Friday, 2020-08-28

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HerdingerHey all, I'm having issues with dependencies for ptest. My recipe depends on the cmocka library for building tests, but I don't want to include it during the normal image deploy. So I thought adding cmocka to DEPENDS_${PN}-ptest should work but it does not show up in the dependency graph and can not be found during build of the tests.08:46
HerdingerIs there a way to realize what I want?08:46
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LetoThe2ndHerdinger: DEPENDS is without ${PN}, therefore that will not work. what might do the trick is splitting your thing into an include and two recipes, one productive and one ptest09:10
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HerdingerLetoThe2nd: That makes sense, but than id need to manually replicate everything in the ptest class right, since its usecase is extending a normal recipe adding a -ptest package.09:24
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HerdingerAlso I'm not quite sure if there is anymore magic except for the package being named -ptest, i.e. if it has to show up in the dependency graph in the right way to enable it being picked up by the runner09:25
LetoThe2ndHerdinger: nope, you wouldn't have to replicate much. the normal recipe would be almost empty then, with all the payload being in the include. and the test package only brings extra bits.09:26
HerdingerI mean replicating the contents of the ptest class, since i cant use that anymore09:28
LetoThe2ndwhy couldn't you?09:29
LetoThe2ndrecipes are evaluated form top to bottom.09:30
LetoThe2ndso the test recipe starts out with the include, and then can add more inherits etc.09:30
LetoThe2ndsure, i might be missing a specific point of your usecase but i think that should work.09:30
Herdingeryes, but the point is that ptests adds packages to a specific recipe, so for example if i have and than and including ptest would create a package recipe-a-ptest-ptest and apply the actual functionality, installs config etc. to that09:32
LetoThe2ndah thats what you mean. yes, you would have two distinct package names for the test, and the non-test-case.09:33
HerdingerSo I would need to copy paste whatever ptest is doing and finagle it into something where it does its thing in context of the regular package.09:33
HerdingerAlso I don't know how the discoverability of ptest works, so if I would publish the recipe it might be that automatic installation of for the recipe is broken and it needs to be explicitly listed somewhere.09:34
HerdingerI find it hard to belive that there is no recipe that needs a unit test library or something similar to build it's tests, I mean that has to be a common thing.09:34
HerdingerIs it possible to remove rdepends? So that I put my unittest library into the regular depends, the shared libraries and header files get dynamically added to the rdepends for both packages. After that I want to remove the rdepends for the normal non ptest package. I think that would solve my issue09:36
LetoThe2ndyes you're right, its not the best idea i had. another option would for sure be to remove the dependencies that the package manager sees, but i've never done such so far. might require quite a bit of staring at bitbake -e output to find out where to modify things.09:38
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ak77why would SRC_URI_remove in bbappend not take effect?11:32
erboHerdinger: But if only the -ptest package has a run-time dependency to cmocka, it shouldn't be pulled in the to regular image. Or am I not reading the problem definition correctly?11:32
erboak77: Could be it something related to order of variable substitution and when _remove operations are done?11:33
erboak77: more details would be good, it should work to use SRC_URI_remove from bbappends11:34
ak77ok, looking at bitbake -e recipe... it actually shows that _remove works, but file still ends up in the image11:34
rburtonso most likely your patch isn't sufficient11:37
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ak77rburton, that was it, yeah, another variable to modify. thank you11:52
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rburtonour ext4 images only support 2038 dates, should we bump to 64-bit timestamps?12:44
rburtonit does loopback mount the file system12:46
paulbarkerrburton: You're supposed to leave it broken so we can all retire on the consulting fees for emergency fixes in 203712:47
rburtonoh right, sorry12:48
rburtonforgot about my retirement plan12:48
jubalhHi, first time Yocto user here. If I would like to send a patch to which mailing list should I use?12:49
jubalhOr should I email to Khem Raj directly?12:50
jubalhkhem: ^12:50
rburtonjubalh: see README for the relevant layer.
jubalhrburton: oh, I missed that! Thanks!12:51
jubalhSeems like one can even use github. easy :)12:52
rburtonyou *must* post to the mailing list12:52
rburtona big series can also be hosted on github for ease of review/merge12:53
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jubalhSeems like I did something wrong since it sent the email two times13:14
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khemRP: seeing this
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rewittThe latest version of rt-tests requires the numa libraries for compilation via this patch rt-tests exists in oe-core, but numactl which provides libnuma/numa.h exists in meta-openembedded18:48
rewittSo if we want to use the latest version of rt-tests, we have to bring numa.h and the libraries into oe-core, or try to patch out the numa requirement and carry it forever.18:49
rewittI suppose the other option would be to move rt-tests out of oe-core.18:50
aurelienHello #Yocto ... I got an error on using dnf update ... yum.repo.d does not exist .. any idea/good link?19:01
aurelien(the rest is ok ... internet connection ... software ..) just no repolist by defaut -_-'19:02
* aurelien think he got it ...19:05
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aureliennope ... i do not understand why it is missing by defaut after the bitbake ...19:16
aurelienLinux qemux86-64 5.8.4-yocto-standard #1 SMP PREEMPT Wed Aug 26 16:07:56 UTC 2020 x86_64 GNU/Linux19:16
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rburtonaurelien: you need to either write those files yourself, or set PACKAGE_FEED_URIS in your local.conf, to point at where your feeds are20:50
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