Wednesday, 2020-09-09

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LetoThe2ndYo dudes!07:07
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mckoanhi LetoThe2nd, everybody07:17
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erbohi all07:48
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LetoThe2ndSo hows things here?07:55
mihaixmostly walls of text, no emojis, joining, parting, yawning...07:57
LetoThe2ndmuch yawning here too.08:00
erboI was thinking about taking a short walk, something I like to do since my current "commute" is 15 m from bedroom to office, but apparently it's raining horizontally outside.08:02
erboSo I'll keep yawning and try to make up with more coffee08:02
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LetoThe2ndEOC just returned true for me too.08:03
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PaowZ_Question of the morning.. Is there a procedure to release an unattended installation image with wic ? I cannot see anything like that in the doc.. command features for wic have been narrowed down to part/bootloader, thus, I'm stuck when it comes to skip steps like partition choice.. any lead ?08:23
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yannhm I messed up my resend of the libcec series, no "v2" tag - sorry for spamming, should I resend it again ?08:50
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thomas_deeHi, everyone. I have a custom board with a yocto build linux kernel. The linux kernel hangs on boot after "Reached target System Time Synchronized."09:14
thomas_deeCan anyone give any insight on how to debug the issue?09:14
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rburtonhow did qemu get so many CVEs and why did they not put version information in them09:25
* rburton sobs09:25
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manuel1985Hi as well ;) On my yocto-created image I would like `/var/log/journal` to be a symlink to some other directory. I get the following warning when creating my image:09:26
manuel1985`systemd-1_243.2-r0 do_package: FILES contains file '/var/log/journal' which resides under a directory symlink. Please fix the recipe and use the real path for the file.`09:26
manuel1985I'm no native speaker, but I do not understand that text. `/var/log/journal` does not reside under a directory symlink, it IS one.09:26
paulbarkermanuel1985: /var/log may be a directory symlink?09:28
manuel1985Not that I know of!09:28
paulbarkermanuel1985: Typically it is a link to /var/volatile/log on images I've built09:30
manuel1985##^#%#$^$% you are right09:31
manuel1985Totally did not see that09:31
paulbarkermanuel1985: may be helpful09:32
paulbarkerIt's a bit old but should point you in the right direction09:32
manuel1985Thank you! This is exactly what I'm working on atm :)09:35
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RPrburton: those reports are going to look so much better though!09:52
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jeffrey3000I don't have any sound on my target device? I included pulseaudio10:10
jeffrey3000do I need to configure something on the target device (nxp imx)?10:13
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manuel1985I'm curious... I'm just running a build with VOLATILE_LOG_DIR = "no". I expect `/var/log` no longer to be a symlink to `/var/volatile/log`. But what happens when I set READONLY_ROOTFS in the future? Logs must be writable obviosuly. How does Yocto deal with that situation?11:32
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dmation@manuel1985 I'm guessing you would just get write errors, but that is an interesting question. Why don't you give it a go?11:39
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manuel1985Because both my machines are fully loaded with building stuff ;)11:43
fbreHi! The internet says IMAGE_INSTALL_append = "e2fsprogs-mke2fs" for having mkfs.  But I just know DISTRO_FEATURES_append = "...anypackage...". Could somebody give me a hint what to do?11:46
manuel1985fbre: Note: I think it's important to have a leading space for _append and _prepend variables. Watch this video for details:
manuel1985Can't comment on IMAGE_INSTALL vs. DISTRO_FEATURES though11:48
dmationfbre: DISTRO_FEATURES affects every recipe ( IMAGE_INSTALL will not.11:53
dmationFrom the above link " For example, specifying "x11" in DISTRO_FEATURES, causes every piece of software built for the target that can optionally support X11 to have its X11 support enabled."11:53
dmationSo I would suggest either adding IMAGE_INSTALL += "e2fsprogs-mke2fs" in your core-image-*.bb or in local.conf11:55
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dmationBut as <manuel1985> said, watch those spaces when using *_append. I have been caught out too many times..11:56
fbreok (y)  thanx11:56
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xantozhi. I'd like to create a tarball with the kernel zImage, the initramfs.cpio.gz.u-boot and also a custom u-boot script. is it possible/would it make sense to do this in IMAGE_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND12:26
xantozhow would one go about doing so?12:26
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manuel1985Can you specify your question a bit further? I think it makes sense to do it the IMAGE_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND way, but I'm no expert by far. See this link on how to define custom commands:
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manuel1985Does anyone have a recipe at hand which builds a golang application?12:31
xantozI need to find the right variable to get to the deploy directory, but ${D} doesn't seem to take me to the right place...12:34
xantozdeploy/images/${MACHINE} even12:34
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xantozI'll try it13:00
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riz85Hello. In my build I get the following error when trying to add a Qt app: "ERROR: Feature 'gbm' was enabled, but the pre-condition 'libs.gbm' failed"14:33
riz85I am just trying to run the Qt example app, cinematic]experience. Any idea how to resolve this issue?14:34
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sr71919Hello all, I’m new to yocto.14:42
dmationHi sr71919, welcome!14:43
dmationriz85 I am not familiar with this but a quick google suggests it has something to do with opengl. Are you building a image with graphics support? X11?14:44
sr71919Please suggest what boards are great with yocto support - I want to build an embedded system with touch display HMI (and display sensors data coming from sensors and motors) with qt Gui14:44
riz85dmation yes14:45
qschulzriz85: have you enabled opengl in DISTRO_FEATURES?14:45
riz85dmation yes14:46
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mckoansr71919: stm32mp1, rpi3, beaglebone ?14:47
mckoansr71919: iMX6 something?14:49
sr71919I got only rpi3 and rpi4 - but wanted to learn if rpi4 is better than stm32mp114:50
sr71919Kindly guide14:50
sr71919I need super fast seamless boot to QT app, say in 2 seconds14:51
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sr71919Also do want to opencv (computervision processing) on the board14:51
sr71919Currently I am using a laptop and running the gui on the laptop Linux, and reading the sensors via Arduino mega (to read sensors and control motors)14:52
sr71919I clearly see the current one is not the right way, so wanted to go for embedded system and stumbled upon yocto but couldn’t get it in control14:53
qschulzsr71919: 2 seconds won't probably be feasible out of the box. Nothing specific to Yocto, it's just that it takes some time for the ROM to start U-Boot, some time needed by U-Boot to get the kernel (and rootfs?) from storage medium, then boot kernel. So you'll need to spend some time in optimizing this part to be as fast as possible14:54
qschulzthen you can start working on making your rootfs as optimized as possible for booting into your qt app14:55
frayqschulz at a former employer, we got a customer "requirement" that the system boot (to the kernel) in something like 10 ms..  They thought that was fair with execute in place and some other tricks..14:56
fraywhen we started looking at the quote, we fould that due to other issues -- you couldn't actually populate the ram, and other things in less then 15ms..14:56
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qschulzsr71919: if you want to do opencv, you'll probably want a GPU. Probably an open-source one? (proprietary ones are a pain AFAIK)14:57
fraysoething like the core had a startup delay of 7 or 8 ms to stabilize voltages/memory.. and it took about that long to get through the boot process..14:57
fray(hardware boot process)14:57
qschulzfray: on allwinner you have up to a 100ms to boot from NAND in default ROM configuration IIRC :)14:57
fraymy point is.. be clear what you are trying to accomplish, and start at the beginning and determine if your goals are reasonable or not..14:57
qschulz(boot = load U-Boot from NAND, not even executing it)14:57
qschulzfray: 2s seems achievable, not without much work14:58
frayqschulz maybe it was 100ms.. it's been > 10 years since i dealt with that and we replied to the RFC, I'm sorry your RFC is flawed for the following reasons.. we can boot in X amount of time however at this cost.. (and we ended up winning the bid)14:58
frayin their case, it was all about getting to the kernel boot routine.. after that it was something separate..14:58
qschulzfray: there's a lot to be made to optimize the size and optimial compression (depends on the arch and device) of U-Boot, kernel and rootfs. You can falcon-boot as well. It's just not "free" because it's tailored to your need while most defconfigs are for feature-full kernels/bootloader15:00
qschulz(and you can probably find some fixes in storage medium drivers as well, which is usually the bottleneck)15:00
fraythe time requirement came from some piece of hardware they had to service.. that hardware had it's own "I have to be on the bus and responding in X amount of time" requirement.. which they were hoping to do with Linux...15:01
qschulzfray: also some customer just want the device to have an image in a very small time frame, but it can take 30s to boot completely. As you said "it depends" :)15:01
frayneedless to say they couldn't service it15:01
fraythey ended up adding a microcontroller to service the bus in the required amount of time, then once Linux started it handed over control to Linux.  So startup time was relaxed to "many seconds".. and that actually lowered the BOM cost because htey didn't need the fancy flash to do XIP and other things..15:02
frayit was 'added' design and implementation cost though for the microcontroller software and hand-over logic15:02
fray(and all the microcontroller had to do is say "I'm here.." within the key amount of time, followed by any requests to the device as "I'm currently busy" and then the requestor would pause and try again later..  so once the handover happened then it could actually communicate.. really "simple", probably far more simple then the original try to start an ISR early in Linux to do this..15:05
sr71919Thanks for the inputs @qschulz15:07
sr71919Is there any whole project tutorials right from zero to running and testing on X board with yocto?15:08
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rburtonsakoman: another 20 CVEs in the queue to be updated today15:16
rburtoni'm starting to hate qemu15:16
sr71919Thanks qschulz will bookmark now15:16
sr71919Also what is the best embedded Linux Gui framework that’s free and not restricted for commercial use ?15:17
rburtondefine best15:17
sakomanrburton: :-) Thanks so much for doing this.  Right now there is so much qemu noise in the CVE reports, it will be a wonderful thing to have all of those disappear!15:17
sr71919I’m consumed about qt vs gtk15:17
rburtonsr71919: well gtk doesn't have license restrictions...15:17
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rburtonqt does, but qt also has commercial support, so that might be a good thing for you15:18
rburtonof course the cool kids are just writing apps in html/javascript now15:19
frayya, install chromium.. write all apps in html/js...15:20
fraythat really is the best option right now (IMHO)15:20
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mckoanfray: although js sucks15:21
fraythats why the js calls the actual functions on the system for it to "do something"15:21
fraythe js is just the controller for the visual elements15:21
mckoanfray: in that case I'd suggest ElectronJS15:22
frayone of many possible ways to do it15:22
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fraypoint being, your layout is HTML/JS..  the backend is something more traditional -- but event based..15:22
fraythis is used heavily in a lot of PC, mobile and embedded apps.. the need for things like Qt (or event Gtk) is greatly reduced even on embedded systems15:23
qschulzfray: if one more person says that "oh but there is a linux app for that" and it';s a fucking Electron app again, I'll lose my mind15:24
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qschulzfray: needed to vent :)15:29
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frayWell look at Slack, Discord, most mobile banking apps, etc etc etc.. they're all these kinds of things15:34
frayweb browser, running an html/js front end with some kind of local event engine (if that is even needed)15:34
frayhell even video games like GTA V are implemented this way.. the engine UI overlay is simply a browser overlaying the rendered game15:35
fray(note this is modern GTA V, not what was released 10 years ago)  :)15:35
kergothdoes oe-core have a common file templating mechanism yet?15:39
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rburtonkergoth: you can finish off my bbin branch if you want15:39
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kergothrburton: where's it at?15:41
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rburtongood question15:41
rburtonoh wow i have way too many branches on poky-contrib15:42
rburtonwhere did that branch go15:43
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qschulzfray: right, that's what I was saying. I don't want a browser to be executed every time I need something. I don't want 20 browsers in parallel :) Same thing with WebView or however it's called in Android...15:44
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rburtonkergoth: totally lost it :(. basically it used the template class in py to expand .bbin files during unpack15:46
frayunfortunately that is where everything is going, like it or not.  My complaint with it is now I have 20 browsers with security problems, 19 of which I can't upgrade..15:47
rburtonthere definitely needs to be more traction for sharing the web views15:47
mckoanqschulz: as I said JS sucks, and Electron is its direct and worst consequence15:47
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kergothrburton: ah. how were you configuring the values to substitute? flags?15:51
qschulzfray: we've lost the meaning of "embedded" :/15:51
rburtonkergoth: iirc, i was just passing d15:51
rburtonwell, a bridge object around d15:52
kergothhmm, guessing it wouldn't re-run unpack on changing a variable it uses in that case, unless you determine that at parse time by reading the file then, the way we do for
rburtonkergoth: that was the problem left to solve15:53
kergothah :)15:53
kergothokay, thanks15:53
kergoththinking a whitelist of variables might be best, otherwise you couldn't fetch a template file and then use it, since we couldn't parse it at parse time15:54
kergothnot that that's likely to be a common case anyway..15:54
PaowZ_Hi there ! Is there a procedure to release an unattended installation image with wic ? I cannot see anything like that in the doc.. command features for wic have been narrowed down to part/bootloader, thus, I'm stuck when it comes to skip steps like partition choice.. any lead ?15:55
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frayqschulz I don't think we've lost embedded..  Ever since I started 20 years ago doing embedded Linux, it's always meant single or limited purposes devices.. but had nothing to do with "size" (physical, ram, storage, etc..)15:58
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fraythese days 'single/limited' purpose may even include the ability to run containers..  the limited purpose being that devices job is to simply execute containers15:59
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mihaixPaowZ_: you mean to automate the installation prompts you get when you boot? or...?17:22
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kergothHmm, I wonder if it'd be worth adding EXTRA style variables for toolchain target task adn toolchain host task, so a distro could more easily add to the default packages in any sdk while still having a mechanism for more specific cases like buildtools-tarball and uninative to counteract it18:46
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nemikHello, is it possible to define an image recipe such that it generates a squashfs image with just the contents of a single other recipe?21:10
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