Sunday, 2020-09-13

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HadiI am creating a ext4 container image with IMAGE_FSTYPES= "container" . But when I try to load the ext4 image with systemd-nspawn. It complains about no GPT/MBR02:08
HadiLinux# sudo systemd-nspawn -i my-base-image-container-bfcx86.ext4 -b02:09
Hadimarked bootable, or a single GPT partition of type 0FC63DAF-8483-4772-8E79-3D69D8477DE4 or follow02:09
HadiI could untar the "rootfs.tar.bz2" and use systemd-nspawn to boot. I am trying to skip this step. Hoping to boot right from the ext4  image..02:11
HadiAny help will be appreciated.02:11
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srijan_rootI am trying to build both bash and zsh. Both of which creates a symbolic link /bin/sh. I want to keep /bin/sh linked to /bin/bash and not /bin/zsh. Can anyone tell me the .bbappend file that I need to create for zsh to remove the link creation10:18
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JaMasrijan_root: adjust ALTERNATIVE_PRIORITY in either of them10:36
srijan_rootThanks JaMa, Currently have decreased the ALTERNATIVE_PRIORITY in zsh and trying it out10:38
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someuserHi All. I have a Jetson Xavier running a Yocto dist, based on meta-tegra's initramfs image, except it runs with systemd. It is connected directly to another machine by ethernet, and i'm having problems communicating over the ethenet link when using systemd, but not when using /etc/network/interfaces. Whenever i ping the other machine, when15:06
someusersystemd-networkd is running and configured with a static IP,  i can see that the other machine received an arp request and sends an arp reply (tcpdump is running on the other machine), however on my Jetson Xavier device, the ARP reply is not received, as the arp cache is not updated, and ping fails. However, if i turn off systemd-networkd, update15:06
someuser/etc/network/interfaces with the IP address and do 'ifconfig eth0 up', then all of a sudden the ping works. Has anyone ever seen something similar?15:06
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khemwhat is your systemd-networkd setup looks like16:25
someuserdo you mean the config file? it's just the interface name and address16:30
someuser(not sure how to markdown)16:31
someuseri actually see that this config works, as 'ifconfig' shows this IP address on eth0,  and i get the 'eth0: link becomes ready' print in dmesg16:34
someuser(both when using systemd-networkd or /etc/network/interfaces, but the ping fails with systemd-networkd)16:35
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