Saturday, 2020-09-26

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khemRP: something is broken on master-next
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RPkhem: yes, I missed a patch, sorry :/07:21
khemRP: base: Rework and improve do_unpack WORKDIR cleanup from previous builds seems to be bad one07:32
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RPkhem: yes, it was missing a meson fix for that07:53
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mihaihow can I submit a backport from master to dunfell?09:48
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RPmihai: send a patch with [dunfell] in the subject?10:03
RPmihai: cc Steve Sakoman (or if its a straight cherry-pick reply to the patch and cc steve and ask for the backport)10:04
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mihaiRP: it's a straight cherry pick, thanks10:24
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carlsb3rgI've been moving my local.conf stuff to what I thought was the correct locations in distro/x.conf and machine/x.conf, and suddenly I'm getting license issues11:00
carlsb3rggetting warnings like "do_rootfs: The license listed GPLv2 was not in the licenses collected for recipe glibc"11:01
carlsb3rgand a hard error in the python license task saying that it couldn't find "linux-yocto/.../recipeinfo"11:02
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carlsb3rgI ran cleanall on both of them, but I'm not sure why they were missing in the first place...I haven't removed them at any point and everything was fine before I stared reorganizing stuff to start creating my production build11:14
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khemRP: pseudo changes are perhaps to blame for
RPkhem: its the do_unpack ones14:27
RPkhem: I've pushed several fixes to master-next over the last few hours but its looking like its a painful change :(14:28
RPkhem: do_populate_lic and lsof fixes are definitely there, not sure about the others14:28
khemOK Fired a new build with latest master-next lets see14:29
RPkhem: the user errors in the do_package_qa could be pseudo or they could be genuine problems being exposed, hard to tell14:30
khemthere are also some do_package_qa issues there in the list14:30
khemthey seem to be happening on all machines14:30
khemand consistently failing on every build14:31
RPkhem: I just saw a related error on the main autobuilder so there is something pseudo related wrong in there :(14:32
khemmy VMs ran 8 different builds overnight14:32
khemusually I have seen these errors in past when pseudo crashed mid-way14:33
khemRP: I am trying ptest runs on images, few fails in glib-2.0 are showing up perhaps will try to see whats going on14:37
RPkhem: alex did a good job of sorting out a lot of ptest results so they should be passing but we've not really looked much outside the targets core tests14:50
RPkhem: that autobuilder issue broke locally too. This did work so I wonder what changed :/14:53
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RPkhem: repushed master-next with a pseudo fix, will restart the builds15:16
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RPhmm, still not right15:36
willy5123hello, good morning!15:37
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RPkhem: I'm going to have to abandon that do_unpack patch, it just won't work16:54
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WipsterHi all, I am cloning fsl-community-bsp-platform on the dunfell branch on a Linux Mint host and I am bumping into the sanity checker error when checking long filenames. I have given the crops/poky:ubuntu-1804 docker image a go to build but same error. It seems to stem from the fact my home directory, like most Ubuntu based home directories who accept the defaults, is eCryptFS on EXT4. It doesn't seem like an uncommon build environment so is there a17:16
Wipsterworkaround or do I really need to partition a build area in straight EXT4?17:16
mihaiWipster: yes, you'll need to use a build dir outside ecryptfs17:30
Wipstermihai: ouch ok, thank you for the definitive answer17:37
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khemRP: right, it failed for me too23:57

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