are aware.. it's discussed here, since yesterday06:17
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jaikndec all right, I read the thread considering this, so I understood that this is fixed also in older yocto revisions.. and as workaround I could do append recipe where replace srcuri with nobranch=1 on iso-codes.. :-)   thanks06:24
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PsykarSimple question: SYSTEMD_SERVICE_${PN} = "ppp@bus.service" - doesn't work as the service file is called ppp@.service - how can I activate this parameterized service? implies it should work for recent versions (i'm on thud)06:35
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PsykarNot to count my chickens before my builds finish, but looks like I needed to add SYSTEMD_PACKAGES = "ppp"06:43
PsykarFor those following at home --  SYSTEMD_PACKAGES = "ppp-tools"06:52
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splatch`good morning07:59
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mckoansplatch: hi08:06
PsykarAnd for the masochists, turns out I had a variety of other issues - that I need to extend the ppp_%.bbappend to be able to use it's systemd unit file, so my separate package that was creating the peer had to be merged in... but hey, it works now.08:08
PsykarAlso, hi =D08:09
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whoami_I'm facing some issue in Yocto Thud while doing do_fetch  iso-codes-4.1?08:17
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whoami_ERROR: iso-codes-4.1-r0 do_fetch: Fetcher failure: Unable to find revision 164802d5fd8c7a8167816fd86a62b286680619f0 in branch master even from upstream08:18
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qschulzwhoami_: add ;branch=main to the end of the SRC_URI of iso-codes08:23
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splatchso I'm coming back with problem related to wireguard and systemd service template09:41
retoatworkHow would I install a interface specific systemd unit (i.e. wpa_supplicant@wlan0) in a recipe? 'SYSTEMD_SERVICE_${PN} = "wpa_supplicant@wlan0"' results in an error (ERROR: wpa-supplicant-2.9-r0.3 do_package: SYSTEMD_SERVICE_wpa-supplicant value wpa_supplicant@wlan0 does not exist). Any chance doing this without symlinking the unit in do_install?09:42
mcfriskwhoami_: oh, I just had same reports for sumo. seems like Debian developers have changed git repo and branches09:42
splatchretoatwork: I face same issue with wireguard! :-)09:44
qschulzmcfrisk: all branches except Yocto master branch are impacted09:46
RPqschulz: we fixed dunfell09:49
splatchretoatwork: I've found this answer: and also some links with network units over github but none of these actually worked for me.09:49
qschulzRP: I stand corrected. Didn't see (or missed) the patches on the ML :)09:53
retoatworksplatch: I tried exactly what the accepted answer suggests, but same - does not work for me09:53
splatchlooking for github now to see if I will catch something with wpa as wlan0 is more common trouble than wg0 ;-)09:54
RPhmm, what to do about zeus/thud/sumo :/09:55
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retoatworksplatch: seems like openvpn got it working09:58
qschulzRP: zeus is still maintained right? so for this one as well. Warrior and thud are community supported so I guess pushing the commit makes sense (without making another dot release)?09:58
mcfriskbtw, is there a way to bypass download cache?09:59
mcfrisklike "bitbake -f -c fetch iso-codes"?09:59
RPmcfrisk: adding PREMIRRORS/MIRRORS to the whitelist env and then clear them?10:00
retoatworksplatch: - well, only after linking manually in
splatchretoatwork: I won't cry about that, I spent too much time on it already!10:02
retoatworksplatch: actually - did did also not get it 100% - SYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE is "disable"10:16
retoatwork*they did also10:16
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splatchretoatwork: hm.. have you tried SYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE-${PN} ?10:26
jpuhlmanRP: I have iso-code changes on a stable/thud-nut branch in contrib. Did you want an autobuild on it? If so is the autobuild quiet enough.10:36
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RPjpuhlman: we'd need a test run before anything can merge and yes, its quiet enough. I do worry whether the helper branches are up to date enough to run thud now :/10:37
jpuhlmanWell the worse thing that can happen is it blows up. Since its the first got around following the instructions I may be the cause. But I will give it a try.10:38
RPjpuhlman: right, lets try it10:39
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jpuhlmanRP: It lists meta-arm in the list however it does not contain a thud branch. Do I blank that out? Leave it pointing at master?10:46
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RPjpuhlman: point at master10:49
RPjust needs to be something which exists10:49
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splatchretoatwork: any progress on your end?10:57
splatchnone on mine ;-)10:57
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splatchI've found yet another example of parametrized service here
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wertigonhmmm, having trouble with gstreamer11:01
wertigonit says, missing package gstreamer-gl-1.0 not found11:03
wertigonthen crashes horribly on configure11:03
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wertigonAnyone got a quick fix? :D11:04
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* RP resists the obvious 'fix'11:10
wertigonYes, I'm afraid I do need gl ;_;11:13
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RPjpuhlman: that build looks unhappy about something but worryingly not easily identifiable :/11:16
RPjpuhlman: so far the common pattern looks like build hosts with gcc 10 on from buildtools, maybe breaking the cross compiler? :/11:18
* RP is guessing11:18
jpuhlmanLooks like gstreamer is failing. In the few places it failed. Okay ill drill down.11:18
jpuhlmanbuild appliance was on centos7 and its the same gstreamer failure.11:19
jpuhlmanI think.11:19
jpuhlmanOr do those have the update toolsets from centos?11:20
RPjpuhlman: we have buildtools on centos7, debian8 and ubuntu160411:21
RPjpuhlman: one option would be to add the buildtools support in yocto-autobuilder-helper from dunfell and point it at an older buildtools-extended-tarball11:22
RPwe might have to build such an older tarball though as I don't think we have one atm11:22
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jpuhlmanYeah, thud does not build happily against the buildtools-extended-tarball, which it reminds me every time I forget to restart my shell and build 2.6. The first usual suspect is gnulib iirc.11:24
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retoatworksplatch: Not yet, it's WIP11:30
RPjpuhlman: gcc version too recent?11:30
splatchretoatwork: which release are you working on? I am on 2.7 / warrior11:30
jpuhlmanRP: I didn't dig into it. I have a setup locally lemme see if I can pull up the error again.11:31
splatchI've checked systemd.class and there is almost no traffic on it, it looks like this issue must be solved by valid config which I can not find11:32
splatchanyhow, I have wg-quick@.service installed in lib/systemd/ by wireguard-tools, but I can't use it as SYSTEMD_SERVICE = "wg-quick@wg0.service"11:33
splatchlogic in the class indicates it *should* work but I am not sure if actual problem is not building up above, namely on lookups for wg-quick in wrong package11:34
splatchnone of rdepends, depends helped me with vanila recipe11:34
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jpuhlmanRP: I might be mistaken, the gnulib error I was seeing was on rocko not thud.11:54
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jpuhlmanIf you are morbidly curious: that is on rocko.11:56
splatchretoatwork: I ended up patching systemd.class manually to see what are lookup paths since my bbappend refused to work too11:57
splatchI have to determine how the systemd unit name is split in the end which paths are scanned11:58
splatchERROR: wpa-supplicant-2.7-r0 do_package: Systemd service template wpa_supplicant-wired@.service + 2111:59
splatchERROR: wpa-supplicant-2.7-r0 do_package: Systemd lookup in wpa-supplicant for path /etc/systemd/system/wpa_supplicant-wired@.service11:59
splatchERROR: wpa-supplicant-2.7-r0 do_package: Systemd lookup in wpa-supplicant for path /lib/systemd/system/wpa_supplicant-wired@.service11:59
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splatchok, I think I nailed it. in case of wireguard problem is caused by location of unit template. wireguard-tools place it in /lib/systemd while systemd.class looks for it in /lib/systemd/system12:12
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hjb303Has anyone encountered a problem where they've loaded a fresh image onto target hardware, then run 'dnf upgrade' and immediately dnf is recommending that a number of packages be reinstalled?  I think it's possibly a question for the dnf devs but I can't figure out what's causing it.  There's just one version of all the packages so they should all12:44
hjb303be internally consistent, right?  It doesn't want to upgrade and there are no warnings about conflicts, just every time it wants to reinstall the same seemingly-unconnected packages.12:44
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lukmaDear Community - was there any reason to place python-native's executables in recipe-sysroot-native/usr/bin/python-native ? not in recipe-sysroot-native/usr/bin ? The latter patch is similar to one on most HOST machines (like /usr/bin/)12:48
lukmaTo be more precise - some programs expects to have python2.7 in recipe-sysroot-native/usr/bin/python2.7 , not recipe-sysroot-native/usr/bin/python-native/python2.712:49
lukmaI could tune the recipe-sysroot-native for this particular recipe and add a symbolic link12:49
lukmabut I'm wondering if there is any better (and Yocto approved :-) )way to do it12:50
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qschulzlukma: inherit python3native in your recipe12:56
lukmaqschultz: Why shall I add python3native?12:56
lukmaThe build system requires python 2.712:57
lukmaI mean the component requires python 2.712:57
qschulzlukma: my bad, was looking at upstream which does not support python2 anymore (in base layers)12:57
qschulzlukma: inherit pythonnative probably then12:58
lukmaPythonnative is inherited12:59
lukmaas in recipe-sysroot-native/usr/bin/python-native/ I do have python2, python, python2.712:59
lukmathe "hack" which I need to do is to make a symlink cd recipe-sysroot-native/usr/bin/; ln -s ./python-native/python2.7 python2.713:00
qschulzare you saying "it is inherited because I see python* in recipe-sysroot-native/usr/bin/python-native/" or because it is actually inherited in the recipe? (and I talk about inherit, NOT DEPENDS)13:00
qschulzlukma: by inheriting pythonnative, the path to python2.7 should be added to PATH so it should be found13:01
qschulz(by a quick reading of the pythonnative class)13:01
lukmaqschulz: Let me double check it13:03
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*** thaytan <thaytan!> has joined #yocto13:29
whoami_qshulz: Thank you. It solved do_fetch by adding ;branch=main.13:31
*** PaowZ__ <PaowZ__!~Vince@> has joined #yocto13:31
qschulzwhoami_: my pleasure13:34
whoami_mcfrisk: Can you point out where i can get more information on debian developers changes for git and repos.13:34
*** PaowZ_ <PaowZ_!~Vince@> has quit IRC13:34
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jpuhlmanwhoami_, One of the threads on the devel list was/is here:
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retoatworksplatch: This is my solution:
qschulzretoatwork: shouldn't you just need to enable the @wlan0.service in SYSTEMD_SERVICE_${PN}?13:58
splatchretoatwork: I've got something similar, had to pick if I decide to go with append or separate pacakge, decided to copy service template to own pkg13:59
splatchin my case problem starts from .service which is left in wrong path by wireguard-tools itself13:59
*** maudat <maudat!> has joined #yocto14:00
*** sakoman <sakoman!> has joined #yocto14:00
splatchwhen I've tried to add it via bbappend it did work, but my package which ships configuration for template service (wg-quick@*wg0*.service) whole thing fall apart14:00
*** goliath <goliath!~goliath@> has quit IRC14:01
splatchfrom what I have found in existing samples most of people copy service definitions since its easier to keep it up :/14:01
*** camus1 <camus1!~Instantbi@> has joined #yocto14:04
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*** camus1 is now known as kaspter14:04
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lukmaqshultz: Adding inherit pythonnative causes some other issues with creating virtualenv s14:19
wertigonRunning circles around this one -_-14:23
wertigonKeep getting the same error message; opengl is part of DISTRO_FEATURES14:24
wertigon| Cross dependency gstreamer-gl-1.0 found: NO (tried pkgconfig and cmake)14:24
*** jobroe <jobroe!> has quit IRC14:35
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splatchwhat is advised way of delivering device specific information via the build. I know this is usually provisioning step which is done in manufacturing but I have a test device which I need to identify with my own ID. Should I append files after producing system image? I have space on /data partition for that, but can't find a valid example for that.14:49
*** leon-anavi <leon-anavi!~Leon@> has quit IRC14:50
fraysplatch I've seen everyone do this a bit differently.. so I'm not sure there is one 'right way'..14:50
fraybut generally if you have a common image across devices, and then have device specific content you do need either a device partition (or storage area such as eeprom or something).. all depends on the data you are storing and when it's written..14:51
fraylots of devices that have RO filesystems use eeproms to raw store device info/configuration and then run an app on startup to pull that down and drop the data in a ram filesystem for easy consumption by apps.. that kind of thing14:52
splatchfray: so far I have vpn connection data and secret to keep. I managed to get it out of rootfs, now I need to make it variable14:53
frayYa, I don't really have a best practice to suggest for you.. but filesystem is easiest.. but if there are secrets involved then often people use encrypted storage/tpm style access, etc..14:54
splatcheach device needs its own secret. I have testing pool and I can manage secrets manually (I flush devices myself), yet bitbake does not re-build image when I pass new env14:54
splatchfray: I can dream about tpm, some day maybe someone will do it for me ;-)))14:54
fraybitbake will only rebuild if the item is listed in some way as a dependency..  You can often do that by adding SRC_URI into say an image recipe or something, but then you end up with an image per device, and that isn't very optimal.. better to have one image and then a way to provision the device on first boot (or prior to first boot 'at the factory')14:55
qschulzsplatch: BB_ENV_EXTRAWHITE for your env variable ;)14:55
splatchlet me see :)14:57
splatchsince I attracted two people I will ask about testing - now I do output vmdk and run virtualbox for each passed build, is there a faster way ie. with docker to test qemu-a-like machine?14:59
splatchI haven't got to the point where runqemu works for me since I do have build inside docker (via kas-docker) and this goal seems to not work there14:59
qschulzsplatch: maybe? (read the docker buzzword only :) )15:02
kergothhmm, wonder if the toolchain unit tests iterate over the multilib configurations15:02
splatchqschulz: thanks for pointer, I actually missed this one!15:04
*** pbergin <pbergin!> has quit IRC15:07
*** xtopher <xtopher!> has joined #yocto15:08
splatchqschulz: I am already excited by introduction ;-)15:09
*** NiksDev <NiksDev!~NiksDev@> has quit IRC15:11
*** NiksDev <NiksDev!~NiksDev@> has joined #yocto15:11
kergothhmm, now to refresh my memory on how our oe-selftest tests are written again, haven't added one in ages..15:17
*** Bunio_FH <Bunio_FH!> has quit IRC15:22
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*** mbulut_nameclash <mbulut_nameclash!> has joined #yocto15:24
srijan_rootI am getting these messages:15:24
srijan_rootThe following packages have unmet dependencies: kernel-modules : Depends: kernel-module-6lowpan-5.2.17-GrayS-standard but it is not installable                  Depends: kernel-module-8021q-5.2.17-GrayS-standard but it is not installable                  Depends: kernel-module-8139cp-5.2.17-GrayS-standard but it is not installable15:24
srijan_rootHow can I rebuild kernel-modules15:24
srijan_rootrest all packages build without issues apart from the kernel-modules15:25
*** frsc <frsc!> has quit IRC15:29
*** srijan_root <srijan_root!0e66a0b2@> has quit IRC15:35
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khemKDE now had gitlab instance of their own
*** RP <RP!> has joined #yocto16:12
*** pbergin <pbergin!> has joined #yocto16:37
jpuhlmanRP: Figured out the issue with gstreamer modules base. Its not gcc-10. Its the updated version of make.16:37
RPjpuhlman: ah.16:37
RPjpuhlman: FWIW I have a python buildtools-tarball we could experiment with16:38
*** dl9pf <dl9pf!5f584ee0@opensuse/member/dl9pf> has joined #yocto16:38
RPjpuhlman: I also have a -helper branch for thud which I've tried "splatting" the changes I think it would need into16:38
jpuhlmanAll the #include lines in the generated files are proceeded with \#16:38
RPjpuhlman: hmm, such fun with forwards/backwards compat :/16:41
jpuhlmanIt likely wouldn't hurt to backport the patches, since newer hosts have the updated version of make. However I am not sure how far the rabbit hole goes.16:46
jpuhlmanThose executions are basically building core-image-sato correct?16:48
*** florian <florian!~florian_k@Maemo/community/contributor/florian> has quit IRC16:48
*** RobertBerger <RobertBerger!> has quit IRC16:51
RPjpuhlman: it will build all kinds of things including world16:52
* RP suspects that is a deep rabbit hole16:53
RPjpuhlman: is your thud-nut with my rpurdie/thud helper branch and a pyro buildtools16:53
*** Ox861726f6c64 <Ox861726f6c64!~Ox861726f@gateway/tor-sasl/ox861726f6c64> has quit IRC16:55
jpuhlmanIn theory it should build fine with the regular build older build tools. Internally we use the regular buildtools on thud for every host, for consistency.16:56
jpuhlmanThanks for looking at it. The helper stuff is still a little bit of voodoo.16:56
RPjpuhlman: I'm trying to see if this technique would let us use the newer workers with gcc 10 on too...16:57
RP(which means I need the extended tarball)16:57
RPjpuhlman: I'm kind of hoping we can use this to repair up and be able to build many of the old releases the autobuilder hasn't been able to touch for a while16:58
jpuhlmanSounds good.17:00
RPjpuhlman: that build is looking fairly positive...17:02
RPthe tumbleweed one understandably blew up as it wasn't configured to use buildtools. I think thud would have to be set to use a newer uninative for that one to work though17:03
*** elfenix <elfenix!~andrew@> has joined #yocto17:07
jpuhlmanYeah I haven't tried tubleweed in a while, at one point it works working okay for thud, but no idea of late.17:09
RPjpuhlman: with gcc 10 there it was going to go badly17:12
jpuhlmanWith the buildtools extended tarball with gcc 10, its getting surprisingly far. That will of course jinx it...17:15
RPjpuhlman: which buildtools tarball did you use?17:16
jpuhlmanOTOH, I may have already built most of the native stuff to get to the gstreamer error sooner.17:16
RPjpuhlman: so a gcc 10? With thud it wasn't even running gcc --version correctly :/17:16
jpuhlmanI am pretty sure there was a qemu error iirc when it got start.17:17
*** rewitt <rewitt!rewitt@unaffiliated/rewitt> has joined #yocto17:17
jpuhlmanRP: Weird. So I ran cleansstate on gdbm-native which was one of the failed applications in the tumbleweed build and it rebuilt against the build tools gcc with out issue.17:24
jpuhlmanDouble checked the config.log: gcc version 10.1.0 (GCC)17:24
jpuhlmanLike I said I think I did see the native qemu build choke earlier, but it doesn't look quite as dire as on tumbleweed.17:25
RPjpuhlman: there is probably more at play on tumbleweed17:27
RPjpuhlman: are you building poky or nodistro?17:27
RPI'm now wondering whether I should try and rebuild the iso-codes mirror tarball using my new fetcher patch, then we don't have to patch the older releases17:28
zeddiiwe should have drinking game17:29
zeddiieverytime someone reports iso-codes. DRINK.17:29
jpuhlmanRP: Right now I have just been using our standard distro since every error so far has been reproduceable there.17:30
jpuhlmanThe nut stuff the base.17:30
RPjpuhlman: nodistro doesn't use uninative so I'd bet that hides this17:31
jpuhlmanOkay. Ill make sure to use poky to test.17:32
jpuhlmanzeddii, its too early to be that drunk.:)17:33
RPzeddii: My alcohol tolerance isn't good enough for that these days... :)17:40
*** xtopher <xtopher!> has quit IRC17:44
matthewzmdI'm planning to create an Angular recipe for yocto. Do you guys think meta-browser is an appropriate layer to store this recipe, or another layer should be used instead (like meta-nodejs)17:45
zeddiioh, but did you know that they changed the branch names!? ;)17:51
* zeddii runs17:51
*** bluelightning <bluelightning!~paul@pdpc/supporter/professional/bluelightning> has joined #yocto17:53
*** rcrudo <rcrudo!~rcrudo@2001:16b8:c276:5600:ff96:e9cc:a195:3fd4> has joined #yocto18:01
rcrudoI'd like to enable base64 command for busybox. I see this comment on "# [ df mktemp nice printenv base64 gets a special treatment and is not included in this"18:03
RPzeddii: careful or I'll ask about linux-libc-headers18:03
rcrudohow can I add base64 command to my busybox?18:04
zeddiithen I'll start drinking.18:04
RPrcrudo: you'll probably have to enable it in busybox and maybe configure util-linux not to conflict with it18:05
RPer, coreutils18:05
rcrudoRP: via busybox means creating an append file?18:06
RPrcrudo: that would be a sensible way to do it, yes18:06
RPjpuhlman: FWIW I've hacked the autobuilder sources to add master back to that source archive18:08
jpuhlmanDoes that help outside of the autobuilder? I guess I am not sure what that means.18:09
RPjpuhlman: our source mirrors are default so I think thud will work unpatched again now18:13
jpuhlmanRP, the issue with gcc version is the pattern match in host_gcc_version is looking for a very specific output.18:13
RPjpuhlman: right, I think master has a fix for that?18:13
jpuhlmanNot sure, I was just drilling down cause the image build was freaking out, and it was tossing an error. Ill look at that.18:14
*** wertigon <wertigon!> has quit IRC18:20
jpuhlmanRP: The updated regex worked.18:21
*** RP <RP!> has quit IRC18:23
*** rcoote <rcoote!> has quit IRC18:26
*** RP <RP!> has joined #yocto18:29
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*** mranostay <mranostay!~mranostay@pdpc/supporter/active/mranostay> has joined #yocto18:35
jpuhlmanRP: So that will work for the project, but I am stuck with using our own source mirrors. Ultimately I personally am going to need a patch for it.18:37
*** srijan_root <srijan_root!0e66a0b2@> has quit IRC18:52
RPjpuhlman: you could port the patch from master and reset your mirror from a backup?19:12
jpuhlmanThat is what is in nut.19:12
RPwe probably will end up having to patch this one19:12
RPjpuhlman: I mean the fetcher change19:12
jpuhlmanOh got it, yeah I can pull that. Its that is what is running through the next build now?19:13
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RPjpuhlman: yes, only downside is you have to reset the source archive to an old version so the old branch can be retained19:25
jpuhlmanI believe the way we have our archiving I don't think that is an issue. Is there any issue with retaining the current iso-codes patch in nut to cover the basis for now?19:28
*** ndec_ <ndec_!sid219321@linaro/ndec> has joined #yocto19:30
*** matthewzmd <matthewzmd!> has quit IRC19:30
RPjpuhlman: no, I'm just trying to avoid having to patch all the old release branches19:31
*** matthewzmd <matthewzmd!> has joined #yocto19:31
jpuhlmanFair enough.19:32
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*** rewitt1 is now known as rewitt19:35
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fullstopthat odd moment when I rebuild a device tree and yocto decides to rebuild the kernel.. I'm really not sure what triggered that.19:36
*** runde <runde!sid228344@gateway/web/> has joined #yocto19:37
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fullstopoh wait, I deserved it19:43
fullstopnew initramfs was added19:44
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splatchis there a way to speed up downloads from yocto mirrors? I see that mirror I get for my operations is at 20% of my low bandwitch which makes it even worse20:31
splatchI am waiting since 4 hours to complete download of 2.5 GB archive which is normally fetched from my intermediate server within 30 minutes20:31
*** ndec <ndec!ndec@linaro/ndec> has left #yocto20:31
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*** Guest47888 is now known as mischief20:41
mischiefin yocto zeus, do i still need separate TMPDIR for multiconfig builds?20:42
*** georgem_home <georgem_home!uid210681@gateway/web/> has joined #yocto20:52
JPEWmischief: I think it depends20:52
JPEWBut in most cases, you probably do20:52
mischiefwhat does it depend on21:01
JPEWmischief: You *might* be able to share a TMPDIR if the builds won't clobber each other at all? I'm not sure how easy that is to determine, and FWIW I always put my multiconfigs in their own TMPDIR21:08
*** pohly <pohly!> has quit IRC21:13
*** ndec_ is now known as ndec21:15
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RPmischief: if for example its just different MACHINE settings but otherwise the same and the machines are well behaved it would work21:29
*** dev1990 <dev1990!> has quit IRC21:32
mischiefi tried it and got some horrible errors from dpkg and `do_package_qa: Package already staged`21:34
mischiefso maybe best to go split TMPDIR for now.21:34
mischiefi think it would be nice to get it working though21:34
*** Ox861726f6c64 <Ox861726f6c64!~Ox861726f@gateway/tor-sasl/ox861726f6c64> has quit IRC21:35
RPmischief: can you replicate that with master MACHINEs?21:42
*** yann|work <yann|work!> has quit IRC21:47
mischiefwe run non-multiconfig builds in jenkins multiple times a day and it never happened21:50
*** dev1990 <dev1990!> has joined #yocto21:50
mischiefi am only now experimenting with ways to make our build faster, BBMULTICONFIG is one of those experiments21:50
*** beneth <beneth!> has left #yocto21:51
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RPmischief: What I mean is that I suspect something in your machines overlap with incompatible configuration. That would need debugging though22:11
*** dreyna_ <dreyna_!> has joined #yocto22:25
jpuhlmanRP: Is there a specific window or activity level on the autobuilder where I should avoid adding load?22:26
paulgstop when you smell smoke....22:29
RPjpuhlman: Friday am pacific is the maintenance window so no builds then, otherwise its fairly open. The more loaded the system is, the more races the builds see22:32
RPjpuhlman: I've got as far as trying to construct a proper warrior autobuilder config22:33
RPjpuhlman: I've now created a better looking contrib/rpurdie/thud22:59
jpuhlmanWas there something causing the hosttools to not get downloaded?23:05
RPjpuhlman: I've realised we have a slight issue. There is code in yocto-autobuilder2 which filters older releases onto specific releases. Sadly it does that based on yocto-autobuilder-helper release name, which breaks for custom helper branches :(23:05
RPjpuhlman: e.g your build is running on centos823:05
RPjpuhlman: buildtools is only used on the specifically configured hosts23:06
*** dl9pf <dl9pf!5f584ee0@opensuse/member/dl9pf> has quit IRC23:06
*** dl9pf_ is now known as dl9pf23:06
RPjpuhlman: let me try and improve the config23:06
jpuhlmanGot it. Okay, I was trying to figure out where I went off the rails.23:08
RPjpuhlman: lets restart it now I've added ?23:12
jpuhlmanSo just hit stop on the last one in the build status screen correct?23:13
RPjpuhlman: yes23:16
splatchwhich mailing list I should use to discuss wireguard-tools issue?23:17
*** agust <agust!> has quit IRC23:17
splatchit is related to systemd unit handling I was struggling over, I think it deserves a patch, but I am not sure if it does23:18
RPsplatch: is this a unit file from OE metadata or an upstream one?23:18
splatchRP: it comes from wireguard project itself, actual issue is caused by its wrong location23:19
RPsplatch: you'd probably be best finding their mailing list or issue tracker then23:19
splatchso when you make service such wg-quick@aaa.service it never works unless you move wg-quick somewhere where systemd class looks for it23:19
RPah, hmm, so wrong location could be OE's fault?23:20
RPmailing list the patches for the layer containing the recipe would be the place to discuss then23:20
RPjpuhlman: If I have to guess, its going to get upset about the old uninative in thud and you'll need to uprev that23:21
RPjpuhlman: - find the newer version bumps23:22
mbulut_nameclashsuppose I wanted to build an sdk from core-image-minimal but wanted to exclude the kernel from the build -- what would be the proper way to do so? I tried removing "virtual/kernel" and/or "linux-yocto" from IMAGE_INSTALL but it still seems to get baked in, probably through dependencies from other recipes...23:23
RPjpuhlman: hmm, python2 issues :/23:25
RPjpuhlman: time for me to sleep23:26
jpuhlmanmbulut_nameclash, Create an image based off of image-container class. I think you can set PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel="linux-dummy" iirc.23:26
jpuhlmanYup get some rest. Thanks for all of your help.23:26
mbulut_nameclashjpuhlman: thx, will give it a shot23:26
splatchRP: it is definitelly causing confusion on users ;), package split leaves unit in place which is useless, it might be an issue of wireguard tools as well as systemd class. I would rather bet on earlier one since later is widely used.23:26
retoatworksplatch/qschulz: SYSTEMD_SERVICE_${PN} works!23:36
retoatworksplatch: newest recipe:
splatchaha! :)23:42
splatchglad it did help!23:42
*** Pharaoh_Atem <Pharaoh_Atem!~neal@fedora/ngompa> has joined #yocto23:43
splatchretoatwork: looks like I could use your thing too ;) my existing watering system is quite annoying23:44
splatchor it is lawn maker?23:44
retoatworksplatch: both -
splatchwill take a look, if you need integration with openhab, I can make it ;-)23:53
retoatworkThere is already a openhab binding:
retoatworkBut having some more users/developers would surely be very nice23:56
retoatworkproblem is a bit that our system is very much depending on the (our) cloud23:56
retoatwork(but that is something that we might improve in the future)23:57
retoatworkbtw: this is the official main repo:

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