Tuesday, 2020-08-25

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RPzeddii: fix confirmed so I've merged those00:08
RPzeddii: thanks!00:08
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dannasI'm trying to modify a kernel config for a raspberrypi-based board. I used meta-raspberrypi and a my own layer with .bbappend for the kernel that has kernel_config_variable calls for those kernel variables I want to modify. Using yocto
dannasThe manual says to use kernel_configme before running make menuconfig https://www.yoctoproject.org/docs/2.7.4/kernel-dev/kernel-dev.html#using-menuconfig05:19
dannasBut for the meta-raspberrypi layer that task doesn't exist.05:19
dannasHow do I go about ensuring that make menuconfig will show a config where all layers changes has been applied, if kernel_configme does not exist?05:20
dannasIs the kernel_config_variable a meta-raspberrypi specific thing? I didn't find any mention of it in the yocto kernel manual?05:20
dannasWhat actually happens for me: When I run bitbake -c menuconfig linux-raspberrypi, the changes I've made in my layer above meta-raspberrypi does not show up in the ncurses gui.05:21
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mckoandannas: that's normal. kernel_configme is for yocto kernels06:40
dannasmckoan: Ok. Should make menuconfig apply all changes to the config before starting the ncurses gui? (I assume so, and expect that its something I've messed up)06:51
mckoandannas: when you run bitbake -c menuconfig linux-raspberrypi, the default configuration comes from the defconfig file into the recipe directory06:53
mckoandannas: I usually prefer to extract the kernel from Yocto and work on it as standalone project06:54
dannasmckoan: Ok, so bbappend files with modifications to the config are not applied prior to menuconfig, then?06:55
dannasThat would explain the behaviour I'm seeing, and yeah it looks like working on the kernel as a separate project is the way to go.06:56
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mckoandannas: I don't know what you are trying to do with bbappend07:05
mckoandannas: generally speaking a bbappend file with modifications is applied prior to menuconfig07:06
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dannasI'm using kernel_configure_variable https://github.com/agherzan/meta-raspberrypi/blob/f046b4128c9ca3420614887006101fa2b10fc6e7/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-raspberrypi.inc#L53 for enabling a few drivers from a linux-kernel.bbappend file07:11
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fbreHi! The yocto default kernel configuration has <M> for the "filesystem"-->"overlay filesystem". After booting I type on console: modprobe overlay            but the following error occurs: modprobe FATAL Module overlay not found in directory /lib/modules/......          Why could this loading of the kernel module not work?07:55
fbreWhat else is missing in the kernel config?07:56
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mckoanfbre: what is the exact configuration? grep OVERLAY .config07:59
gaston53After adding mariadb to my linux yocto image ( sumo branch ) and while I try to start the server on my embedded board, an error occurs saying :07:59
gaston53RROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (2)07:59
gaston53anybody has an idea ? it's yocto problem or data base problem ?08:00
mckoangaston53: try asking on mariadb channel or ML08:00
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mckoangaston53: AFAIK mariadb works on Yocto, so I guess you have a misconfiguration08:01
gaston53IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " mariadb" , rebuild the image, boot my board, enter to /usr/bin , type `mysql` command08:02
gaston53that error is shown08:02
gaston53that's what I did08:03
fbremckoan: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1zpvihy2ingsl82/20200825_100309.jpg?dl=008:05
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mckoanfbre: as you can see the settings are static (=y) and not modules08:09
fbremckoan: uhm, CONFIG_OVERLAY_FS=m      actually in my problem configuration.  That "y" in my screenshot was another trial08:09
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fbremckoan: "m" is the default, and it leads to the problem08:10
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fbremckoan: Shouldn't it work to load stuff configured with "m" on "modprobe overlay"?08:11
mckoangaston53: I think you have to customize your my.cnf08:11
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gaston53mckoan how ? what should I modify ?08:12
mckoangaston53: I'm not a SQL expert, sorry08:12
gaston53mckoan no problem08:12
mckoanfbre: you need to double check the config settings and then check the content of lib/modules/kernel08:14
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LetoThe2ndi would rather check if the db is running at all.08:22
dl9pfRP: I see a few jobs stuck on 'bitbake is still alive' , is this one of the autobuilder bugs ?08:26
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zandreyfbre: the warning you see (FDT_ERR_BADMAGIC) is actually coming from the u-boot and not from kernel. i see the same warning from NXP u-boot 2020.04, but this does not prevent the boot of device08:31
fbrezandrey: thanx for your reply! Meanwhile I gave up zeus and stepped backwards to warrior. The strange thing is the same procedure with the initramfs and overlayfs leads to a proper booting now. The only "hack" I have to do is to set <*> instead of <M> for "filesystem"-->"overlay filesystem" in the kernel config. Otherwise it can't find the kernel08:37
fbremodule in /lib/modules/kernel during booting08:37
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fbrezandrey: I wonder why the bundled kernel does not load with zeus. In u-boot, I just set         setenv image Image-initramfs-imx8mmevk.bin         setenv mmcroot /dev/ram0 rootwait rw          boot08:39
fbreThe same thing works with warrior08:39
zandreyfbre: have you tried a BSP from meta-freescale? this one has dunfell compatibility, and there is an ongoing PR to integrate NXP 5.4.24-2.1.0 release08:40
fbrezandrey: A BSP from meta-freescale? Not sure what you mean  *thinking*08:41
fbrezandrey: I always checked out via git from codeaurora08:42
zandreyfbre: as i understand - you're using NXP BSP, but you can try a community BSP as well to see if that fits you. have a look at https://github.com/Freescale/meta-freescale08:43
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fbrezandrey: Thanx for the link. Is your suggestion different from what I get from here?: repo init -u  https://source.codeaurora.org/external/imx/imx-manifest -b imx-linux-[version] -m imx-[version].xml08:45
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zandreyfbre: yes it is. :) you would not require NXP manifest, you can just clone the oe-core, meta-freescale, and (if needed) you custom layers. check if the machine you're using now is already supported in the meta-freescale, you can start from that BSP.08:47
zandreymeta-freescale has ports of NXP components together with upstream recipes, so it is compatible with dunfell. it is also tested (to a certain extreme) with imx8mmevk and imx8mnevk08:49
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zandreyfbre: bottom line: you can compare the content of meta-freescale with meta-bsp folder from NXP BSP, you see that they match in certain areas ;)08:50
RPdl9pf: no, that looks different08:52
RPdl9pf: I've not seen bitbake hang at Task init for a long time08:52
fbrezandrey: sound cool although I'm quite confused how I get it all puzzled together. I have clones of sumo, warrior and zeus here, all from codeaurora (see above). Dunfell is not available there yet. That meta-freescale is just a layer there in each one.  Do you mean I should use my "zeus" checkout and replace its meta-freescale layer with the one08:53
fbrefrom the link you suggested to me?08:53
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dl9pfRP: ok, will watch out.08:54
dl9pfcould not repro locally, though.08:54
dl9pfall on dunfell08:55
fbrezandrey: .... because https://github.com/Freescale/meta-freescale is just one layer.08:55
RPdl9pf: Its unusual to hang there, usually its at startup/exit where we have the problems08:55
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dl9pffwiw: it is with prserv/hashserv both enabled.08:57
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RPkanavin_home: around?09:04
RPdl9pf: I guess it could be something prserv related as we don't run with that now09:04
dl9pfI'll see if I can repro locally ... the cloud builders are gone09:05
fbreYippie I can boot from an overlayfs with warrior!!! Party on. Free beer for all here09:05
RPkanavin_home: no matter, as soon as I said that I found the magic I'd spent ages earching for :)09:07
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kanavin_homeRP: :)09:07
kanavin_homewhat was the issue?09:08
RPkanavin_home: I'm trying to work out why the virgl test:  https://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/typhoon/#/builders/86/builds/1269/steps/8/logs/step2d is failing with the bitbake server changes in master-next09:08
RPkanavin_home: fails everywhere09:08
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RPkanavin_home: the -nographic in there looks interesting09:09
RPkanavin_home: its running "runqemu nographic gtk gl XXX"09:12
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RPrunqemu should be throwing an error at that?09:12
RPhmm, that means DISPLAY is unset. That sounds like a promising lead09:14
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RPkanavin_home: found the issue in bitbake. A bug which would have broken memory resident bitbake09:51
LetoThe2ndRP: we do have issues? rly?!?09:52
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RPLetoThe2nd: hard to believe, I know!09:55
LetoThe2ndRP: you've just busted my perfect-OE-world bubble! shame on you!09:56
kanavin_homeRP: had to reboot my system a couple of times, so anything you said probably didn't arrive here09:56
kanavin_homeRP: if help still needed, please tell :)09:56
RPkanavin_home: short summary is I figured out there was a bitbake bug with environment handling which meant DISPLAY was disappearing09:59
RPkanavin_home: I do wonder why runqemu doesn't error with "runqemu nographic gl" though09:59
kanavin_homeRP: right, I thought there was a recent patch for it from someone?10:00
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kanavin_homeak@linux-f9zs:~/development/poky/build> runqemu nographic gl10:01
kanavin_homerunqemu - ERROR - Option gl also needs gtk or sdl option.10:01
kanavin_homerunqemu - INFO - Cleaning up10:01
kanavin_homeworks here :-/10:01
RPkanavin_home: let me check the exact command10:01
RPkanavin_home: runqemu nographic sdl gl ?10:03
kanavin_homeRP: nographic shouldn't be there if sdl is?10:06
RPkanavin_home: right, I've fixed that. I'm just surprised runqemu didn't error10:09
RPkanavin_home: instead if tried to run qemu like this leading to confusing error messages10:10
kanavin_homeRP: sdl and gl is a valid combination10:10
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kanavin_homenographic and sdl is not a valid combination10:10
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ak77is there a way to blacklist a package and everything that depends on it ? by using PNBLACKLIST[x], build fails on packages that depend on x10:14
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kanavin_homeak77: by eliminating the dependency that pulls in x into the image from that image10:15
ak77kanavin_home, yeah. I know that, but I am currently testing some CI and don't want to change image recipes... just to disable bunch of packages10:16
kanavin_homeak77: if an image requires x directly or indirectly, you can't override that without actually finding a way to breaking the dependency chain at some point with a specific tweak: modifications to either the image, or recipe PACKAGECONFIG10:18
kanavin_homeor build a different image maybe10:18
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ak77kanavin_home, makes sense. thank you10:19
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RPkanavin_home: Its the combination of nographic, sdl and gl I think should error?11:22
kanavin_homeRP: nographic and sdl should be mutually incompatible11:28
kanavin_homeRP: but qemu accepts them both, and the behaviour differs depending on their order :-/11:30
kanavin_home(e.g qemu-system-x86_64 -display sdl -nographic vs qemu-system-x86_64 -display sdl -nographic )11:31
RPkanavin_home: ouch :/11:31
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RPkanavin_home: regardless of qemu, runqemu shouldn't I guess11:31
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kanavin_homeRP: right, something to fix perhaps - there can only be one of nographic, sdl or gtk11:32
kanavin_homeand then gl is only compatible with the latter two, which is already addressed11:32
RPkanavin_home: yes, I'll add fixing it to the queue (or file a bug)11:33
fbrezandrey_: I wonder if a kernel with bundled initramfs cannot be loaded with "zeus" (but can be loaded without problem with "warrior") because the size probably exceeds any limit (?)  A kernel+bundledInitramfs  as .bin file is 63,7MB with zeus but 57,3MB with warrior.11:34
RPnice, this bitbake server code fixes open bugs :)11:35
kanavin_homeRP: something I wanted to ask - should we run AUH once more (out of monthly cadence) for a final round of version updates, or are the deadlines too close for that?11:36
RPkanavin_home: I'm happy to have one more, once I get the current queue merged11:36
kanavin_homeRP: right, I'll do that then (once the master-next is down to few patches)11:37
zandrey_fbre: this well can be, but it is hard for me to judge on it since it would involve a debugging session with logs reading.11:38
RPoe-selftest -r tinfoil takes 60s normally, BB_SERVER_TIMEOUT=5 makes it take 30s11:38
zandrey_fbre: as for using meta-freescale in your setup, you can do it like it is written in https://www.yoctoproject.org/docs/latest/kernel-dev/kernel-dev.html#kernel-dev-advanced11:38
zandrey_fbre: just replace meta-altera with meta-freescale in the section "Customizing Your Build for Specific Hardware" and follow instructions11:39
fbrezandrey_: thanx! That's a good start for further steps11:39
*** dexterlb <dexterlb!~dexterlb@2a01:9e40:2:2::2> has quit IRC11:39
zandrey_since you're using imx8m mini evk - there is a machine configuration file readily available in the layer for you to use11:40
zandrey_when it come to build, just issue 'MACHINE=imx8mmevk bitbake core-image-minimal' and you should then have a wic.gz ready for you to load11:41
fbreOK (y)11:41
zandrey_later on i suggest you to bundle your kernel, fdt and initramdisk in the fit image and load it, instead of bundling it with kernel. this should work, but there would be one patch required for u-boot to properly uncompress kernel binary.11:42
zandrey_this patch is under review in u-boot upstream, and once it is accepted i would add a backport to meta-freescale layer so that fit can be loaded proper11:43
*** berton <berton!~berton@> has joined #yocto11:44
*** dexterlb <dexterlb!~dexterlb@2a01:9e40:2:2::2> has joined #yocto11:44
fbreOK (y)  I understand only half of it but it should be clearer after I read your web page11:45
fbreThough I still wonder how my hacks of yocto/sources/poky/meta/recipes-core/initrdscripts/files/init-live.sh   should be handled. I had to adapt it a bit to load my own readwritable-partition instead of their plugging in of a live media CD11:45
fbreThat init-live.sh is called by that core-image-tiny-initramfs11:46
zandrey_fbre: i guess the best course of action here would be to post this question to the yocto mailing list together with changes you made, so people can have a look and provide a feedback that would steer it further. if there is a problem in that script - then the patch would be welcomed, otherwise you might get some further directions on how to solve your issues without hacking it. :)11:48
*** zandrey_ <zandrey_!~zandrey@> has quit IRC11:50
fbreOK (y)  sounds good. Thanx.11:50
*** fbre <fbre!91fdde45@> has quit IRC11:52
*** zandrey <zandrey!~zandrey@> has joined #yocto12:03
osullivan99hi mckoan I've written my own receipe for u-boot but yocto still prefers TQ's u-boot. what shall I do next?12:04
*** pbb <pbb!~quassel@pleroma.petabyte.dev> has quit IRC12:06
*** pbb <pbb!~quassel@pleroma.petabyte.dev> has joined #yocto12:14
*** Konsgnx <Konsgnx!~Konsgnx3@66-109-34-138.tvc-ip.com> has joined #yocto12:16
osullivan99does anybody else know how to exchange u-boot version in yocto?12:21
*** zandrey <zandrey!~zandrey@> has quit IRC12:22
RPosullivan99: did you set PREFERRED_VERSION ?12:22
LetoThe2ndprobably rather PREFERRED_PROVIDER, /me guesses12:22
osullivan99where can I set that flag12:23
osullivan99ok i have an idea now12:24
mckoanosullivan99: that have to be set in the machine as I said yesterday12:26
osullivan99mckoan: I've set that flag in conf/layer.conf12:28
osullivan99PREFERRED_VERSION_u-boot = "2020.07"12:28
*** kaspter <kaspter!~Instantbi@> has quit IRC12:30
*** kaspter <kaspter!~Instantbi@> has joined #yocto12:30
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osullivan9919:52 < mckoan> PREFERRED_PROVIDER_u-boot_tqma57xx ?= "u-boot-tq" means that your BSP is looking for the latest recipe called u-boot-tq*12:33
osullivan99that's why I named the recipe u-boot_2020.07.bb12:34
osullivan99the other recipes are version <=201912:34
*** georgem_home <georgem_home!uid210681@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-fupyyjpimeoxtbat> has joined #yocto12:37
osullivan99so still there's u-boot 2019 starting, nothing changed12:37
mckoanosullivan99: no, you cant name the PN with underscore !12:37
mckoanosullivan99: this is one of the most subtle mistakes12:38
osullivan99where do you mean? i'm sorry i'm still yocto noob12:40
mckoanosullivan99: replace u-boot_tqma57xx with u-boot-tqma57xx or better describe what are you doing12:40
osullivan99ok let me try12:40
mckoanosullivan99: pastebin your machine file, your u-boot recipe and the recipe name12:40
mckoanrecipes must have the following rule: PN_PV.bb (my-recipe-name_1.00.bb) the one and only underscore ('_') have to separate the PN from PV12:42
* mckoan always teaches that during his training courses :-D12:43
mckoanosullivan99: but in this case you have to use PREFERRED_PROVIDER_u-boot_tqma57xx in the machine (sorry)12:44
mckoanosullivan99: if your recipe name is u-boot_2020.07.bb, it's fine12:45
osullivan99https://dpaste.com/GPK6TULWL <--- u-boot_2020.07.bb12:46
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*** shoragan <shoragan!~shoragan@debian/developer/shoragan> has joined #yocto12:49
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osullivan99https://dpaste.com/352DQ9WWL <--- tqma57xx.inc12:50
mckoanosullivan99: you have to name your recipe u-boot-tq_2020.07.bb12:51
mckoanosullivan99: because you said PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel_tqma57xx ?= "linux-ti-tq"12:52
mckoanand not PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel_tqma57xx ?= "linux-ti"12:52
mckoanno, sorry12:52
mckoanthat's a typo12:53
mckoanosullivan99: PREFERRED_PROVIDER_u-boot_tqma57xx ?= "u-boot-tq" is OK12:53
mckoanosullivan99: are you sure that the SRC_URI you are using in u-boot_2020.07.bb is suitable for tqma57xx-mba57xx ?12:54
mckoanosullivan99: because the latest u-boot provided for such board is SRCBRANCH = "TQMa57xx-u-boot-v2019.04"12:56
mckoanosullivan99: I guess that you don't have the 2020 binary artefact becaus ethe whole u-boot build fails12:57
osullivan99actually I want to port u-boot to board tqma335x, so I try step by step because i'm a noob12:59
osullivan99my plan is first port other version on tqma57xx and second try on other board13:00
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mckoanosullivan99: it will be a hard work, particularly for a noob13:25
*** angery <angery!~dave@d66-183-214-213.bchsia.telus.net> has joined #yocto13:25
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osullivan99mckoan: what do you think about my plan? do you have any better idea?13:36
*** paulg <paulg!~paulg@198-84-145-15.cpe.teksavvy.com> has joined #yocto13:47
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ak77hmm... how to non-intrusively add layer compatibility to an external meta layer ? everything works, but it's missing "dunfell"14:03
ak77why is that even a thing? it should be feature-dependent, not name-dependent14:04
RPak77: its because previously it was hard to spot untested layers and that caused even more problems14:06
*** kidon[m] <kidon[m]!kidonmatri@gateway/shell/matrix.org/x-zfgwlsgtqpgnyjth> has left #yocto14:06
RPak77: now you *know* this is potentially risky14:06
mckoanosullivan99: I whish you a warm 'happy hacking!'14:08
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smurrayYPTM: Scott Murray is on15:02
LetoThe2ndYPTM: josef is on15:03
ak77 RP, yes, now I know, I have tested, and all is good. can I somehow mark it ok from some other layer? (as I don't wanna have my own branch just for this one "fix")15:04
paulbarkerdenix: Have you seen http://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit/cgit.cgi/meta-arm/commit/?id=6eca1708756abc6a8bd02a3225fb10f8d422c7a4? Looks like it breaks Arago distro on master15:06
denixYPTM: Denys is on15:06
*** davidinux <davidinux!~davidinux@> has joined #yocto15:07
*** codusnocturnus <codusnocturnus!~codusnoct@ip68-98-225-84.ph.ph.cox.net> has joined #yocto15:07
paulbarkerdenix: http://arago-project.org/git/?p=meta-arago.git;a=blob;f=meta-arago-extras/recipes-core/meta/external-arm-toolchain.bbappend;h=5a51aaa07428f2a7c61e27cc8b2c89b3186df25e;hb=HEAD#l9 may need updating to use ${TARGET_SYS} instead of ${EAT_TARGET_SYS}. If that sounds right I can work up a patch to submit15:08
dl9pfYPTM: Jan-Simon is on15:13
denixpaulbarker: there was a long discussion on the list and that change is not finished yet...15:15
paulbarkerdenix: Ok, any way we can workaround until it's finished? Or do we need to pin meta-arm to an older commit for now?15:17
denixpaulbarker: yeah, I pinned it down for my builds for now. need to get back to that, but have been too busy unfortunately15:20
*** frsc <frsc!~frsc@p50937620.dip0.t-ipconnect.de> has quit IRC15:20
paulbarkerdenix: I know the feeling there don't worry. I'll pin it for now15:21
denixpaulbarker: thanks15:21
denixpaulbarker: there were couple of your old patches for meta-arago that needed re-work or rebase - are those still needed?15:22
paulbarkerdenix: Yes, I'm still applying those locally but I agree they need a bit of rework to upstream them15:24
paulbarkerI'll give them another look now I'm working on this BSP again15:25
orange568Hi. I'm new to Yocto and have been using the Thud release due to the project constraints. To get better performance from the modem, I wanted to update NetworkManager from v1.14.4 to v1.18.4 (Zeus). The problem that I have is that if I replace all the files in the networkmanager directory with the newer ones, the service is disabled at boot time. I can manually enable it by ssh'ing into the board. Does anyone have an idea of what could be causing the15:28
*** beneth <beneth!~beneth@irc.beneth.fr> has left #yocto15:31
LetoThe2ndorange568: without digging into it specifically, look at bitbake -e and see whats going on, maybe some systemd enable being set to false or such.15:35
RPkergoth: had to smile at your reply on the bitbake list :)15:36
*** beneth <beneth!~beneth@irc.beneth.fr> has joined #yocto15:38
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orange568I will try that15:49
orange568Thank you15:49
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skanmalemhey guys, I have a technical issue working with beagle bone black and work with meta ti layer, I got a wifi dongle USB using mt7601u chipset and I wanted to integrate the driver and the firmware on core image minimal but the board cannot detect the dongle.15:52
JPEWRP: I was trying to distill down what you meant by the stdin/stdout file descriptors not being kept across fork(), can you elaborate?15:57
RPJPEW:  daemonize does  so = open(logfile, 'a+');     os.dup2(so.fileno(), sys.stdout.fileno()) yet in the child, its back to /dev/pty/115:58
RP(after the exec)15:59
*** mrc3 <mrc3!~mrc3@linaro/mrc3> has joined #yocto16:00
JPEWRP: Hmm, interesting. I was trying to distill it down to a simpler reproducer, but it seems to work fine in my test program. I'll keep digging16:01
*** mbulut <mbulut!~nameclash@ip1f126b1a.dynamic.kabel-deutschland.de> has joined #yocto16:01
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RPJPEW: efibootpartition.GenericEFITest.test_boot_efi was the one which showed it up16:03
RPJPEW: showed up as dumping server output to the terminal16:04
*** mbulut <mbulut!~nameclash@ip1f126b1a.dynamic.kabel-deutschland.de> has quit IRC16:05
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ak77I always wondered why does npm.class add RDEPENDS on nodejs ? we build js files that are static, and served by the web server - no need for nodejs16:08
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*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away16:16
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RPJPEW: to be clear, I mean that logfile is lost over the exec() call16:57
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rewittkanavin_home: I talked to the rt-tests maintainer in IRC yesterday regarding the stable vs. ustable branches in rt-tests. He said "rewitt, I would recommend that they use unstable/devel/latest as the maintained stable branch". With him saying this, do you see any reason rt-tests shouldn't be upgraded to 1.8?17:56
*** andycooper <andycooper!uid246432@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-zuocbudcpiyltbit> has quit IRC18:13
smurrayheh, unstable = stable, that's very 202018:17
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RPzeddii: meta-intel is still using 5.4 and is grumpy with perf: https://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/typhoon/#/builders/100/builds/66018:39
zeddiihmm. yah. probably missing that patch. I'll check and dig it out of 5.8 and add it to 5.4.18:40
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RPzeddii: its possible they haven;t updated SRCREVs too18:49
*** pbb <pbb!~quassel@pleroma.petabyte.dev> has quit IRC18:49
RPkhem: can we just change f-no-common for perf in its compiler flags?18:49
*** ernstp <ernstp!sid168075@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-tfsowvmujccmeyzv> has joined #yocto18:50
*** pbb <pbb!~quassel@pleroma.petabyte.dev> has joined #yocto18:50
khemRP: yes we can is it still failing ?18:52
khemI thought Martin's patch would address it18:53
RPkhem: still failing. I think a perf specific patch might be easiest given the variety of kernels people run :/18:53
*** mihai is now known as mihail18:53
khemthats what I asked Martin I think his patch is good approach since it does not require specific patches for kernel18:54
*** maudat <maudat!~moda@bras-vprn-mtrlpq2848w-lp130-10-174-92-198-55.dsl.bell.ca> has joined #yocto18:54
khemwhich kernel is failing for you18:54
zeddiiRP: yah, the meta-intel perf issue is in their kernel tree18:55
RPkhem: linux-intel 5.4: https://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/typhoon/#/builders/100/builds/66018:56
khemRP: let intel fix it perhaps ?18:56
*** goliath <goliath!~goliath@212-186-38-205.cable.dynamic.surfer.at> has quit IRC18:56
khemI wonder why Martin's fix did not work here18:56
RPkhem: Martin said there were multiple issues. Can we not add -fno-common to LDFLAGS or CFLAGS or something?18:57
zeddiiif linux-yocto 5.4 perf builds, then it is probably a patch I'm carrying.  I can build it here, but I don't have the -f-no-common change in place when I built it.18:57
zeddiiI have to set that up and start it overnight.18:57
khemzeddii: https://github.com/torvalds/linux/commit/e4ffd066ff440a57097e9140fa9e16ceef905de818:58
RPzeddii: since we switched defaults, its hard for me to tell where 5.4 is at now18:58
zeddiithat's the one that Martin's sed takes care of. RP is talking about a different issue, that looks triggered by 5.4 and -f-no-common18:59
zeddiiI'll get my own builds up and running locally, so I can sort through the variations.18:59
khemI think all 5.4 kernels beyond 5.4.54 I think has the fix19:03
*** comptroller <comptroller!~comptroll@47-213-220-127.paolcmtc01.res.dyn.suddenlink.net> has quit IRC19:05
khemso I guess this needs to be 5.4.56+19:07
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khemRP: try something like http://sprunge.us/YKybWn for meta-intel ( untested )19:13
*** pbb <pbb!~quassel@pleroma.petabyte.dev> has joined #yocto19:14
mrc3khem, a question on this patch of yours:19:26
mrc3i know it's ancient, but is there any chance that patch will see the light?19:28
rewittsmurray: To be fair, he said he named it based on the API being stable and that he should probably change the name19:29
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smurrayrewitt: heh20:14
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kanavin_homerewitt: I don't, except they should really sort their message properly. If the unstable is actually stable, then make it so, and adjust docs etc.20:19
kanavin_homewhat is there now is confusing to integrators and maintainers20:20
*** vmeson <vmeson!~rmacleod@192-0-133-244.cpe.teksavvy.com> has joined #yocto20:20
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khemmrc3: sumo is EOL ACAICT, so I think it perhaps wont unless stable maintainer is planning on continuiing to support sumo which does not look like the case20:29
*** awe00 <awe00!~awe00@unaffiliated/awe00> has joined #yocto20:30
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rewittkanavin_home: Ok I had planned on doing it for a layer, so when I get it working I'll submit a patch20:40
*** khem <khem!~khem@unaffiliated/khem> has quit IRC20:40
rewittkanavin_home: I agree about it being confusing, which is why I asked for clarification. It's confused me for like a year.20:40
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JaMaarmpit: should zeus now show 3.0.4 as current version? https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/index.php?title=Releases&diff=76167&oldid=7613421:04
JaMato match https://lists.yoctoproject.org/g/yocto/message/5032321:04
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khemyes I think so21:13
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armpitJaMa, yes.21:33
armpitsurprised anyone uses the wiki ; )21:33
RPkhem: https://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/typhoon/#/builders/63/builds/2340 - kexec-tools ppc fcommon issue? (https://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/typhoon/#/builders/107/builds/839 is the same(21:40
RPkhem: ah, https://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/typhoon/#/builders/59/builds/2349 is also an fcommon issue with a cpio build from a different angle21:40
RPkhem: I was about to blame bitbake memres!21:41
RPvmeson: sadly the oe-selftest output with memres bitbake is a bit rough :(21:43
RPvmeson: outside selftest things look quite nice though21:44
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RP35/356 failures so far so 10% but ~2 main causes from the looks of the logs21:45
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JaMaarmpit: this page is what I use to show management how outdated our builds are to persuade them to let me upgrade it to newer release :)21:56
JaMa(the persuading is often more difficult than the actual upgrade)21:57
khemRP:lemme look21:58
khemJaMa: get to 3.1 atleast21:58
khemI know its a big PITA but it will let some of us share the pain21:59
armpitJaMa, k. I also update 3.1 revision too21:59
RPJaMa: I made sure to list *all* the previous releases in the new docs manual interface to show how outdated some releases are too22:00
khemRP: first one is fno-common/ppc right, I am trying to build it now and will be able to fix it quickly22:02
JaMakhem: yes, that's what I was pushing for (not partially implemented)22:03
JaMaRP: armpit: thanks x222:03
khemRP: meta_ide.MetaIDE.test_meta_ide_can_build_cpio_project hmm I thought I sent a fix for it already22:04
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khemJaMa: you can say other big projects are also adopting 3.122:04
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JaMakhem: the issue are the "expensive" prebuilt binaries we need to get for new ABIs in 3.122:06
armpitI can charge for prebuilts ?22:06
khemRP: ah I see, selftest is another one22:06
khemJaMa: yes thats the biggest drag, I know :) and hopefully you dont have code which needs physical keys to access22:07
JaMaarmpit: yes, some companies still sell their nasty binaries22:07
khemJaMa: getting base system up takes 1/10th of time compared to full deployment22:07
armpitI know a guy selling cheap prebuilts out of his van ; )22:08
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JaMakhem: yes, unfortunately :/22:08
JaMaI took some shortcuts to get it running and booting incrementally (for all releases) and created Jira tickets for responsible teams for items I didn't have access to resolve myself, now all the shortcuts are merged anyway, because responsible teams don't have time to work on "some yacto upgrade" and then they complain that it doesn't work well because of those shortcuts22:11
JaMalike downgrading various components to the version from old release, just because our components need to be properly updated to be compatible with new version.. (sigh)22:11
JaMaand I shouldn't be even working on webOS anymore, so my powers to influence it are quite limited22:12
ant__hi guys, you can't imagine how many 'unknown' distro out there for DVB/STB boxes are still using sumo22:13
ant__just this week I was hoping to find fixes because there is a bug and debugfs lacks sources...22:14
ant__so downloaded JaMa's last effort openembedded-core-2018-04-sumo.tar.gz22:14
ant__..but it adds layers compat etc etc...22:15
JaMaand your fridge might be much older release than that :)22:15
ant__btw which TV to buy in 2020?22:15
JaMaLG OLED ofc :)22:16
ant__which OS is now mode?22:16
ant__I see many 'droids22:16
JaMaI plan to buy OLED48CX3LB as new monitor22:16
ant__I had the strang eidea to buy 'just a monitor' but the panels costs $$$22:17
ant__I am starting to like Enigma222:18
RPkhem: yes, I think its a similar problem, different test22:18
ant__JaMa, unfortunately Enigma2 spaghetti-code is bound to python222:18
khemRP: patches on ml for both22:18
ant__so zeus is the limit for now (I tried to move them to dunfell but it is too hard atm)22:19
RPkhem: thanks! Will run more builds :)22:20
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khemJaMa: same issues everywhere man, fixing platform code for apps its so upside down22:21
ant__JaMa, nice display (CZ only I get) for 1.500 eur22:21
khemalso available in Hungary :)22:22
ant__my wife won't let me go in these countries ;)22:22
ant__too jelous22:23
JaMaant__: actually not available in CZ yet at all, maybe in 2 months they say, but some youtubers reviewed them already, so they are available elsewhere22:23
khemJaMa: for OLEDs hands down LG is ahead of pack22:24
ant__I read many other competitors have the bad habits to not update th esoftware, or so was in the past22:25
khemyeah its perhaps true for many today as well22:25
ant__so people buy cheap 'droid TV22:26
ant__khem: I thought I was smarter than them so got this expensive mipsel box and now am debugging second-hand closed-source BCM stuff22:27
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