Monday, 2020-09-14

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dpHi all, I know about `bitbake-layers show-recipes` but is there a way to list recipes within specific layers, aside from including only the desired layer in my bblayers.conf?01:57
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zeddiicd $layer; find . -name '*.bb' ?02:16
dpYeah that's what I'm resorting to otherwise02:26
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ilkappehello guys, I'm struggling with kernel patches. I've to patch the defconfig and a Kconfig file inside a kernel tree. So, I've downlaaded the kernel with bitbake, modified the mentioned files inside the git/ folder. So that if I run "git status" I can see the previous files as modified. The I create the patch running "git diff > mypatch.patch". Then06:28
ilkappeI copied the patch insid the "files" folder in the recipe folder. By the way the do_patch tasks seems to do nothing as the final .config files is not modified at all. ANy suggestion ?06:28
khemilkappe: check in recipe which file its using for creating .config06:36
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khemsometimes defconfig is added via file:// and used06:39
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mckoangood morning06:42
ilkappekhem, yep, no defconfig is added via file:// it's the one in the kernel's config folder. The strange thing by the way is that the patches seems to have no effect on the repo since if I run git status in the kernel folder I can't see any new commit on the tree06:47
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erboilkappe: In addition to adding the patch to files/, do you also add it to SRC_URI?07:23
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ilkappeerbo, yes I have ! The strange thin is also that the patches are not in the WORKDIR dir07:27
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carlsb3rgHi! I need some custom bootloader arguments in my bake and realize I can use the canned directdisk-bootloader-config from poky/scripts/lib/wic/canned-wks/, but I want the directdisk-bootloader-config.cfg to be a part of my bsp layer and not change the original directdisk-bootloader-config.cfg in the poky directory. How do I go about that?07:49
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carlsb3rgI was thinking of .bbappending the recipe that provides "WKS_FILE" and the rest of the WKS stuff to change the directory where it searches for wks files, but that might not be the right way to go. The directdisk-bootloader-config.wks file includes which is also in the poky directory. I guess what I'm saying is that I can't find any07:53
carlsb3rgway of changing the bootloader parameters without modifying files in the poky directory.07:53
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erboilkappe: That is strange. If you do e.g. "bitbake -e virtual/kernel | grep ^SRC_URI", do you see that the final SRC_URI really contains your patch?08:00
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ilkappeerbo, thanks, I've missed a typo in SRC_URI08:07
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xantozhi. is there a way to stop wic from writing to /etc/fstab ?09:41
xantozfor reasons, I need a manually created /etc/fstab, and I don't want wic to touch it09:42
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paulbarkerxantoz: `--no-fstab-update`10:05
paulbarkerxantoz: As an argument to the wic program10:06
xantozright. where does it get called, normally?10:06
paulbarkerxantoz: It's executed from image_types_wic.bbclass10:06
xantozok, so I should override that somehow?10:07
paulbarkerI think `WIC_CREATE_EXTRA_ARGS` is the variable to add command line args for wic10:07
xantozah, that might be easier10:07
paulbarkerIt's not terribly well documented, you may have to look at
xantozright now I tried just removing the "--fsoptions" in the .wks file10:07
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xantozthanks for the tips10:09
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jtrimbleHi all -- a question regarding multiconfig:  What are the advantages of using a "multiconfig" arrangement over just having multiple yocto build directories pointing to the same source layers?11:02
rburtonjtrimble: multiconfig lets you build a single artifact that has multiple configurations in11:14
rburtonthink an image that ships a hypervisor, a linux filesystem, and a rtos app11:30
rburtonor firmware, or whatever11:30
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qschulzkinda stupid question but why do we not disable configure and compile tasks for allarch inheriting recipes?11:55
rburtonbecause you can still configure and so on11:55
rburtonthink an icon theme11:55
rburtonlike adwaita11:55
rburtonthat configures and "compiles" (converts SVG to PNG), but the output is arch-independent11:56
rburtonallarch does break configure so if it looks for a proper compiler, it fails11:56
bluelightningok, outreachy project submitted11:59
bluelightningwe may have a corresponding influx of potential contributors soon (hopefully !)11:59
bluelightningndec ^^ FYI12:00
qschulzrburton: makes sense, thx!12:04
paulbarkerbluelightning: That looked like a really useful project, I hope we have plenty of applications :)12:10
RPbluelightning: thanks for doing it!12:10
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ndecbluelightning: thanks!12:34
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JPEWRP: Well, I think the bitbaker cooker is a lot more stable now. After rebasing, I ran 4000+ iterations of the torture test this weekend and I stopped it without it deadlocking. Before that it was only getting about 100 before something would break12:45
RPJPEW: that is good news :)12:46
RPJPEW: I also now know where its blocking causing the timeout problems on the autobuilder, its the SyncThread. Any ideas on why that could be so slow? Simply IO bound?12:46
JPEWPossibly. Could be waiting on semaphore or something also12:47
RPJPEW: a sempahore from where? :/12:47
RPbitbake is otherwise "gone" at that point12:47
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JPEWRP: Ya, I don't know. I/O seems more likely. I don't think I ever saw that one in the torture test, so I/O seems most likely12:48
RPJPEW: ideas for better debug to help diagnose welcome, I've not gotten to thinking about it yet12:48
RPJPEW: does your torture test include invalid metadata to parse?12:48
JPEWIt doesn't12:48
JPEWThat's a good idea though12:49
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JPEWRP: On the bad news, parsing seems to have gotten slower. A simple clean `bitbake -p` takes ~35s for me when it used to take < 20s (sorry, I don't have the exact numbers from before). Not sure if this is just my local setup or if it did indeed get slower...12:56
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JPEWRP: Nevermind. Must just be me. I went back and it's still slower. I must have changed something in local.conf w/o realizing13:00
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manuel1985Is anyone around here building yocto on AWS? Which kind of machine instance do you use? That is, which combination of CPU/memory is ideal? I don't want to pay for ressources I don't use.13:33
rburtonspin the machine down when its not building, just ensure you have persistent storage for sstate13:34
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JPEWmanuel1985: When I was experimenting with it, I chose C5aXlarge nodes. Seemed to have the best size/cost tradeoff (at the time).13:59
rburtonthe graviton2 arm nodes are cheap and in my benchmarking of comparable speed13:59
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manuel1985JPEW, rburton: Thanks!14:00
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JPEWmanuel1985: I also just setup my nodes to mount a EFS volume for the sstate cache. Maybe not the most cost effective, but it was really easy and works really well14:04
JPEWFully disclosure, I'm not doing anywhere near production volume builds, just playing around :)14:04
manuel1985JPEW: Is there a reason you chose EFS over EBS or instance store? Is it cheaper? Or because you can access EFS simultanously from different hosts? I'm very new to AWS... Made my account just yesterday... Still trying to make sense of all these options there are...14:12
JPEWRight. You could do EBS I think, but you'd have to stand up an NFS server instance in front of it so that your nodes can access it. This seemed more complicated than I wanted to do for my expirement.14:15
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srijan_rootFacing an issue compiling binutils. The error says:fatal: repository '/opt/grays-poky/build-grays/downloads/git2/' does not existWhereas I see this directory over there. Can also do a git clone, so it is not a network issue.14:28
srijan_rootFacing this issue with binutils14:29
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RPJPEW: I've wondered about performance. Sadly its not something I've had any time on recently14:43
RPJPEW: that sync threads thing was a performance measure, wondering if we should just get rid of it14:43
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JPEWRP: I'm trying to figure out what the sync thread is doing15:01
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RPJPEW: its writing out bb_caches to disk15:08
RPJPEW: so iterating over the caches calling .sync()15:08
RPJPEW: we do this so bitbake can get on with doing whatever it wants whilst the cache is saved out in parallel15:09
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JPEWRP: Oh, I misunderstood the "get rid of it" part. You mean get rid of the thread and sync on the main thread, not get rid of the sync() completely?15:22
RPJPEW: right15:23
RPJPEW: just block there15:23
JPEWRP: It seems like final_cleanup() is always right after shutdown(), so the thread likely isn't really gaining anything15:23
RPJPEW: under many workloads it would be long done by then though15:24
RPJPEW: the cleanup is just to block if its still there15:24
JPEWWell, I guess the thread parallelizes the parse_cache_savemerge(), fetcher_parser_done(), and profile saving?15:25
RPJPEW: right15:25
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RPJPEW: FWIW there is an open bug about parsing failures and unclean bitbake shutdowns causing locks so it may be worth a second torture run like that15:36
JPEWK, I'll modify the test to do that and give it a go15:39
RPJPEW: thanks. Reporter said the issues weren't fixed :/15:43
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sxiiiHey hey guys! Had anybody experience in making graphics driver autodetection for yocto?15:45
qschulzi'm not sure this is specific in any way to Yocto?15:47
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sxiiiYes and no (I'm not sure). I was trying to to it with alpine and totally failed. That's why I am asking before I switch to something different :)15:48
sxiiiI am trying to build a distribution with sole purpose of giving presentations. That's the reason for graphics driver15:49
qschulzsxiii: why do you need to know about the graphic driver?15:51
sxiiiLet's say we have nvidia and two screens (one full-hd laptop screen and a 4K projector). We need to be sure that resolutions are okay. Or we can have AMD graphics and 1 screen. Or intel graphics... Etc. Ideally, I need automatic videodriver detection and support. Or I might try to stick with some generic driver, too, but I'm not sure that this will give some reasonable results15:53
sxiiiI don't actually need to know, I just want the full-resolution of the device to be automatically utilized.15:54
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havok101Hey, so when I used boot2qt. It generated a script for setting up the kit in qt creator for new machines. Is there such a thing for eclipse? Or is there any good instruction to setup eclipse? All seem to use the yocto plugin which is not supported for newer eclipse releases.16:44
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JPEWRP: I know there is a bug with the config fragment to reproduce that issue, but I can't find it ATM. Do you happen to know what it is?17:36
*** manuel1985 <manuel1985!> has joined #yocto17:36
JPEW Maybe?17:42
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jadelclemensHey all, running into a weird issue with Git repos and bitbake. It's failing to clone a specific repo as a submodule (permission denied (publickey) error), but it doesn't have the same issue cloning other repos on the same git server using the same keypair. I am also able to clone this repo with no incident manually (outside of bitbake)18:04
jadelclemensAny ideas what may be going on here?18:04
fraysubmodules, are each cloned one at a time in OE.  So if you are xpecting the original SRC_URI to point to the credentials it won't work right..18:07
fraythe other thing you can do is manually specify the URIs for all of the submodules within your SRC_URI of the recipe, that might give you more info why it's failing..18:08
fray(basically use "git:..." for each URL not gitsm)18:08
jadelclemensSo the username is encoded in the request URI (git@[submodule URI]) and the credentials should be handled by ssh (as configured in .ssh/config). What I'm seeing is that gitsm had issues with user and password included in the URI, but that is not the case with my setup18:11
jadelclemensIn fact it looks like bitbake isn't cloning the submodule manually (via a URI in a recipe) but as a consequence of a recursive clone of the parent repository.18:16
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jadelclemensOr, sorry, it configures a number of submodules and then does a recursive submodule update --init then sync18:16
*** samvlewis <samvlewis!~samvlewis@> has joined #yocto18:17
frayusername is not transfered to the submodules18:21
fraythe submodule uri's are used -exactly- as speified in the submodule18:22
frayso if you need to provide credentials for the submodules, you will need to break it out manually and specify each URI within the recipe itself..18:22
frayThe behavior I am describing started sometime last year if I remember correctly (2019)18:22
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jadelclemensWell, my submodule URIs do specify the username, and credentials should be handled by my ssh agent (using keypairs specified in ~/.ssh/config). Is there something about the bitbake configure process that would interfere with the ssh agent being able to provide those credentials?18:24
jadelclemensThis is in .gitmodules - the recipe does not specify separate URIs for submodules, just adds shell commands to update the submodules we need for a given Yocto build18:24
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elcfdhi, i have a recipe which pulls a private git repo. in order to connect i have my credentials in .gitconfig using git credential helper19:14
elcfdhowever, bitbake does not seem to pick this up. is this by design?19:14
erboelcfd: not really an answer to your question, but I usually go for git over ssh, and ssh key authorization for private repos19:26
elcfderbo < normally i would but work have their git server setup without ssh access. it seems im going to have to go into meetings with IT to get this changed!19:28
elcfdwas hoping to avoid having to do this because it wont be a quick process19:28
erboAh, the dreaded IT meeting :)19:28
elcfdindeed - you want what port opened!19:28
elcfdi nmapped the server they are filtering the ssh port :(19:29
erboelcfd: Hmm, this (old) SO post seems to indicate that it should work to have it in .gitconfig19:32
elcfderbo < do you have the link for the post?19:39
erboelcfd: right, I intended to paste that at the end of the last message :)
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elcfderbo < thanks - i think it may actually be the work proxy causing the authentication error message i am seeing.19:50
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JPEWRP: Ok, that was pretty easy to reproduce. Looks like another multiprocessing termination bug. FWIW, the re-write I've been working on seems to fix it20:21
JPEWwill run more tests overnight20:21
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RPJPEW: hmm. So its definitely not fixed by existing patches? :(20:57
RPJPEW: you found a fragment I guess? I was afk20:57
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JPEWRP: Ya, I did. It's the exact one from the bug report. And it's pretty easy to reproduce, just CTRL+C after the stacktrace appears from the invalid expansion21:02
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RPJPEW: ah, I wasn't doing the Ctrl+C21:03
JPEWRP: The torture test finds it in less than 10 iterations for me, and most of those are where it completely misses the window because it's too early or too late21:03
RPJPEW: I wonder if blocking the SIGINT from the children would help21:03
JPEWRP: Hmm, maybe. I can try it21:04
RPJPEW: or maybe blocking it in the parent21:04
RPJPEW: worth a try since you can easily reproduce!21:04
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JPEWRP: `signal.signal(signal.SIGINT, signal.SIG_IGN)` seems to fix the problem. It's done over 100 iterations now21:15
dv_hm there is no 3.2 schedule page on the wiki? exists, but is 40421:15
dv_given that gatesgarth (3.2) is planned for october, that is a little weird ... ?21:15
JPEWRP: Patch sent21:17
RPJPEW: great, thanks!21:18
RPdv_: its a sign that we don't have enough people to do everything :(21:18
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RPsakoman: did you make any progress with - the python version issue?21:38
*** beneth <beneth!> has left #yocto21:39
RPsakoman: its a bit invasive but I think we split utils.setup_buildtools_tarball into two and then call the second half from the qa-send script21:41
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dv_RP: oh..22:18
dv_RP: could this lead to gatesgarth being postponed?22:18
RPdv_: the release is going ahead as planned, we just don't have all the planning documents and wiki updated :/22:18
dv_ah I see22:19
RPwell, assuming we actually build M3 (feature freeze). That is two weeks behind right now but I'm not overly concerned about that22:19
dv_I originally wanted to look up in what milestone we are in22:19
dv_and I assume that gstreamer 1.18 (which got released ~7 days ago) won't make it in .. too late for that22:19
RPdv_: how big a change is it and are there good reasons we'd want it?22:20
RPits late and past feature freeze so we'd need a compelling reasons22:20
dv_well it is always good to stick to the latest gstreamer version. support is much easier then22:20
dv_oh thats what you mean22:20
dv_no, I dont think there are pressing reasons for an exception22:20
RPI understand latest is "best" but we do have to draw a line somewhere!22:21
dv_of course, of course. thats why I wanted to know the current milestone. if it were an early one, I'd try to get 1.18 in22:21
dv_but M3 is a late one22:22
dv_anyway, thanks for the info22:22
RPdv_: np, thanks for checking!22:22
dv_you're welcome.22:27
dv_oh, one last thing (different topic), then I anyway have to go: why does the SDK's environment file add optimization and debug symbol flags to CFLAGS, CXXFLAGS, LDFLAGS, and also to build system specific scripts like meson.cross?22:28
dv_this gets very annoying when you try to build a debug build, wanna step through it with gdb, only to find that stuff has been optimized out22:29
dv_optimization and debug symbol flags (-g etc.) shouldn't really be part of a BSP setup22:29
dv_err, part of an SDK setup22:30
RPdv_: I'd imagine people do want the optimization flags there in general22:30
RPI'd assume we're thinking people will split the debug symbols out like we do with in tree builds22:30
zeddiiRP: I'm sending some -stable bumps and a fixed up lttng-modules patch in the next few minutes. just one more build to see pass.22:30
dv_for yocto builds, yeah.22:30
dv_but if you use the SDK, the situation is different22:30
RPdv_: It depends. If we remove that info its hard to someone to get it back but easier for them to remove it if needed22:31
RPzeddii: ok, I'm about to start a build and head to bed. I wonder whether sleep will win :)22:31
dv_hm. maybe some flag that can enables/disables it?22:31
dv_I'll discuss this with my BSP colleaguees22:32
RPdv_: I was just wondering about two environment files. That has big impact on the docs though22:32
RPdv_: its worth thinking about22:32
dv_anyway, gotta go, l8r!22:33
zeddiiit built. sending the queue. feel free to let sleep win.22:33
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RPzeddii: series doesn't apply? :/22:35
*** marka <marka!> has quit IRC22:35
zeddiisome kind of strange encoding on one patch.22:35
zeddiigit send email complained on the way out.22:35
RPzeddii: patch just before the ones you sent in the branch?22:37
RPlinux-yocto/config: netfilter: Enable nat for ipv4 and ipv622:37
zeddiiI missed one.22:37
zeddiiI can resend, or you can grab it off the branch. apparently I can't count.22:38
zeddiirushing never pays off.22:38
RPzeddii: I have it :)22:38
zeddiiI'll follow up to my 0/N in case someone out there is trying to grab the patches and apply them.22:39
zeddiimy AB run is green now with those changes, so in theory, it shouldn't cause you any issues.22:39
RPzeddii: I was rushing to get to sleep to which obviously meant it all was doomed ;-)22:39
RPzeddii: I'm off to bed now, will see what happened tomorrow22:39
zeddiimy first AB runs .. didn't go well, hence why I ended up with lttng changes :D22:39
paulg2020 and ltt is still a thing.22:44
paulgwouldn't have predicted that back in 2005 or whatever.22:46
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