Friday, 2020-07-17

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zeddiisplatch: I relay all my series through gmail via git send-mail02:13
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khemsplatch: yeah email setups are a bit tough especially with 2FA, usually with gmail you can use app-specific passwords e.g.
khemthen you can use this in your .gitconfig under [sendemail] section as smtpuser = <your-gmail> smtppass = <the-one-you-generated> smtpserver = "" smtpserverport = 587 smtpencryption = tls05:36
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khemonce setup works it reliably works05:37
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simonpe^^Is there consensus on how to set up networking on the development boards so that its easy for developers to just plug in the board and ssh?08:20
simonpe^^I think the most reasonable way I've seen is that the board had some magic IP like 169.254.... but I can't remember how that worked08:20
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yoconsimonpe^^: Those IPs are zeroconf : With all the avahi stuff you'll be able to plug and ssh to board_hostname.local08:27
simonpe^^do you have any opinion whether its a good solution for this use case?08:28
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yoconIf you can accept having all the avahi stuff in your dev environement it's really good. Another solution is to have all the board using DHCP, and making your DHCP server link to a DNS server to publish board IPs by hostname08:31
simonpe^^I don't really like the DHCP solution since it restricts me to either be on prem or have VPN set up, and my clients VPN solution sucks balls08:32
yoconthe zeroconf solution uses a lot of multicast. You might want to check if that pass through the VPN08:33
simonpe^^In my head the developer would have his board connected to his computer either through his home router, through a usb dongle, or through the company network. But I think it's a safe assumption to say that she would be next to her board at all times08:35
yoconIn that case, it should work like magic :)08:35
simonpe^^Well I have my solution then, thank you man08:35
simonpe^^or woman08:35
yoconYou're welcome!08:36
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rburtonfwiw you can zeroconf with just systemd/resolved these days, no need to use avahi09:21
simonpe^^rburton: how does that work?09:22
rburtonits only the name lookup/discovery and not arbitrary services, but resolved, part of systemd, does the announcement and discovery09:23
simonpe^^well thats enough then09:24
rburtonthe arch wiki has a good explanation of what to kick where09:24
LetoThe2ndrburton: everything, right in the....09:25
simonpe^^found it, thenks09:25
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simonpe^^I'm trying to implement A/B boot selection with u-boot. To select which rootfs to use I can just pass an argument when starting up the kernel but how do I control which of my two appfs partitions to mount?13:42
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jonmasonfray: thanks for fixing the bitbake-layers.  It makes my life so much easier.  beer++14:01
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fraydid I fix it?14:12
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jonmasonfray: everything is working perfectly for me.  I just changed my build script and its working on master and dunfell now.14:24
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frayOhh ok14:38
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rburtonOkay, I've forgotten how to debug something15:52
rburtonSo I have a sstate cache and another build tree which *should* be able to use it15:52
rburtonBut, it decides to build from source15:52
rburtonwhat's the magic to see why bitbake thinks the hashes are wrong?15:52
qschulzrburton: bitbake-diffsigs?15:52
rburtonyou mean let it build and then see what the differences are15:53
qschulzyou only need the first missed sstate-cache per recipe15:54
qschulzand incidentaly, the first recipe to rebuild should be giving you enough info I guess?15:54
qschulzand you might even just be able to create the sigdata by using something like bitbake -S none? (never used it but seen a few YP veterans mention it)15:59
rburtondamned rm_work16:01
rburtonsstate is invalid because i turned on rm_work16:01
qschulzrburton: mmmmm now I'm wondering if this should be the case?16:02
rburtonwell, definitely not16:02
rburtonbut also populate-sysroot changed hash16:02
rburtonand diffsigs wont show what actually changed16:07
rburtonI wonder if this is hashequiv issues16:09
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rburtonJPEW: around?16:10
JPEWrburton: Yes16:11
JPEWAre you sharing the hashequiv server between the two builds?16:12
rburton<cough> no16:12
rburtonsame machine16:12
rburtoncan i just tell build B to use the database file from build A?16:12
rburtonor do i need to faff with a persistant server16:12
JPEWrburton: Yes as long as it's not at the same time16:12
rburtoncool. how? :)16:12
* JPEW looks16:13
JPEWrburton: Theres not explicit variable for the hashserver database; it's based on ${PERSISTENT_DIR} or ${CACHE}, so as long as you're willing to share that between the two builds it should just work16:15
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rburtonok thanks16:16
JPEWI;m not sure what the other implications of sharing that directory would be16:16
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rburtonlets find out!16:18
rburtonSstate summary: Wanted 244 Found 244 Missed 0 Current 101 (100% match, 100% complete)16:18
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JPEWrburton: It looks like sqlite allows multiple processes to access the database file at once, so I think even concurrent builds would be OK16:40
JPEWOr... perhaps the default location should be ${SSTATE_DIR}16:40
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rburtonwell, yeah16:48
rburtongonna do that in all my builds to see what happens16:48
rburtonwhat files does it need?16:49
rburtonunihashes and hashserv?16:49
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JPEWunihashes.dat is just a local cache, you shouldn't need it shared between builds17:08
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JPEWAnd you probably don't want to share unihashes.dat because it cannot be accessed concurrently17:18
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JPEWJust hashserv.db17:19
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rburtonJPEW: fwiw, setting persistent_dir =$sstate_dir and moving the hashserv file seems to have done the right thing18:14
rburtonthat should totally be the default so sharing works in the trivial case of 'same machine'18:14
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JPEWrburton: Ya, I don't think you'd want to make PERSISTENT_DIR == SSTATE_DIR, but making hashserv.db default to SSTATE_DIR makes sense18:21
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matthewzmdregarding, where can i disable the OOM tests?18:46
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RPrburton: absolutely no way am I recommending anyone share an sqlite database like that18:49
RPrburton: we do this in other bits of much lighter code and its a total train wreak18:49
RPrburton: just start and share a server18:50
RPmatthewzmd: I'm guessing you'd patch them out the ltp recipe where the tests to run are listed?18:51
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rburtonawww you're no fun19:02
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matthewzmdhmmmm, oom tests located at ltp/testcases/kernel/mem/oom, but i don't see this path in the ltp recipe19:10
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* moto-tim1 experimenting with new weechat install at home21:12
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smurraymoto-timo: were the fonts too small? ;)21:41
moto-timosmurry: nope, I don't want to be chained to VPN ;)21:42
moto-timosmurray: and this is a container :)21:42
smurraymoto-timo: heh21:42
moto-timoI think I have forgotten a lot of the steps from 4 years ago21:43
kiwi_29Hello. can I use EXTRA_USERS_PARAMS = "useradd -P userxyz userxyz" inside distro conf file e.g. inside meta-abc/conf/distro/abc.conf21:48
armpitmoto-timo, I used to write notes but then I would forget where I placed them21:54
moto-timoarmpit: I resemble the remark21:54
moto-timoYou'd think copying the entire  .weechat directory would just work. But nope.21:55
moto-timokiwi_29: INHERIT += "extrausers"21:57
moto-timoEXTRA_USERS_PARAMS = "useradd admin; \21:57
moto-timo                      usermod -p $(openssl passwd admin) admin; \21:57
moto-timo                      usermod -p $(openssl passwd root) root; \21:57
moto-timo                     "y21:57
moto-timoignore that trailing y,  typo21:57
moto-timoyes, that can go in your distro.conf21:57
kiwi_29I add it but it does not run.21:59
kiwi_29but I have to check if I have INHERIT+= "extrausers"21:59
kiwi_29moto-timo where does INHERIT+= "extrausers" go?21:59
moto-timokiwi_29: it will not work without the INHERIT21:59
kiwi_29same fie?21:59
moto-timosame file21:59
armpitI did this a while ago21:59
kiwi_29let me check if it is there...21:59
armpitit also disables the root account22:00
*** aidanh_ <aidanh_!~aidanh@unaffiliated/aidanh> has joined #yocto22:00
kiwi_29INHERIT+= "extrausers" is not in the distro conf..let me add and recompile. many thanks22:00
kiwi_29btw...If I do not want to recompile whole distro, what task should I recompile?22:00
kiwi_29bitbake -c rootfs distroname ?22:02
moto-timoyou could INHERIT_pn-your-image-name += "extrausers" to make it less of a hammer22:02
moto-timothat is not a "recipe" target.22:02
*** aidanh <aidanh!~aidanh@unaffiliated/aidanh> has quit IRC22:02
*** aidanh_ is now known as aidanh22:02
moto-timoor you can put "inherit extrausers" in your image  reccipe as armpit suggested22:02
* moto-timo has keyboard + spilt beer a month ago typo issues22:03
kiwi_29thanks moto-timo and armpit . will try22:03
moto-timothe INHERIT +=  in the disto conf will affect a lot of tasks...22:04
moto-timoso maybe not the best usage ;)22:04
moto-timoit just happens to be what I have in a local.conf so I know it works22:04
kergothif you really want it in every image, you can add it to IMAGE_CLASSES. still brute force, but better than globally pulling it in for all recipes22:04
moto-timogood point kergoth22:05
kergothat least that only affects recipes inheriting image22:05
* armpit needs to publish his new layer soon22:06
* moto-timo needs to publish about 12 layers soon22:06
* JPEW needs to publish meta-lua....22:06
moto-timoor just call it training materials for yp-devday and push it anyway22:06
moto-timoJPEW: :)22:07
armpitmoto-timo, over achiever22:08
* moto-timo lazily solving problems by creating new layers22:08
armpitmoto-timo, we do have a layer for training but has not been populated yet22:08
moto-timoarmpit: as long as we are ok with .gitlab-ci.yml I am fine with it :)22:09
* moto-timo can always use it as a git submodule...22:10
JPEWWhat do y'all use to CI your layers (e.g. travis, gitlab-ci... ?)22:10
armpitI just got gitlab runner working22:10
armpitfor building my bsp layer.22:11
armpitI need to add meta-security but that may break my build system22:11
JPEWDo you do actual builds... I find they take a long time and a lot of the free options have time limits22:11
armpitJPEW, the runner allows me to use my own system but controlled by gitlab outside22:12
JPEWarmpit: Ah, makes sense22:12
* moto-timo mostly uses gitlab ci runner with docker executor22:12
armpitI did not take notes so I can not duplicate this ; )22:12
moto-timoI've done it about 6 times now, so it's not as difficult as once was22:13
moto-timoI agree with armpit though... the self controlled runner is a huge win over GitHub Actions22:13
armpitMy first builds took 4.5 hours for 4 machines and got that down to 30 minutes uses hash equivl and local SSTATE22:14
armpit6 core system so its acceptable for DYI22:14
moto-timolike pbarker talk at yp dev day22:15
moto-timono cavium thunder2 armpit?22:15
armpitme too. that shock something loose in my brain and got be unstuck22:15
moto-timoI'm intrigued by the CDN for sstate he did22:16
moto-timoAnd hosting a builder for 60 euros a month bare-metal is not bad at all22:16
armpitI tried that but running too much over the single pipe at home will interfere with Netfix and work so I am opting not to use it right now22:17
armpit60 euros or beer money...22:18
moto-timoI finally bumped home to gigabit ethernet, but... I don't have mini-mes on Netflix22:18
armpitwe have one line for internet coming into our city so lot of demand. One can only suck so much throw a small straw22:21
armpitI have 7 machines not with two image for some and took only 2.5 hours22:23
armpitI suspect I am going to exceed the free ci minutes22:23
moto-timoFYI, I started using vscode remote (over ssh). It's a dream.22:24
armpitare you outsourcing you work ?22:24
moto-timojust MacBook in my lap <-> dual Xeon in the office... while I sit wherever I want22:25
armpityou know how many kids are not in school that we could get to code ; )22:26
* armpit not just to automate my lab testing with gitlab22:27
moto-timokernelci and yet another lava installation on my todo list22:29
moto-timoI think containers this time22:29
moto-timoI've got a kernel regression to git bissect22:30
armpitnope. I have a meta-lab layer that supports nfs fs , tftpboot and power controller22:31
armpitso bitbake core-image-minimal -c powercycle -> reboots the board22:31
armpitand the machine loads new kernels via tftp and mounts fs via nfs22:32
armpitu-boot on the machines just need to be configure properly but have the addressed in my bsp layer22:33
moto-timothat works too. so many possible solutions.22:35
armpitlets me use the testimage framework.. I am too lazy to do much more than that22:35
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*** King_InuYasha <King_InuYasha!~King_InuY@fedora/ngompa> has quit IRC22:36
kiwi_29I was able to login with username and changes you mentioned moto-timo , armpit . thanks22:36
moto-timokiwi_29: that's great news. thanks for reporting back.22:37
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kiwi_29Is there a way of listing package groups being installed as part of building distro.23:08
*** roussinm <roussinm!> has quit IRC23:32

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