Monday, 2020-08-24

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aimannajjarHi all, I'm a beginner yocto user, I've been able to build a raspberrypi4-64 image and boot it successfully, but when I switched from sysvinit to systemd (and also enabled U-Boot), I started getting fatal boot errors related to systemd unit that mount partitions, for example "[FAILED] Failed to mount /var/volatile." . When checking systemd logs (using the emergency shell), it says "must be superuser01:43
aimannajjarto use mount". I also noticed that all files in the images are owned by UID 1000, not sure if this is normal or related01:43
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ada24How can I add a kernel module in yocto?  I got an error message. WARN[2020-08-24T04:16:34.393745136Z] Running modprobe bridge br_netfilter failed with message: modprobe: WARNING: Module br_netfilter not found in directory /lib/modules/5.4.58-yocto-standard04:23
ada24Running modprobe nf_conntrack_netlink failed with message: `modprobe: WARNING: Module nf_conntrack_netlink not found in directory /lib/modules/5.4.58-yocto-standard`, error: exit status 104:23
ada24INFO[2020-08-24T04:16:37.459854057Z] stopping event stream following graceful shutdown  error="context canceled" module=libcontainerd namespace=moby04:24
ada24"bridge" network: Failed to Setup IP tables: Unable to enable NAT rule:  (iptables failed: iptables --wait -t nat -I POSTROUTING -s ! -o docker0 -j MASQUERADE: iptables v1.8.5 (legacy): Couldn't load target `MASQUERADE':No such file or directory04:24
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feddischsonRP: The project I am using is with the angstrom-v2019.12-zeus branch.05:52
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feddischsonRP: seccomp is enabled in my build host's kernel (CONFIG_SECCOMP=y, CONFIG_HAVE_ARCH_SECCOMP_FILTER=y, CONFIG_SECCOMP_FILTER=y), but that also applies also to every kernel for linux desktop hosts right?05:57
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mckoangood morning06:34
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ak77 morning!07:14
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RPfeddischson: I'm wondering about whether /usr/bin/file is using seccomp. Distros have experimented with enabling that periodically but its caused us problems07:33
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feddischsonRP: yes, that seems to be the case, a '--no-sandbox' is available and helps. I have no idea when this changed on my host system, it was working fine a few weeks/month ago.07:57
RPfeddischson: was our fix in master08:05
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feddischsonRP: thanks a lot08:12
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fbreHi! I use yocto version zeus. "File systems"-->"Overlay filesystem support" is <M> in bitbake virtual/kernel -c menuconfig.  But after booting this yocto image (core-image-minimal) the command modprobe overlay just says "modprobe: FATAL: Module overlay not found in directory /lib/modules/5.4.24-2.1.0+gbabac008e5cf"08:48
fbreWhat does this mean?08:48
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fbreAnother question: What could be the reason for this error?: failed on fdt_overlay_apply(): FDT_ERR_BADMAGIC                 base fdt does did not have a /__symbols__ node09:22
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fbreGrmpff... As soon as I change the kernel config with "bitbake virtual/kernel -c menuconfig" the new bitbaked core-image-minimal image is OK but the second run with core-image-tiny-initramfs (which I configured with INITRAMFS_IMAGE = "core-image-tiny-initramfs" and INITRAMFS_IMAGE_BUNDLE = "1") produces a broken  Image-initramfs-imx8mmevk.bin. If I11:14
fbresetenv image  Image-initramfs-imx8mmevk.bin and boot it hangs with failed on fdt_overlay_apply(): FDT_ERR_BADMAGIC11:14
fbreAny idea? It seems the device tree for the image with the bundled initramfs is broken11:15
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gaston53how to check for some specific process if they are running or not in linux yocto image ?12:29
gaston53which command I use ?12:29
gaston53I am using `ps` but it returns :  ps: invalid option -- 'a'12:30
gaston53ps: invalid option -- 'a'BusyBox v1.27.2 (2020-05-20 18:12:05 UTC) multi-call binary.Usage: ps12:35
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gaston53how to grep for a process ? what I am missing in my yocto image ?12:35
mckoangaston53: run ps with no params12:35
gaston53that works12:38
gaston53after installing mariadb into my linux image, I want to start the server. For that, I run `mysql` command12:52
gaston53but an error says : ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (2)12:52
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ms_khi all. I wonder about the purpose of script in meta/scripts. Who uses it and how? Seems that this script is called by nobody14:00
ms_kI bumped into this script while finding a method/command to view package dependencies from bitbake cmdline, and this script seems promising14:01
LetoThe2ndms_k: i think there is somethign called oe-pkgutil-browser or such which should do this.14:03
ms_kLetoThe2nd: thank you for your quick answer. I found the oe-pkgdata-util command, which with package-info subcommand reads some infos from the package14:07
LetoThe2ndms_k: yes, the -util command is the simpler version. if thats already enough. all the better.14:08
ms_kAdditionally, with read-value subcommand one can read "the named value from the pkgdata files for the specified packages", but seems not working. I will investigate a bit14:09
ms_kLetoThe2nd: thank you14:09
LetoThe2ndms_k: have fun14:10
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HankyBanisterHey guys. Had a strange error today. When trying to build an image, wic seems unable to find mkfs.ext4 all of a sudden... Didn't change anything. What's wrong? (ERROR: A native program mkfs.ext4 required to build the image was not found (see details above).)14:14
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mort - what's up with that?14:18
mortthe user _apt does exist14:18
ms_kLetoThe2nd: I found my mistake: when used with the read-value subcommand, the value to read must be specified with the name of bitbake variable. For example, for dependencies the command is "oe-pkgdata-util read-value RDEPENDS pkgname"14:20
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ms_kLetoThe2nd: I wrongly thought that the value was the variable name in ipk control file (Depends, Version, ...) . Solved, thanks again.14:22
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zeddiiihmm. freenode is telling me I can't join #oe. anyone else seeing that at the moment ?14:33
zeddiiimaybe I've been banned!14:33
LetoThe2ndzeddiii: nah, i'm there.14:35
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RPzeddiii: I'm there. Maybe you need to identify to freenode?14:37
zeddiiiI had a power failure (x2) last night, and everything cycled here.14:37
zeddiiiso could be that, maybe my identify failed to happen automatically14:37
* zeddiii checks14:37
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mattsmzeddiii: i thought #oe was an open channel14:38
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zeddiiihaha. finally got nickserv to take my identification. I'm back on.  #oe with extra hoops.14:44
zeddiiiznc normally does that for me though, I blame the power bumps.14:44
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osullivan99hello i'm new to the yocto project and want to use other u-boot in my bsp, so i wanted to delete recipes-bsp/u-boot/ and put something like there, but after executing bitbake i still have u-boot 2019 running. so I forced a rebuild with bitbake world, but it leads to errors with SIGSYS. any help what I can do?15:12
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mckoanosullivan99: the bootloader selection is written in the machine file therefore you get always the same old version15:14
mckoanosullivan99: follow PREFERRED_PROVIDER_u-boot...15:15
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osullivan99mckoan: so I just need to put my own src there?15:24
RPzeddiii: then I was netsplit into a #yocto with six people15:24
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JPEWwic question: I have an SoC that requires some code in the MBR boot code section; whats the best way to place it there with wic? I sort of want the do_install_disk() from bootimg-pcbios, but not the rest of it15:28
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osullivan99mckoan: PREFERRED_PROVIDER_u-boot_tqma57xx ?= "u-boot-tq"15:38
osullivan99mckoan: inside poky/meta-tq/recipes-bsp/u-boot/ there is no such file or dir15:39
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osullivan99mckoan: there are only dirs and files like u-boot-tq-2016.03/ and u-boot-tq_2016.03.bb15:41
mckoanosullivan99: TQ-Systems GmbH should offer you their support15:42
mckoanosullivan99: however, what is your MACHINE ?15:42
mckoanosullivan99: and your Yocto version ?15:42
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osullivan99yocto 3.0.3 , conf/machine/include/tqma57xx.inc15:43
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osullivan99TQ-Systems don't support me as they prefer money for doing software adaption themselves15:45
mckoanosullivan99: YP 3.0 == zeus15:47
mckoanwhat is your MACHINE (see in local.conf)15:48
osullivan99mckoan: MACHINE = "tqma57xx-mba57xx"15:49
mckoanosullivan99: see
mckoanPREFERRED_PROVIDER_u-boot_tqma57xx ?= "u-boot-tq" means that your BSP is looking for the latest recipe called u-boot-tq_*15:52
mckoanso in you have -boot-tq_2019.04.bb15:52
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osullivan99mckoan: yes that's what I thought, but when I change content of the image still contains u-boot 201916:01
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mckoanosullivan99: it isn't so easy to explain the whole YP mechanics in a sentence16:06
mckoanosullivan99: in this case you should create a BSP layer and implement your own u-boot recipe16:08
mckoanwhich is my job ;-)16:09
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RPjonmason: is a known issue?16:50
frayRP / JPEW I'm finishing up the testing of my patch now.. I need to rebase it and such.. so I hope in an hour or so I'll be able to send something up, baring interrruptions16:52
RPzeddiii: did you have a chance to look at that qemux86 qemux86-64 issue that looked a bit NFS like?16:52
zeddiiionly the config .diff I posted over the weekend. There's no obvious NFS config differences between the two kernels.  just
*** rubdos_ <rubdos_!> has quit IRC16:53
RPzeddiii: that could be it, its an old nfs server and may use UDP?16:54
RPzeddiii: can we turn that on and run a test?16:54
zeddiiiyep. working on that, I ended up fixing and tweaking those other configs and just got those builds done, looking at it now.16:54
RPzeddiii: cool, thanks16:54
* RP just changed the way bitbake server is started. What could go wrong.16:55
RPJPEW: I'm hoping the logging/configuration changes make some of the things you've looked at easier16:55
RPJPEW: I'm tempted to drop that whole debug_domains chunk of code since I don't use it and I've never seen anyone who does16:56
RPJPEW: managed to make two of the horrible global variables less global and more specific16:56
*** lucaceresoli <lucaceresoli!> has quit IRC16:58
kergothi used to use the debug domains years ago, it let you crank up the debugging of bb.fetch but leave the rest alone, which helped with bitbake's ridiculous verbosity with -DDD. but was never very convenient to use or configure16:58
RPkergoth: I think you could use LOGCONFIG  now16:58
RPkergoth: (which is why I'm thinking of removing the other)16:58
kergothah, yes, true16:58
RPkergoth: at least I think you could...17:00
RPrburton: not sure if looks familiar?17:04
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JPEWRP: Good. There was a lot more clean I was looking at the time, but like I said we really just need the hashequiv logging at the time :)17:13
*** tiburonX2 <tiburonX2!> has joined #yocto17:14
RPJPEW: still a lot more, I'm trying to stick to sorting out the locked up server issues :)17:14
RPJPEW: and stand a chance of this being compatible with dunfell17:14
*** dlan <dlan!~dennis@gentoo/developer/dlan> has quit IRC17:16
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jonmasonRP: weird, I'm building on debian and didn't see the issue before.  verifying now17:17
*** dlan <dlan!~dennis@> has joined #yocto17:18
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rewittRP: It seems, broke the ability to do This is because the IMAGE_BOOT_FILES specified for bootimg-partition, now also apply to bootimg-efi. I'm not sure what the solution would be. I just banged my head against the wall last week17:22
rewittfiguring out what had changed :)17:22
rewittRP: Whoops I actually pointed at the doc update, the actual change is
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RPrewitt: hmm, we can't win with some of these changes :/17:34
RPrewitt: they're a bit outside my knowledge area too :(17:34
RPJPEW: nice, yes, that :)17:35
RPJPEW: I *think* you should be in a better position to do it with my cleanup17:35
JPEWRP: Cool17:35
RPJPEW: assuming these changes work17:35
RPrewitt: FWIW I'm a bit worried about the current changes in master-next to bitbake's server starting and toaster17:36
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RPrewitt: do the meta-intel people know about the README issue?17:37
rewittRP: From what I can tell, bootimg-partition is intended to be constructed entirely from IMAGE_BOOT_FILES. So although it may be useful to efi-bootimg, there probably needs to be some distinction.17:37
RPrewitt: that sounds reasonable17:38
JPEWrewitt: Any idea what kind of extra files they are trying to install on EFI?17:38
rewittJPEW: No, all I know is what is in
rewittThe short is meta-intel said "Oh we can use IMAGE_BOOT_FILES to create an extra bootimg-partition" that can then be copied whole over to the target medium. But 801f07fc00d43d107cb6ae671dbbb57ee91cc6be prevents that, because the "default" efi loader/boot.conf in IMAGE_BOOT_FILES for bootimg-partition, then overrides the "installer" boot.conf in the efi-bootimg17:42
RPrewitt: I think it needs to use a different variable. If the same files are wanted, they can be set to the same thing17:43
rewittRP: Yeah that's what I was thinking as the "easiest" solution. But this honestly feels like a bit of a kludgy way to do the installer.17:46
RPrewitt: open to better ideas, I just don't have the knowledge in that area :/. Would you be able to raise this on the mailing list or bugzilla with the patch author?17:47
rewittRP: Sure I can do that. I'm not sure when I'll be able to spend some time trying to figure out an alternative for the installer. But I was afraid the bootimg-efi change might bite someone else, and at least wanted to mention it.17:49
RPrewitt: no problem, it is good to know about the issue and I appreciate that!17:49
JPEWrewitt: I would agree. I don't know much about EFI, but the domain for what files you would want to include seems very different17:52
JPEWSo a different variable seems like it would be better17:52
rewittI'm also curious why is only in meta-intel, it seems like it would be generally useful for anyone that would like an installer image that can exceed 4GB.17:59
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RPrewitt: That is a good question, particularly as we'd like to stop using hddimg18:14
*** codusnocturnus <codusnocturnus!~codusnoct@2600:8800:a601:3a00:b910:5378:758c:324a> has quit IRC18:15
rewittRP: That's actually what made me start looking into it. hddimg was turned off as one of the default IMAGE_FSTYPES and we had users that were missing it. Due to the 4GB limit of hddimg, and the seeming desire to kill it :), I was trying to find the replacement method.18:16
*** tlwoerner <tlwoerner!~Trevor@unaffiliated/tlwoerner> has joined #yocto18:17
rewittRP: You can even test in qemu(actually the only way I've tested it), so it seems like something that would be safe to add to oe-core at some point.18:18
RPrewitt: right, I'd like to see it in core18:21
* RP is amazed the bitbake server code isn't a sea of red...18:22
kergothRP: your server work looks good, actually much less invasive than i was expecting to see18:26
*** fl0v0 <fl0v0!~fvo@> has quit IRC18:29
RPkergoth: Thanks for taking a look! I've made some interesting assumptions but ones I think take the codebase the right way :)18:35
rewittRP: I missed your toaster concern. I could try to find some time to test master-next if breakage would prevent you from merging. However, if it wouldn't be considered blocking, I'm not sure when I would be able to get to it.18:36
kergothi think it's a step in the right direction, anyway. obviously more could be done, but it's a definite improvement that seems to deal with this particular issue, and that's the best we can hope for most often. i know how much work it can be to pare down a change like this to the minimum necessary to accomplish the goal, so kudos18:36
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RPkergoth: one step at a time, as ever I guess. I think I removed the things I most hated in this pass through that code :)18:46
RPzeddiii: have I missed a patch? I can't seem to apply the patch you sent to master/master-next :/18:49
RPkergoth: of course now for some reason tinfoil is spamming stdout in unknown circumstances :/18:49
dl9pfRP: ok, understood wrt different instances.18:50
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zeddiiiRP: my bad, it needs the ones I did for the perf and virtio warnings as well. I'll send that now.18:59
zeddiiiRP: 4 patches sent.19:00
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RPzeddiii: thanks, will queue for testing, see if it solves our mystery issue19:39
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RPwow, one selftest failure with "runqemu - ERROR - Failed to run qemu: qemu-system-x86_64: OpenGL is not supported by the display" which doesn't sound like it was my code's fault :)19:41
RPhmm, and esdk doesn't look entirely happy19:43
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* RP finds a reference to sys.argv in :(21:04
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RPkergoth: can't believe that got past review but that would by my fault :(21:21
RPkergoth: if I fix that and some PATH issues to bitbake-server we can give this another run through the AB...21:21
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RPProgress. devtool inside and esdk is broken but things look better22:34
fraywhich command(s) or tests are broken?22:35
RPfray: "bitbake core-image-sato -c testsdkext" fails in two of the tests, see step2c of
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f0hI've been trying to register an event handler upon the successful parsing of a specific recipe. What's the right way to do that?23:37
f0h(I can easily add an event mask to the handler, but I'm a bit lost whether there's a way to also have a "recipe mask")23:38
RPkergoth: tinfoil was dumping onto the terminal because exec() reset the stdout/stderr fds :/23:39
* RP tried to make them inheritable with no success23:39
* RP goes for the hammer approach23:40
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