Tuesday, 2020-09-15

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khemheh, but year of linux desktop is still elusive01:19
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RPrburton: does  https://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/typhoon/#/builders/60/builds/2460 look familiar? :(08:46
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RParmpit: this is why we don't give qemumips 512 memory :(08:46
RPhmm, qemu there is still half alive08:49
RPwon't let me get to an ssh login though08:50
RPit will let me see dmesg, nothing there08:52
* RP wonders what sensible debug of this would look like08:52
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rburtonRP: someone to understands mips needs to dive into the qemu memory implementation, i've still got a hunch something is not right09:13
RPrburton: I agree09:14
rburtoni wish i made notes from when i tried researching it a few years ago09:15
RPrburton: do we just disable core-image-sato-sdk and core-image-full-cmdline for now for systemd I wonder?09:15
rburtonthere are odd memory layout restrictions in mips hardware09:15
RPrburton: it was the HIGHMEM stuff iirc09:15
RPhardware dates from the "who'd need 512MB memory?"09:16
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rpcmeI'm working on branch dunfell, and am having curious behavior with bind in recipes-communication, where configure fails due to two flags not being being supported: --disable-silent-rules and --disable-dependency-tracking.  The configure script doesn't support them, and from what I can tell the recipe isn't adding them, so I am wondering how they11:59
rpcmecould be magically showing up in the call to configure?  Any ideas would be helpful.11:59
rpcmeI have also witnessed this behavior on master and zeus.  I don't want to infer this is experienced only on dunfell.12:00
rpcmesorry, that's ^^ recipes-connectivity, not enough coffee yet :p12:08
qschulzrpcme: bitbake -e bind and look for the "history" of the variable (the few lines above CFLAGS= (grep -e "^CFLAGS="))12:09
erborpcme: seems like those are set by default in autotools.bbclass12:12
erboDoes it really fail though? I have this in my log.do_configure for bind on dunfell: "configure: WARNING: unrecognized options: --disable-silent-rules, --disable-dependency-tracking"12:14
rpcmeyes I just saw that :)  this is good stuff.  I wonder what is going on then ... everyone uses this.  maybe this is just a symptom of a larger underlying problem in my environment since I also get this: ERROR: bind-9.11.13-r0 do_configure: QA Issue: This autoconf log indicates errors, it looked at host include and/or library paths while determining12:15
rpcmesystem capabilities.12:15
rburtonyou can add those to UNKNOWN_CONFIGURE_WHITELIST but if configure doesn't support them then its most likely not actually autoconf12:15
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rpcmeThank you.  I do a lot of yocto builds across architectures and whenever a vendor's distribution definition includes bind I run into this problem.  It is the only package that I've had fail this way.  I will need to keep looking.12:20
rpcmeerbo thank you for confirming that you see it on your machine as well and it's effectively benign12:21
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elcfdhi, is RDEPENDS able to pick up runtime dependencies based on DEPENDS or do you have to explicitely state every runtime dependency using RDEPENDS12:24
rburtonRDEPENDS will automatically include anything that your binaries link to12:24
elcfdrburton < thanks12:25
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erborpcme: if you ever read logs, you should look into why you have bind 9.11.13 when it's 9.11.22 in dunfell. Maybe some other layer provides a broken recipe?12:27
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eduardashello, anyone here using libmodbus with RS-485 on embedded Linux? would like to PM and ask questions about it (since perhaps this topic is not appropriate here)12:49
eduardashave not really found a channel where discussing libmodbus would be appropriate, though12:50
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ilkappeHello guys. I-m looking to> https://github.com/Xilinx/meta-xilinx-tools/blob/master/recipes-bsp/fpga-manager-util/fpga-manager-util_1.0.bb12:54
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ilkappewhat-s the purpose of the python (function/task?)12:54
ilkappewhen is it called ? before every task ? After all of the tasks ? In the middle of something ?12:55
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rburtonilkappe: on parse12:56
ilkapperburton, so before everything if I am right.. Is it correct ?12:56
rburtonit runs before a task is executed, yes12:57
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ilkapperburton, thanks dude12:57
kanavin_homehalstead: auto upgrade helper was unable to sent mail: https://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/typhoon/#/builders/112/builds/9/steps/8/logs/step1d13:06
kanavin_homeERROR:Could not send email: [Errno 110] Connection timed out13:07
kanavin_homethe mail server in use is smtp1.yoctoproject.org:2513:07
kanavin_homeRP: ^^^13:07
halsteadkanavin_home can you update to mail.yoctoproject.org and try again?13:09
JaMahalstead: can you please disable oe-commits ML?13:13
rpcmeFor those who answered my questions about an hour ago - I changed base directories and it's configuring and compiling fine.  On my workstation, I have 1TB mounted at /src, which is where I put all my source and build trees.  Somehow, the bind recipe is detecting this as a host directory, even though /src is not in the FHS.13:15
kanavin_homehalstead: yes, I'll try - thanks13:17
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kanavin_homehalstead: mail.yoctoproject.org seems to be unresponsive as well13:22
kanavin_homeakanavin@ubuntu1804-ty-3:~$ nc -v mail.yoctoproject.org 2513:22
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jonmasonhas anyone here managed to get meta-zephyr working?13:57
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rburtonmoto-timo: is naveen on irc?14:28
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tlwoerneris there a technical call this week?14:58
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RPtlwoerner: yes14:58
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rpcmeAfter further inspection, the issue with bind has nothing to do with the base checkout directory.  bind 9.11.x recipe is def busted for me, where configure is finding datadir on my local machine and not in the basedir.  on master, it works fine - the recipe is 9.16.x, changed a lot.  Unfortunately jumping jellyfish (AGL) is using the busted one16:57
rpcme(for me) so I must find the root cause16:57
rpcmeIf anyone has deep experience in this recipe and/or is the person who changed from 9.11.x to 9.16.x, I would love to hear from you.  I am basically starting from zilch to narrow exactly what needs to change16:58
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fullstopdumb question.  How can I set NATIVELSBSTRING?17:27
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fullstopor, perhaps a better question, did the sstate cache directory structure change at all between 2.7 and 3.x?17:33
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frayI believe the format of the sstate-cache directory has changed17:56
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fullstopIs there a way to rebuild the sstate directory without cleaning everything?18:08
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RPfullstop: that question doesn't make sense. Either it finds what it needs in sstate and things are fine and it doesn't need to rebuild, or it rebuilds it?18:32
fullstopRP: I'm in a strange situation, then.18:33
fullstopI have built an image using one machine, which migrated from 2.7 to 3.1.2..18:33
fullstopand building from a second machine, using the first machine's sstate only finds about 35% of the objects and proceeds to build a bunch of stuff that shouldn't be needed.18:34
fullstopAt first I thought that it was because of a NATIVELSBSTRING mismatch, but that is not the case.  Both are "universal"18:35
fullstopI guess I can rebuild everything at night and see where things are tomorrow.18:35
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RPfullstop: it sounds like the machines don't have as much overlapping state as you think. You probably need to compare the signatures between the two machines18:41
RPgood news is you don't actually have to run the build to do it, "bitbake XXX -S none" for each machine and them look in tmp/stamps18:42
fullstopWill do.  The git hashes for the layers are identical and there are no pending changes.18:42
fullstopSame versions of everything.. guess I'll find a difference somewhere.18:42
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JaMafullstop: you can also use openembedded-core/scripts/sstate-diff-machines.sh which calls bitbake -S none and helps a bit to compare the results18:45
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fullstopSignatures are different, but the versions are the same18:54
JaMause bitbake-diffsigs on them, but do_build will just point to some other task being different18:56
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fullstopI don't know if this makes a difference or not, but this sstate setup was working fine before I pulled 3.1.2 on both sides.18:59
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kergothHmm, assuming BB_SERVER_TIMEOUT still has issues?21:18
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fullstopI'm not sure if that was directed at me, kergoth, but I'm heading out now.  I've triggered a full-rebuild and will see how sstate works tomorrow.  The host side is nginx and shouldn't be timing out.21:44
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fullstopoh, wow, I think that I may have found something.  I had a bunch of tmux windows open and some of them might have had oe-init-build-env from 2.7.x21:46
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mischiefis it possible to make a conditional RDEPENDS based on the preferred version of something else? if so, can anyone share an example of that?22:18
RPkergoth: its improving but the autobuilder still won't complete all tests with it so something is wrong22:25
RPmischief: that sounds problematic22:25
RPmischief: you'd probably have to inject it at do_package time as any earlier and you'd not know what you built with22:26
mischiefRP: well, so is embedded systems distro maintenance, but that's not stopping the paychecks :-P22:31
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