Wednesday, 2020-07-22

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LetoThe2ndarmpit2: "somebody asked" :)06:16
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Guest77599Hello everyone! I need some help with RDEPENDS. I have 4 packages in RDEPENDS that I would like to include, but when I try to build my image those 4 packages cause a lot of warnings and problems to occur. Basically, those 4 packages replaces a lot of other stuff like dbus etc. I was wondering what is the best practice for my problem? Should I11:05
Guest77599hardcode every replaced package in RDEPENDS, or is it another way for me to kind of include these 4 packages w/o messing up the other ones?11:05
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LetoThe2ndGuest77599: i'm not sure i can completely follow.11:50
LetoThe2ndGuest77599: so you have a number of packages that are drop-in-replacements for things that are already existing?11:51
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Guest77599I have a variable RDEPENDS_${PN} that includes 4 new packages, that somehow replaces other packages in other RDEPENDS_${PN} that the image needs. So I don't want to replace the replaced packages, but they are replaced when I introduce the 4 new packages in the RDEPENDS_${PN} variable11:53
LetoThe2ndi still don't get the exact problem. so are you getting conflicts because the same files should be installed? or is it merely a problem in the evaluation of the RDEPENDS variables?11:55
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Guest77599Well, the conflict is that the packages are being replaced but I need them to complete the build. So I get warnings about the replacement and later on, the warning messages tells me there are dependency errors because something depends on something. And I am able to build the image w/o the RDEPENDS variable. But when I add the RDEPENDS it messes11:58
Guest77599with the whole build. So I guess, the issue here is the usage of this variable11:58
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LetoThe2ndi have to admit that i fail to understand the situation without a somewhat concise or, or even better example layer that exhibits the behaviour. sorry.12:01
LetoThe2nd*concise log12:01
Guest77599Variable key RDEPENDS_${PN} (a b c d) replaces original key RDEPENDS_other (e f g h i)12:01
Guest77599But I need all of them: a b c d e f g h i12:01
LetoThe2ndah. RDEPENDS_${PN}_append = " a b c d"12:02
LetoThe2ndthe leading blank in front of a is mandatory when using _append.12:03
Guest77599Correct! But I use += instead of append12:03
LetoThe2ndso, and thats the problem i guess. += gets evaluated at a different stage as _append does.12:03
LetoThe2ndhence, i would go for _append.12:04
LetoThe2ndplus, you are totally invited to join my live coding session tomorrow where i will be talking about that very exact topic :)12:04
LetoThe2ndbitbake -e gives you the complete evaluation history, by the way to inspect whats actually happening.12:05
Guest77599Okay, did not know that. Thanks! (y) =D12:06
LetoThe2ndhave fun!12:07
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OutBackDingozeddii: ping12:24
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qschulzLetoThe2nd: you still haven't updated your website for the next session (and put the website in your Twitter bio!)12:59
LetoThe2ndqschulz: yeah you're right.13:00
* LetoThe2nd is a bad influencer.13:00
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* clementp[m] sent a long message: < >13:19
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LetoThe2nddo i want to click a link without the slightest clue whats behind it?13:27
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clementp[m]LetoThe2nd: that's fake example I could have put*13:33
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clementp[m]Haa sorry maybe it's due to Matrix/Element client :(13:34
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clementpHi All, I'm really stuck trying to clone a git using 2 different protocol one with SSH and one with HTTPS. Does someone already did this trick ? I try to do something like this echo "MIRRORS_append = "\n*;protocol=ssh;user=git \n"" >> conf/local.conf Is MIRRORS the correct way? Yocto13:35
clementpdoesn't seems to take the mirror in account ☹️13:35
LetoThe2ndmaybe. in a nutshell, i don't click random links if there isn't at least a one or two line rundown of the actual question.13:35
clementpOk so the question without URL inside is:13:35
LetoThe2ndheh, that was already perfectly fine. thanks.13:36
LetoThe2ndjust so you understand, initially we only saw "— clementp[m] sent a long message:  < >"13:36
clementpSorry I use Matrix IRC gateway -_-13:37
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qschulzclementp: just for being extra sure, add a leading space before your first \n13:41
qschulzotherwise... what is the exact behavior you want to have, and what do you see instead?13:41
clementpMy CI is cloning the repo using HTTPS protocol using gitlab token but I want on my computer to clone the repo using ssh with private key protocol13:42
clementpSo i have defined in the SRC_URI=";user=gitlab-ci-token:${CI_TOKEN}"13:43
LetoThe2ndjust having a peek at the git fetcher doesn't reveal anything super obvious13:43
clementpThe error shown is :13:44
clementpremote: HTTP Basic: Access deniedfatal: Authentication failed for ''13:44
LetoThe2ndour approach here is that we wrap such "changing" SRC_URIs in a generator function that either results in the one thing for ci and other thing for local development.13:44
clementpcould you point me one example ?13:45
LetoThe2ndnope, sorry.13:45
LetoThe2ndinternal code - i can give you the hint but no implementation13:45
clementpAt leat one bb that is using ae generator function in SRC_URI13:45
clementpI don't know that we can do this13:46
LetoThe2ndits just a function like anything else. its takes variable, like IS_CI, and some form of repo url that it mangles into the SRC_URI format that you want13:46
clementpSo I should check in each of my recipe if I should set the SRC_URI for the CI or for the USER?13:52
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LetoThe2ndand if the function that does this is in a my_company.bbclass that all your custom recipes can access, plus it yields sensible defaults for the standard case... yes. thats what we do.13:55
clementpok thanks :)13:56
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qschulzclementp: well.... I don't think your MIRROS can work the way you tried14:03
qschulzlook at how PREMIRRORS is done14:04
qschulzI think the point of MIRRORS/PREMIRRORS is to be a "copy" of the DLDIR directory created by Yocto14:05
LetoThe2ndi wasn't sure about that was we have sourceforge mirroring and such too AFAIK, but its a fair call too indeed.14:06
qschulzLetoThe2nd: the sourceforge thing... in your company or in YP?14:06
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LetoThe2ndqschulz: ag sourceforge poky :)14:08
qschulzclementp: that actually is a good pointer by LetoThe2nd. Maybe you could just have ";user=gitlab-ci-token:${CI_TOKEN}" into an env variable (or selectable via an env variable, use BB_HASH_EXTRAWHITE or whatever it's called)14:09
qschulzif not present, use ";protocol=ssh;user=git" instead14:09
LetoThe2ndbut yes, thats the mindset14:10
qschulzand put that logic into a class that has to be inherited by all your recipes that are impacted by such a mechanism14:10
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paulgsomeone broke the mailing lists page...   https://lists.yoctoproject.org14:18
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paulgI'm sure it had a list of all lists - including the "linux-yocto" where zeddii and I send stuff that nobody reads.14:19
paulgNow it just has one list "main" and no mention of any others.14:19
gsalazarpaulg: this one
paulggsalazar, yeah - the sub page(s) still exist but there is no top level "pick one" page anymore.14:20
gsalazarthat is true, they are only under subgroups14:21
paulgNot a snowball's chance in hell anyone new will ever find a subgroup now.   Seems an ill-advised change IMHO.14:23
paulgAnd while I'm at it, why do all the calendar links stick you four pages deep into the monthly messages?14:26
paulgIt should be ....14:26
paulgbut instead it appends 240...  wtf.14:27
paulgso you are at message 70 instead of message #1 (most recent).   I have no idea what that is supposed to achieve (other than frustration.)14:28
gsalazarStrange, when I select the month on the calendar it appends -60
gsalazarit shouldn't really go to anywhere but the latest message of the month14:29
paulggsalazar, interesting - the -60 appears bogus as well, but it gets rounded up to zero apparently.14:32
paulgso it "works".   Apparently busted-arse mailing list front end.   :-/14:32
paulgHanding out random numbers.14:32
gsalazarI tried it on chrome and firefox with and without private tabs and I always got the -60 but it does not go to the latest message on my side14:34
gsalazarI see the mesage 61-80 from this month and I am also 4 pages deep14:34
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gsalazarpaulg: this is a strange behaviour indeed14:35
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paulgoh well - glad it isn't just me seeing it.  Not sure who maintains that - perhaps they lurk here?14:40
qschulzpaulg: don't know but maybe halstead?14:41
halsteadI do lurk here. I can elevate list concerns to the right people.14:42
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clementp[m]qschulz: LetoThe2nd: thanks both it works perfectly now !14:51
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halsteadpaulg, When you click on a month it brings you to the beginning of the month. Click "Messages" on the left for the latest messages. We have all the lists in one place with better explanations at
*** hpsy <hpsy!~hpsy@> has quit IRC15:03
paulghalstead, ok.  Starting with #1.   Why doesn't  look like the link you've given above?15:04
paulginstead it just goes to "main"  which is kinda useless.15:04
LetoThe2ndclementp[m]: :-)15:05
*** aidanh <aidanh!~aidanh@unaffiliated/aidanh> has quit IRC15:05
paulghalstead, and #2 - when you start with a calendar archive page like this:
*** aidanh <aidanh!~aidanh@unaffiliated/aidanh> has joined #yocto15:06
paulg.... and click a month, like July 2020,   it throws you into some random spot about four pages deep into the messages, instead of starting at #1. (most recent).15:07
paulgthose are the two issues we were talking about.15:07
halsteadpaulg, That is not a random spot. That is the beginning of messages from July 2020.15:07
halsteadpaulg, To see the most recent messages click on "Messages" on the left instead of clicking into the monthly archives.15:09
paulgok, well it seems to violate the principle of least surprise - maybe it should be the last message from the month chosen... ?15:09
paulgYes, I did - and that does work, but again it isn't real intuitive that is what it will do - esp when there are two "Messages" buttons - one in the side panel, and one in the message window....15:10
halsteadpaulg, So if someone wants to read messages from May 2019 you think they expect to see messages starting on May 31st 2019?15:10
halsteadCompare to mailman archives.. they also start on the 1st and go forward.15:11
paulgmaybe -  All I'm saying is that a common use case is to pull up the main list page where the calendar is, and click the current month, and expect to see the most recent messages.15:11
paulggsalazar apparently thought the same thing.15:12
RPI will admit I find the UI confusing in several places. I can see why it is like that though :/15:12
*** King_InuYasha is now known as Conan_Kudo15:12
*** Conan_Kudo is now known as King_InuYasha15:12
paulgyep - I 100% get what halstead is saying - and I can live with the date sorting thing.   But I do think that  needs to look like
gsalazaryeah, I was expecting the most recent messages for the current month but I get why it is not like that15:14
*** camus1 <camus1!~Instantbi@> has joined #yocto15:14
gsalazarpaulg: I can agree with that. You would get a better view of what is available15:14
halsteadpaulg, I understand the issue and can raise it. I think the Main page can be improved. The archive behavior probably won't change. Maybe we can add a second link to the current messages above the archive though.15:15
*** kaspter <kaspter!~Instantbi@> has quit IRC15:16
*** camus1 is now known as kaspter15:16
paulghalstead, thanks.15:17
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kergothHas anyone done any work on fixing oe-selftest tests to support running against multilib configurations, either in general, or specifically for the toolchain tests?16:23
kergothtesting only the default tuning isn't ideal16:23
*** dlan <dlan!~dennis@gentoo/developer/dlan> has quit IRC16:26
RPkergoth: its tested on the autobuilder separately16:29
kergothah, so each configuration is tested as its own machine, rather than as a multilib configuration?16:30
RPkergoth: we have some specific multilib configurations that have tests run against them16:30
kergothah, how do you go about testing against a multilib?16:30
RPkergoth: that shows the configs that are tested (see the multilib section)16:31
RPkergoth: its mostly using testimage against them16:31
RPkergoth: definitely could be more extensive, its an old bit of the config16:31
RPI see qemumips64 gets a testsdk too16:32
kergothah, so it's relying on ptests.. the runner can run ptests for multilibs too?16:32
RPkergoth: its relying on the standard testimage tests and the testsdk tests16:32
RPkergoth: I'm not sure how well those handle multilib specifically16:33
RPdoesn't look like it configures ptests in16:33
kergothah, it's testing the multilib images, makes sense16:33
RPkergoth: and the sdks16:34
*** rcw <rcw!> has quit IRC16:34
kergothhmm, presumably using testimage locks you into system based emulation unless you use actual hardware, as opposed to the selftests which can be user or system..16:38
*** dlan <dlan!~dennis@> has joined #yocto16:38
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xicopitz[m]Hi, did someone built a core-image-minimal or other image for a  Intel NUC Kit NUC7CJYH wich have an Celeron J4005 Processor?16:58
xicopitz[m]I'm having troubles to find the correct recipe and MACHINE type for this NUC. I Already try the genericx86-64 with the layer 'meta-intel' but with no success.16:58
*** vineela <vineela!vtummala@nat/intel/x-bcqxlfairwjawoui> has joined #yocto16:58
RPkergoth: specifically on the toolchain tests, have a look at how we run those against the different qemu machines16:58
RPkergoth: you're right, we do that with selfest, and that isn't handling multiib17:01
*** ericch <ericch!> has joined #yocto17:01
RPkergoth: sorry, I misunderstood what you meant originally combined with my memory being fuzzy on this17:01
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kergothRP: no biggie. can look into using testimage to test toolchain components, but i.e. glibc has no ptests yet, so .. :)17:08
kergothi'm just wanting to properly test what will be an external toolchain produced by populate_sdk, including defined multilib configurations. might just need to test those standalone for now17:09
RPkergoth: those toolchain tests are in a kind of limbo between ptests and selftest :/17:11
kergothyeah.. of necessity really, since ptests can only run system tests, unless we want to drop the user support. still could probably add ptest support and somehow leverage it on the host?17:12
* kergoth shrugs17:12
RPkergoth: right, there were good reasons for it17:12
kergothHas anyone looked into avoiding buliding two gccs for i686 and x86_64 due to the differing TARGET_ARCH? Guessing folks that care about i686 is dwindling17:17
*** xtron <xtron!~xtron@> has joined #yocto17:20
RPkergoth: I once did think about it17:20
RPkergoth: I was getting too many complaints about the single gcc per arch at the time to make me want to try though17:21
RPI wish gcc was more configurable17:21
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*** the_previous_cod <the_previous_cod!b0584edb@> has joined #yocto17:55
the_previous_codi have a problem dear citizens of yocto17:55
the_previous_codanyone to help this poor soul ?17:56
the_previous_codi am tryin to make yocto run in crops in a non-internet environment17:57
*** rcw <rcw!> has joined #yocto17:57
the_previous_codall works in internet side17:57
the_previous_codbut when i moved things to non-internet side17:58
the_previous_codi got meta-freescale/recipes-multimedia/gstreamer/ failed with exit code '1'17:58
*** LetoThe2nd <LetoThe2nd!uid453638@gateway/web/> has joined #yocto17:58
the_previous_codi shall be there17:58
the_previous_codi kept17:58
the_previous_codall the download and even the sstate-cache17:59
the_previous_codbut it still wants to fetch smthing durin17:59
*** aidanh <aidanh!~aidanh@unaffiliated/aidanh> has quit IRC17:59
the_previous_codohh it is painful ...17:59
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xicopitz[m]Hi, did someone built a core-image-minimal or other image for a  Intel NUC Kit NUC7CJYH wich have an Celeron J4005 Processor?19:04
xicopitz[m]I'm having troubles to find the correct recipe and MACHINE type for this NUC. I Already try the genericx86-64 with the layer 'meta-intel' but with no success.19:04
OutBackDingoxicopitz[m]: try MACHINE = "intel-corei7-64"  maybe19:06
*** paulg <paulg!> has joined #yocto19:07
OutBackDingoor intel-core2-32 :)19:07
xicopitz[m]OutBackDingo: I did try intel corei7 but with no sucess. The grub appears with both option (install and boot), but both ones gives a black screen19:07
xicopitz[m]intel-corei7-64 works fine in my NUC with i719:08
OutBackDingoblack screen after the grub prompt19:08
OutBackDingohow long are you waiting? non-efi or efi ?19:08
xicopitz[m]long enough i think, 1h19:09
xicopitz[m]efi, because this new nuc with celeron dont have legacy bios19:09
xicopitz[m]intel removed it19:09
OutBackDingosecure boot ?19:09
xicopitz[m]secure boot is disabled too19:10
xicopitz[m]and i'm using meta-intel,  that is correct right?19:10
OutBackDingowell you dont need meta-intel for genericx86-6419:11
xicopitz[m]genericx86-64 works with the standart yocto metas?19:12
OutBackDingothats fine for poky / open-embedded alone19:12
OutBackDingoi build it all the time for x86_64 boxes19:13
xicopitz[m]hm, i need to try again19:13
OutBackDingoremove meta-intel from the bblayers ....19:13
OutBackDingoand rebuild for generic86_6419:13
xicopitz[m]my worries stand for the celeron. I thought I needed a specific meta19:13
*** aidanh <aidanh!~aidanh@unaffiliated/aidanh> has quit IRC19:14
xicopitz[m]I'm going to try :) thanks19:14
OutBackDingothough you might hit something specific seeing as how new it is... does linux in general run on it ?19:14
OutBackDingoif itll boot ubuntu / fedoa / debian or toher itll boot yocto for the most part19:15
xicopitz[m]yes, i instaled a arch linux (majaro) and it works just fine19:15
OutBackDingothen yocto should also19:15
OutBackDingoafter all linux is just a kernel :)19:15
xicopitz[m]going to try the generic86_64 with no meta-intel19:15
xicopitz[m]OutBackDingo: thanks19:17
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kergothHmm, Any objections to possibly moving argparse_oe into bitbake? Things like subparser argument groupings in help would be good for bitbake-layers19:56
RPkergoth: sounds like a reasonable idea offhand19:57
kiwi_29Hello.  bzImage-<VERSION>-<TIMEDATE>.bin and rootfs-<arch>-<TIMEDATE>.ext4 are generated by yocto build system . Is there a way to know which version of rootfs has booted on target. i.e. is there a way where the datetime of rootfs is stored somewhere in the booted image. I burn the image in target using hddimg20:00
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yoctonThe image buildinfo class seems to be made for that :
*** aidanh <aidanh!~aidanh@unaffiliated/aidanh> has joined #yocto20:40
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kiwi_29yocton thanks. I wonder if it stores the build time stamp inside this file. Basically I want to correlate whether my currently running distro runs a particular ext4 file or not20:48
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yoctonData inside the build file is configurable using the IMAGE_BUILDINFO_VARS variable. Just have to find a variable that contains the timestamp.21:02
yoctonFor a currently running image that has not been built with this, i'd try : looking in ext4 header, maybe there is a creation timestamp there. If not, I'd hash some key files and match them with files in the built ext4 files21:03
RPkiwi_29: /etc/timestamp may give a clue if not being definitive21:07
kiwi_29thanks yocton and RP21:09
yocton(Try RP's solution first ^^)21:09
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kiwi_29yocton , I checked RP 's solution. the timestamp is quite near but not exactly the same as that used in my rootfs filename21:23
*** hard2b <hard2b!~hard2b@> has joined #yocto21:26
RPJPEW: were you ok with that TSC email?21:36
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JPEWRP: Yes, sorry. I meant to reply, but I got my head stuck in systemd today22:06
RPJPEW: np, thanks!22:08
armpitJPEW, try wearing a helmet when working on systemd22:09
RParmpit: are you still a zeus maintainer?22:17
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