Thursday, 2020-07-09

splatchretoatwork: I am not too religious on openhab's intranet of things. It is project founder(s) philosophy - a relevant one. People use different devices. As long as there is an api and no subscription fee to switch the water tap I'm fine with it.00:04
splatchanyhow, have to go, good night!00:05
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paulgnot sure this impacts yocto in any way, but semi-kinda news worthy....03:23
paulgyou have to go back to ubuntu 14.04 or similar to find gcc-4.8 as HOST_CC03:26
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jpuhlmanpaulg centos7 is still going, ad it is on 4.8.503:53
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LetoThe2ndgood morning new age dudes!07:34
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fbreGood Morning! Anybody here who knows how to use "mmc hwpartition" of u-boot? Due the complexity I gave up to inject the partitioning of freescale in my own meta layer scripts. They use a different approach than with wic, and there is not really an interface for users to define an own partitioning. So I went to u-boot and try to do partitioning with07:49
fbre"mmc hwpartition" but I don't find docs how to use it.07:49
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LetoThe2ndfbre: for uboot is usually means 1) inspect the help command of the output 2) if that is not enough, look at the sources.07:55
fbrehmm... thanx. The help command does not explain good enough... gonna look at the sources then...07:56
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Psykarfbre - opposite to what you're asking, I actually used toradex's image_type_tezi.bbclass to do what you're talking about by overriding the image_type_tezi.bbclass, it was simpler than trying to do things in uboot.07:58
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PsykarPossibly missing the mark though, given toradex != freescale exactly08:02
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LetoThe2ndPsykar: theres nothing wrong with looking at the image construction by somebody else as a starting point.08:02
fbreA good thing would be, if it was supported to define an own list of partitions by e.g. a variable, and the underlying freescale or whatever layers just process that08:04
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LetoThe2ndfbre: which would be essentially just a wrapper/additional layer around wic.08:07
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LetoThe2ndthis could probably be a seperate layer.08:09
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splatch`good morning, the old dudes /cc LetoThe2nd ;)08:22
splatch`hi to all new dudes08:22
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eduardashello, is kernel development supported using externalsrc?08:39
eduardasI am getting cp: cannot stat 'Module.symvers': No such file or directory while executing the run.do_shared_workdir step08:40
eduardaseven though the kernel itself seems to compile fine08:40
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krooneduardas, maybe you need
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eduardaskroon: thank you, updating poky really does fix this. I actually forgot to say I am building Linux kernel master.11:28
OutBackDingoFetcher failure for URL: ''. URL doesn't work.Please ensure your host's network is configured correctly,11:29
OutBackDingoanyone ?11:29
qschulzOutBackDingo: why would you download an index.php page?11:36
OutBackDingoqschulz: this is the error that bitbake is giving at the start of a build11:36
LetoThe2ndi guess its the connectivity test11:37
OutBackDingomy connectivity is fine11:37
LetoThe2ndso does wgetting that link work for you?11:38
qschulzOutBackDingo: it;s using an old TLS version so probably that11:40
LetoThe2ndqschulz: d10 you mean?11:40
OutBackDingoqschulz: wget works fine, so what in the bitbake routine is failing is the question11:44
qschulzLetoThe2nd: Firefox refused to open the link for me :)11:44
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LetoThe2ndguess we need halstead :)11:45
eduardas is there some kind of FOSS web front-end to configure connman on an embedded system?11:46
eduardasI mean something like the usual router web interface11:46
OutBackDingoso somethings changed, i did the exact same thinbg last night on a fedora host it worked11:46
eduardasI am deploying connman on a Yocto-based Linux distro11:46
eduardasand was wondering whether it is necessary to write something myself to be able to configure the device network settings via web11:46
LetoThe2ndeduardas: you can see if you can rip off the interface that openwrt uses, but i doubt it supports connman. other than that i know of nothing.11:47
eduardasreusing OpenWRTs stuff is not really an option as far as I understand since their system is too different as far as I know11:47
eduardasIIRC OpenWRT uses their own IPC mechanism called ubus and not d-bus that connman requires11:49
OutBackDingoLetoThe2nd: it does11:54
OutBackDingoeduardas: try meta-openwrt11:54
LetoThe2ndOutBackDingo: like i said, i guess we need halstead  and/or RP then to comment on this.11:55
OutBackDingoopenwrt-image-minimal has openwrt networking and cli but no UI, openwrt-image-base has openwrt networking, cli, and UI (luci)11:55
OutBackDingoLetoThe2nd: oh thats a "person" ... LOL11:56
OutBackDingoLetoThe2nd: guess temporarily i can short cut it with BB_NO_NETWORK = "1" to disable network access11:56
OutBackDingosince i have all the sources from the previous nights try on fedora11:57
qschulzOutBackDingo: CONNECTIVITY_CHECK_URIS to be set differently maybe? I'm surprised, I've just discovered this page existence. Where is it used, for what?12:01
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OutBackDingoqschulz: looks like an automated LICENSE page or something, maybe12:04
eduardasOutBackDingo: neither meta-openwrt nor the luci source tree have any mention of connman12:04
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OutBackDingoeduardas: netifd replaces connman in openwrt12:06
OutBackDingono idea why in this day and age you want to utilize connman12:06
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eduardasOutBackDingo: does netifd support iwd instead of wpa-supplicant?12:06
eduardasOutBackDingo: I kind of wanted to use all of the stuff that is being maintained by Marcel Holtmann and Intel: connman, iwd, ofono12:07
eduardasI also have a need of integrating a SimCom LTE modem12:08
eduardasOutBackDingo: can you tell me what the mobile network modem support story is in like in OpenWRT?12:09
OutBackDingoeduardas: if it supports qmi your fine12:09
eduardasOutBackDingo: what is qmi?12:09
OutBackDingowhich most modems do nowadays12:09
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OutBackDingoeduardas: jump in the openwrt channel, its a bit off topic for yocto really12:10
OutBackDingoplus im not overly familiar with what your attempting, but i develop with both WRT and Yocto ..... so im aware of both12:10
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OutBackDingoLetoThe2nd: nevermind its not a ycoto issue its a meta-overc issue12:17
LetoThe2nduh-huh? care to elaborate?12:17
OutBackDingo    \12:18
OutBackDingo   "12:18
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OutBackDingoi just edited it out12:19
OutBackDingobuilding now12:19
LetoThe2ndthat really looks strange/stupid/wrong12:20
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OutBackDingoLetoThe2nd: blame rburton and wind river :)12:29
LetoThe2ndOutBackDingo: maybe.12:32
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qschulzLetoThe2nd: sometimes does not respond. (we have no CONNECTIVITY_CHECK_URIS defined)13:00
LetoThe2ndqschulz: yeah i know, but a third party layer referring to something on that is maybe subject to change beyond their control?13:01
qschulzLetoThe2nd: indeed13:01
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andokuHi, how can I add swapfile to image generated by yocto?14:05
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LetoThe2ndandoku: it depends (TM)14:28
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LetoThe2ndandoku: in the most common case, you modify your wic script. an example with swap is:
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frayThe second argument of devtool modify is a path.  I've got a customer who wants to be able to use bitbake variables in this path, specifically ${TOPDIR}.  Obviously it doesn't work, but I'm wondering if anyone might have an idea if this is desired, and how difficult it might be to add that capability15:32
JaMawe have TOPDIR in shell environment and always invoke devtool with --basepath $TOPDIR, because otherwise it always fails to find bblayers.conf (or something like that)15:36
fraythis is in the eSDK environment15:37
smurray3:37 am in NZ, think that question will take an email ;)15:38
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zeddiianyone else seeing strange unpack errors with zlib ?15:46
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halsteadLetoThe2nd, OutBackDingo, qschulz: I've updated the protocol for so it's secure in modern browsers. I don't know if this will fix the problem as the AWS access key is no longer valid. I'll try to track down the people responsible.17:02
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LetoThe2ndhalstead: ah so it's a combination of protocol change and somewhat badly chosen defaults by a third party layer :-(17:38
LetoThe2ndThanks for the heads up17:38
halsteadLetoThe2nd, I think so. I don't suppose it's unexpected for AWS keys to expire after a decade.17:39
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y_ hi i am using linux mint and building yocto so getting following error can someone help me out Thx18:00
y_i tried bitbake -c cleansstate binutils18:00
y_but doesn't work out18:01
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khemy_: it seem gcc is crashing I wonder how much ram do you have on this box18:21
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LetoThe2ndplus it's just a VM, and not an exactly small layer stack. My vote is on out of RAM too18:55
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qschulzhalstead: thx for the heads up (and the fix) :)19:55
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snoRP: any additional comment on SDK environment-setup.d patch and nativesdk-openssl?20:20
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mischiefhm, that's not good20:38
mischiefi tried reusing sstate from a built that ran as root and when making an image i see20:39
mischiefdpkg: error: error opening configuration directory '<repo>/build/tmp/work/x86_64-linux/dpkg-native/1.19.7-r0/recipe-sysroot-native/etc/dpkg/dpkg.cfg.d': Permission denied20:39
mischief(where <repo> begins with /root)20:40
mischiefis there anything i can do about that besides not root? would that also happen for builds run as not root but also with an inaccessible directory?20:41
JPEWmischief: You should never run bitbake as root20:46
JPEWI thought there was a sanity check to throw a warning or error if you did20:47
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bluelightningJPEW: there is but those sanity checks generally do not retrigger if they've been run once with the same build dir20:49
bluelightningone of my pet peeves from way back but I never got around to figuring out a solution that isn't too intrusive20:50
JPEWbluelightning: So something like `bitbake core-image-minimal; sudo bitbake core-image-minimal` might not show the warning?20:50
bluelightningJPEW: I think that's likely yes20:53
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mischiefJPEW: the guy who set this up basically removed the check.21:00
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bluelightningjust added this - somewhat overdue:
JPEWmischief: Ah.... thats unfortunate21:05
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RPsno: I need to look into it in more detail21:28
RPI'm worried about why the paths may be different21:28
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kergothbluelightning: hmm, more inputs needed that feed into the checksum used to control sanity cache invalidation? and/or split into always vs cached tests?21:38
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sakomankhem: ping!  do you have a moment for a icu recipe question?22:40
sakomanI'm attempting to backport the race fix currently in master22:41
sakomanWhen I do a straightforward back port I get failures on big endian machines on line 62 of the recipe (when it runs icupkg)22:43
sakomanWhich makes sense since do_make_icudata_class-target is disabled by the new packageconfig22:44
sakomanSo the source file is missing and icupkg fails22:44
sakomanI'm not sure why this works in master, but perhaps the new upstream version in master includes and appropriate source file in the data directory22:46
sakomanSo the question is: is it safe to test for the source file and only run icupkg if it exists, or does icu really need to have the generated .dat file no matter what (in which case I need another solution)22:47
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*** splatch` is now known as splatch23:28
splatchhey, I have yet another question about systemd and enable/disable calls. I have a template unit (wg-quick@aaa.service). I've set SYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE = "enable"23:29
splatchbut my service does not come after the boot23:29
splatchwhy so?23:29
*** srijan_root <srijan_root!0e66a0b2@> has joined #yocto23:29
splatchwhen I do systemctl enable after boot links are being create in places where I need23:29
splatchis that the issue of links ?23:29
splatchare these getting trimmed or something.23:30
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srijan_rootI just built an iso image on zeus, but when I got to tmp/work/genericx86_64-poky-linux/linux-yocto/5.2.17+gitAUTOINC+bb2776d6be_25b14cdf96-r0, I do not see the standar-build directory that holds the .config this normal?23:39
sakomanyes, normal look in work-shared for kernel source and build artifacts23:42
srijan_rootsakoman: I don't even have the work-shared directory23:45
*** mattsm <mattsm!> has joined #yocto23:48
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