Friday, 2020-07-24

nyvekDoes someone knows if there's layer that exists for amd ryzen/epyc? This one is focus on embedded cpu:
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kergothhmm, looks like oe-selftest / resulttool expect logs to be a single log per ptest section/suite, not per test case, that's unfortunate, might need to enhance that. glibc for example has separate logs for each test02:33
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meghanaHello i am using thud branch of yocto github, i upgraded only openssh to 8.3 from master branch but in openssh bb file it has dependency on virtual/crypt05:34
meghanabut thud branch doesnt have virtual/crypt05:34
meghanawhat should be PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/crypt ? please provide some pointers05:36
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Ninic0c0Hi, I have a custom bbclass inherited from my image. I in this bbclass there is deploy function But following error is generated : The path used is not the good one and I don't understand why :(  any help ? Thx07:41
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nonickname35where can I download the yocto logo/brand jpeg or png?08:01
LetoThe2ndnonickname35: what for?08:04
nonickname35a report that I have to write08:05
nonickname35didn't found it there08:06
Ninic0c0the issue is about recipeinfo file the path doesnt contains timestamp : /path/build/tmp/deploy/licenses/<machine_name>-TIMESTAMP and not  /path/build/tmp/deploy/licenses/<machine_name>08:09
LetoThe2ndnonickname35: i guess thats because logo usage is basically restricted to members. so, you can theoretically grab something off the website and put it whereever you want, but from the official standpoint you have to make sure the guidelines are fully adhered.08:09
nonickname35LetoThe2nd even for reports? unfortunately this open source project doesn't seem to provide downloadable png or jpeg of their brand08:11
LetoThe2ndnonickname35: as we cannot judge where this report goes, how it is shared ot even publicized, i would advise to rather be safe than sorry.08:12
LetoThe2ndagain, i need to point out at mckoan has official "participant" as well as "ambassador" status, and therefore other rules apply.08:14
mckoanLetoThe2nd: I am sure thare are a plenty of presentations or documents stating YP or showing the logo without being member though08:15
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mckoanHowever nonickname35 could grasp a bitmap from here
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LetoThe2ndi know. but i certainly will not in a publicly accessible and logged channel give the advice to do so. if somebody decides for her/himself to do so, no problem. but "report" can mean many things.08:18
LetoThe2ndif the question is "can i print it out and hang in a frame over my bed", then i'd say "go for it"08:18
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GeGoI have just watched session 4 from the live coding session :
GeGowe used devtool build helloexample08:25
GeGoi tried the same steps with bitbake helloexample08:25
GeGoand it worked fine08:26
GeGois there a difference between the two commands08:26
GeGoas they behaved the same08:26
LetoThe2ndnope, the should behave identify.08:27
* LetoThe2nd reads again.08:28
LetoThe2nd"nope, they should behave identifally."08:29
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* LetoThe2nd is severely under-caffeinatedx08:33
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nonickname35LetoThe2nd can i print it out and hang in a frame over my bed? :')08:38
LetoThe2ndnonickname35: you can!08:39
LetoThe2ndand folks!
nonickname35LetoThe2nd wait a minute... so you're the person that does the yocto live coding?!?08:40
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LetoThe2ndhehe yes, thats me08:41
nonickname35(y)  x 100008:41
LetoThe2ndglad you like it :)08:41
meghanaHello i am using thud branch of yocto github, i upgraded only openssh to 8.3 from master branch but in openssh bb file it has dependency on virtual/crypt08:41
LetoThe2ndmeghana: so?08:46
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LetoThe2ndndec: hehe that was timing coincidence on youtube :)09:09
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ndecLetoThe2nd: why?09:10
LetoThe2ndndec: YPDD videos and yesterdays recording went public within one hour of each other, or so.09:11
ndeci am unable to post on linkedin.. not sure what's going on, it looks like it's not something on my end..09:11
ndecI hope youtube will be able to sustain the load!09:11
LetoThe2ndndec: we will be smashing youtub!09:12
ndecyeah.. i am sure google engineers are all over the place right now!09:12
LetoThe2nd... watching our videos!09:12
ak77hello all!09:14
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qschulzak77: hello10:00
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qschulzLetoThe2nd: I think you forgot to push a few things at :)10:59
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LetoThe2ndqschulz: you are right, as always!11:08
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LetoThe2ndhopefully i can at least give some minimal readmes later, still busy doing network magic here.11:12
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qschulzLetoThe2nd: I'm thinking about doing more or less the same format as Julia Evans is doing (c.f. Her zines are amazingly simple and help to grasp concepts quickly11:28
qschulz(by simple I mean simple to understand, I'm pretty sure they're not that simple to make :) )11:31
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LetoThe2nddidn't know those but sure looks promising. yes, that requires quite a bit of thought to put into.11:36
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fenrigHi guys, I'm interested in adding support to meta-virtualization to have something enabled like layering for the container outputs. But I'm a bit lost in how I should add this support to yocto, i guess its the same like the rpm/opkg/package output. Can someone pinpoint me to those parts of yocto to investigate it13:12
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LetoThe2ndlayering output?13:20
fenrigsquashfs images13:27
fenrigi want to contain the component rootfs in a squashfs image13:28
fenrigand properly name it according to a hash13:28
qschulzfenrig: IMAGE_FSTYPES = "squashfs"? don't know about the naming13:29
LetoThe2ndthe rootfs into a squashfs, and naming it arbitrarily is not complicated. if you want to split the rootfs into several squashfs based on some form of package list, then it gets complicated.13:29
fenrigfull rootfs, i want to contain the components in seperate squashfs13:30
LetoThe2nd"full" and "components" sounds contradicting to me.13:30
fenrigsorry more context, IMAGE_FSTYPES = "squashfs" ==> full rootfs13:31
fenrigI want seperate components contained in its own squashfs image :)13:31
LetoThe2ndand those "seperate" components shall come out of the build too, but not go into the rootfs, or what?13:32
fenrigfor instance13:32
LetoThe2ndthen that is where its gets complicated, because you are basically building multiple images.13:32
LetoThe2ndand some even with non-internally fulfilled (R)DEPENDS13:33
LetoThe2ndso no, at the moment we do not have support for that.13:33
fenrigI know its not there yet13:33
fenrigbut I want to add it :)13:33
fenrigI mean every component is also outputted to a package format like opkg or rpm right13:34
fenrigit doesnt differ that much13:34
fenrigand use the rootfs information to build this oci image json13:34
fenrigI believe it should be feasible13:34
LetoThe2ndit differs massively, as the package manager has to install the components into that "component" layer, but skip the dependencies in the root layer.13:35
LetoThe2ndso its basically a layered install. and that has totally nothing to do with the class that you just mentioned.13:35
fenrigI'm trying to understand the difference13:37
fenrigwhen yocto produces rpm format they also put the component rootfs in the package13:38
LetoThe2ndthe difference between a class that just takes a finished rootfs and wraps it in some container format, and a massive change in how the rootfs is created?13:38
fenrigoh yeah offcourse :)13:39
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fenrigso you are saying that its hard to produce this oci image based on the layers, so you are talking about how to "output" another rootfs format13:40
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LetoThe2ndi am saying that splitting the creation of a single, monolithic rootfs into multiple layered artifacts is hard.13:41
fenrigI'm trying to explore those options13:42
qschulzfenrig: have a look into how wic is handling that if you want inspiration13:42
fenrigok will do :)13:43
fenrigbut part 1) creating layers of every component should be easy right?13:44
fenrigas it closely resembles what is done to create those rpm/opkg/... packages13:44
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bri22Question about how to manage SRCREV: how do maintainers generate the actual commit number in recipes?  Is it all done manually? (e.g. use git to determine commit, and cut-and-paste into the recipe)  kergoth gave me some helpful hints yesterday, but I'm still not clear.13:51
qschulzbri22: it's a git commit hash yes.13:52
qschulzbri22: YP uses AUH (auto-upgrade-helper I think or something like that)13:53
bri22understood - but what is the process to put the hash in the file?  Just cut-and-paste?  Seems very tedious for many recipes that change frequently.13:53
qschulzbri22: see my last message :)13:53
bri22ah, okay...  I'll take a look, thanks.13:54
qschulzbri22: you can automate the thing with some scripts. If it relaly changes way too much, you're probably in the heavy development phase and AUTOREV in SRCREV would make sense (look it up in the mega manual)13:54
kergothyou can set a variable in a recipe in a config file sourced globally, using overrides. you don't necessarily have to alter ther ecipe itself13:56
* kergoth yawns13:56
bri22I was thinking of just automating it myself, but didn't want to redo something if it already existed...  I'm starting to lean towards doing it myself because it is pretty simple, and I can make it specific to how I want the process to work...13:56
bri22For us, I think I'd like it to be AUTOREV normally, but then a commit when released...  Anyway, I think this answers my question: the YP uses AUH  for lots of recipes, and if I want something more specific I should script it myself.13:58
bri22Thanks qschulz and @ke13:59
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qschulzbri22: that can work, use _git recipe for autorev and _3.1.4 (whatever the version) for when you want it stable. Then pick your recipe with PREFERRED_VERSION14:00
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bri22qschulz: thanks, interesting.  This brings up something else that's unclear to me.  What is the "" convention?  From looking around, it seems like it would imply "SRCREV="${AUTOREV}", but looking at other recipes it certainly doens't...14:16
qschulzbri22: no idea, tbh. It's just to point to a git repo where you may not have releases or may want to point to commit hash between official releases.14:18
qschulzbut that's my guess14:18
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bri22okay, thanks...  Anyway, so it looks like I could have two recipes (like a _git and a 1.0), that included the bulk of the recipe from the same .inc file, but with the using "SRCREV="${AUTOREV}".  Then by default the 1.0 recipe would run, but I could somehow set PREFERRED_PROVIDER_myrecipe = "something" to get the to run.14:23
bri22Sorry, that supposed to say PREFERRED_VERSION14:24
qschulzbri22: something = git. But yes I'd say that would work14:24
qschulz(yes, version)14:24
qschulzbri22: don't forget to set PV to something with SRCPV in it14:25
bri22Interestingly, the docs say:14:25
bri22The specified version is matched against PV, which does not necessarily match the version part of the recipe's filename. For example, consider two recipes and where contains the following assignment:     PV = "1.1+git${SRCPV}"                    In this case, the correct way to select is by using an14:25
bri22assignment such as the following:     PREFERRED_VERSION_foo = "1.1+git%"                    Compare that previous example against the following incorrect example, which does not work:     PREFERRED_VERSION_foo = "git"14:25
bri22Ugh - formatting!14:25
qschulzbri22: gotcha. Interesting indeed...14:26
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qschulzWell... at least you know already what not to do :)14:26
qschulzbri22: so in your case of using AUTOREV, git wouldn't work. But when using _git recipes with just SRCREV = "<githash>" it would work14:27
qschulzbri22: thanks for sharing, learned something new :)14:27
bri22Alright, I hope to get to play with this shortly, if I come up with something that works for me, I'll post back here...14:28
qschulzbri22: have fun14:29
bri22thanks again!14:29
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kergothbri22: that's what the devupstream bbclass does, it creates a second development variant of the recipe, intended to be used to create the _git variant for a normal versioned recipe, so you don't have to do it manually15:32
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khemrburton, jonmason
khemdoes optee-os has build races ? its using musl but I have seen it pass at times17:13
khemthis is ofcourse using qemuarm as target machine17:13
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rburtonkhem: apparently it does, yes17:44
rburtonkhem: can you mail the list?17:44
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armpitraces.. can we bet on which on wins? what do the odds look like?17:52
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Konsgnx1hmm. does it make sense to git clone the latest poky, then copy in the linux-yocto-4.19.bbappend to the kernel recipe?19:03
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RobertBerger@Konsgnx1 do you have somewhere a corresponding .bb file?19:30
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Konsgnx1... not sure19:37
Konsgnx1just pulled the latest git19:37
Konsgnx1"find -name" shows nothing.19:40
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mihaiKonsgnx1: that's about right19:55
mihaimaster is a version 5.419:55
rewittwhen running bitbake, there you can increase log verbosity using -DD, but that only applies to stdout. Does anyone know if there is a way to do the same for toaster, or another event monitor. i.e. make bitbake generate "debug events" or something similar19:56
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kergothrewitt: any bitbake UI or tool can turn up debugging programmatically. what hte interface is for doing that depends on the tool in question20:08
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rewittkergoth: Yeah, I'm just trying to figure out how to debug a "toaster hang" that according to the ui is during parsing. But there is nothing in any of the logs that gives any clues as to what was actually happening.20:14
rewittkergoth: The thing that makes it more difficult is that it doesn't reproduce locally, and is only happening on travis.20:15
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kergothAnyone know the difference between a 'log' and 'rawlog' in oe-selftest / resulttool parlance?22:58
kergothnot really clear22:58
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