Sunday, 2020-09-27

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manuel1985Can I move a yocto project around, or do I then have to rebuild everything?09:55
manuel1985`/data/newdir/poky-dunfell` --> `/data/poky-dunfell`09:55
paulgmanuel1985, I can almost guarantee an outright move like that will fail your build.10:05
paulghowever, you probably can "keep it alive" with a symlink from the old path to new.10:06
manuel1985Alright, thanks :)10:09
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pevmanuel1985: If you're wanting to do that, you probably just need to re-build. Your sources and downloads dir are location agnostic of course. If you create a new build dir and then populate the downloads and sstate-cache from your current build I think you'll be able to rebuild in a jiffy for the new location as the cache will make build pretty swift11:10
likewiseDo we support multiple conditions when overriding a variable?  I.e.  _append_libc-musl_toolchain-gcc = "X" ?11:12
likewise^overriding or appending11:13
RPkhem: I do see a problem with the pseudo patches, I'm looking at a solution but its a bit of a rewrite. Its the path ignore code causing problems11:28
RPseebs: I do have to admire how some of the pseudo internals work :)11:39
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paulgI don't think I've ever looked at a line of pseudo code, but I will vouch for seebs busting ass to make open projects suck less.11:55
RPpaulg: I've worked on bits of it before but never looked in detail at the templating code. I know what I want/need to do but I just can't even begin to see how I can adjust it to do it :)11:56
paulgRP, well you are in good shape.  If you can form your problem intelligently (ok, stupid "if" -- I know you can) then I know seebs will jump in to help when he sees it.11:59
paulgHe wrote a whole book on shell magic; full well knowing nobody would buy it.12:00
paulgCan't get more altruistic than that.12:00
RPpaulg: sadly (and understandably) he doesn't have the time to look after pseudo on a community contributor basis so I'm somewhat on my own12:01
paulgyeah.  that is tough.  I think we all face that same thing to some degree.12:02
paulghopefully seebs can just jump in and give a useful pointer.12:03
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RPpaulg: yes, and I have tried to highlight the issues we're having but I can't seem to do much about it :(12:04
RPpaulg: its not helped that seebs thinks what I have in mind is slightly crazy :)12:04
RPit very nearly works with the code I have...12:05
paulgRP, that shouldn't matter.   I've known seebs for quite a while, and he doesn't rule out things based on random opinions of "crazy"12:05
RPpaulg: well, we're already breaking pseudo's original design and now I'm doing "crazy" on top :)12:06
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pevOut of interest, why are sstate-cache and downloads inside the generated build dir by default? I notice that some of the Freescale build environments put them at the same level as the build dir and get shared by default between all the builds which makes sense?13:13
manuel1985I'm also thinking about having a `build-common` dir next to `build-proj-A` and `build-proj-B` dir's to put the sstate-cache and downloads dir into. Didn't try that yet, though. Does that work fine? Even if the builds are for different architectures?13:14
RPpev: its expected users configure those appropriately13:16
RPmanuel1985: yes, its designed to be shared13:16
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pevRP: So just a "sane default" rather than an indication it's a better way to do things?13:36
RPpev: yes, we encourage sharing of DL_DIR and sstate13:41
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pevOK, next "should be simple" question - Im building for qemuarm and want to build u-boot but it doesn't seem to be as simple as adding UBOOT_CONFIG in local.conf?14:08
pevCleaning sstate and then doing a -v -c configure shows do_configure doing nothing. Same with compile.14:15
pevbut I can manually build in a devshell quite happily14:15
pevOK, Im having a brain fart, ignore me... :-D14:21
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likewiseShouldn't bitbake <> -c cleanall  remove the complete build dir?14:46
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GeGoHello everyone, I am facing a problem running any bitbake command15:04
GeGoit stuck , and i have to terminate it15:04
GeGothe traceback shows "PermissionError: [Errno 13] Permission denied"15:05
seebson the topic of "crazy": The "Gopher" Slack server now has a :seebsno: emoji.15:08
pevGeGo, Have you looked in the logs or done bitbake -v to try and work out what permissions are involved?15:10
GeGobitbake -v itself results in the same error15:11
RPseebs: fun :)15:17
GeGoI removed the build directory (clean)15:29
GeGoand it worked15:29
GeGoi still don't know what caused the problem or what is the problem15:30
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d32Hi, I have a question related to a specific part of the linux-fslc kernel, it seems not directly Yocto related at the moment. Where would be the best place to start asking questions?15:46
manuel1985I have two build directories. In one of them, `DL_DIR` and `SSTATE_DIR` points to the dirs of the other one. Still, it builds a lot again. Anyone an idea why that is? I deleted the `tmp` directory before issuing the build.15:59
manuel1985Oh no.. Perhaps I found the reason. `DISTRO_VERSION` is "3.1.3" and "3.1.2" at the other. No idea how that happened.16:02
manuel1985Is `dunfell` a moving target?16:05
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mihaimanuel1985: yes, dunfell as a branch gets new commits16:13
khemRP: with latest master-next still seeing
manuel1985Ok I see... Was not aware of this. Just checked the git history, `dunfell` is not in the direct history of `master`, so they seem to have diverged. I guess because `master` gets feature updates, and `dunfell` only security fixes. Is that right?16:15
manuel1985Guess I just found my answer:
mihaimanuel1985: not only, it can get important or relevant changes, dunfell is LTS16:17
khemRP: errors are like this
mihaimanuel1985: you can stick to a specific commit or tag, until the new minor version / tag is released16:19
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manuel1985mihai: Thanks, will do that!17:29
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RPkhem: right, I need to fix the pseudo patch19:02
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manuel1985Is there a reason why there seem to be tags for the poky repository, but now for others like meta-raspberrypi?19:47
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RPkhem: pseudo patch heavily reworked and updated in master-next21:57
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jakob_bananahello, I have seen a project of yocto in Outrechy list. One of my students is interested in it. Because she likes linux and embedded stuff. the project about license tracing?22:47
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jakob_bananaI mean people usually expect that yocto is something interesting about the structure of linux, about configs and scripts of distro creation. But the outreachy project seem to be about something not that much interesting.22:49
RPkhem: looks like I've broken sdk generation. Will have to look tomorrow22:59
* armpit hit head against wall.. musll23:23
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