Friday, 2020-08-14

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fbreHi, as I called "bitbake core-image-tiny-initramfs" on my sumo I get the error "Nothing RPROVIDES '${VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_dev_manager}' (but .... poky/meta/recipes-core/images/ RDEPENDS on or otherwise requires it).  What does this mean and what should I do?07:52
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fbreaaah, I had to add in my local.conf: VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_dev_manager = "busybox_mdev"08:24
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fbreNow I've managed to include an additional RAM filesystem image to the Linux kernel via INITRAMFS_IMAGE = "core-image-tiny-initramfs" and INITRAMFS_IMAGE_BUNDLE = "1". As I bootet such kernel image I don't see that initramfs is loaded automatically. Do you know if I have to call special cmdline parameters to the kernel?09:05
qschulzfbre: if it's an initrd inside the kernel, there's actually no way to override it. If it's an initramfs loaded on the side, then root=/dev/ram0 probably?09:09
qschulz(no  way to override it => nothing to do)09:10
fbreit's an initramfs. OK, I'll try that root=/dev/ram0 in u-boot as cmdline parameter09:10
qschulzfbre: or send us the bootargs you're using, maybe even the boot command (boot{i,z,m} with the laod addresses) and what's the error at the end of the boot process (basically the few lines before booting the kernel and the whole bootlog... on a pastebin)09:13
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fbreqschulz: bootargs console=ttymxc1,115200 earlycon=ec_imx6q,0x30890000,115200 root=/dev/mmcblk1p2 rootwait rw09:25
qschulzfbre: replace root then :)09:27
fbreqschulz: I replaced /dev/mmcblk1p2 with /dev/ram0  and the booting hangs with last console msg "Waiting for root device /dev/ram0...09:29
qschulzfbre: how did you load your initramfs? which address, what's its size, same for kernel/dtb and the boot command you used09:31
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fbreqschulz: As I use     root=/dev/ram0 rw       without rootwait so to speak, there is kernel panic with "VFS: Cannot open root device "ram0" or unknown-block(0,0): error -6 Please append a correct "root=" boot option..."09:32
qschulzfbre: have you compiled your kernel with initramfs support?09:34
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qschulzdoes it have support for the compression (if you're using any outside of cpio) of your initramfs?09:35
fbreqschulz: Yes, initramfs support is on in section "General" of the kernel menuconfig. I simply use the core-image-tiny-initramfs image provided by sumo without any change. Do I have to modify its .bb file?09:35
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fbreqschulz: is the cmdline argument   root=/dev/ram0 rootwait rw     right, or should I use it without "rootwait"?09:36
fbreqschulz: all compression checkboxes are on in kernel menuconfig under "General setup-->Initial RAM filesystem and RAM disk support"09:40
fbreqschulz: you asked "how did you load your initramfs?". I just added two lines in my local.conf:    INITRAMFS_IMAGE = "core-image-tiny-initramfs" and INITRAMFS_IMAGE_BUNDLE = "1".09:48
fbreqschulz: ... according to
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qschulzfbre: from u-boot09:53
mcfriskhey! is update-alternatives supposed to work out of the box in SDK too? I don't use it on target but some tools like "file" inside SDK don't seem to work, or they only provide the usr/bin/file.file binaries by default. Should I force installation of update-alternatives to SDK, or some other distro feature perhaps?09:54
mcfriskor disable alternatives support for nativesdk recipes I care about?09:54
rburtonmcfrisk: huh we should probably ship nativesdk-update-alternatives09:58
rburtonor 'flatten' the alternatives so you just haev a file binary09:58
fbreDo I have to set other u-boot arguments than        root=/dev/ram0 rootwait rw      ?09:59 you wrote about address and size (?)10:00
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qschulzfbre: the boot command, not the bootargs. How do you boot your kernel?10:05
fbreqschulz: this is how I boot
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fbreqschulz: Some minutes ago I replaced /dev/mmcblk1p2 with /dev/ram010:09
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fbremmcargs and mmcroot are the variables which are used on booting here.10:12
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mcfriskrburton: yes, sounds like nativesdk-update-alternatives should be in SDK by default via some dependency..10:25
qschulzfbre: so we agree that your initramfs is **NOT** embedded in the kernel right?10:29
fbreqschulz: Not sure what you mean. I set  INITRAMFS_IMAGE and  INITRAMFS_IMAGE_BUNDLE and hope the initramfs is embedded in the kernel then.10:33
qschulzfbre: if it is embedded in the kernel, it "just works". Have you noticed any non negilgible increase in the Image size of the kernel? (like... a few MB at least)10:34
qschulzfbre: and if it's really embedded, then it's an initrd and not an initramfs10:35
qschulzif your INITRAMFS_IMAGE_BUNDLE is set to 1, then it's an initrd10:36
qschulzIIRC, there is probably another config option for initrd in the kernel config10:36
qschulzand I'm not 100% sure if there's some logic required in your yocto recipe (if it comes from BSP vendor for example)10:36
fbreqschulz: OK, I'll build with and without both variables and have a look at the sizes of the .sdcard files I flash to SD card.10:37
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qschulzfbre: sdcard does not matter, it's the size of the kernel that matters. When you run boot, u-boot should take longer to load the kernel (and its siez should be bigger, monitor the size since it should be reported by u-boot)10:42
PaowZhi there ! I'm getting something strange when building a lib through a simple recipe.. In fact, generated binaries got their ELF interpreter pointing to /lib/ instead of /lib64/ I built that lib independently  and got a proper ELF interpreter.. what could be the cause of that ? any clue ?10:43
qschulzPaowZ: multilib10:46
PaowZqschulz: multilib ?? what do you mean ?10:53
PaowZyou mean something like that ?
PaowZwhat I find weird is why does yocto produce /lib/ and not /lib/ nor /lib64/ I'm getting a mix between the two interpreter link..10:57
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neverpanicPaowZ: The binaries compiled within Yocto should already automatically have the correct interpreter set.11:21
neverpanicAny precompiled binaries you can treat using patchelf.11:22
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fbreqschulz: hmm, the reported size is always the same before the message "Starting kernel ..." appears. I can see: 23099904 bytes read in 995 ms (22.1 MiB/s), Booting from mmc ..., 45414 bytes read in 17 ms (2.5 MiB/s)11:25
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fbreqschulz: Is that the size message you mean?11:27
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qschulzfbre: wow... 23BM kernel :D A bit can be stripped :D But yeah, if the size does not change for the kernel, then your initrd is obviously not in there11:36
fbreqschulz: I thought that INITRAMFS_IMAGE_BUNDLE = "1" adds it. hmm grmpf11:39
PaowZneverpanic: like you said.. *should*  ;-)11:39
neverpanicPaowZ: Check that the software with problems doesn't ignore LDFLAGS11:40
fbreqschulz: Though I can see files core-image-tiny-initramfs-mymachine.... files in my build/tmp/deploy/images/mymachine directory. There are 3 files (.cpio.gz, .manifest and .testdata.json)11:42
fbreqschulz: cpio.gz and manifest are links to rootfs.cpio.gz and rootfs.manifest11:43
fbreqschulz: I wonder if they are just temporary files and they should later be added to my actual core-image-minimal-mymachine stuff11:45
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qschulzfbre: I don't know. Look into your ${WORKDIR}/temp/log.do_bundle_initramfs for your kernel and see if there is a "Creating a kernel image with a bundled initramfs" message11:48
qschulzotherwise, I'm clueless right now11:49
fbreqschulz: OK, thank you!11:49
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qschulzfbre: good luck, let us know how things go11:53
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JPEWRP: Turns out upstream perl moved from the base lib dir to the arch dir between 5.30 and 5.32. I don't know if it was intentional or not13:21
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RPJPEW: I saw the email, thanks for checking into it!13:37
RPJPEW: I wonder if sno would know if that was deliberate?13:37
RPJPEW: it makes me feel happier that we have some idea of what happened, even if that bug shouldn't really have occurred, its as if the two builds contaminated each other :;/13:38
JPEWRP: Right; I wonder if we were actually seeing the bug on 5.30 where was being placed in the arch-specific directory (like you originally reported), and the upstream switch has confused us13:39
snoRP, JPEW: I have no idea13:39
RPJPEW: I wondered that too13:44
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RPJPEW: sakoman has asked the right question - why only those two builds and not all builds?14:10
khemRP: you can re-stage the -fno-common revert patch for gcc once again, I think we have all needed fixed in core now14:12
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khemit is a huge change so I would be interested to see what falls apart at runtime14:17
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RPkhem: will try and do it over the weekend14:28
kergothhuh. adding a layer with a license will alter AVAILABLE_LICENSES, which will change the signatures of some recipes do_configure tasks. that strikes me as not ideal14:32
* kergoth adds to the to-investigate list14:32
kergothu-boot-imx:do_create_extlinux_config has `OVERRIDES` in its signature, should probably exclude that..14:33
* kergoth gets coffee14:33
kergothanother random thing i ran into yesterday, BB_HASHSERVE=auto gets .. not happy when combined with multiconfig. i wonder if tis trying to spawn more than one14:34
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kergothoh, nevermind, the license thing is only lvm2, it calls incompatible_license_contains, which expands wildcards even if we aren't using any, which references AVAILABLE_LICENSES, that's the root of the issue14:37
* kergoth wanders off14:37
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LetoThe1stLetoThe1st has arrived!14:56
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LetoThe1stwhere is it described how to change .bb files in meta-layers?15:12
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qschulzif you don't own/maintain the meta-layers in questions, you need to use bbappends for modifying their contents from your meta-layer15:34
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khemthats if you dont want to participate in upstream development of that layer, if you are evolved to upstream then you would effect the change in layer itself ( may be in your product branch ) and send the patch upstream15:55
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RPkhem: I think we need to revisit the 0009 patch in qemu. With qemu 5.1.0, mips is fixed but musl qemux86 webkitgtk still fails to build16:12
RPkhem: I think we need to figure out the problem and send a fix to upstream qemu, we can't keep that revert16:13
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khemRP: interesting, it only fails with musl/x86 but not with musl/arm16:34
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RPkhem: there have been some upstream tweaks to that code, hence the patch doesn't apply again. I've hacked it back for now but we need to figure out the real issue and send a fix upstream as this isn't maintainable16:36
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khemI agree17:14
PaowZHi ! I'm having a "do_package_qa: QA Issue: /usr/sbin/cups-genppdupdate contained in package gutenprint requires /../perl, but no providers found in RDEPENDS_gutenprint? [file-rdeps]" even though I added "perl"in RDEPENDS_${PN}.. is there somewhere I have to look into  ?? Thanks :)17:24
rewittAre there any relatively straightforward ways to build a live-image/installer using wic? The live-image portion isn't important outside of booting to an installer, it doesn't have to mimic the image being installed.17:25
rewittSome co-workers want to have an hddimg option again, but I want to avoid the inevitable crossing of the 4GB limitation17:26
qschulzPaowZ: the /../ in front looks extremely fishy17:28
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PaowZqschulz: I just stripped the long path :)17:35
*** rcrudo <rcrudo!> has quit IRC17:37
PaowZthis is the full path: gutenprint-5.3.3-r0 do_package_qa: QA Issue: /usr/sbin/cups-genppdupdate contained in package gutenprint requires /home/vince/dev/poky2/build/tmp/hosttools/perl, but no providers found in RDEPENDS_gutenprint? [file-rdeps]17:37
rewittPaowZ: That makes it sound like /usr/sbin/cups-genppdupdate ends up with #!/home/vince/dev/poky2/build/tmp/hosttools/perl in it17:39
*** vineela <vineela!vtummala@nat/intel/x-djgacbiqgfknmzbd> has joined #yocto17:40
rewittPaowZ: I might be wrong, but assuming cups-genppdupdate is a script you should be able to inspect it17:40
*** lexano <lexano!> has quit IRC17:41
PaowZrewitt: that's right.. it is a perl script.. that's why I supplied "perl" to RDEPENDS_${PN} in the recipe..17:43
*** lexano <lexano!> has joined #yocto17:50
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rewittPaowZ: Right, I just reproduced it ERROR: quilt-0.66-r0 do_package_qa: QA Issue: /usr/bin/foo contained in package quilt requires /home/vince/dev/poky2/build/tmp/hosttools/perl, but no providers found in RDEPENDS_quilt? [file-rdeps]17:53
PaowZrewitt: interesting.. is it any related to Perl package ?17:54
rewittPaowZ: One sec, I'll try to show what's happening17:55
rewittPaowZ: Look at The last three lines I added to the quilt recipe to create a file called foo. Note the shebang line.17:56
PaowZyep, indeed17:56
rewittPaowZ: What is happening is for some reason your cups-genppdupdate script has a shebang line with a full absolute path from the host. It should most likely be "#!/usr/bin/perl", so you need to figure out why the script is ending up with that full path instead17:57
PaowZrewitt: this is what I thought at first glance !17:57
PaowZbut I was not sure.. of a possible replacement command, for instance..17:58
rewittPaowZ: I thought that first too, but I wanted to make sure I hadn't forgotten how that QA check works17:58
PaowZI guess there is a kind of mess with the use of ./configure stuff.. that lib usually require a ./ call prior ./configure, but I let autotools-native what to do..18:00
rewittPaowZ: My guess is that /usr/sbin/cups-genppdupdate is generated from or similar.18:00
rewittPaowZ: Is this a recipe you wrote or is it from another layer?18:01
PaowZthis is a recipe I shamely wrote xD18:01
*** gsalazar <gsalazar!5e3ce511@gateway/web/cgi-irc/> has quit IRC18:01
rewittWell that makes it easier because you have total power to fix the problem :)18:01
PaowZpower is always limited by skills but enhanced by great help of this chan ;)18:02
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PaowZrewitt: basically, this is what I've got
rewittPaowZ: I'm trying to find another example that uses perl to see how they handle the AC_PATH_PROG([PERL], [perl])18:17
rewittPaowZ: I'm suprised it doesn't "just work", and therefore I must assume I'm overlooking something18:18
PaowZrewitt: I'm trying to override do_configure() with a call to and I'm running into issues with libtool (not found ?? wtf..)18:19
rewittPaowZ: All of that happens automatically when you "inherit autotools"18:19
rewittPaowZ: I'm trying to find out what magic you're missing18:20
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PaowZrewitt: more specifically, the recipe inherits from autotools-brokensep as I was not sure the lib could support out of tree build..18:30
PaowZbut I agree, this should roughly be the same, I guess..18:31
rewittPaowZ: Ok it seems the convention is to do this
PaowZwow.. what's that line.. CACHED_CONFIGUREVARS += "ac_cv_path_PERL='/usr/bin/env perl'"18:32
rewittPaowZ: It's basically telling configure to use that instead of calcluating the path to perl, i.e. cached. If you look at the actual generated configure script you will see tons of thos ac_* variables18:33
PaowZhow does it come we're not actually relying upon cached env paths ?18:33
rewittPaowZ: I don't understand the question18:34
rewittPaowZ: Sorry, I wasn't trying to be rude. I just want to make sure I understand before trying to answer.18:35
PaowZno prob :) I mean, why do we have to override precomputed paths at some point ?18:35
PaowZis it a hack or considered as a good practice ?18:36
rewittPaowZ: autotools is not very cross-compile aware. What that means is that when you use something like AC_PATH_PROG([PERL], [perl]), to figure out the path to something. It may not acually be the same thing as what it would be on target.18:38
PaowZanyway, you got this ! QA passed and do_install() is done.. now, I have to dig into the final rootfs to ensure I got all I need.. but the /packages-split content looks pretty fat.. xD18:39
rewittPaowZ: In this case it says "Where is a perl I can run", and it finds it at "/home/vince/dev/poky2/build/tmp/hosttools/perl". However, that path will never exist on the target. And so the QA is to help catch things like this.18:39
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rewittPaowZ: The build will fixup some paths for you automatically, shebang lines don't appear to be one of them though.18:41
*** linums <linums!> has joined #yocto18:41
PaowZgood to know !18:42
PaowZthanks rewitt for your kind time !18:43
rewittPaowZ: You're welcome, I normally wouldn't be able to take so much time, but I wanted to try and help since it isn't an obvious solution.18:44
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PaowZrewitt: I'm quite honored to see I came across an *actual* trap.. even though I RTFM ;)18:49
snokhem: do you have runit usage examples?19:01
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khemVIRTUAL-RUNTIME_init_manager = "runit-services"19:41
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khemand patch is here
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RPsakoman: still around?22:10
RPsakoman: I have an error report reproducer22:11
sakomanRP: the qemumips-alt build?22:13
RPsakoman: I've reduced it to fedora32-ty-1 $ /home/pokybuild/yocto-worker/qemumips-alt/build/scripts/send-error-report -y ~/error_report_20200814192328.txt22:14
sakomanSo you tried to run the command manually?22:14
RPsakoman: when you tried to reproduce last time did you "mv build-renamed build" on the failed build?22:14
sakomanNo, I didn't22:15
RPsakoman: that is why it wouldn't fail then22:15
sakomanI just ran it on the unchanged builddir22:16
RPsakoman: I suspect even if you pull that file locally it will reproduce22:16
RPsakoman: maybe the special chars in the systemd log failure?22:17
sakomanOK, I'll pull down the error report and try that22:17
RPsakoman: obviously if it breaks locally you can then debug more easily22:17
RPsakoman: can I leave that one with you? :)22:17
sakomanYes, I'll grab the file now and will try to get some time to take a look this afternoon22:18
RPsakoman: as long as you can reproduce, you can then look into it whenever. Just wanted to give you an opportunity to grab a "working" failure22:18
sakomanThanks, I appreciate it!22:19
*** linums <linums!> has quit IRC22:21
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sakomanRP:  I can confirm it fails locally too22:28
RPsakoman: ok, "good" :)22:28
*** linums <linums!> has quit IRC22:29
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sakomanRP: I tried to take a quick look at the file with gedit and gedit locked up on me -- something toxic in that file!22:32
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RPsakoman: its a good lead! :) I noticed it had interesting characters in the web browser on the console log22:39
RPsakoman: I've filed a bug for the systemd issue separately FWIW22:39
*** dev1990 <dev1990!> has joined #yocto22:39
RPsakoman: I need to sleep shortly!22:39
sakomanRP: I tried filtering garbage characters with $ tr -cd '\11\12\15\40-\176' < error_report_20200814192328.txt > clean-file.txt22:43
sakomanDidn't find anything to remove!22:44
RPsakoman: might be the size upsetting gedit?22:44
RPor all on one line22:44
sakomanYes, vi isn't all that happy with it either :-)22:45
RPsakoman: I'll leave it with you. I need to sleep :)22:45
sakomanOK, it will be a nice puzzle to resurrect my LInux command line foo22:46
sakomanSleep well!22:46
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