Thursday, 2020-08-27

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erboSo we have the BBFILES_DYNAMIC functionality to be able to conditionally include files based on which layers are present. Couldn't we have the same based on LAYERSERIES_CORENAMES? It would make maintaining some layers that want to support multiple releases easier, since they wouldn't need to separate into different branches just because a bbappend or two differs depending on the release.07:23
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LetoThe2nderbo: that was the first #yocto thing i read today, and i instantly want to close the window again.07:26
erboSure, it could be misused, but sometimes it would be quite useful :)07:27
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LetoThe2nderbo: i am absolutely convinced that the gains are by far outweighed by pains in explaining it and debugging issues caused by it.07:28
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LetoThe2nd"here have this layer. if you're on this branch it will do X. if you're on that branch, it will, do almost X, with a little Y. on the third branch it will do only Y"07:29
erboYeah I guess it might be worth not giving users the possibility to side-step good practices07:29
_julianIs anybody else experiencing garbled OpenGL output when using the dunfell meta-raspberrypi layer on a raspberrypi 4?07:29
erboLetoThe2nd: oh, yeah it could be totally confusing if the approach is also mixed with release branches07:29
LetoThe2nderbo: yup.07:30
LetoThe2ndfor the record, i strongly oppose the idea :)07:30
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erboLetoThe2nd: what, then I totally misread your first comments ;)07:31
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LetoThe2ndoh really?07:31
erboAh, this thing with sarcasm and the internet again. No I understood early that you didn't like the idea :)07:32
erboAnd I think you're right07:32
LetoThe2ndi am always right. only the exact degree of rightness varies occasionally.07:33
erboLetoThe2nd: and your only weak spot is that you're too modest?07:33
LetoThe2ndi can't help being outright awesome.07:34
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fbreHi! yocto-zeus/sources/meta-freescale/conf/machine/imx8mmevk.conf uses prefixes "fsl-" for all .dtb files in KERNEL_DEVICETREE. This leads to compile errors because the .dts files are without that prefix.11:34
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fbreAs I removed the prefixes in imx8mmevk.conf file it seems to compile well11:36
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paulbarkerRP: Was there a force push to bitbake master branch yesterday? I had to strip a commit out of the GitLab mirror12:34
paulbarkerIf there was, no problem, just want to make sure it's not unexpected12:34
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zandrey_fbre: which kernel are you using? and which revision of meta-freescale is that? kernel dtbs had prefixes in 4.19.y kernel (zeus), but they were dropped in 5.4.y kernel (dunfell)13:00
zandrey_fbre: so the question is - which revision of meta-freescale are you using? because it looks like you're trying to use 5.4 kernel with "zeus" meta-freescale, which would not match13:02
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RPpaulbarker: very briefly, yes13:12
RPpaulbarker: earlier than yesterday I think13:12
RPbut there was one recently where I screwed things up13:13
paulbarkerOk, just wanted to make sure it wasn't some rogue commit appearing in the mirror13:13
paulbarkerGitLab must have updated the mirror at an inopportune time. It's fixed and updating again now13:13
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thecometHey guys I'm having a lot of trouble including files in my conf/machine/.conf file. I'm getting ParseError "Could not include required file conf/machine/include/". This is a file that exists in another layer (meta-st/meta-st-st32mp-addons/conf/machine/include/ and I'm trying to include it in my own layer13:21
thecometFrom my understanding I should be able to provide a relative path in my machine.conf file "require conf/machine/include/"13:21
thecometand then it should search BBPATH and find this file. But it is not. What am I doing wrong?13:21
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LetoThe2ndhowdy folks! i'll be live on in 10 minutes!14:53
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JaMa2nd e-mail in oe-commits ML in last 6 months and again it's spam/virus, maybe we should disable this ML if it's not possible to fix the git hook, halstead ?17:52
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RPzeddii: that patch isn't quite right :(18:53
RPzeddii: you can have any file called *.cfg or *.scc in any sub directory right?18:56
RPzeddii: we'll have to teach the bitbake code globbing  :(18:57
zeddiiin that case, it can be shelved until the spring release. I can't see that being easy to do quickly.19:01
RPzeddii: I think what we do is merge something like what you have and open a bug to fix the corner cases19:01
* RP is trying to remember how the code works19:01
zeddiiI'm willing to have a go at plugging the corner cases as well. but yah, if there's a start of it that can be merged, it's covering most use cases19:02
RPzeddii: I think it can be made to work if we simply refer to the directories19:02
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zeddiifor the most part it is "foo.scc", and in it, it can have some .cfg files referenced (or patches). all in the same directory. if someone mucks with one of them, we want to notice and triger the meta data gathering again.19:03
RPzeddii: can you test shortening what you have to simply     for path in extrapaths:19:04
RP        extrafiles.append(path + ":" + str(os.path.exists(path)))19:04
RPzeddii: i.e. drop the walk19:04
RPI *think* bitbake might do it19:04
RPI really need to be elsewhere now :(19:04
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khemRP: I am sarting to see quite often since last week, I wonder memres bitbake has something to do with this19:45
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RPkhem: we didn't enable memres. That looks like the leftover process detection20:13
RPkhem: have you got bitbake-cookerdaemon.log for that?20:14
RPkhem: it will show up as a result of but the previous code wasn't working20:14
RPkhem: oh, sorry, I misread that. Its saying that the bitbake server process hasn't exitted20:16
khemso I am not sure it it needs some cool down period20:16
RPkhem: I'd guess its because the UI is closing down faster than the server20:16
khemthese are 18.04 boxes and slow20:17
RPkhem: not sure what to do about that, the server process can hang around a bit longer than the UI, its inevitable20:18
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khemRP: one way is to wipe out lingering processes but that would mean concurrent builds will be impacted20:19
RPkhem: We may need some kind of "wait until it dies" command I guess20:19
RPkhem: basically you wait until bitbake.lock disappears20:20
khemright but it could also mean bitbake is hung and whole ques with have to wait20:20
khemif bitbake is hung for whatever reason20:21
RPkhem: do that waiting for max 30s?20:21
khemI have seen it when say a build is killed manually20:21
RPzeddii: did removing os.walk fix the move issue?20:21
khemis 30s enough for cleanup20:21
RPkhem: say 60s? it shouldn't spend long there unless there is something wrong20:22
RPkhem: equally we have seen it go wrong on the autobuilder once so far :(20:22
* RP wants to leave things but if I don't log the data we'll lose it :(20:23
* RP is supposed to be trying for brief vacation :(20:23
khemits holding quite a bit of memory 1240M 1038M20:24
khemand the machines are not blazing fast20:24
khemso perhaps 60s is betterr20:24
zeddiiRP: same behaviour. mv "foo.cfg" to "foo.cfg.hidden", and it didn't change the checksum, so it didn't re-run.20:26
* khem looks at
RPzeddii: that is very very odd :(20:29
zeddiibut editing the file and putting "# i am a comment", does trigger the re-exec of the task.20:29
RPzeddii: we should write unit tests for this :/20:30
zeddiiI'll look into doing that.20:30
JPEWDid uninative for 2.1 get updated recently?20:32
JPEWrecently being in the last 6 months?20:32
RPJPEW: 2.1?20:32
RPJPEW: are you seeing issues with glibc 2.32?20:32
JPEWRP: sysroots-uninative/x86_64-linux/lib/ version `GLIBC_2.25' not found20:33
RPJPEW: so you really do mean 2.1 :/20:33
JPEWRP: I do :(20:33
RPJPEW: there are various upgrade patches on the experiments branches armin/jeremy/I made20:33
JPEWHmm. What I don't understand is why this is happening now; We build in a 14.04 container, so nothing should have changed (hence the question about if uninative updated)20:34
RPJPEW: we've not touched it20:35
RPJPEW: was the "earliest" I've gone back to with updates20:36
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JPEWRP: OK, thanks. It must be something silly I've done then20:36
RP - assigned as high to me :(20:38
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RPsakoman: don't like the look of the buildtools failure either :(20:42
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JPEWAh, I guess I had some bad local sstate.... weird20:46
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khemJPEW: uninatives are not under sstate21:21
khemunless you have built native packages under different uninatives and merged them into single sstate21:22
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khemthis issue is unlikely21:22
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JPEWI think for some reason my sstate was compiled against a newer uninative21:22
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khemRP: something changed w.r.t autopr on master-next22:01
khemhmm perhaps this one package.bbclass: hash equivalency and pr service22:01
frayare you seeing a problem?22:05
frayand yes, it absolutely changed22:05
frayfix for this is already in progress.. it's not related to the PR itself..  it's the processing on the data assumed there would always be files..22:06
frayI'm sending a patch in a few minutes once the test is complete here22:06
fray-    find ${WORKDIR}/pkgdata-pdata-input -type f | xargs \22:09
fray+    find ${WORKDIR}/pkgdata-pdata-input -type f | xargs --no-run-if-empty \22:09
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