Sunday, 2020-07-12

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splatchhey, a quite basic question - how to get certain modules loaded or compiled into kernel. I have a need to pull in can + gs_usb into my build. These are rather not popular parts so I can't source anything useful around github. I've added KERNEL_MODULE_AUTOLOAD but I still can't find kernel module packages. Could you please point me how packages are split for bundled kernel modules?01:08
splatchI do have two builds, one is based on meta-intel and qemu.01:11
splatchok, found it - possible via .cfg file, variables found in KConfig files.01:36
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PaulePanterHi. How can I build Poky for x86 on a ppc64le host?06:34
PaulePanterbitbake uninative-tarball06:34
OutBackDingoPaulePanter: try bitbake core-image-minimal07:49
OutBackDingoand pastebin your bblayers and local.conf next time07:50
OutBackDingoitll help others also determine areas of error07:50
PaulePanterOutBackDingo: Thank you. I am using the default.08:12
PaulePanter*poky(?) defaults08:12
OutBackDingoPaulePanter: maybe see scroll all the way to the bottom08:17
OutBackDingo adamliyi commented on Mar 15, 201708:17
PaulePanterOutBackDingo: Thank you. Editing `meta-poky/conf/distro/poky.conf`~ helped.08:46
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lev39Hi, I am building poky 2.7.1. I copy pasted SSSTATE_MIRROR from the documentation,11:14
lev39but bitbake builds all from scartch, all recipes are missed11:14
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ahadiHello, I am fairly new to Yocto and building my custom embedded OS. I have a working setup which creates a Raspberry PI 0 W image and everything is kind of fine. I have a custom `fstab` file which mounts another partition for user data (this partition is not updated). The update mechanism we use is `swupdate`. When I flash the Yocto `wic` file to a SD card the fstab looks correct. When I use `swupdate` to16:18
ahadiupdate the second partition, the fstab looks like it is not from me.16:18
ahadiHence all user data is missing until I manually mount the disk. Any idea what could cause this?16:18
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BloodSurferheyho guys. Is someone around who have worked with fitimages especially provided by phytec's BSP? I'm trying to copy the generated (and signed) fitimage to the rootfs since /boot is on the same partition as the rest of the fs. Unfortunately I'm completely lost on the convolution of the image generation and phytec's special sauce. Alternatively I'm open for suggestions on how to convince yocto to generate both, a signed barebo19:20
BloodSurferx which will verify the signature of a fitimage and the fitimage itself.19:20
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RPmoto-timo: I had a look at adding jinja2 to buildtools, it needs 15 recipes from meta-python though :(21:49
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