Wednesday, 2020-08-12

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zeddiikhem: around ?02:17
khemzeddii: yes02:17
khemfor another 5 or so mins02:18
zeddiiI'm trying to finalize my 5.8 headers + kernel, and I was re-running the on target build tests and arm 32bit broke. It's something you might have an idea about, since it's a compiler provided file that is missing.02:18
zeddiiwhen I do the "make scripts prepare" (insert your favorite incantation here)02:19
zeddiiI get:02:19
zeddiiscripts/gcc-plugins/gcc-common.h:5:10: fatal error: bversion.h: No such file or directory02:19
zeddii    5 | #include "bversion.h"02:19
zeddiiand searching around from posts, etc, show that's a compiler file and others have seen it in the past.02:19
zeddiido you know if it's packaged up ?  and if so, what should I have added to my image to have it in place ?02:20
zeddiiI see it in my sysroot for  the kernel build:02:20
zeddiifind . -name 'bversion.h'02:20
khemzeddii: are you in tip of oe-core master02:21
zeddiifrom this morning. yah.02:22
khemand only arm shows this issue ?02:22
zeddiiso far, yah. I'm building x86 to test. But something has tweaked gcc in the past week, since I also had to fix some gmp.h issues earlier today .. only on arm3202:23
zeddiiI had run all these tests a while ago, and the passed, but I'm re-running and seeing some things. not an issue, I expect it. this one was justa  bit out of my wheel house though.02:23
khemdce28d8ac7fbae487cb6674b91fe2b574036b26d was an attemp to fix plugin headers02:24
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zeddiichecking. and yah, I just did another find and I see it is packaged in gcc-plugins.02:24
khemso we need to add this to DEPENDS02:25
zeddiiah. this one [gcc: Fix mangled patch]02:25
zeddiiyah, I have it.02:25
zeddiiand yes, I'll do the depends update and re-test.02:25
zeddiiI'll let you know, but apparently I just needed to type it out to figure it out :D02:26
khemsounds good02:26
* khem is in deep C++ template land02:26
khemla la land02:26
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zeddiigcc-plugins fixes the bversion.h issue .. now, mpc.h is missing.02:50
zeddii /usr/lib/gcc/arm-poky-linux-gnueabi/10.1.0/plugin/include/builtins.h:23:10: fatal error: mpc.h: No such file or directory02:51
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zeddiiahah. gmp.02:54
* zeddii adds more depends02:54
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zeddiiRP: I chased issues in circles all day with 5.8 and gcc 10 interacting. I have a final run on the AB now, and will send the series in the morning .. I wanted to see it go green before sending it.03:42
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zeddiipoky-contrib zedd/kernel has the changes, since you'll be up before me and might notice if my last quick AB run was good.03:47
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OutBackDingowhats the trick to getting mount -t devtmpfs none /dev to run on boot, seems udevd is broken04:30
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khemOutBackDingo: add it to inittab file see meta/recipes-core/sysvinit/sysvinit-inittab if you are using sysvinit04:38
khemif you are using systemd then you have to fix udev otherwise there will be more trouble down the line04:38
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OutBackDingokhem: yeah systemsd there in lies the problem, though i can mount it manually04:40
khemperhaps debug it to find why udev is failing04:46
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OutBackDingokhem: well odd thing is it states systemd-udev-trigger.service     loaded active exited    Coldplug All udev Devices05:12
OutBackDingobut its literally not creating devices05:12
OutBackDingoif i run  mount -t devtmpfs none /dev manually all devices are created05:12
OutBackDingokind of odd to me05:12
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khemdo you have all needed options enabled in kernel ?05:25
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snoI don't find libressl packaged in Yocto - wouldn't it be reasonable to have this one, too? If yes, which would be the best place? oe-core? meta-oe? meta-security?05:49
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khemsno: its good to have, perhaps in meta-oe06:29
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OutBackDingokhem: its meta-overc so i would think so... but guess ill check06:58
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fbreHi! How can I find out which image is used as initramfs07:45
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fbreand how can I control which initramfs (of all the poky/meta/recipes-core/initrdscripts) is used in my yocto Linux?07:48
fbreIn other words: How do I configure which one of the several setups for the initramfs is used?07:52
gsalazarHi, is there a way to safely clean old downloads from yocto_dl?07:52
khemgsalazar: you might want to check access time on files and sort them and delete the older than a date you think is old enough07:54
khemthere is no tool which will do it for you out of box07:55
gsalazarkhem: thank you for the input07:55
khemfbre: you want to look at INITRAMFS_IMAGE variable it should point to the image you are using for initramfs then you can check IMAGE_INSTALL section of that image recipe to see which iniramfs framework it is using07:58
fbrekhem: thanx! How do I check variables? Is there a bitbake command or do I recursively search the scripts for assignments?08:03
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snokhem: ok09:30
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gaston53how can I add mysql to yocto image ?09:31
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gaston53IMAGE_INSTALL_append += " mysql-python"09:54
gaston53does it add mysqldb or mariadb ?09:54
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qschulzgaston53: AFAICT, mysql-python is just a python client for connecting to a mysql database?10:03
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qschulzgaston53: I could only find mariadb in openembedded officially compatible layers (
gaston53qschulz see here
gaston53but while building the image he is only showing mariadb10:06
qschulzgaston53: PREFERRED_PRODIVER_mysql5 = "mysql5" if you really want mysql and not mariadb10:08
gaston53qschulz I add this to local.conf ?10:09
gaston53with IMAGE_INSTALL_append += " mysql-python"10:09
qschulzgaston53: or your distro.conf10:09
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gaston53qschulz ok thanks10:10
qschulzgaston53: local.conf should be used rarely10:11
qschulzmost of the time, you want an image recipe and/or a machine configuration file. Once you want something a bit more tailored to your needs, probably a distro will be needed. Remember that local.conf is... for local configuration and shouldn't be shared ideally10:12
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gaston53qschulz sorry but I don't get your answer10:15
gaston53I have added a new layer to my image10:15
gaston53where should I add what I need ?10:16
gaston53instead of local.conf10:16
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qschulzgaston53: any configuration file will work. So a machine conf file would work but it's not really meaningful. Best is a distro configuration file.10:28
gaston53qschulz can you see here
gaston53said that If multiple recipes provide an item, this variable determines which recipe should be given preference.10:30
qschulzgaston53: yes? what's your question?10:30
gaston53in my case, the multiple recipes are mysql5, python, python-distribute-native, python-native10:30
gaston53right ?10:30
qschulzwhat? no10:31
qschulzmysql5 or mariadb10:31
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gaston53mysql-python and mariadb provide mysql10:34
gaston53qschulz ^10:34
qschulzgaston53: where have you read mysql-python provides mysql?10:35
foouser42Hi.   Having bitbaked, I now have an ext3 file.  However, this is on a remote VM.  I don't have wic on my local machine (Windows).   How can I write this ext3 file to SD card? Or, is there any other format I can convert this file into that could be helpful to me?   (I'm not exactly sure what that file is - is it raw blocks?)10:35
qschulzfoouser42: why would you need wic on your local machine? If you want a wic image, you ask yocto to create one for you10:38
gaston53qschulz I am confused, if mysql5 provides mysql , than why I use this variable ? preferred ..10:38
qschulzotherwise, dd'ing the ext3 directly on your mmcblk device should work?10:38
qschulzgaston53: mysql5 provides mysql5. mariadb can also provide mysql5. mysql-python is a client, totally different thing.10:39
qschulzYocto just give you the choice to pick between mariadb and mysql510:39
qschulzsince mysql5 has a less "free" license than mariadb IIRC, usually mariadb is preferred?10:40
gaston53qschulz I got it, thanks, for my work I should use mysql10:40
foouser42qschulz thanks - I'll give that a go.  (when would I actually need wic then?)10:40
qschulzbasically, the point of having multiple recipes PROVIDES'ing the same "recipe" is for allowing a quick switch between different compatible providers instead of having to rework all recipes using mysql5 to use mariadb10:41
qschulzfoouser42: wic is for multipartition images?10:41
foouser42gotcha, thanks.10:41
qschulzgaston53: a prime example being the kernel. You want "a" kernel to be compiled. Your machine defines which one it needs. If you had to modify all instances of "mainline-kernel" to "my-kernel" that'd be a nightmare10:42
gaston53i see10:43
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gaston53qschulz after I add  PREFERRED_PROVIDER_mysql5 = "mysql5" to local.conf, I dont find MYSQL in packages.manifest file11:10
qschulzgaston53: well, have you asked Yocto to install mysql5 in your image?11:11
gaston53IMAGE_INSTALL_append mysql511:11
gaston53right ?11:12
qschulzgaston53: indeed, don't forget the leading space11:12
gaston53oh I think that's the space mistake11:12
qschulzgaston53: and actually, if nothing depends on mysql5, I think the PREFERRED_PROVIDER isn't necessary11:12
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qschulzgaston53: you'd have an error about a weird package not being found, so I'm not sure that's the issue11:13
gaston53qschulz have a question, why when I search for the mysql5 recipe here :
gaston53i don't find it11:15
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gaston53this is what was added after bitbake the image : mariadbmariadb-client, mariadb-server, mariadb-setupdb, libdbd-mysql-perl, libmysqlclient18 qschulz11:21
gaston53and other things11:21
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gaston53IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " mysql5"  //  PREFERRED_PROVIDER_mysql5 = "mysql5"11:24
foouser42qschulz just FYI, used hddrawcopy to write that ext3 to SDcard -  didn't work - in that the SD wasn't bootable it would seem - rpi ignores it entirely11:28
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fbreWhich initramfs is used in yocto by default? The images are in sources/poky/meta/recipes-core/images. writes about INITRAMFS_IMAGE: "By default, the kernel class sets this variable to a null string".11:30
fbreBut what is behind that null string?11:31
fbreI bitbake a core-image-minimal as rootfs.11:32
fbreBut what is the initramfs in that case?11:33
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fbreNow I've set INITRAMFS = "core-image-minimal-initramfs" and started: bitbake core-image-minimal.  The build stops with error "Nothing PROVIDES 'core-image-minimal-initramfs"12:04
fbre"core-image-minimal-initramfs was skipped: incompatible with host aarch64-poky-linux (not in COMPATIBLE_HOST)" is the next error message.12:05
fbre;(  yocto does not work for me ;(12:06
fbreAnybody has an idea what is going on here?12:06
RPfbre: the initramfs you've selected only works for x86 targets?12:07 contains a line: COMPATIBLE_HOST = "(i.86|x86_64).*-linux"12:09
mihaiguessing that's not dunfell12:10
RPfbre: master did change things a little:
fbreOK, hacking aarch64 into this line leads to success. Now I have such additional initramfs files in tmp/deploy/images/mymachine12:18
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fbreUsually, I'm not proceeding with: bunzip2 -dk -f core-image-minimal-mymachine.sdcard.bz2      and   sudo dd if=core-image-minimal-mymachine.sdcard of=/dev/sdb ...    to write the build Yocto to sdcard.12:22
fbreHow do I have to handle that new additional file for core-image-minimal-initramfs?12:22
fbreDo I have to copy it to sdcard as well and the kernel loads it from there, automatically?12:23
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fbreaaah there is  INITRAMFS_IMAGE_BUNDLE=112:40
mihaifbre: that will bundle the initramfs with the kernel12:41
fbreI hope I will see now how this initramfs is loaded12:43
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fbreargh, error: "cannot open .../build/tmp/work/mymachine-poky-linux/linux-imx/4.14.78-r0/build/usr/core-image-minimal-initramfs-mymachine.cpio13:06
fbreInstead I can see just initramfs_data.cpio of 512B there in that directory13:07
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armpitRP. could this be buildtools related failure? rpmlib(CompressedFileNames) <= 3.0.4-1 rpmlib(FileDigests) <= 4.6.0-1 rpmlib(PayloadFilesHavePrefix) <= 4.0-115:02
RParmpit: I'm not seeing it with that context15:03
armpitbuilding on Centos7 all the rpm packaging is failing15:06
armpitso would this be a case where we may need rpm in extended build tools?15:07
armpitits possible I hosed my build env15:09
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frayrpm from the host should never be used...15:14
RParmpit: as fray says, it shouldn't be using host rpm at all15:17
*** mbulut_ <mbulut_!> has joined #yocto15:19
armpithmm, I must have hosed something then15:20
RParmpit: think so, but blaming buildtools is easier :)15:26
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marexhi, is there some way to make WIC rawcopy plugin write the first sector of the target image ? The --align operates on 1 kiB units, but sector size is 512 B, hence this is not usable16:30
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khemmarex: there was a fix to this effect in master recently, check the master history in oe-core16:39
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marexkhem: is that the --offset patch ?17:03
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khemmarex:seems so18:33
marexkhem: that operates with 1 kiB granularity, like the rest :-)18:48
marexkhem: but block device sector size is 512 Bytes18:49
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khemah perhaps improve it ?19:19
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marexkhem: I kinda have to wonder why would 1kiB be picked as block size in the first place :)20:43
marexkhem: so uh, since I want to use it in dunfell, because LTS, can I somehow fix that also in BSP layer ?20:44
marexI guess a WIC plugin could be a way to go, although I hoped to avoid custom stuff as much as possible, grumb20:44
khemyeah plugin I would think is way20:48
marexkhem: btw while I still have your attention, another completely different question -- does it make sense to try and get YP compatible stamp for vendor BSP layer ?20:49
marexkhem: SoM vendor, not chip vendor, to be precise20:50
RPkergoth: - we have just a tangled web from legacy stuff :(20:50
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mischiefis it safe to assume /bin/sh exists? eg are explicit RDEPENDS on something providing it needed?21:25
marexmischief: you can assume it exists, look at e.g. dash recipe which sets up alternatives for /bin/sh21:27
marexso does busybox, bash etc21:27
mischiefi know about the alternatives system, but what allows me to assume sh exists?21:29
*** vineela <vineela!~vtummala@> has joined #yocto21:36
marexmischief: nope, but that is where I would look if I wanted to figure out who exactly pulls sh in21:38
marexmischief: but I do not have a 100% answer for you, sorry21:39
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khemmarex: I think usually it is preferred, since it will show confidence in the given BSP layer and will be rated highly21:47
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khemmischief: busybox provides /bin/sh and image builder will automatically pull in a /bin/sh provided if there is a package needing /bin/sh in image21:51
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mischiefkhem: can you point me to where that happens?22:04
mischiefi tried to tell my coworker that you don't need to RDEPENDS on bash when your c program uses system(3), but i want some more proof :-)22:05
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khemwell bash is a different story22:08
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khemsince bash is not /bin/sh so if a script asks for bash then it should be in RDEPENDS22:08
mischiefright, but system(3) doesn't invoke bash, it invokes /bin/sh.22:11
RPmischief: the build system can't know what you call in system() calls22:11
RPmischief: the detection of /bin/sh dependencies only happens where scripts have #!/bin/sh at the start of them22:11
RPmischief: the code is RPMDEPS in package.bbclass22:12
RPmischief: we use rpm's scanner22:13
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marexkhem: and how do I get that stamp of approval ?22:29
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mischiefRP: i know that the build system cant look in system, but system itself is known to invoke /bin/sh22:34
mischiefe.g. in man 3 system22:34
dvI need my image with initramfs with fsck inside. Is there any example in Yocto?22:37
RPmischief: we don't look at which functions a program calls like that though22:38
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mischiefRP: i know that. my original question is: what allows recipes to assume /bin/sh exists?23:17
RPmischief: its hard to build a system without some script with "#!/bin/sh" at the start which adds a dependency on /bin/sh which pulls it in23:18
RPmischief: if you have a recipe which wants /bin/sh and doesn't have such a script, it should really specify it. Nobody does since its so common though23:19
* RP -> Zzzz23:20
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