Wednesday, 2020-07-29

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khemRP: sent a potential patch for qemumips, see if this helps02:30
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xicopitz[m]Hi, i'm testing my build in qemu and i need to run docker-compose in it, however i have multiples errors saying that i have no space left on device. I'm looking to increase storage space on qemu. Someone know how to do it? thanks02:38
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khemxicopitz[m]: add IMAGE_ROOTFS_EXTRA_SPACE_append = " + 8000000" in local.conf and it should add 8G to image size04:00
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xicopitz[m]khem: Thanks, it really helps. Working just fine now :)04:29
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dvhow to include rpmbuild into host sdk ?06:44
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ak77_how can i change SRC_URI with git@...;branch=X in bbappend ?10:38
ak77_(and many other entries)10:38
ak77_SRC_URI_remove = "<verbatim entry of git@...>"10:42
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LetoThe2ndak77_: can you try and rephrase?11:23
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qschulzak77_: use _remove (not recommended), or override the whole original SRC_URI (with additional patches that were in the original recipe of course)11:26
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ak77_qschulz, tnx12:45
derRichardwhen i have a multilib setup (yocto zeus) and add libfoo-dev to TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK, why doesn't it automatically add lib32-libfoo-dev to my sdk?12:49
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RPderRichard: I'd guess meta/classes/populate_sdk_base.bbclass:TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK ?= "${@multilib_pkg_extend(d, 'packagegroup-core-standalone-sdk-target')} target-sdk-provides-dummy"12:52
RP might help explain it12:52
derRichardRP: ok12:53
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derRichardi'm building the same layer for multilib and non-multilib, so i don't really want to add lib32- prefixes manually :)12:54
RPderRichard: so use that function?12:57
derRichardRP: yep13:00
kergothif that's the extend function, it's irritating that it only accepts a single package. should have one that accepts multiple if we don't already13:00
* kergoth yawns13:00
derRichardkergoth: i hoped it will work for package-groups too :)13:00
kergothyep, that'll work13:01
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kriiveHi! Does any on you have some guidance or links on how to design a secure provisioning solution on embedded devices build with Yocto Project?13:57
kriivei.e. how should I put secrets (API Keys and TLS client-certs) in a secure authorized and automatic fashion13:58
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derRichardkriive: this is a topic i'm also interested in.14:19
derRichardusually i create kind of a live system to boot from which does the initial deploying14:20
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moto-timoRP: seeing failures with NameError shutil probably due to the ipk refactoring?15:54
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kergothugh, debugging a preprocess/postprocess script sucks, takes ages since it re-runs the main task. maybe i should temporarily convert to a separate task just while debugging if possible16:51
kergothwell, more postprocess than pre, obviously16:52
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rhowellI'm having a hard time with a packagegroup that defines sub-groups like "packagegroup-corp-base" and "packagegroup-corp-dev" However, if I change the names of the sub-groups to "-deva" and "-basea" it works.17:58
rhowellSo it seems like there is some magic around the -dev and/or -base suffixes17:58
rhowellI have tried to find info in the mega-manual about this, but I have not been successful. Can someone help explain this?18:00
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dmoseley_Can I string together multiple overrides to force a match on multiple conditions?  Experimenting seems to indicate so but I can't find a definitive answer anywhere.19:11
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kergothhmm, gets messy trying to adjust TARGET_VENDOR when multilibs are in play, even in cases where it's a separate gcc build. not sure i care enough to bother22:31
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kergothhuh. if you set TARGET_VENDOR = "", lib32-binutils-cross-x86_64 blows up in do_configure22:38
kergoththis is especially weird since multilib_global overrides TARGET_VENDOR anyway22:38
RPmoto-timo: yes, looks like the packaging code refactor22:40
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* armpit kergoth is visited by the FBI for saying "blows up"23:02
fraylol I'd hate to see the watch lists I'm on for discussing some GTA V stuff..23:04
frayI've been helping with some development on a csutom server.. in the last weeks we've been talking about 'atm robberies', 'meth labs', etc... lol23:04
kergothah, now i see, pathlib.Path.relative_to raises a ValueError if it's not relative to the other, rather than returning a '../' relative path as is the case for os.path.relpath. good to know, not a complete replacement, different semantics23:04
kergoths/if it's not relative to/shares no common prefix with/23:05
xicopitz[m]Hi. I'm running my build with qemu and every time  i run it i need to add my DNS in resolv.conf. Can I set a configuration in local.conf for this?  Someone know where i can find information about this on the documentation?23:08
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