Saturday, 2020-07-18

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bevoI'm am getting a build error cross-localedef-hardlink: /home/user1/yoctobuild/build-wayland/tmp/work/aarch64-poky-linux/glibc-locale/2.30-r0/locale-tree/Makefile is on different filesystem than the rest (use -f option to override).09:05
bevoDoes anybody have idea about this09:05
bevoThis error happens when "bitbake -c do_package glibc-locale" is executed and while building the entire bsp at the time of running task do_package for glibc-locale09:08
bevoI'm running the build from inside of a docker Ubuntu 18.0409:09
bevoerror summery09:10
bevoERROR: glibc-locale-2.30-r0 do_package: Error executing a python function in exec_python_func() autogenerated:09:10
bevo'/home/user1/yoctobuild/sources/poky/meta/classes/libc-package.bbclass', lineno: 362, function: package_do_split_gconvs09:10
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jonathanoreillyhow can I add network-manager to my yocto build (I want to be able to use nmcli)?12:21
OutBackDingojonathanoreilly: add the package to the build12:23
jonathanoreillyI've done IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " network-manager"12:30
jonathanoreillythen I get12:31
jonathanoreillyERROR: Nothing RPROVIDES 'network-manager'12:31
paulbarkerjonathanoreilly: Have you tried searching on ?12:34
jonathanoreillyshould I add meta-networking?12:34
paulbarkerjonathanoreilly: Yes, you'll need that layer. Also, the recipe is named `networkmanager` without a dash12:35
jonathanoreillyright! thank you!12:35
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jonathanoreillyno errors :)12:45
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cantloginyoctoupon booting the login prompt quickly passes by and then goes away before I can type something18:40
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cantloginyoctoIt then says init: ld respawning too fast can't unmount /mnt/.psplash18:41
cantloginyoctoinit: ld "S0" respawning too fast: disabled fro 5 minutes18:42
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nemgti-ogI want to update the kernel version of meta-raspberrypi. Currently I am trying to define a new layer that extends meta-raspberrypi with new recipes for the new kernel version. Is this the correct approach?21:15
milloninemgti-og: Yes21:34
millonialthough you arent updating the kernel veraion *in* meta-raspberrypi21:34
milloniyoure updating the kernel version in your build21:34
milloniin general you shouldnt have to change anything *in* an upstream layer21:35
millonithats an important distinction conceptually21:35
milloninemgti-og also you might want to check that the new recipe is picked up by the build - that is that its not using the old version21:36
nemgti-ogyes. That's what I was intending to. Thanks milloni.21:37
milloniwhich version of the recipe is being used depends on several factors that escape my memory now21:37
nemgti-ogMy first step is to create a new layer that changes the machine's and that it builds the same kernel21:37
nemgti-ogI am having problems here though - my guess is that I need to populate recipes-kernel as well.21:38
millonibut one way to make sure the youre building the right recipe is to use PREFERRED_VERSION and/or PREFERRED_PROVIDER21:38
milloni(details available in the docs)21:39
nemgti-ogyeap, I've seen that configuration, thanks21:39
milloninenmgti-og: recipes-kernel is just a conventional directory21:39
milloniyou can put the recipe wherever you want (as long as its in the layer dir) and it should work21:39
nemgti-ogok. thanks!21:40
nemgti-ogI was expecting that by simple creating a new layer that provides a new machine's name by doing : 1) copying the raspberrypi3-64.conf to mylayer/conf/machine/ and 2) changing the name of the .conf file to myMachineName.conf I would get the same result when bitbaking core-image-base. However it fails complaining about the KBUILD_DEFCONFIG not found.21:42
nemgti-ogI am trying to figure out the reason. So far I think the problem is that with this change I mentioned Ialso need to provide KBUILD_DEFCONFIG_myMachineName ?= bcmxxxx_defconfig21:44
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mellyhello there21:54
mellyCan someone help me out with my yocto build? I can't enter my login credentials, I only get the error: INIT: ld "S0" respawning too fast: disable for 5 minutes and umount: can't umount /mnt/.psplash: no such file or directory21:55
mellyInitially I could log in but I don't know what change caused the prevention of loggin in22:10
mellyI restored the files and run bitbake again but with no success22:11
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milloninemgti-og: check out the kernel recipe template from meta-skeleton22:46
milloniyou can adapt that kernel recipe to suit your needs22:46
nemgti-ogThank you milloni. I actually got to bitbake it. The problem was a wrong configuration on variable MACHINEOVERRIDES. Thanks a lot for the support though.22:58
nemgti-ogAnd with this I say good bye! :)22:59
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