Monday, 2020-10-12

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LetoThe2ndyo dudX06:38
PaowZyop LetoThe2nd : dude {}06:39
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mckoangood morning06:44
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mckoanhello, is it possible to use recipetool create specifying a local tarball? I tried some different syntax without success07:29
LetoThe2ndmckoan: also tried devtool? but its entirely possible that this is not supported, yes.07:31
mckoanLetoThe2nd: I didn't try devtool07:33
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LetoThe2ndbut TBH, shipping a local tarball together with the layer is so uncommon that it might require manual intervention for sure.07:45
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mckoanLetoThe2nd: I know and I agree, this was a curiosity07:54
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qschulzndec: any deadline for doc patches for 3.2? It's a hell of lot more time consuming than I thought so I'm doing it a bit more sparsely during the week/week-end than usual, but if I need to push a bit for the next week, I can try :)08:16
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ndecqschulz: it's really up to RP at this point.. but regardless all improvements can be backported in the 3.2 branch even after the release.08:33
ndeci want to backport the whole sphinx docs to dunfell as well, i've started this work, so hopefully we can merge that soon in dunfell, and only support sphinx moving forward.08:34
qschulzndec: nice, have "fun" :)08:36
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RPqschulz: We have a number of open high bugs we need to resolve before the release will be built and as ndec says, we can add to the 3.2 branch after release too08:58
qschulzRP: good luck on those bugs, hopefully it's not too painful :/09:00
rburtonRP: hm the ab won't let me explicitly run selftest on the new arm host09:00
RPrburton: it won't be coded as a valid worker for that target09:02
RP(else it may try and run it on there in general)09:02
RPqschulz: thanks, we'll see :)09:03
rburtonRP: would be neat if one could force it somehow09:04
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rburtoni'll do a selftest on it by hand09:04
rburtoni know a few places where it will fail, just want to scope out if there's more since i last tried09:04
RPrburton: I don't know how to allow that without causing other issues, I agree it would be nice, but...09:05
rburtoni'll do it manually, this is a very edge case09:05
emriusHey folks, bitbake crashes after I purged tmp and sstate cash after about 50% of compilation without any further info:09:06
emriusERROR: Worker process (29784) exited unexpectedly (-9), shutting down...09:06
emriussays 15 times in a row and exits.09:06
emriusWhat can I do to debug this exception?09:06
RPemrius: that means bitbake doesn't know why the worker process died09:07
emrius@RP ok good to know.09:07
emriusSo, how can I find out why the worker process died?09:07
RPemrius: -9 is SIGKILL. Did the kernel OOM killer activate? Check dmesg?09:07
emriusRP will do. Thanks09:08
emriusAnd there we go: [1173456.633882] Out of memory: Kill process 29100 (Cooker) score 142 or sacrifice child09:08
emriusah I've got some Worker and Cooker processes running at 100% indicated in top that obviously didn't get a ctrl-c or so. However, probably killing them will help.09:10
emriusRP Thanks for your help!09:10
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manuel1985Good morning everyone! I am signing up for the Yocto Project Summit. It asks me which "Track" I would like to register for: "Track 1: Intro to Yocto Project Seminar: US$40" or "Track 2: Curated Presentations: US$40". I don't know which one to pick. I just would like to watch the presentiations listed at Does LetoThe2nd perhaps know the answer? :)09:29
LetoThe2ndmanuel1985: i guess you should go for #2. AIUI, #1 is the classical beginner track. and as you already know what an image and a recipe are, its probably not necessary to do a hands on there.09:30
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manuel1985Ah okay so it sounds Track 1 would only allow me to join the "Beginner Room", and Track 2 allows me to join "Intermediate Room"... Would be good if they used the same wording across their pages.09:34
manuel1985And what about the "Hands on Hack Room"? hmm09:34
manuel1985I'll write them a mail09:35
LetoThe2ndi don't know exactly to be honest, i'm just there for tradition :)09:35
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* mckoan wonders if the LF ticket for YPDD is different from the Pretalx one10:09
mckoanthese vitrual events are so puzzling10:09
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free_energydrinkhi, how can I update from 3.1.1 to yocto 3.1.3? I've done git pull and if I run bitbake again it shows DISTRO_VERSION 3.1.1 again10:18
mckoanfree_energydrink: in which directory you ran it?10:18
free_energydrinkoh wait.. didn't checkout...10:19
mckoanfree_energydrink: you need more energydrink ;-)10:20
free_energydrinkhaha yes :)10:22
LetoThe2ndwho needs more drinks?10:25
* mihai raises hand10:29
Ad0I have completely forgot since it's been a while. SHould take more notes :) - how do I efficiently build device tree (dts) files . I think I had to bitbake environment for virtual/kernel or something10:33
Ad0I want to build the dts an nothing else. I think it was like make file.dtb inside bitbake environment10:33
Ad0bitbake -e virtual/kernel ?10:34
Ad0no that was not it10:39
Ad0bitbake -c devshell virtual/kernel10:41
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free_energydrinkdts for which board?10:58
Ad0my own custom one11:00
Ad0but compute module 311:00
Ad0I have an eeprom on i2c which I want to read mac address from a certain address offset, and link that to the USB connected ethernet inside the dts file. I've seen that it's possible11:01
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linumsHi guys,11:57
linumsNewbie question coming up! :D11:57
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linumsIs it possible to use multiple build agent for bitbake?11:58
linumsEvery time I search for this I find tons of articles how to build to multiple machines11:58
linumsBut this is not what I want11:58
qschulzbuild agent?12:00
linumsYeah, I mean multiple build machines12:00
linumsI have to rebuild now all my packages12:01
linumsAnd this is just extremely slow with 1 machine, but I could use 3 in parallel12:01
qschulzlinums: icecc is what you're looking for12:01
linumsCool, thanks!12:02
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LetoThe2ndwho's currently looking into prelink-cross? fray as the last committer/maintainer?12:17
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rburtonyes, that's fray's project12:22
LetoThe2ndrburton: k12:23
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free_energydrinkhow can I add a driver from my waveshare lcd ( to the yocto build?12:27
free_energydrinkit is stated: Driver is provided for Raspbian/Ubuntu Mate/kali.12:28
free_energydrinkdoes that mean I'm out of luck when I use yocto?12:28
LetoThe2ndfree_energydrink: it probably means that you are in for some packaging fun12:29
qschulzfree_energydrink: "Note: The Raspberry Pi must be connected to the network, or else the touch driver won't be successfully installed." THE FUCK :D12:31
* LetoThe2nd facepalns12:31
LetoThe2ndyay for magic build scripts12:32
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qschulzLetoThe2nd: holy shit that's one of the worst ways to package a driver I've ever seen12:32
LetoThe2ndsee, i didn't even look so closely. karma told me early that its not worth it.12:32
Shaunit gets worse the more you look12:34
LetoThe2ndno looking, no worse! i win!12:34
Shauneg they're not adding things to /etc/rc.local, they're just replacing it with theirs.  so if you had anything else in there, oops.   ditto /boot/config.txt12:35
megabreadHi. For meta-clang, is there a way to use a custom toolchain, for instance to use arm-none-eabi?12:39
free_energydrinkjudging from your funny comments I can better choose something else then (y) :')12:39
free_energydrinkthanx guys12:39
qschulzfree_energydrink: you might just need to work a bit more than usual and understand their craziness :)12:41
free_energydrinknot worth it tbh :)12:42
Shaunfor all the mess they're making to get there, they're not actually doing much.  they're running two commands in rc.local, adding an entry to modprobe.d, adding some fbcon bits to the kernel cmdline, and a few hdmi options in config.txt.  it should be pretty easy to replicate in a nonviolent manner12:44
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free_energydrinkany lcd (with touchscreen) recommendations for the raspberry pi?12:45
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zeddiiholiday monday here. Nobody break anything, eh!? :D13:22
LetoThe2ndzeddii: cue
* zeddii starts the background music loop!13:28
free_energydrinkevery monday = holiday monday!13:39
free_energydrinklets make it happen, LetoThe2nd for president!13:39
free_energydrink@JPEW according to the video you posted, icecream speeds up the build by approximately 20%, why isn't it by default integrated in yocto then?13:42
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LetoThe2ndfree_energydrink: because it just adds complexity for those who do not wish to do the dance of multiple boxes and and just use a proper build machine?13:43
free_energydrinkaha got it13:44
JPEWfree_energydrink: It requires site infrastructure to be set up (you have to run a scheduler and configure the clients)13:44
free_energydrinkJPEW point taken13:44
LetoThe2ndfree_energydrink: usually, icecc is the go-to place for those who either can't afford or are not permitted to buy-once-cry-once over a proper build server.13:45
free_energydrinkLetoThe2nd yes indeed13:46
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JPEWYa. When I made that video we had 4c8t machines, and icecc was pretty nice... we've since upgraded to 18c36t machines, and local builds are a lot more bearable. I haven't had a chance to see if the cluster still helps with the new machines because I'm working from home :)13:47
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LetoThe2ndexactly. get a proper 16c/32c box and some space for sstate.13:48
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qschulzJPEW: 6c/12t here, still seeing benefit in using icecc13:54
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lxcHave a linux kernel recipe, but kernel.bbclass does not use KBUILD_DEFCONFIG. Do I need to manually copy defconfig? Or what is the purpose of KBUILD_DEFCONFIG?13:58
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LetoThe2ndlxc: i take it you have looked at its documentation?
lxcLetoThe2nd yes I have, Assigned my var as KBUILD_DEFCONFIG_zcu102-zynqmp ?= "xilinx_zynqmp_defconfig"14:01
LetoThe2ndlxc: so if you're building for the machine zcu102-zynqmp that should make the recipe use the defconfig xilinx_zynqmp_defconfig that is inside the kernel repo the recipe refers to.14:02
zeddiithat's something I added to work with the linux-yocto reference kernels and users of the kernel-yocto bbclass. Everyone, and I mean everyone, configures kernel's differently so only the lowest common denominator is in the kernel.bbclass. Which is "put a defconfig in workdir" and the kernel build will consider it.14:02
zeddiiI'd have better luck herding cats then getting people to agree on kernel bits.14:03
LetoThe2ndzeddii: "will consider it" sounds sooo much like ".. and then go like 'nah, i'll do something else'"14:03
lxcLetoThe2nd correct14:04
zeddiithat covers the multitude of comments/questions we get of the variety "I put 'x' in my config, and it was ignored'14:04
zeddiior when the defconfig is a full config, called defconfig or when it is a savedeffconfig, or any one of the other variants over the past 11 years :D14:05
zeddiiAnd I did write into the process ignore_config( $RAND ), just for fun.14:05
LetoThe2ndoh yeah. defconfig-named vs. savedefconfig is actually what bit me during the kernel live coding session.14:06
LetoThe2ndshould've properly blamed you back then instead of just scratching my head.14:06
zeddiiI have the battle scars (and bugzilla entries) of people educating me on which should be the default mode over time :P14:07
lxcNot sure I follow you guys. What is the way to configure the kernel?14:07
zeddiiput a 'defconfig' in your layer and on the SRC_URI. if you are just using kernel.bbclass14:07
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zeddiior write your own do_configure() that forms a .config and put that in ${B}, then the kernel.bbclass will do nothing and just start the build.14:08
* LetoThe2nd is also an advocate for the nailed-down defconfig approach14:08
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lxcbut specifying a defconfig in SRC_URI requires config to be out of tree. and also named defconfig.14:17
zeddiiso inherit kernel-yocto.bbclass and use the KBUILD_DEFCONFIG ?14:20
zeddiior write your own do_configure()14:21
qschulzlxc: we have a do_configure_prepend that takes the intree defconfig and put it into the WORKDIR14:21
zeddiithe options are endless. but the kernel.bbclass is simple, very simple by design14:21
lxcqschulz did something like this;14:22
lxcdo_configure_prepend() {    cp -f ${S}/arch/${ARCH}/configs/${KBUILD_DEFCONFIG} ${WORKDIR}/defconfig}14:22
lxcbut you mean that comes out of the box?14:22
zeddiiit's kind of like the "setup tool" for layers. When you mention it, everyone pops up and offers their solution. There's no consensus so we have a very simple kernel.bbclass and the kernel-yocto reference kernel stuff, that people can use or ignore.14:22
zeddiilxc: you'd write that into your own recipe.14:23
qschulzlxc: that's what we have yes (though we purposefully do not override defconfig if it's already in WORKDIR so we can use out of tree defconfig if need be)14:23
qschulzbut as zeddii said, there are multiple ways to do it14:23
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JPEWqschulz: Cool. How big is your cluster?14:45
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qschulzJPEW: Don't know exactly. Prob ~20 engineers per site, widely different configs (as low as 4c/4t) and a big server (48t probably?).14:49
qschulzicecc is not very resilient to people shutting down their PC or disconnecting from network. and for "small" software such as u-boot, the overhead can be quite unbearable (~5 min while it takes less than one on my PC all cores)14:50
qschulzbut overall, pretty nice14:50
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JPEWqschulz: Ya, there is some bug in icecc I never tracked down where jobs would get "hung" for a long time14:57
Ad0where does the kernel end up in yocto build for raspberry pi ? when I bitbake virtual/kernel14:57
JPEWIt seems to be better with the newer schedulers; on our cluster I compiled the latest scheduler from source instead of using the one packaged by the distro14:57
Ad0I just want to replace the kernel to test14:57
JPEWqschulz: I also made our containers use an up-to-date client in our build container:
JPEWAlthough, the compile servers (nodes) were still just the distro version14:59
qschulzAd0: find the recipe you want to use, then set PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel = "my-new-kernel" and/or PREFERRED_VERSION_virtual/kernel = "5.x.x"15:01
qschulzJPEW: only a few people are building from containers and they are using their homemade ones... all others are on Ubuntu/Debian15:01
Ad0I just wondered where the build output is15:02
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qschulzAd0: tmp/work-shared15:02
qschulzJPEW: so hard to force everybody to compile by hand a new icecc and the one in ubuntu 18.04 is quite ancient IIRC15:03
Ad0kernel7.img is not present as a file, so there must be some recipe that renames it when it gets put into the image file15:03
Ad0I can't actually find the kernel binary lol15:04
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JPEWqschulz: Ya, our users are all 18.04 also, but we force everyone to use pyrex.... you should check it out :)15:11
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qschulzJPEW: I'd rather spend my time trying to convince people to upgrade Yocto :)15:30
*** linums <linums!> has joined #yocto15:31
JPEWqschulz: Fair enough :)15:34
JPEWOh, ELC-E is in Eastern Time?15:37
qschulzJPEW: it should be UTC+1 I guess? I mean it's ELC-Europe, so that's what would make the most sense to me?15:40
JPEWqschulz: I would have thought so too. Maybe the schedule is wrong: ?15:41
qschulzJPEW: well I was wrong.. UTC. They probably wanted the american to attend too?15:41
qschulzHonestly, it's ridiculous15:42
qschulzEuropeans would only attend keynotes during the normal working hours15:42
qschulzDon't call it "Europe" if you put the interesting parts of the day after 4pm...15:43
qschulz(for Europeans ofc)15:43
JPEWqschulz: Ya... it does seem weird15:44
rburtonhang on what15:44
rburtonthat's madness15:44
*** NiksDev <NiksDev!~NiksDev@> has joined #yocto15:44
JPEWHuh, the YP summit has the same hours: TIME: 12.00PM-GMT to 8.00PM-GMT (5AM to 1PM in PST time, 8AM-4PM in EDT time, 5.30PM-1.30AM in India), as per ELCE15:46
rburtonDid someone think the -E meant Eastern?15:47
qschulzwait it's 12-8pm... (except on wednesday, 11pm).. I just read 14:15 – 15:45 GMT | Keynote Sessions, ELC Breakout Sessions, and Tutorials and thought "Keynotes til 4pm :p)15:47
JPEWThe online ELC-E schedule has a drop down to change to your local timezone so you can see the hours15:48
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*** kiwi_29 <kiwi_29!> has joined #yocto17:09 there an environment variable which can be checked to know if the build is happening as part of a yocto framework ?17:10
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JPEWkiwi_29: In a recipe?17:38
*** grumboo <grumboo!~Thunderbi@freenode/staff/grumble> has joined #yocto17:39
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mischiefdoes anyone know why i would see 'The metadata is not deterministic and this needs to be fixed.' errors when inheriting reproducible_build in zeus?17:45
frayerror indicates something in that recipe is changing each time it's evaluated.  Inclusion of reproducible_build shouldn't change it (in general), but it may make subtle changed that end up highlighting certain issues17:54
frayThings, like embedded timestamps (stamps found when compiling), etc..17:54
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kiwi_29Yes JPEW18:42
JPEWkiwi_29: You can set any environment variable or pass any argument you want to the underlying build system (e.g. make) from the recipe... it's not quiet clear what you are asking18:44
kiwi_29I apoligize JPEW.. I realize this is not in recipe... actually developers develop on host system and use the host tool chain and have some C code which refer to host toolchain path eg. -L/usr/lib.  . I am adding a #ifdef to verify if it is being compiled inside yocto framework then use the path -L$(PKG_CONFIG_SYSROOT_DIR)/usr/lib18:48
kiwi_29so I have to know inside this C source code if the compilation is happening inside yocto framework or as part of normal host build18:49
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JPEWkiwi_29: Is it using make?18:58
JPEWkiwi_29: I'm a little bit confused because "-L" is an argument to the compiler, so I'm not sure why the C code would need to know if it's compiling in Yocto or not18:59
kiwi_29this is Go source and there is C code inside go source file . At the beginning there is a way to specify C compiler flags inside go source19:00
JPEWkiwi_29: Hah. OK....19:00
kiwi_29this compiler flags are -L/usr/lib in developer source. So I am going to add #ifdef C preprocessor directive to check if compilation is happening inside yocto or host19:00
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JPEWkiwi_29: Are you preprocessing the go source code?19:01
JPEWkiwi_29: Well, I don't *quite* understand yet, but I think you have at least 2 options (probably more)19:02
JPEWFirst, you can pass any arguments you want in the recipe, so for example you could add something like: `CPPFLAGS_append = " -DBUILDING_IN_YOCTO=1` to the recipe19:03
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JPEWSecond, I guess you could set an environment variable that your build system could key off of: e.g. `export BUILDING_IN_YOCTO=1`19:05
JPEWI'm not sure if your build system is even respecting CPPFLAGS FWIW... I don't quite understand it :)19:05
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kiwi_29let me try... I m not go expert :) but I think I like your suggestions... thanks JPEW19:09
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rburtonkiwi_29: surely /usr/lib is in the search path already, so why is it being specified?19:11
rburtontbh i'd try just deleting that and seeing if it works on the host19:12
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Ad0what is the suited location for PREFERRED_VERSION_linux- ? distro? machine? image?20:11
Ad0seems like distro is suitable20:13
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kiwi_29true rburton... I did not make any change and compiled..but I get error during QA20:17
kiwi_29do_package_qa: QA Issue: PACKAGENAME : The compile log indicates that host include and/or library paths were used.20:17
kiwi_29    <fullpath>     Please check the log20:17
kiwi_29for more information. [compile-host-path]20:17
kiwi_29do_package_qa: QA run found fatal errors. Please consider fixing them.20:18
*** Guma <Guma!> has joined #yocto20:18
GumaI am looking for industrial microSD card for my IoT project running Yocto. Is any of you aware of any SD cards that can be checked programaticly about their health? Trying to be proactive to know early when they "could" fail20:18
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derRichardmy image has NO_RECOMMENDATIONS set to 1, how can i install libasan? installing (as usual) gcc-sanitizers not no longer work because the recipe does: RRECOMMENDS_${PN} += "libasan libubsan"20:29
derRichardso, with NO_RECOMMENDATIONS is it a no-op. and directly using libasan is also not possible. gcc-sanitizers RPROVIDES libasan ...20:30
derRichardbug or feature? :-)20:30
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Ad0how does one upgrade from a yocto release to another? creating a new branch from mater in the root folder?20:37
Ad0because a lot of things will probably break hehe20:37
derRichardAd0: "just" checkout the new release, load your layers and see what breaks. works usually rather well20:38
derRichardunless you upgrade only kind of every 5 years or mess horrible in your layer20:39
derRichardor even worse, touch anything inside yocto itself20:39
Ad0I have a bunch of recipes, where some dropped support20:40
derRichardrecipes you have extended and now are gone?20:41
Ad0might be. but some can also be dropped since I manually transplanted and overrode recipies from zeus into my current warrior20:42
Ad0I just have to get a total overview again, just wondered how it was done in general20:42
derRichardsounds like you have a mess :)20:42
Ad0indeed, but a "clean" mess, since I override the recipies , that can be deleted20:43
Ad0I hope it's not the other way that some are just gone20:43
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Ad0I am on warrior, I guess it's recommeneded to move to dunfell20:44
derRicharddepends on how fresh bugs you want :-)20:44
Ad0or should I jump straight to gatesgarth20:44
Ad0what I have works. but I fear it's gonna be worse the longer I wait20:44
derRichardfor most stuff i'm still on zeur or older20:45
Ad0I guess I have to look in my image and see what recipies I use and see if I find them in the new ones20:45
kiwi_29rburton .. I just removed the -LPATH from source and it worked20:48
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mischiefanyone using python3 packages and noticing that all of the installed bytecode is stale?22:38
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mischiefa different question: how can i invoke python3 from ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND ?23:34
*** cryptonerd <cryptonerd!> has joined #yocto23:35
cryptonerdhi  togehter23:36
cryptonerdcan somebody help me with an issue about replacing defconfig for a kernel before build?23:36
cryptonerdI have attached a bbapend file for the kernel and the Extrafile is in the kernel-workdir.23:38
cryptonerdbut do_preconfigure_prepend() is not executed and the question is why?23:38
cryptonerddo_preconfigure_prepend() {        cp ${WORKDIR}/custom_defconfig ${WORKDIR}/defconfig                  cp ${WORKDIR}/custom_defconfig ${B}/.config}23:38
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