Tuesday, 2020-07-28

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xicopitz[m]Hello. Did someone successfully add docker-compose to a yocto project build? thanks02:04
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* paulg keys random words into the layer search02:17
paulghow can there not  be a recipe for xroach !?!02:18
zeddiixeyes even02:19
paulgkids these days - no respect for tried and true software.02:20
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xicopitz[m]zeddii: i was not importing "python3-docker-compose" on CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL . It's working now. Thanks02:37
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LetoThe2ndany neat pointers on how to disable systemd-timesyncd in the defaultconfiguration?07:56
LetoThe2ndsed'ing out the wantedby line out of the default unit by an append might work, but feels... convoluted.07:58
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RPLetoThe2nd: switch to sysvinit?08:52
RPLetoThe2nd: sorry, couldn't resist08:52
LetoThe2ndRP: hehe08:52
LetoThe2ndfor the record, i now went with said sed'ing08:53
LetoThe2ndRP: i personally think systemd is a powerful and awesome tool, except when it isn't :08:56
LetoThe2ndjust like that mikrotik switch i use as bench network here... its super awesome in terms of features packed for the price. but requires a lot of cursing and beating into shape before you can harness it.08:58
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RPLetoThe2nd: I try not to have an opinion, someone had to give that answer though :)09:08
LetoThe2ndRP: agreed!09:09
* RP needs to sort out his home networking. My desk switch is unmanaged so not so much fun09:10
ak77god I hate that I can't run systemd nicely in a docker. I have a oe setup that produces containers/vm images/sd cards and can't use same init09:10
LetoThe2ndRP: as hinted, i'm somewhat of a mikrotik fanboy now. the price tags are awesome for the features they pack, but it really requires some getting invested in sorting it out.09:11
RPLetoThe2nd: I have a TP-Link managed switch which is more interesting09:13
* LetoThe2nd is running a switch setup with two vlans including dhcp server and port based tagging/untagging, as well as natting in HW for ~150€, and wifi/sfp are still unoccupied.09:13
RPLetoThe2nd: nice. I was happy to finally have ipv6 working recently09:14
LetoThe2ndRP: for me the main requirement was that the box does all the vlan/dhcp magic, as my dev machine is a laptop that i lug around a lot and i don't want to poison other networks that I enter. this way, the only modification to that was adding the two vlan interfaces to access the DUT networks.09:16
RPLetoThe2nd: makes sense09:18
LetoThe2ndas usual, use cases differ.09:18
RPLetoThe2nd: right, I have no need to do that09:19
LetoThe2ndyes, if you've got a stationary setup the architecture can be quite different.09:19
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ziemlichwurschti have an image running on some device - now i would like to have some development tools on there - but only for development purposes. i could generate a package feed and somehow put "rpm" on the target, but i was wondering if there is an easier way, for example just generating a tar.gz with the development tool, inclkuding its dependencies which09:44
ziemlichwurschtare not already part of the standard target image.09:44
ziemlichwurschtany hints?09:44
LetoThe2ndziemlichwurscht: why not just build the dev image that you like?09:45
LetoThe2ndziemlichwurscht: its absolutely common to have a image/dev-image and/or distro/dev-distro pair for exactly that usecase.09:46
LetoThe2ndand if done properly, thats even somewhat maintainable.09:46
ziemlichwurschtLetoThe2nd: i guess that is another way, there are some practicalities... like with a complete image i have to go through the flash process of the device, or i want only 2 out of 10 possible tools and space is limited on the device09:46
LetoThe2ndziemlichwurscht: boot from nfs or some sd card. :)09:47
ziemlichwurschtno sd cards on the devices i have :)09:47
ziemlichwurschtyeah, sure, that would be best.... but again even more pracicalities :)09:47
LetoThe2ndsettinincluding rpm as packagemanager will also eat up quite some space.09:48
ziemlichwurschtyes that is true09:48
LetoThe2ndplus, it gets really hard to repeat the setup09:48
ziemlichwurscht"quite some"? is it really that bad? why?09:48
ziemlichwurschti guess just being able to generate tar.gzs with what is actually needed would put the least requirements on the environment/device09:49
qschulzziemlichwurscht: devtool modify, devtool build, devtool deploy-target?09:50
LetoThe2ndbecause of the package dbs.09:50
LetoThe2ndqschulz: doesn't help if you only want to push a package09:50
ziemlichwurschtqschulz: i have to look up what that is, thanks09:51
LetoThe2ndziemlichwurscht: well, "just tar.gz" help you if your tools have no dependencies whatsoever and are completely statically linked. which.. is almost never the case.09:51
ziemlichwurschtLetoThe2nd actually i was thinking something along the lines of telling yocto: i have this image on the device, i want gdb now, please put gdb and readline and what is not already in the image in a tar.gz i can extract on the device09:52
LetoThe2ndziemlichwurscht: if you want to go the runtim PM route and are space contrained, basically your only bet is using ipk.09:52
LetoThe2ndziemlichwurscht: i totally understood that thats what you thought of. ut its just not there for you to use, unless you write upstream support for a mechanism like that :)09:52
ziemlichwurschtyeah, i was afraid of that being the answer :)09:53
ziemlichwurschti also thought about just doing the "rpm" PM stuff in a qemu09:54
ziemlichwurschtand in this way using rpm, and then generating the tar.gz09:54
ziemlichwurschtsomething like that09:54
LetoThe2ndziemlichwurscht: which in turn means that you are creating a second way to build a derived image.09:55
LetoThe2ndlike i said, i don't think thats a good idea. my vote is totally on dev-image/-distro09:56
qschulzLetoThe2nd: what's wrong with devtool? Didn't understand what you wrote09:56
LetoThe2ndqschulz: devtool works nicely for working on a specific application, and if all (R)DEPENDS are already in the image. not for getting a specific package onto the target. like, "devtool install strace" or such.09:57
ziemlichwurschtqschulz i have some difficulities understanding this devtool business on the spot - even when googling - could you perhaps just summarize what you mean?09:57
LetoThe2ndif devtool has gotten support for such lately then beg my pardon and i hereby contradict everything i just typed :)09:57
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vermaeteCould it be that the class to add the localversion to the Linux kernel of meta-freescale is not working anymore?10:02
vermaeteThis one: https://github.com/Freescale/meta-freescale/blob/master/classes/fsl-kernel-localversion.bbclass10:02
vermaeteAnd where should I report this (once I'm sure about my case).10:02
qschulzLetoThe2nd: I assumed devtool deploy-target would send all files needed but I honestly use devtool sporadically ;)10:03
LetoThe2ndqschulz: nope, devtool works differently. and more specifically, it only works for stuff you have explicitly pulled into your working area.10:03
LetoThe2ndvermaete: https://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit.cgi/meta-freescale/tree/README#n1310:05
LetoThe2ndvermaete: looks like they prefer interaction on github10:05
LetoThe2ndvermaete: so maybe open an issue there?10:05
qschulzvermaete: and please be more explicit than "is it possible it does not work?" ;)10:05
vermaeteWell, I was more wondering if there is now (Dunfell) a more common Yocto way of adding version info the the kernel version.10:06
vermaeteI never saw this one before: https://www.yoctoproject.org/docs/current/mega-manual/mega-manual.html#var-LINUX_VERSION_EXTENSION10:06
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* zeddii tries to tiptoe out of a thread he never should have entered on the poky list.14:26
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LetoThe2ndzeddii: preempt rt for the win :)14:35
* zeddii nods14:35
zeddiiI hope with my last email, that I have done that exit.14:36
zeddiitime will tell.14:36
LetoThe2ndi will tell right now: doesn't work.14:36
* zeddii sobs14:37
LetoThe2ndzeddii: have to admit that i anticipated exactly this outcome and therefore did not answer14:37
zeddiithat falls into the "if you are asking that question, you have no idea about all the details and issues, and there's no way we can instruct you"14:37
LetoThe2ndor the "if you are asking that question this way, it means that you need some introductory training"-category14:38
zeddiiyou will be fighting not only the OE learning curve, but the kernel issues at the same time. good luck and throw $$ at it.14:38
* zeddii nods14:38
LetoThe2ndthe key point is understanding that $$$ is actually needed.14:39
LetoThe2ndor a lot of time, not just "exact steps"14:40
qschulzThere are quite a bunch of those people lately on the ML unfortunately :/14:40
LetoThe2ndwell it is both good and bad. new people coming in is good. the problem is when they have the "all i need to"-mindset14:41
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smurrayYPTM: Scott Murray is on15:02
LetoThe2ndYPTM: Josef is on15:02
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tlwoernerJPEW: sorry, what was your question again?15:15
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JPEWtlwoerner: Does bitbake automatically detect variable dependencies in library code? Answer: no15:25
tlwoernerJPEW: thanks :-)15:25
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rburtonkhem: good news: found your optee-os build race15:27
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khemrburton: nice !15:28
rburtonclassic missing mkdir when doing out-of-tree builds15:29
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RPkhem: do you know much about our qemumips target machine and whether there would be something faster we could emulate?15:30
RPkhem: its lack of speed appears to be creating issues on the autobuilder15:31
paulgwhat is it emulating now?  Some horrible 200MHz malta from 2003?15:31
rburtonI did wonder if it was being deliberately slow on purpose :)15:31
zeddiithere are other choices, but actually getting a fully functional platform/board is the trick.15:32
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zeddiiI don't think it slows down to what it is emulating, since it isn't cycle accurate or anything, but there's definitely some ancient stuff in there.15:32
RPzeddii: for some definition of functional :/15:33
zeddiiheh. I normally say "can disk boot and has a network"15:33
zeddiimost of them don't even have that, and we've swizzled the PCI on the malta a few times (paulg will get that reference).15:33
RPzeddii: the continual races/hangs/problems are just getting to me15:33
RPI guess I'm wondering if there is some instruction set change we could make to have it work faster15:34
kergothRP: huh, turns out MULTILIB_VARIANTS was in my nativesdk-glibc:do_patch sig, so changing from a non-multilib machine to a multilib machine made things blow up15:34
* kergoth figures out where it's coming from15:34
RPkergoth: ouch, that'd do it!15:34
zeddiiI don't think it's kernel version dependent, but i wonder why it's popping up more now.15:34
RPzeddii: I wish I knew15:34
zeddiiI'm finalizing 5.8 right now, that will be another data point.15:35
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RPzeddii: yes, that might be interesting15:37
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gsalazarHello, I am wondering if there is any way to exclude a certain package from being added to the sdk. Currently I am using yocto to generate an image to flash on a target and in that case I want the application being developed to be added but when generating the sdk to develop that application I would rather not compile and add it16:08
gsalazaris this feasible? I looked in the manual but could not find it16:08
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kergoththank goodness for sstate-diff-machines.sh16:10
kergothhmm, could use an arg to specify the tasks to check, though16:11
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kergothhmm, ERROR_QA_remove is resulting in basehash change errors in do_package_qa? weird16:15
*** camus1 is now known as kaspter16:16
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dvI am generating SDK for rpm-based distribution and can't find rpmbuild inside my SDK. Why it is not there and how can I include it?16:19
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kergothRP: is it possible to access the metadata of multiconfigs from the non-multiconfig baseline? i.e. have a recipe iterates over the multiconfig configurations and does something for each?16:39
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JPEWkergoth: There currently isn't an API to access other multiconfig's variables... it would be nice though16:53
kergothah. i was thinking about trying to make a combined sdk recipe that built the sysroots for multiple machines, but probably not viable without that just yet16:54
JPEWkergoth: You need to grab `DEPLOY_DIR` from the other multiconfigs?16:56
JPEWOr `DEPLOY_DIR` equivalent for SDKs... can't recall what it is ATM16:56
kergothsdks just build fielsystems like an image, just from both nativesdk and target, so presumably could make do with DEPLOY_DIR_IPK or whatever is in use, but would likely also need to know the package archs to use for each16:57
kergothcould arrange to write the necessary information where i can pull it, rather than using a direct api16:57
JPEWkergoth: Thats what we do currently16:57
kergothah, do you have an example? are you doing this sort of thing with images?16:58
JPEWFor each of our multiconfigs, we have DEPLOY_DIR_A, DEPLOY_DIR_B, defined in the base config, then in multiconfig A we do DEPLOY_DIR = "${DEPLOY_DIR_A}"17:00
JPEWSo, each one has well defined DEPLOY_DIR they can cross reference17:00
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RPkergoth: we haven't come up with an API for that as yet17:06
RPkergoth: its hard since the metadata doesn't even exist inside bitbake in general17:07
RPwe'd hard to parse/compute the other datastore17:07
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jarvis-owl@manjaroi3_ i tried yocto in docker with manjaro17:24
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bob444Hello all - I have a Yocto question.  Can I ask it here?17:54
dvI am generating SDK for rpm-based distribution and can't find rpmbuild inside my SDK. Why it is not there and how can I include it?17:55
bob444I have a requirement to produce both shared and static libraries for a lot of recipes - fmt is a good example.  I want to do something like:17:57
bob444EXTRA_OECMAKE = "-DBUILD_SHARED_LIBS=ON", then do the configure and compile, the do EXTRA_OECMAKE = "-DBUILD_SHARED_LIBS=OFF", then do the configure and compile again.17:57
bob444Anyone have an idea on how to do that?17:58
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rburtoncan't your cmake just build both at the same time?18:02
rburtonmost can18:02
kergothhmm, gcc-cross-canadian-arm changes between armv7ahf-neon and armv7a-neon, even though it's supposedly just arm. i'd expect glibc and the runtime to differ, but the toolchain either needs to use a unique prefix based on tuning, or shouldn't change between tunings18:04
bob444I can look at patching the CMakeLists.txt, but it's a less ideal approach for me, because I'm going to need to do this for fmt and several lua libraries18:04
kergothpresumably the default tuning of the compiler might change, but we always pass the tuning anyway, so if so that's less than useful..18:06
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kergothI should probably examine gcc-cross, i don't think that gets rebuilt between them.. at least i'd hope not18:08
kergothindeed, it doesn't, will have to compare gcc-cross and gcc-cross-canadian builds18:11
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rburtonbob444: easier to patch (and send upstream) the required makefile changes to build static and shared at the same time (as the only difference is a link call) than kludge multipe recipes that build twice18:31
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kergothCurrently  2 running tasks (1548 of 10333) .. huh. multiconfig builds can take a while19:54
RPsakoman: your build just hit the ping timeout too :(19:57
sakomanRP: yeah, was just looking at that :-(19:58
khemRP: qemumips we use malta emulation IIRC right ?20:01
RPsakoman: mips I can understand but that was an x86 build, presumably with kvm20:01
RPkhem:  yes20:02
khemperhaps we could use pc-like 'mips' board emulation20:02
khemmalta supports more controllers and devices perhaps thats why its slow20:03
RPkhem: I suspect the instruction set emulation is the main bottleneck, I think we already push for virtio20:03
khemright, malta is 24Kf ISA, which will emulation hard-float too20:04
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sakomanRP: I didn't notice whether the master-next build had started before the error.  If it hadn't then the system probably wasn't very heavily loaded20:04
khemnot sure what generic mips will default to, but perhaps worth to explore20:04
RPsakoman: it hadn't20:04
sakomanSo that makes it even more mysterious20:04
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RPsakoman: yes. Ideas on debugging this? :/20:05
sakomanNo, not even a faint idea!20:05
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sakomanyou've tried things I wouldn't have thought of!20:06
khemis sakoman 's issue on mips too ?20:06
sakomanno x8620:06
RPsakoman: I've tried one too many of these kinds of issue, I'm worn out with them and out of ideas20:06
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RPkhem: we had an error on an x86 selftest build which looks a bit like one of the mips failures. The mips issues are much more prevalent though20:06
khemI see, I have seen that code generated with gcc10 on mips is bigger in size performance wise it did not show huge differences, but havent measured it particulatly20:07
RPsakoman: that worker is very very laggy to login to20:09
khemRP: maybe we should try mips32r6-generic instead of 24Kf for CPU model20:09
RPkhem: would be worth some quick benchmarking20:09
khemmy worry is r6 is ABI incompatible with older mips32 so it might mean using different tunes20:10
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RPkhem: I don't know the mips isas very well :(20:11
khemyou are lucky20:11
khemI am glad its fading away20:12
khemRP: try something like http://sprunge.us/WCqnQx20:14
RPThere is something really wrong on this worker :(20:16
RPhalstead: are you around or not? No problem if not20:16
halsteadRP, I'm around. Just making a little lunch.20:18
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khemRP: trying a qemumips build today and see if it pans ok with r6 cpu20:19
khemRP: did you see any other problems with glibc 2.32 besides the qemippc issue ?20:20
halsteadRP, Is this centos-ty-1 again?20:20
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RPhalstead: no, centos8-ty-120:26
RPhalstead: its really odd, I installed iotop and am watching this running build. It will see a ton of IO, then kind of lock up for several seconds, then another burst of activity20:26
halsteadRP, Did this just start? I replaced a drive in this worker when I visited Portland on the 17th. It should have finished rebuilding a awhile ago. I'll check.20:28
RPhalstead: We're seeing odd issues on several workers :/20:29
RPhalstead: its hard to tell when it started20:29
halsteadRP, The CentOS8 workers don't have the scheduled drop_caches like the centos7 workers. Should they?20:31
RPhalstead: the other place we saw the issue was debian10-ty-3 :/20:31
RPhalstead: no, the centos8 workers shouldn't need that20:31
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RPhalstead: its as if its choked up on IO yet iotop is also hanging :/20:33
RPhalstead: its running more normally now20:36
RPhalstead: did you change something?20:36
halsteadRP, No I just started looking at it from a shell.20:37
RPhalstead: its suddenly got a lot more interactive and sped up20:37
halsteadRP, I saw the unresponsiveness on centos8-ty-1, debian10-ty-2, and debian10-ty-3 for a minute. But it cleared up as I was reading top and such.20:38
RPhalstead: right, its stalling a bit still now and again but nothing like it was20:39
RPhalstead: we need to find the cause of this as I think its related to the failures we're seeing20:39
halsteadRP, There was a problem with the raid rebuild on centos8-ty-1. I'm going to pause it to correct.20:40
RPhalstead: not sure its as simple as system load :/20:40
RPhalstead: ok20:40
RPhalstead: we can abort the current build and restart if it helps, or just disconnect that worker and let the controller reschedule the work20:41
halsteadRP, I don't think so either. The numbers aren't out of the ordinary. Looking over dmesg there are tracebacks I don't see often.20:42
RPhalstead: they suggest slow processes though and are more of a symptom I think?20:42
halsteadRP,  Okay I'll force that offline after I poke at it a bit more.20:43
RPhalstead: sorry to interrupt lunch, its probably good you see this for yourself though20:43
halsteadRP, No worries. I'm glad to see it as it's happening.20:44
RPhalstead: iotop does keep stopping to refresh :/20:45
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kergothhuh. i wonder why lib32-gcc-cross-i686 is mlprefixed when doing an i686 multilib for x86_64 baseline. you'd think it'd be the same result as regular gcc-cross-i686, since it's building a new gcc for that arch either way, as opposed to using a ml config of gcc-cross-x86-6420:52
* kergoth shrugs, jots a note to check it out later out of curiosity20:53
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RPkergoth: from memory we had to have different mlprefix compilers since the libXX locations are hardcoded into the compiler :(21:00
kergothhmm, interesting. i'm sure we could get around it one way or another, but it's the lowest of low priorities :)21:03
RPkergoth: I decided I'd gone far enough at that point :)21:04
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dvhow to include rpmbuild into SDK?22:32
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RPkhem: I did try that but it doesn't seem to want to boot :/23:10
kergothRP: can you run a selftest against a multiconfig configuration?23:16
kergothor anyone else, really23:16
RPkergoth: it would only run against the default config I suspect23:18
kergoththat's what i was thinking, thanks23:18
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