Friday, 2020-09-11

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simonpe^^Topic: reproducible binaries, what's the current state?06:51
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simonpe^^I'm getting an ext4 image that differs in md5sum, but a tar file of the file system the md5sums are equal - which leads me to beleive that the issue is timestamps06:52
RPsimonpe^^: works for everything up to the packages in core-image-sato and core-image-full-cmdline and we verify that with automated testing06:53
RPsimonpe^^: sounds like something in the final ext4 image generation isn't quite right :(06:53
simonpe^^RP: I need binaries with the same md5sum for my "top" build system to determin a build is unnecessary06:54
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simonpe^^I read something about but I don't know if thats something automagic or if I have to enable smth06:55
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RPsimonpe^^: it was made the default from dunfell07:29
mihaixpackages in DEPENDS are pulling their own DEPENDS?07:29
simonpe^^RP: yeah I found it, I actually think the problem is with wic07:32
RPsimonpe^^: patches very welcome to improve things, we've got so far but there are only a few people sending patches so its slow going07:33
simonpe^^looking at the rootfs image all the files are timestamped at time of creation07:33
RPGetting the tarballs working is a huge win in itself up to that point07:34
simonpe^^yeah, its super useful07:34
simonpe^^that's usually a counter argument for using linux in small systems, that you can't get reproducible builds07:34
simonpe^^And its nice to establish these things early in the project so it isn't "forgotten" by some eager project manager later on :P07:35
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PaowZ_mihaix: initrdscripts mods did the trick, tks.. Now, I've to figure out how to supply a custom grub.cfg..07:53
qschulzmihaix: yes07:55
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mihaixPaowZ_: yw, you should also find some hints about grub config in those install scripts07:58
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mihaixqschulz: ok, thanks08:00
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mihaixis there a secret tool somewhere that can generate a "fuller" list of task-depends?08:02
mihaixhmm, oe-depends-dot08:03
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qschulzndec: re new docs, I wasn't able to find the mini scenario to reproduce the issue but it seems that the switch to/from singleindex.html isn't working all the time (sometimes adding /singleindex.html at the end of a url with anchors)08:07
qschulzndec: also, when switching to/from singleindex.html repeatedly, more and more '/' are prefixing singleindex.html08:07
ndecah, thanks! at least the 2nd part should be easy to fix.08:08
ndecit might be this leading '/' here:
fbreHi! Yocto reboots into initramfs and there is a script which adds a missing sd card partition to /dev/mmcblk1, but after that fdisk operation I cannot see the newly created partition as e.g. /dev/mmcblk1p3. What is missing to have it in /dev ?08:09
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PaowZ_mihaix: yes indeed, there's a bunch of leads in them, actually..08:11
ndecqschulz: right, this is the fix:08:11
fbreThe internet says I should call partprobe. But a program partprobe is not existing in my yocto image. If it's the right program, which package contains partprobe?08:11
qschulzndec: is docroot guaranteed to end with a '/'?08:11
qschulzndec: answering myself: yes :)08:12
ndecmaybe not, i need to check.08:12
ndecoh, really?08:12
ndecah, perfect.08:13
ndecqschulz: i should remove the '/' for the other case (var new_url = docroot + "/mega-manual/mega-manual.html";)08:16
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ndecit's slightly confusing that the mega manual link is singlehtml, but it's called 'mega' in all_doctypes. and the regular doc type is 'single' but it's not singlehtml )08:18
ndecqschulz: i reproduced the other issue, i ended up with
ndeci think we need to trim the anchors when going back and forth. RP, you did that, what do you think?08:21
ndecthe scenario is go to , switch to mega manual, open a doc using the nav bar, then switch to 'single' , then switch back to 'mega'. things keep beeing added to the url08:23
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ndeci am pushing a fix for the leading '/' for now.08:24
qschulzndec: thx! with the proper scenario at least we have a way to debug it :)08:27
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RPndec: that sounds reasonable, thanks for fixing08:31
ndeci fixed 50% of the reported issues only ;)08:31
RPndec: its progress :)08:32
ndecand it's Friday, let's keep the optimism :)08:32
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ndecRP: qschulz : there are more '/' issues.. -> select 3.1 version (e.g. pre-sphinx) -> select mega manual, and we have
ndecok.. it was a deployment issue.. when rebuilding the docs it didn't update the .js file...08:48
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RPndec: phew :)08:52
ndecRP: actually.. it's not that.. I need to update the 'transition' branch with the same fix!08:53
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RPndec: ah, right. I wondered about that09:09
ndecit's done now.09:09
qschulz;/buffer 1309:13
ndecRP: has the same problem with anchors (without surprise). I can end up here: which doesn't exist!09:15
RPndec: I haven't followed exactly what you've been discussing but I can imagine ways it breaks :/09:17
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ndecwhen you switch version, we only replace the <version> in the url, so if the user was in a page somewhere down in the hierarchy, we might end up on a page on <ver_1> that does not exist in <ver_2>. and if the current docroot has anchors (#xxx) we might end up on a page that exist, but not the anchors..09:19
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ndecwe might want to decide that switching version brings us back to<VER>/ and trim the url.09:20
qschulzndec: I think it's okay if we keep the full url with the anchor? if the anchor does not exist, you'll just land at the beginning of the page09:21
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qschulzIIRC that's what's happening currently with
RPndec: I think the feeling was that if there are anchors its helpful and if there aren't, well, you're no worse off09:21
ndecright. i agree it's not a 'big issue'. until we introduce a new html page that exist in one version and not the others.09:22
qschulzndec: also, in mega-manuals, the anchors are named the same as in "normal"/"signle" pages. Which means if it happens that there are two anchors with the same name, either it breaks or you fall back to the first anchor in the page/09:23
RPndec: there is in theory "fallback" code with iterates back through urls checking if they exist09:23
ndecok.. that said, they aren't the biggest problems we have with docs right now :-)09:24
qschulzndec: you beat me to it. indeed, there's room for improvement but nothing critical :)09:24
ndecwe are over engineering a little bit here ;)09:24
RPndec: yes, worry about it later I think09:25
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qschulzndec: btw thx for the migration to Sphinx, just the search is going to make it much easier for people to get started IMO :)09:26
ndecyou mean the search box?09:26
qschulzndec: yup:
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ndeci think there are various ways to improve/replace the builtin search engine. we can look into that later as well09:29
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ndecRP: what's the rationale for "bitbake: fetch2: Change git fetcher not to destroy old references" patches? does that fix known issue, or upcoming potential issues?09:39
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RPndec: it would have averted one problem already09:51
RPndec: if upstreams change "master" -> "main" the fetcher was destroying the old branches, breaking archive tarballs for older releases09:51
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rburtonzeddii: got this again12:12
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zeddiirburton: odd. I'll have another look at it!14:28
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rburtoni wonder if linaro kernel is doing something dumb14:49
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sgwMorning folks15:00
rburtonmorning sgw15:01
rburtonhow's the fire around your way?15:01
sgwHavent finished all the checking yet, but still very smokey and ashy here, about 400 AQI (Hazardous) where 20-30 is normal.15:03
sgwrburton:  This will not be updated until about 10:00am here (another 2 hours).  My guess is it's grown in size again.15:05
rburtongood luck15:09
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kergothugh scm mirror tarballs have no many annoyances since there's no telling what is or isn't in one. that's actually one positive to the use of generated shallow tarballs, much more specific15:35
kergothcourse it has its own tradeoffs15:35
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dl9pfkanavin_home: question:  does set xz compression. but rpm-native does not DEPEND on xz, so rpmbuild seems to use bz2 or gz as fallback. intentional ?15:57
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bsmerbeckbitbake: file foo in package barr requires a package that doesn't exist16:46
bsmerbeckme: alright don't need it, let's delete the file16:46
bsmerbeckbitbake on the next run: file foo in package barr requires a package that doesn't exist16:46
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JaMaany layerindex admin online? I've tried to reset my password and after a while it failed with internal server error and now says my account is locked and that I should contact admin (e-mail with PW reset didn't arrive)17:06
JaMabluelightning: otavio: ^?17:09
JaMait shows "Your account has been locked out. Please contact the admin." even when I clear all cookies or use different browser, when I click on "Log in" so it's probably broken for everybody not just my account17:10
RPJaMa: halstead may be around?17:11
otavioJaMa: I am here but I am not sure I can unlock your accound17:12
otavioJaMa: I am here but I am not sure I can unlock your accoundt17:12
otavioMine is locked as well: "17:13
otavioYour account has been locked out. Please contact the admin.17:13
JaMaotavio: ok, then we really need someone with more powers like halstead :)17:13
otavio:-) indeed17:19
otaviowe are poor humans ;)17:19
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JaMaSabertooth Tiger Battle Zord!17:36
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bluelightningJaMa: argh I really wish I had not implemented that :/18:45
bluelightninglet me see if I can unblock it18:46
bluelightninghmm, seems the access attempts list is empty - JaMa / Otavio are you still locked out ?18:47
kanavin_homedl9pf: can you provide a link to the rpm recipe you're looking at?18:47
kanavin_homeone in latest master does depend on xz18:48
JaMabluelightning: it doesn't show the message about locked account anymore, but still cannot login, should I try to reset password again?18:53
otaviobluelightning: logged in19:04
bluelightningotavio: great, thanks - I think JaMa's access is fixed now as well hopefully19:05
bluelightningthough there is still something wrong with the pw reset functionality, maybe with the email sending19:05
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JaMayes, works for me again, thanks to bluelightning20:51
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mranostaywin 221:58
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