Monday, 2020-07-13

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mckoangood morning06:41
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LetoThe2ndmckoan: howdy06:47
PaowZhi all.06:48
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mcfriskhi, should devtool work well with zeus? I've got recipes which compile fine but devtool is failing to apply patches. is devtool really applying patches and preparing source tree differently than bitbake itself?07:04
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mckoanmcfrisk: AFAIK it works07:11
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BloodSurfersorry if I'm repeating myself but I really could use some pointers since I'm hopelessly stuck on this topic:08:27
OutBackDingoBloodSurfer: which topic :)08:29
LetoThe2ndas it is phytecs special sauce, please ask phytec for support.08:29
LetoThe2ndBloodSurfer: ^^^^ i mean, they sell the HW and get the money.08:29
BloodSurfer@LetoThe2nd: Yep, I'm completely disappointed with their support. But this doesn't help me with this project. So I'm trying to find someone with more experience for at least some ideas ;)08:31
LetoThe2ndBloodSurfer: well good luck.08:32
BloodSurfer@OutBackDingo: The basic idea is: I want to include a signed fitImage to the rootfs08:32
mckoanBloodSurfer: in case there are companies experienced on this subject, offering commecial support, like ours: https://koansoftware.com08:32
BloodSurfer@LetoThe2nd: thx08:32
LetoThe2ndBloodSurfer: i officially second mckoan s offer. you are probably not doing this just for fun, there is a project, there is hardware involved, there is business behind it. either force phytec, or force your boss to pay somebody else to make up for the decision to go with phytec.08:33
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OutBackDingook whats the secret to meta-browser seems really broken... i need to add say firefox or other to a test image08:42
LetoThe2ndOutBackDingo: meta-browser has always been known to be problematic sadly, yes.08:42
OutBackDingoman this is going to s^&$08:46
LetoThe2ndOutBackDingo: send patches :)08:47
OutBackDingoa lousy browser will become the project downfall ... hahahahah08:47
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OutBackDingoLetoThe2nd: kill me now!08:47
LetoThe2ndOutBackDingo: nope, way too much effort. and browser unfortunately are anything but lousy these days... or are you fine with lynx? i think we can manage that, then.08:48
OutBackDingoneeds to work with xfce :)08:49
OutBackDingoguess ill dreadfully try a crack at chromium-x1108:49
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OutBackDingohrmmm shoot... i dont see a recipe anywhere for rpcgen either.... doesnt the builder image require it ?08:50
LetoThe2ndi think there is no problem in running lynx on xfce?08:50
LetoThe2ndsee, we even have links-x11:
OutBackDingoERROR: ParseError at /var/home/dingo/overc/meta-browser/recipes-browser/chromium/ Could not inherit file classes/pythonnative.bbclass  --:--:--08:52
OutBackDingoright out of the gate...08:52
OutBackDingolynx is text based08:52
OutBackDingoas is also links :)08:52
LetoThe2ndOutBackDingo: see, you asked for a browser, i can't find any line qhere you stated that is has to be anything other than text based, plus, i provided a browser without even pulling in magic third party layers...08:54
LetoThe2ndFWIW i totally fulfilled your specs :)08:54
OutBackDingoLetoThe2nd: yupp you did08:54
LetoThe2ndanother satisfied customer, next!08:55
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OutBackDingobecause my spec said browser only :)08:55
OutBackDingowonder what would happen if i pulled that on a client :) LOL08:55
OutBackDingoreject spec for clarification, browser type, text / graphical, mozilla, chromium .... you decide08:56
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OutBackDingoLetoThe2nd: ok 2 tweaks and off we go for chromium-x11 which i expect to fail just before its completed09:02
LetoThe2ndOutBackDingo: same do I :)09:02
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splatchI have a question about automatic module loading11:27
splatchI've enabled additional modules, so they are built together with my distro:
splatchhowever they are not available upon launch, I still have to modprobe them.11:31
LetoThe2ndsplatch: just guessing: the last parts of all those appends is wrong11:31
LetoThe2ndi don't think it should be there, just add everything to KERNEL_MODULE_AUTOLOAD11:32
splatchKERNEL_MODULE_AUTOLOAD += ... ?11:32
LetoThe2ndKERNEL_MODULE_AUTOLOAD_append = "can can_raw .... "11:33
splatchok, better your guess than my mindless try-catch :)11:33
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splatchLetoThe2nd: it didn't help :(, I can't see any of can modules in output from `lsmod`. They're in /lib/modules, but they're not loaded.12:13
LetoThe2ndsplatch: bitbake -e your kernel then and inspect whats going on with KERNEL_MODULE_AUTOLOAD12:14
qschulzyou need a leading space when using _append (in 99% of the cases)12:15
qschulzsplatch: are they in the correct file as well? see
qschulznever mind, they seem they are from your gist12:16
splatchok, will follow12:18
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splatchLetoThe2nd: I am not sure how I should read output there, but definitelly my autoloads aren't there ;-): # $KERNEL_MODULE_AUTOLOAD [5 operations]12:34
splatchKERNEL_MODULE_AUTOLOAD="  uio iwlwifi i915 uio"12:34
splatchtracing outputs to see what goes on12:35
LetoThe2ndsplatch: you can also put the snippet in a pastebin or such12:37
qschulzsplatch: in bitbake -e, just go look at the lines above the one starting with KERNEL_MODULE_AUTOLOAD12:38
qschulzsplatch: wait... why do you have _append_can ?12:38
qschulzin your
LetoThe2ndqschulz: alsready told him to get rid of that12:39
qschulzLetoThe2nd: true, missed that part :)12:40
splatchI do see on the "classpath"12:42
qschulzsplatch: go to the line starting with KERNEL_MODULE_AUTOLOAD and look at the lines above12:43
splatchI have a section to show12:43
qschulzsplatch: you're still using _append_can ;)12:44
splatchqschulz: let me do it without12:45
qschulzand you're missing a leading space12:45
splatchits possible just in python12:45
splatchnothing, I'm just complaining outloud on make/python syntax12:47
splatchqschulz: append without can works!12:47
qschulzsplatch: leading space in the content. VAR_append = " something"12:47
qschulznothing to do with Python, only how the content of _append is handled. We could have the same behavior in shell if we wanted :)12:47
qschulzsplatch: LetoThe2nd told you about it about an hour ago :)12:48
LetoThe2ndsplatch: what are you trying to tell me?12:48
splatchit seems to work, waiting for build to comple12:49
splatchqschulz, LetoThe2nd thank you very much for assistance!12:49
splatchthat's all I gonna say12:49
qschulzsplatch: our pleasure12:49
splatchqschulz: thing is - this error with last space gonna be pretty common, not sure where issue comes from but wouldn't it be better to shift handling of this trailing space to the tool itself and not developer?12:50
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qschulzsplatch: not really. we have .= and =. for appending without a space. But those are "parsing order/time" dependent. _append is added after all ??= ?= = += =+ .= and =. are resolved12:52
qschulzso we would need a _append_nospace or something which does not bring much to the table?12:52
splatchdefinitelly not, it opens too many paths12:53
qschulzsplatch: FYI, _append += would have worked12:53
qschulzwithout the leading space, but you'll forget about the leading space and pull your hair to debug it12:54
splatchbut if that space is a case for other palces then I have to re-test my wireguard module SYSTEMD_PACKAGES with space at the end cause it fails even if wireguard-tools I point at is there12:54
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qschulzsplatch: _append "needs" (in 99% of cases) a leading space, _prepend a trailing space12:56
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splatchqschulz: Dywicki is me :-)12:56
qschulzsplatch: ok, what;s the issue then?12:56
splatchI managed to patch wireguard, but my client rule still fails if I do SYSTEMD_PACKAGES = "wireguard-tools"12:57
splatchso it must be either "wireguard tools " or SYSTEMD_PACKAGES_${PN} += "wireguard_tools "12:57
qschulzsplatch: SYSTEMD_PACKAGES is a recipe variable, so adding _${PN} will not work. You don't need a trailing space except if someone append without a leading space, in which case you should fix the missing leading space instead of adding a ttrailing space12:58
qschulzand the default SYSTEMD_PACKAGES is ${PN} which is wireguard-tools so it's not really needed12:59
splatchqschulz: let me show the issue, I think then you will get it better12:59
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splatchso that line itself doesn't work, I keep getting "wireguard-tools package not found" from my build13:01
splatchbut I've declared it as every possible dependency13:02
qschulzsplatch: you're writing this in the wireguard-client recipe13:02
qschulzyou can't ask wireguard-client recipe to define wireguard-tools as a SYSTEMD_PACKAGES13:02
splatchyes, this is my client recipe, I can't make use of wg-quick@.service in the tools13:02
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splatchqschulz: so should I use bbappend?13:03
splatchmeaning append to wireguard-tools recipe13:03
splatchit is quite confusing to me, if I make an explicit dependency on the wireguard-tools why I can't make use of wireguard-tools systemd unit template?13:03
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qschulzsplatch: ok, I can understand how the sentence being phrased is confusing13:05
qschulzby main recipe's package they meant, recipe's main package13:06
qschulz(which is correct in the sentence right after)13:06
splatchso systemd_packages can be used in efficient way only when appending to parent recipe but not between dependencies13:07
qschulzit cannot be used at all in other recipes actually13:08
qschulzrecipe data is local, so you can't change a remote recipe from within the current recipe13:08
qschulz(same applies to image recipes, because after all, they're recipes)13:08
splatchqschulz, LetoThe2nd the tip with _append worked just fine. I see modules loaded.13:08
PaowZ_Hello there ! I have a question quite heavy.. I prefered to paste it there: .. if you had any time, it would be greatly appreciated :)13:09
smurrayPaowZ_: if the "ip=dhcp" on the kernel command-line is working, you should see output showing it got an address, check to see if that's there13:15
PaowZ_smurray: thanks for your suggestion.. So, I guess I would have this information prior any NFS attempt.. is that right ?13:16
smurrayPaowZ_: I believe so, been quite a while since I used NFS root13:17
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smurrayPaowZ_: but if it's not working, it would likely cause an error like you're seeing13:22
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PaowZ_as far as I remember, I could not see any kprint like that.. indeed..13:26
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qschulzPaowZ_: or try with a simple initramfs and see if you get an ip at boot and try to debug from there? (Are you able to mount an NFS from that initramfs at runtime, etc...)13:28
qschulzto check everything before using your NFS as rootfs13:29
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starlord90I'm constantly getting `The metadata is not deterministic and this needs to be fixed.` and I cannot resolve it using the suggstions provided13:32
starlord90So I have to delete everything and rebuild for an hour for every tiny change I make13:33
starlord90How do I make it stop?13:33
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LetoThe2ndstarlord90: replace your nondeterministic metadata with deteministic :)13:40
starlord90honestly I have no idea what that means lol13:40
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LetoThe2ndstarlord90: it means that somewhere in your layers/recipes you are doing something that yield different results when being run twice. the prime example is that you are using the current datetime or such13:42
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starlord90ok, I'm running from a container so the hostname could change I guess13:43
starlord90it seems to be random, its not the same package every time13:43
LetoThe2ndno idea what you're doing, but building inside a container is a common case these days. pyrex and CROPS are even "popular" solutions for doing that.13:44
qschulzstarlord90: can be a class inherited Yocto-wide that does not work (/me have seen that before in a BSP layer)13:44
qschulz(does not work = non deterministic)13:44
LetoThe2ndqschulz: heh that would be a classic13:44
qschulzand that was a PITA to debug13:45
starlord90qschulz: it wasn't perchance the imx8 bsp layer from 2019.0413:46
qschulzstarlord90: nope :) Can't name it, I'm sporadically working on it but the few times I had to help colleagues I wish we could hammer the keyboard of the one who wrote such layer (with their hands still on said keyboard).13:47
qschulzstarlord90: might be helpful, don't know if this would help in your particular case but uncomment the two lines here:
qschulzthen do a bitbake-diffsig between the two sigdata of the recipe that failed to build and find what changed between both13:50
qschulzthis helped me when I had the error "basehash changed" while I obviously didn't change anything in any file while it was building (which is the common mistake people make, me included)13:54
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starlord90I can't really make that mistake since the source is mounted read only into the container every time i build, but then I assumed that had something to do with my errors14:08
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PaowZ_qschulz: this is a piece of info I currently lack.. I read somewhere the kernel was not longer responsible for PHY initialization for a decade and it would rely upon initramfs.. but I'm not sure at all..14:24
qschulzPaowZ_: well.. you still have a HW init that needs to be done and correctly. Also, ip=dhcp does not always work. Sometimes you need to pass the name of the interface14:25
qschulzPaowZ_: for example if you have multiple interfaces14:26
qschulzPaowZ_: see all possible "arguments" to ip kernel parameter14:26
PaowZ_qschulz: Yep, I stumbled upon this txt file.. I tried with ip=<static-ip>:<gtw> etc.. with no luck so far.. that's why I suspect the interface to be down..14:27
qschulzPaowZ_: you need to keep colons when ignoring arguments14:29
PaowZ_qschulz: I did :)14:30
*** matthewzmd <matthewzmd!> has quit IRC14:30
qschulzso probably: ip=:::::<device name>:dhcp for example14:31
*** matthewzmd <matthewzmd!> has joined #yocto14:31
smurrayPaowZ_: are you sure the kernel has all the bits for the ethernet interface enabled (and built-in, not modules)?14:32
PaowZ_Also, I have to check for network support for the current kernel.. the opposite would be odd..14:32
qschulzPaowZ_: start with an initramfs really. You can compile one with core-image-minimal, that should be enough14:32
PaowZ_smurray: this is something I have to ensure.. I checked for every NFS components but I haven't glanced at Network Support.14:32
smurrayPaowZ_: if you have the ability to boot the device from non-network, perhaps worthwhile booting up and seeing if the interface is present in e.g. "ifconfig"14:33
PaowZ_qschulz: This is what I did, in fact.. As I appended NFS feature to core-image-minimal-initramfs.. is there something I have to check ?14:33
*** andoku <andoku!> has joined #yocto14:38
andokuHi all. I am rather new to yocto, trying to build SDK for imx8 by command:14:38
andokubitbake imx-image-multimedia -c populate_sdk_ext14:38
andokuAnd getting weird error:14:39
andokuERROR: imx-image-multimedia-1.0-r0 do_sdk_depends: The file /usr/bin/mako-render is installed by both python-mako-native and python3-mako-native, aborting14:39
andokuERROR: Logfile of failure stored in: /media/anton/a6b7069c-182f-4828-9105-32e95652ae41/home/anton/imx-yocto-bsp/build-xwayland/tmp/work/imx8mqevk-poky-linux/imx-image-multimedia/1.0-r0/temp/log.do_sdk_depends.2813014:39
andokugoogle doesn't show anything even close to this14:39
*** sgw2 <sgw2!~sgw@> has joined #yocto14:40
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smurrayandoku: as the error indicates, those two packages both have the same file in them, so they cannot both be installed14:41
smurrayandoku: the simplest solution might be working out what still needs python-mako-native and trying to convert it to python3.  Or asking NXP, that's likely their layer, I'm guessing14:43
*** xtron <xtron!~xtron@> has joined #yocto14:44
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andokusmurray: "the simplest solution might be working out what still needs python-mako-native and trying to convert it to python3" - which files should I grep for this?15:05
smurrayandoku: it's hard to say, probably worth starting in whatever imx BSP layer you're using15:06
smurrayandoku: another option would potentially be to remove whatever needs python-make-native and/or python3-make-native to build from the image if you don't need it15:07
RPsakoman: hopefully that bitbake race patch should help a nice subset of the intermittent failures15:13
sakomanRP: nice!  I'll pull that into my builds too15:15
*** stephano <stephano!> has joined #yocto15:16
RPsakoman: might be worth adding the qemurunner ones, at least in your test builds too - we could use the debug info if/when it fails to help determine the issue15:16
sakomanRP: I've already got those in :-)15:16
*** frsc <frsc!> has quit IRC15:17
RPsakoman: cool :)15:17
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Rob1304Hi there, is there someone out there who could help me in an linker issue using the Yocto SDK?15:33
andokusakoman: grep found:15:35
andoku./sources/meta-imx/meta-sdk/recipes-extended/jailhouse/        python-mako-native python-mako15:35
andokuhow to recompile it if I change for python3-mako-native and python3-mako?15:36
andokuor it's not that simple?15:36
*** Bunio_FH <Bunio_FH!> has quit IRC15:37
qschulzandoku: in theory it's that simple. In practice, it'll probably won't work because I guess jailhouse is using python2 for a few things and mixing python 2 and 3...15:37
qschulzRob1304: ask your question and we'll see if there's someone that can help15:39
Rob1304OK. Sorry, I am new to Yocto and especially freenode...15:39
Rob1304I have following linker output, after an application has been build using the SDK:15:40
Rob1304Cannot paste it into this window...15:42
qschulzRob1304: use a pastebin ;)15:43
Rob1304I am really sorry. What is a pastebin...?D:15:43
*** xtron1 is now known as xtron15:44
qschulzRob1304: Google is your friend :) It's just a place where to paste content and send it via a link. Any will do the trick :)15:44
Rob1304Oh, I see...15:45
Rob1304I'll write it right now using my keyboard (old fashioned...)15:46
qschulzRob1304: you should be able to paste content into IRC, but if it's longer than two lines, it's customary to use a pastebin :)15:47
Rob1304The linker complains about an undefined reference to "_rtld_global_ro". I am compiling an application using the SDK which I have generated with bitbake.15:48
*** florian <florian!~florian_k@Maemo/community/contributor/florian> has quit IRC15:52
Rob1304Can you access the pastebin?
*** florian <florian!~florian_k@Maemo/community/contributor/florian> has joined #yocto15:53
qschulzRob1304: yup, you sent a mail IIRC as well on the mailing list15:53
*** florian <florian!~florian_k@Maemo/community/contributor/florian> has quit IRC15:53
Rob1304Yes, that's correct.15:54
Rob1304I am not sure, should't I?15:54
qschulzRob1304: ah sorry, no. It's fine. You tried by every way you could. You can try later today when US people have finish drinking their coffee or lunch break, or maybe tomorrow. Sometimes IRC is dead for a few hours/days (people are working :) ) and you try on the "wrong" hours15:58
bantuHi. I've read the manual and understand how the poky repository is built. I understand there are pros and cons of having submodules vs. e.g. using combo-layer. What is my best choice, if I want to support merge commits in my own development environment and possibly also update meta-poky via merge commits?15:58
Rob1304OK, qschulz. I will try it tomorrow... Thanx.15:59
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PaowZsmurray: guess what ! I managed NFS booting.. I checked whatever RealTek ethernet device drivers I could find in kconfig menu xD18:26
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smurrayPaowZ: cool18:37
smurraybantu: more typical usage would be to make your own distro layer and using that instead of forking meta-poky locally18:39
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moto-timoRP: that's unfortunate to need 15 dependencies for jinja2 :(18:50
RPmoto-timo: I was surprised and rather disappointed to see that. It pulls in pytest or its dependencies do it you disable ptest18:51
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moto-timoRP: I have similar issues with bringing in any fancier perl deps tools. harumph.18:54
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RPmoto-timo: given the modern tools for recipe maintenance and testing I sometimes wonder if we should expand core a little...18:55
moto-timoRP: I'm not opposed to the concept. And would step up as maintainer of some of said recipes.18:55
RPmoto-timo: probably needs wider discussion...18:56
moto-timoRP: indeed18:57
RPmoto-timo: not sure what to do about jinja2 in the meantime as bits of resulttool use it :/18:58
moto-timoRP: and if we are going to add python ptest, we need a more generalized approach to the pytest result "filtering" (pass => PASSED etc)18:58
RPmoto-timo: we need that regardless18:58
moto-timoRP: indeed18:59
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bantusmurray: my idea was to fork the meta-poky repository (does that exist?) into meta-foo and put patched on top of that, e.g. renaming poky to foo. this way i could get updates from meta-poky via merging.19:45
smurraybantu: there is a meta-yocto repo that contains meta-poky that is one of the components of poky, so that is indeed possible.  However, I suspect when you customize things you'll quickly find that merges become a bother, and I'm not really aware of anyone else using such a workflow19:59
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georgem_homeDoh. Looks like yocto-bounces kicked my gmail account off the lists.21:46
georgem_homeAnyone else?21:47
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bantusmurray: browsing through meta-poky, i see what you're saying. For example, I probably do not want to support poky-bleeding and poky-tiny. thanks22:53
smurraybantu: it's common to just pick one of those confs and use it as a starting point for your own config in your own meta-mycompany layer or the like22:54
smurraybantu: to your original question, using something like the kas tool ( to assemble a set of repos is becoming a bit more of a thing now, though some people do use submodules or the google repo tool22:56
smurraybantu: it's definitely possible to assemble oe-core + bitbake + BSP layer + your distro layer versus just using the combined poky if you're not going to use any of the poky provided BSP support22:58
bantusmurray: We most likely won't be using BSP support. It will probably be qemu, then raspberrypi, then actual hardware.23:04
bantuWe're using GitLab, so that might also play into how the repo is setup.23:04
bantuRight now I am thinking an empty repo with our stuff and everything we import as submodules.23:05
smurrayI believe there are regular users on the channel that do roughly that23:05
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splatchbantu: I am pretty new to the project, but I inherited kas config and some of initial files. It saved my ass to be fair. ;)23:12
splatchI been working with git submodules and it is rather annoying to more than one person setups. On other hand I didn't move my kas build to gitlab yet. Anyhow - will be interesting to see how it will work. :)23:13
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