Thursday, 2020-09-10

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whoami_Hi, I'm trying to code sync codeaurora yocto. I'm facing issue is code syncing tinyalsa.07:01
whoami_fatal: remote error: access denied or repository not exported: /quic/le/platform/external/tinyalsa.git07:01
whoami_ERROR: tinyalsa-git-r1 do_fetch: Fetcher failure for URL: 'git://;protocol=git;branch=github/master'. Unable to fetch URL from any source.07:01
whoami_ERROR: tinyalsa-git-r1 do_fetch: Function failed: base_do_fetch07:01
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ndecwhoami_: i use codeaurora regularly, i just tried and it works for me.. that said here isn't the best place for codeaurora issues.. i don't know how quickly they respond.. but you have
ndectry to clone directly on your dev machine, to make sure this is really an issue on their side.07:16
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whoami_ndec: I tried git clone git://;branch=github/master. It cloned. But nothing inside. warning: remote HEAD refers to nonexistent ref, unable to checkout.07:18
ndecwhoami_: yes, that's expected since there is no 'master' branch (which is what git tells you).07:19
ndecafter you clone, you can checkout github/master branch, e.g. git checkout -t origin/github/master07:20
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ndecby default git clone will fetch and then try to checkout 'master' branch. you can do "git clone -b github/master XXX" which is what bitbake will do since you have branch=github/master07:21
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whoami_ndec: Thank you. it is working.07:25
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PaowZ_mihaix: yes, indeed ! prompts like "choose partition (sda):"08:04
dmationHello again every one, I hope you are all staying safe!08:05
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khemhi dmation08:09
dmationHi Khem :)08:09
dmationOut of interest how are people doing CI/CD with yocto?08:11
qschulzdmation: mckoan is doing: (or at least they presented it :) )08:14
mihaixPaowZ_: take a look at ./meta/recipes-core/initrdscripts/files/ script, you could write and use a custom one08:15
mihaixmost probably you're talking about the prompts from that script08:15
manuel1985qschulz: Thanks for that link! I'm interested in integrating Yocto build in CI/CD as well!08:25
dmationditto, thanks08:28
mckoanqschulz: indeed, thank you!08:30
PaowZ_tks mihaix, will do !08:30
mckoandmation: however many users use Jenkins or Gitlab too08:31
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m________Hi All, I am using a buildsystem based on Rocko and I am getting errors when I try to populate extensible SDK08:32
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dmationI have been playing with Jenkins...08:33
michaellarsenanother issue I have, is that I am trying to use devtool to add source from our internal git repo. We are using bitbucket and it runs on our internal network on a specific port.08:35
mckoandmation: interesting. Share your thoughts08:36
qschulzmichaellarsen: if you don't give us more context, we won't be able to help you. which "errors" are you getting? which machine, which layers, which distro, etc... :)08:36
michaellarsenqschulz: sorry, I will be right back with more info.08:38
dmationmckoan, I have only just begun down that road, It's ok, but I have to do a lot of scripting and work arounds to keep it running. I feel like a CD system that requires maintanace will not be maintained for long.08:41
qschulzmichaellarsen: same for your devtool issue with bitbucket, you need to ask a question :D08:41
dmationI might add that I build inside a docker container as we have some systems witch run under ubuntu 16 and others that run under ubuntu 18...08:42
dmation*which, please excuse my grammar...08:43
mcfriskdmation: internet search for "yocto continuous integration" will bring a bunch of presentations with details from various setups. feel free to ask for more details here as people are present...08:44
michaellarsenqschulz: got it. I will be back08:46
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michaellarsenqschulz: Regarding my devtool issue. I think it relates to the fact that our bitbucket server is at port 7990. It seems that the git fetch mechanism is having a hard time understanding http://<server>:7990/path/to/project/repo.git08:49
dmationMcfrisk, thank you. I have been watching at presentations on youtube. In particular the one from Tim Orling caught my attention []. Having a system that can automagically test on target devices does appeal to me, however LAVA seems like overkill for my application. I was more curious about what people preferred and why. But I suppose that is like asking what programming language you prefer; it depends on what the08:51
dmationapplication is.08:51
qschulzmichaellarsen: the usual question is: have you tried on Yocto master? (in that case it should be super easy since it's only devtool add :) ) if it still does not work, then a bug report needs to be filled and/or more discussion can happen :)08:52
dmationI will look into Autobuilder and ask if I have any specif questions08:52
mcfriskonce you have a large test lab with lots of HW variants then LAVA will help. Custom setups may need more maintenance in the long run...08:53
michaellarsenqschulz: I have not tried master, I will be trying that. Thanks.08:55
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michaellarsenqschulz: I get the following error when I try to build/populate the extensible sdk, using -c do_populate_sdk_ext ->
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michaellarsenI am on rocko and the corresponding bitbake 1.3409:28
michaellarsen-c do_populate_sdk completes just fine09:28
* RP notes we have okayish builds of thud and warrior on the autobuilder again09:46
xantozhmm.. does IMAGE_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND run before the rootfs image file exists in DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE ?09:46
RPI guess I should sent out the patches and call that all done09:46
xantozI'm trying to make a tarball containing the rootfs, the zImage, the initrd and a custom u-boot script09:47
xantozusing a IMAGE_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND on the rootfs recipe itself09:47
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xantozis it available in some other directory, but not yet in DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE at this stage?09:50
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qschulzxantoz: DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE is populated after do_image_complete is done09:51
qschulzdo_image_complete is the one executing your IMAGE_POSTPROCESS_COMMANDs09:52
xantozis the rootfs available at some other place during this stage? or do I need to figure out a way to run my code after do_image_complete?09:56
qschulzxantoz: according to, IMAGE_ROOTFS10:04
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qschulzxantoz: I don't know if files from recipes' deploy task are available at that time10:06
simonpe^^I'm trying to use env vars in my local.conf like so: `SSTATE_MIRRORS = "${@os.getenv('MYENVVAR', '')}"` and then run `MYENVVAR=something bitbake -e | grep ^SSTATE_MIRRORS` but it comes up empty10:06
simonpe^^qschulz: oooooooh :D thx10:07
simonpe^^qschulz: Im not sure what "You must set this variable in the external environment in order for it to work." means though10:09
simonpe^^Does that mean BB_ENV_EXTRAWHITE=MYENVVAR MYENVVAR=hello bitbake ...?10:10
qschulzsimonpe^^: BB_ENV_EXTRAWHITE can be set in your local.conf, then MYENVVAR can probably be read from there or if you have it exported in the current environment10:11
simonpe^^actually that didn't work, but if I set it in my shell environment it works10:11
qschulzsimonpe^^: define "that"10:12
qschulzah... passing MYENVVAR just before bitbake10:12
xantozqschulz: isn't IMAGE_ROOTFS the rootfs files, and not the rootfs image file though?10:13
xantozI want to have the rootfs image file in my tarball10:13
qschulzsimonpe^^:  I don't know how Yocto does it for MAHCINE (we use it this way)10:13
xantozshould I maybe be doing this in do_deploy_append instead?10:13
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qschulzxantoz: or just go for an image type?10:13
xantozfor the tar ball?10:14
simonpe^^qschulz: that as in BB_ENV_EXTRAWHITE needs to be exported in the shell env before running bitbake, it can't be defined in the local.conf file10:14
xantozwhat I'm trying to make, btw, is an "upgrade package" for a custom A/B banked system10:15
xantozusing wic to get the whole SD-card image, which is used for initial "factory" flashing10:15
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qschulzxantoz: have an image type dependening on the wic image type10:17
qschulzIMAGE_CMD_<my-type> should be a good pointer10:17
qschulzsimonpe^^: ok, thanks for the heads up10:17
qschulzsimonpe^^: (there are many things we aren't doing right so I don't know if it's from us or a Yocto thing sometimes :/)10:17
qschulz(we = the company I work for)10:19
xantozso an image that depends on the rootfs image?10:20
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zandreyxantoz: why not use ready frameworks for update? swupdate for example does what you're planning to do10:28
xantozzandrey: we're porting from a custom build, and need backwards compatibility10:31
xantozcustom image build system10:31
qschulzxantoz: no, an image **type** that depends on the wic image **type**10:32
xantozhmm... I might need to study up on the concepts a bit better here10:32
qschulzxantoz: not saying it is correct but that's something I'd investigate10:33
zandreyxantoz: well... then i have nothing to suggest. ;) i would still look into available update frameworks, since it might be that you would not be able to hold on to "custom image build system" forever. at least - i was not able to. ;)10:33
xantozoh, I already have looked a bit at mender etc. for inspiration10:34
xantozthere's a few custom things going in with the upgrade system in place as well, which I don't think at least mender was fully able to address, so10:34
xantozit's also RPi based, so upgrades suck10:34
xantozI don't think mender solves the problem that config.txt, for instance, can't be dual-banked...10:35
xantozor that the rpi bootloader likes to do wierd tweaks to the DT during boot based on fun things like what HDMI port is connected10:35
xantoz(here's to hoping to graduating from the RPi soon)10:36
zandreyxantoz: looks like you've done your "due diligence" already :)10:37
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xantozwell, a bit of it at least. there's still some sketchy parts, but the custom upgrade system has an A/B banked u-boot script that does the actual loading of the kernel etc. so endless DT tweaks should be able to be done at that stage should they be needed in the future10:38
xantozjust have to reverse-engineer what the pi bootloader does...10:39
sander1212question: is there any way to speed up the bitbaking of npm recipies? because the pace it's currently going at is insufferable10:41
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sander1212and most of it is in the do_configure stage, I've had a cursory look at the npm.bbclass but nothing really stood out.10:45
rburtonnice to see sgw continuing the fine tradition of signing off patches using a previous employer's email10:50
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bc2001Hi everyone, I'm very new to yocto .. just trying to follow a book but I'm getting some warnings while bitbaking a raspberry pi image.. then If I write created img to rpi nothing happens...11:03
bc2001can somebody help me?11:03
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rburtonsay what the warnings are and we might be able to help11:09
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xantozseems like I would be able to grab the rootfs image out of IMGDEPLOYDIR in IMAGE_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND12:02
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qschulzRP: who looks like an idiot saying yesterday that thud is completely dead to his colleagues and receives ~30 patches the next day :D13:01
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otavioqschulz: hehe RP did it for thud and more; he is a patch machine13:11
RPqschulz: well, I did post about wanting to at least get things buildable and that most of the work has been done13:19
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* RP has another 40 patch set for thud auto-builder-helper but needs to wait an hour to avoid the mailing list post limits :/13:22
* qschulz faints13:24
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qschulzRP: I only read Armin's mail quickly so maybe missed something13:24
qschulzRP: but it's good actually, a nice way to turn the page :)13:24
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manuel1985Has anyone heard of a class `go-mod`? An elastic beats meta-layer inherits from that class, but my yocto system doesn't find it.
RPqschulz: this is basically getting things into some sane state so we don't "lose" the work we have lying around13:29
qschulzmanuel1985: you need to base your proejct on dunfell13:29
otaviomanuel1985: yes, we added it recently13:30
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RPIts been a few years since I sent out series like this :)13:31
RPkanavin_home: you've got competition :)13:31
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manuel1985qschulz, otavio: Thanks!13:39
manuel1985Interesting that I didn't have opemembedded-core as metalayer13:40
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qschulzmanuel1985: i'm pretty sure poky/meta is openembedded-core13:43
qschulzand that without openembedded-core you can't build anything13:43
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manuel1985qschulz: I see. I thought its a seperate layer just as meta-openembedded.13:49
yannwhy is it that, when using a file:// SSTATE_MIRRORS, the SSTATE_CACHE directory ends up with (absolute) symlinks into the mirror ?13:51
qschulzmanuel1985: it is separate, but it's also "merged" into poky/meta every now and then13:53
*** sakoman <sakoman!~steve@> has joined #yocto13:53
manuel1985qschulz: Okay, got it. Some more questions regarding Here we have `LAYERDEPENDS_meta-elastic-beats = "core"`. I was wondering what `core` means. I mean, I suspected it refers to `openembedded-core` but I wasn't sure. Is it correct that `core` refers to `openembedded-core`, because it has `core` set as it's "internal" name with `BBFILE_COLLECTIONS += "core"` in it13:59
manuel1985s `layer.conf`?
manuel1985Just trying to figure out how all these puzzle pieces fit together14:00
*** jrdn <jrdn!> has joined #yocto14:01
qschulzmanuel1985: that makes sense to me14:01
manuel1985Perfect ;)14:04
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kanavin_homeRP: but aren't those cherry-picked backports? :)14:30
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manuel1985Has anyone experience with building golang applications through a recipe? Does everything just "magically work", or does one take care of specific things? I would like to include in my arm64 image.15:05
rburtonyeah it mostly works15:06
rburtontheres a go-helloworld in oe-core to demonstrate15:06
rburtonarm64 hosts might need master though unless i remembered to backport the fix to dunfell15:06
rburtonbut if you're just arm64 target you're fine15:06
manuel1985Hmmm I'm on zeus :)15:07
manuel1985So not even on dunfell15:08
rburtonworked in zeus, iirc15:11
mckoanRP: glad to see my patch applied afer one year :-D15:11
mckoanRP: are you reworking AM2 ?15:11
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RPkanavin_home: many of them, yes but many needed minor porting15:30
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RPmckoan: no rework, just sorting out old branches15:34
RPmckoan: It was applied last year:, this was just backporting to older branches15:34
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sgwRP: question, does the long login happen every boot or just first boot?  Did you look at that in your initial investigations?15:39
RPsgw: not checked15:42
sgwOk thanks, something I will play with also.  I realize that for the Autobuilder and testing it's just first boot typically, so that matters most15:43
RPsgw: right, its the autobuilder that is highlighting this15:45
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mabnhdevHi all.  I'm using the latest Zeus release.  I just got this error.  Any guidance on how I can fix this?16:54
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mabnhdev * check_data_file_clashes: Package ebtables wants to install file /data/mberger/build-compliance/strong-reciprocal/yocto/build/exos-x86-64/tmp/work/exos_x86_64-poky-linux/core-image-minimal/1.0-r0/rootfs/etc/ethertypes16:57
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* armpit heheh sgw, I like your reply to17:04
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sgwarmpit: reply to what?  the systemd boot issue or my first patch in 2+ years!17:28
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armpitsgw, your from email was wind and reply email was to intel17:42
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jrunkergoth: name for split-usr seems to be usrmerge; i appended it to PKGCONFIG; make bitbake give lots of QA warnings, fine... what i'm wondering is that am i still going to get /{bin,sbin,lib} directories or bitbake has this baked into it to figure out, oh usrmerge is enabled so lets make those symlink?18:29
jrunanother question i have is regarding meta-arm-*, should i prefer say meta-arm-bsp over say meta-yocto-bsp?18:30
jrun... building for arm of course18:30
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kergothjrun: you'll want to set it in your DISTRO_FEATURES. and check the base-files recipe, its what sets up the baseline filesystem18:39
jrunkergoth: not in bitbake.conf?18:54
jruni see this there: root_prefix = "${@bb.utils.contains('DISTRO_FEATURES', 'usrmerge', '${exec_prefix}', '${base_prefix}', d)}"18:54
kergoththat sets the default variables, but if there are compatible symlinks, they would be created in base-files. i don't know the answer18:54
kergoththat changes where things are installed, yes18:54
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rburtonkergoth: found it
kergothoh nice20:35
rburtonthat huge todo sitting at the top though :)20:35
kergothyeah.. i cheated with, i shoved the whole value into the metadata and expanded it when writing it and relied on the existing variable expansion tracking for it :)20:38
kergothnot exactly general purpose, though20:39
JPEWkergoth: It's such a useful cheat... I may have copied the concept on something else I've done recently :)20:43
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kergothnice :)21:03
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rabbit9911What is the process that poky goes through to check binary exactness between builds?21:17
rabbit9911Any helper scripts or docs on this?21:17
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paulbarkerrabbit9911: What do you mean by "binary exactness"?21:34
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JPEWrabbit9911: There is a test that checks several of the packages in OE-core for binary reproducibility:
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