Thursday, 2020-08-13

marexkhem: re WIC and sector 1, using rawcopy and --align 0 places the file in fact at offset 512B , and then the second entry in the wks file can have --align -1 and that places the second file at offset 1024B00:01
marexkhem: it is awful, but it generates the expected layout00:02
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wberrierI'm on an older poky version (thud), any suggestions about how to upgrade the golang version?  (I tried copying the "go" directory from poky master into a custom layer, but it still chooses the old go version, even though I set GO_VERSION in local.conf.  I does warn me: NOTE: Multiple providers are available for go-native (go-native, go-binary-native) Consider defining a PREFERRED_PROVIDER entry to match go-native)00:48
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wberrieroh, oops, looks like it's building the correct version after I put GOVERSION (ie: no underscore) in local.conf :facepalm:00:53
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khemwberrier: use the ones from dunfell, things have changed for golang in master02:02
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khemmarex: start with
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fbreHi! I use sumo as yocto version. I try to bundle the initramfs to the kernel but an error occurs. Is such error known and fixed in later yocto versions? It is: "cannot open ..../build/tmp/work/mymachine-poky-linux/linux-imx/4.14.78-r0/build/usr/core-image-minimal-initramfs-mymachine.cpio".06:50
fbreThough the mentioned directory contains a file initramfs_data.cpio06:51
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fbreWhen I search the internet for "initramfs_data.cpio" I get a few weird error reports which sound a bit similar06:52
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fbreOne of those error reports leads to a patch for removing CONFIG_INITRAMFS_SOURCE from defconfig files. That's out of my understanding. But maybe gives an idea (?)...06:57
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fbreDoes that trigger an Yeah-I-know effect for anyone?06:58
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mihaionly when seeing imx stuff and issues in general :)07:00
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mihaiI'm guessing that a patch shouldn't touch CONFIG_INITRAMFS_SOURCE07:02
mihaithat's being used to bundle your init image into the kernel07:03
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fbremihai: Do you see here what could have happened?:
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florian34Hi, I have a problem with devtool in the extensible sdk. My image builds just fine using bitbake, but in the extensible sdk `devtool build-image` fails with "ERROR: core-image-minimal-1.0-r0 do_rootfs: No manifest generated from: ..."08:01
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rcrudoI'm facing an error building qemu-native, the strip command fails. similar to
rcrudoany idea what could be the problem?08:27
mihaifbre: 404 That file isn’t here anymore08:29
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fbremihai: yes, I've removed it since I saw an interesting forum thread for my problem here:
fbremihai: Did a little hack in one .bb file and now get the next error '=D : ".../poky/meta/recipes-core/images/ failed with exit code '1'08:35
fbreIt seems to bundle an initramfs with the kernel for an imx evalboard based on sumo is completely broken08:37
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weltlinghow do i prevent a layer with lower priority to override a kernel fragment from a layer with higher priority?09:38
weltlinga kernel fragment with the same filename09:40
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qschulzweltling: higher priority will be taken anyway09:48
weltlingqschulz, that's not what i see, it seems to concern only the recipe, not the kernel file fragment with the same name09:51
qschulzweltling: what's the path in lower prio layer to the kernel config fragment, and what's the path in the higher prio one?09:52
qschulzalso... just to be sure, the higher the LAYER_PRIORITY number, the higher the priority09:52
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weltlingqschulz, the lower prio is 6, the higher prio is 12, the paths - lower prio is meta-virtualization/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-yocto/docker.cfg, higher prio is ./sources/meta-my-laier/recipes-kernel/linux/my-linux-recipe-5.4/docker.cfg09:55
weltlingwhat bitbake -e shows, is that the higher prio is pulled first, but then the lower prio one wins09:55
weltlingwhen i use _remove, it removes both09:56
weltlinghmm, perhaps i could bbmask the other one completely, but that's not clear to me if something else would be used from there09:57
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qschulzweltling: what do you have in your bbappends? (specifically how you set FILESTREXAPATH)09:59
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linumsHi guys!10:00
weltlingqschulz, the is a bb, but it includes recipes-kernel/linux/, a bit complicated :)10:01
qschulzweltling: and the one in lower prio is a bbappend right?10:01
weltlingqschulz, yep10:02
qschulzweltling: here you go10:02
linumsI am building master on meta-cloud-services, and I've found that the salt recepie is outdated, since it is now built on py 3.8, and also the license is changed10:02
qschulza bbappend has precedence over the main recipe (well, because of FILESEXTRAPATH_prepend := in the bbappend)10:02
linumsShould I ask for write access, to create a pull request for this, or should I just wait until someone fixes this?10:03
qschulzweltling: BBMASK for the bbappend if it only appends for this file. Otherwise, create a bbappend in your higher prio bbappend where you add again FILESEXTRAPATH_prepend10:03
weltlingqschulz, FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend in my-linux-recipe doesn't matter, it seems10:03
weltlingqschulz, ah, gotcha10:04
qschulzweltling: yes, because the bbappend is resolved after your bb so the bbappends prepend is before your recipe's prepend10:04
qschulzweltling: well, those are wrong terms but it conveys the correct meaning10:05
linums@qschulz thanks, I was reading wiki and everything except the repos own readme :D10:05
qschulzlinums: and thanks for reporting, hope that you will contribute :)10:07
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weltlingqschulz, i went for having a bbappend for the very same bb, just to do FILESEXTRAPATH_prepend - works as expected10:18
weltlingqschulz, thanks a lot!10:18
qschulzweltling: maybe not ideal, but I couldn't find a smarter/cleaner way to do it :/ At least it works again :)10:19
weltlingqschulz, yeah, a finer way would be to exlicitly _remove, but that is done at the very end and will remove everything, so the solution found is teh best under circumstances :)10:20
fbreDoes anybody know if NXP supports a newer yocto version? The "i.MX Yocto Project User's Guide" PDF is of 2018 an suggests rocko. ( page 15)10:30
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cengiz_iofbre they don't support but I've been working with it since 2 years14:01
cengiz_ioit uses has much newer release compatibility14:01
mdpanybody notice that meta-selftest/recipes-test/images/ isn't actually empty? at least on dunfell it's still being populated with, postinst, etc.14:15
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zandreyfbre: If you're looking for an official NXP BSP - they have a zeus version on codeaurora, see
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zandreymeta-freescale has a dunfell compatibility, which is closer to Yocto Project though.14:25
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snokhem: I gave up on libressl - it's an openssl drop-in replacement and it fails heavily due very impressive openssl-features used everywhere - but I do BearSSL and s6-networking using that and adding runit once I have the layer in fingers :)15:42
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khemsno: superb, I think libressl should have a place in OE world16:44
snokhem: likely - but with much more effort16:44
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khemit has to be itw own layer17:11
snoI'm the wrong person for that job I think - it's way to deep integrated and I'm not familiar enough17:15
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khemno issues17:25
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kergoth experimenting with a semi-generic mechanism to handle 'feature' layers.. that is, software layers that alter behavior or enhance existing recipes17:43
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fullstopHi!  Let's say that I want to replace the iptables.service in the iptables recipe with my own recipe.  That is, I still wish to have iptables but I don't want the iptables.service unit running at startup.  What's a good way to go about doing this?18:11
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khemfullstop: oe-core has drop-in file for iptables.service so you can create the file in your own layer with your customizations and then add a bbappend which just lists FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := "${THISDIR}/${PN}:" and put the .service file in dir called iptables parallel to bbappend18:29
khemyou can also use service fragments mechanism of systemd to drop in a .conf file with your changes you wish on top of main .service layer18:29
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PaowZhi there ! I'm getting something strange when building a lib through a simple recipe.. In fact, generated binaries got their ELF interpreter pointing to /lib/ instead /lib64/ I built that lib independently  and got a proper ELF interpreter.. what could be the causeof that ? any clue ?18:38
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fullstopkhem: I'll mask the service by putting null files in /etc/systemd.. I'd would like to be able to update the iptables service / rules without updating all of iptables.18:43
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fullstopkhem: "Failed to start iptables.service: Unit iptables.service is masked." -- worked perfectly.  Thanks!18:58
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smurrayfullstop: if you're in a position to bbappend iptables, you could also get the same effect with SYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE = "disable"19:01
fullstopsmurray: hmm.. that is another option.  Maybe that one is better.19:01
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fullstopit could still be started, though19:02
smurrayfullstop: also doable in local.conf in a pinch with SYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE_pn-iptables19:02
smurrayfullstop: yeah, it could be enabled with systemctl at runtime19:02
fullstopI'll stick with what I have for now.19:02
fullstopI had a lot of difficulty with systemd at first, but I've grown to like it.19:03
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smurraythe other possible hack would be to bbappend to not install the service file19:03
nemgti-ogI have meta-raspberrypi layer and created another layer which is basically (as a first step) building meta-raspberrypi, just with another meta-layer name. As a second step I am trying to build a different linex kernel version, however, it will always build the linux version stated in meta-raspberrypi, ignoring my PREFERRED_VERSION_linux_raspberrypi version. Any hints or questions that could make me19:06
nemgti-ogrealized what am I not looking?19:06
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kergothhmm, should add a test to check for recipe/task checksums changing when adding an unused layer (BBFILE_COLLECTIONS in a checksum) or an unused override (OVERRIDES in a checksum)20:57
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JPEWRP, sakoman: Well, that was quick!22:01
sakomanJPEW: No kidding!  When I saw those two failures I at first thought I merged a bad patch.  Then I read the errors!22:02
JPEWsakoman: Can you grab the perl ${WORKDIR} by any chance?22:03
sakomanI'll see if I can make copies of the whole pokybuild directories if they are still there22:04
sakomanJPEW: do you have ssh access to the workers?22:11
RPsakoman: I have wondered if was related22:11
RPsakoman: I'd just move the trees, easier that way22:11
RPsakoman: I can do it if you haven't yet?22:12
sakomanRP: I'm on a call right now so that would be great if you could move it!22:13
*** mattsm <mattsm!> has quit IRC22:13
sakomanI verified that the centos directory is still there22:13
RPsakoman, JPEW: Now the directory is ~/saved-builds22:17
*** mattsm <mattsm!> has joined #yocto22:18
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sakomanRP: thanks!22:20
*** sukbeom <sukbeom!~sukbeom@> has joined #yocto22:36
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JPEWRP: I think i have access, it's been a while. Whats the server name?22:41
JPEWOh, right just the builder name. Doy22:42
*** tlwoerner <tlwoerner!~Trevor@unaffiliated/tlwoerner> has quit IRC22:44
JPEWNope. Sorry. I think I have access, but I can't remember the server names22:46
sakomanJPEW: I do "ssh"22:49
RPJPEW: and fedora30-ty-1.yocto.io22:49
sakomanOops no project!  just yocto :-)22:50
sakomanTracey trained my fingers to always type yocto project ;_)22:50
RPsakoman: we're all trained!22:50
sakomanAnd I made the same mistake earlier when trying to log in, you think I would have learned from that since it was just a few minutes ago!22:51
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