Tuesday, 2020-10-13

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LetoThe2ndyo dudX06:33
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mckoangood morning06:39
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mcfriskwith dunfell, I'm trying an upstream-first policy. lets see how that works out...08:32
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ThomasD13In a machine config, I discovered this Line: "IMAGE_BOOT_FILES ?= "${SPL_BINARY} u-boot.${UBOOT_SUFFIX} tiboot3.bin sysfw.itb"08:59
ThomasD13Which task deploys the files specified in IMAGE_BOOT_FILES on the target root filesystem?08:59
ThomasD13Sorry i mean not the target root filesystem. I mean the /toolchain/deploy/images/ directory09:00
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RPThomasD13: probably a do_deploy09:04
ThomasD13hmm.. okay09:05
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ThomasD13I dont know, something is odd here :) I have some files in /toolchain/deploy/images/j7-evm. Is there a way how I can find the correspond recipe which is responsible to create/move that file into images/ ?09:20
RPThomasD13: if you look at the files in TMPDIR/sstate-control you'll see they're manifests of the installed files. That will tell you which recipe installed a given file09:24
ThomasD13many thanks RP :)09:25
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ThomasD13Sorry, I need to ask again: For example I look for the recipe which creates "tiboot3.bin"09:56
ThomasD13thomas@dt-tda4:~/tda4vmx/psdk-linux-automotive-j7-evm-07_00_01/yocto-build/build/arago-tmp-external-arm-glibc/sstate-control$ grep -r tiboot3.bin09:56
ThomasD13the closed recipe to "k3r5-u-boot-ti-staging" seems to be "u-boot-ti-staging".09:57
ThomasD13But when I do a bitbake -c clean && build of this recipe, tiboot3.bin does not appear in temp/images09:58
RPThomasD13: sounds like the right recipe to me, from its deploy task09:58
RPThomasD13: have you tried bitbake <recipe> -c deploy09:58
ThomasD13Not yet, I will do09:58
ThomasD13RP, I tried. -c deploy did not helped10:00
ThomasD13nothing changed after execution in /images10:01
RPThomasD13: a clean and then running it should work, your logic looks right to me. I don't know what is wrong10:01
ThomasD13I dont know if its important: For the machine I try to build the u-boot stuff, there should be multiple u-boot-binaries in the images folder. At least one for a Cortex-A72, and another for Cortex R5F. It seems that only u-boot for the A72 was built by recipe "u-boot-ti-staging".10:05
ThomasD13Don't know, if the issue could be related to this? Anyway, thank you very much RP for your help :)10:06
RPThomasD13: its possible if the recipe is doing "interesting" things there is a bug somewhere in how its using sstate10:06
ThomasD13Well okay - as last resort i will delete tmp folder. Rebuilding all will take about 10 hours ;) thanks for that hint10:08
RPThomasD13: since sstate is separate, would it not rebuild using sstate?10:08
ThomasD13Ups, I thought sstate is included in temp. I meant to delete all and rebuild everything from 010:09
RPThomasD13: you could try a -c cleansstate on that recipe if you want to try and rule out sstate being broken somehow by the recipe10:09
RPIf that makes things work, there is a bug in the recipe10:10
ThomasD13Yes right... I try that first10:10
RPThomasD13: I'd try preserving the sstate cache directory first as that would be much faster. Selectively deleting part of the sstate cache should also be faster10:10
yannI'm puzzled by kernel_configcheck complaining "This BSP sets config options that are not offered anywhere within this kernel" with a couple of config options not set in any of the layers I'm using (kernel 5.4.70, custom kernel recipe, complaining about eg. CONFIG_NF_CONNTRACK_IPV6 CONFIG_NF_CONNTRACK_IPV4 CONFIG_INET_XFRM_MODE_BEET CONFIG_TIMER_STATS).  Any hint ?10:12
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RPyann: depending on a fragment which in turn wants those things?10:18
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yannRP:  I'm only using plain .cfg fragments, and those config options don't even exist any more in this kernel version (though they still apear in some *defconfig's and even in #ifdef clauses)10:40
yannI just can't see any way for them to appear there, in fact :)10:42
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ThomasD13Another best practice question: I have a bsp-layer which sets a variable like this: "KERNEL_IMAGETYPES = "Image vmlinux.gz"   I want to change this to KERNEL_IMAGETYPES = "Image"11:45
ThomasD13Is the best solution to overwrite KERNEL_IMAGETYPES = "Image" in my own layer which has higher priority?11:45
ThomasD13Or are there better solution to make this change "better traceable" ?11:46
qschulzThomasD13: you could make a different machine that include the machine configuration file in question and override KERNEL_IMAGETYPES from your newer machine11:48
qschulzthat's usually what one does to do a "bbappend" for machines11:48
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Ad0are questions around meta-raspberrypi allowed here?11:50
Ad0or is there an own channel11:50
yannRP: strangely there's no such invalid complaint when I switch to 5.9.011:51
ThomasD13ahh, okay thanks qschulz11:55
paulbarkerAd0: Ask away11:55
Ad0thanks. I am on warrior. is it lethal to transplant the 5.x bb files + patches to my warrior branch? :P11:56
Ad0from dunfell11:56
Ad0I need some features that are in the 5 kernel that are not present in the 4 kernel11:56
paulbarkerAd0: If you're not using any out-of-tree kernel modules you should be able to upgrade the kernel. The recipes from dunfell may need editing to work on warrior though. I'd recommend giving it a try11:58
paulbarkerUpdating to dunfell would be the better option if you can do that11:58
Ad0thanks. I am considering it , but I have some layers that have not been updated to releases past warrior11:59
paulbarkerAd0: That's frustrating. Are they open source/community layers or something a vendor has provided?12:04
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Ad0https://elixir.bootlin.com/linux/v4.19.71/source/drivers/nvmem/core.c#L627 hm. how does it search for an nvmem device? maybe I can tag my device as nvram12:39
Ad0does it mean that it has to be nvmem { ... nvmem-cells { }12:40
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xtronis it possible to check more than the one value in a variable with @bb.utils?14:05
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ptsnevesHey everyone. I just rebased on latest master and while building nativesdk i started having tasks dying with 'failed with exit code '134''14:08
ptsnevesthis happens randomly, and i cannot find any pattern nor is there any info on what caused the 134. Logs are silent also14:08
ptsneveshas anybody had any issues?14:10
JPEWxtron: `${@"when true" if d.getVar("FOO") in ["A", "B"] else "when false"}`14:10
zeddiiptsneves: that's a pseudo abort that indicates the packaging is doing something that would be bad for the database.14:11
zeddiiI should say "it probably is"14:11
xtronJPEW, great!14:12
ptsneves@zeddii good to know. Will read on it14:12
ptsneveszeddii is it normal that the issue goes away by itself with a re-run?14:14
zeddiiif it is a race that is causing the issue. yah, it could.14:14
ptsnevesoh :(  Any idea what i should look for in an strace?14:15
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zeddiithere's some debug tips/processes on the wiki page, but I admit to not being all that good at debugging them myself.14:18
ptsnevesdamn this seems like a huge breaker :(14:20
ptsnevesAlso how do i know which package installs a given file?14:20
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LetoThe2ndptsneves: oe-pkgdata-util14:22
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rburtonRP: ^^^ reports of potential pseudo breakage14:54
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RPptsneves: read the wiki, we need the info from pseudo.log15:04
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ptsnevesok. i am leaving work and i am quite tired. I re-run so many times, that i am sure i will provide you many logs :)15:16
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kergotherrr.. i had no idea distrooverrides.bbclass existed15:34
kergothi basically reimplemented it myself15:34
zeddii... could have been much worse ;)15:34
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kergothtrue. reminds me of how much we need to clean up and reorganize the oe-core/meta/classes directory, though. *not* discoverable15:38
kergothalso not always clear what the usage is. inherit, INHERIT, IMAGE_CLASSES, etc15:38
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paulbarkerI missed the start of the dev call, is there a link to the 3.3 planning doc?16:03
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JPEWpaulbarker: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IHiE0NU0XspDocgxZeLQ_W7o-yr0nVeBjbqImQUtH5A/edit?usp=sharing16:11
paulbarkerJPEW: Cheers, I've added that link to the meeting minutes doc16:12
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ecdheI needed to extend my uboot build to generate a .scr file after uboot is built.  This requires the uboot-mkimage binary.  So in my uboot recipe, I have the line 'DEPENDS = "u-boot-mkimage-native" '16:16
ecdheThen within my do_compile_append() task, I call this native uboot-mkimage with a line like "${B}${bindir}/uboot-mkimage --my-opts infile outfile"16:17
ecdheThis worked at one point!  But I cleaned the project and it's not working anymore, uboot-mkimage isn't found.16:18
ecdheWhy isn't the DEPENDS line causing this dependency to be built?16:18
paulbarkerecdhe: That should never have worked. The binaries from a recipe's dependencies won't be in ${B}16:18
paulbarkerThe binaries should be on the path for do_compile, you should just be able to run `uboot-mkimage ...`16:19
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mdavis7If I want to send a patch to add dunfell support to http://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit/cgit.cgi/meta-openssl102-fips/ which mailing list does it go to?16:44
ecdhethanks paulbarker, you unbroke the build16:47
mdavis7nm found it in the maintainers list16:47
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marexhi, I have a custom udev rule for /dev/rtc symlink, and I was wondering into which bbappend that should go17:42
marexsystemd-conf or is there a better place ?17:43
marexsystemd has a touchscreen.rules in OE-core, but I dont want machine-specific systemd package17:43
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moto-timoRP: would parseConfiguration be a more sensible task to run?17:52
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khemmarex: perhaps append it via udev-extraconf18:05
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khemyou can also write it as independent recipe as well or perhaps systemd-conf too if you dont care for other init systems18:06
Ad0KERNEL_MODULE_AUTOLOAD - is there a way to garantuee the order?18:08
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marexkhem: udev-extraconf isn't in the image and it pulls in a _lot_ of crap I don't want18:18
marexkhem: separate recipe feels like an overkill for one-liner udev rule too18:19
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moto-timoRP: nevermind. I think it's setFeatures call in http://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit/cgit.cgi/poky/tree/bitbake/lib/bb/server/xmlrpcclient.py#n78 that is the culprit19:02
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ecdhemy KERNEL_IMAGE_TYPE=Image, so in my ${DEPLOY_IMAGE_DIR} I get a symlink called "Image" that points to the most recent build.20:07
ecdheI'd like to make a directory at ${DEPLOY_IMAGE_DIR}/fat (because the Image file belongs on the fat32 partition of my SD card).20:08
ecdheIs this advisable?  When I put "install ./fat" and "cp Image fat/Image" in do_deploy_append() the task fails because "Image" doesn't exist at that point.20:09
ecdheThen I read in the yocto manual that I shouldn't copy files directly to ${DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE} because it short-circuits the sstate cache mechanism20:10
ecdheSo I'm not sure if it's verboten to create a sub-directory there, then20:15
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denixRP: the discussion here you had earlier today (it was 6am for me) about TI u-boot - there's nothing wrong with it, but it is multiconfig-enabled, so the other guy was not trying the right variant of it...20:44
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denixAd0: you can do "softdep" dependency between modules, for example https://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit/cgit.cgi/meta-ti/tree/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-ti-staging_5.4.bb#n7720:49
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Ad0nice! does that inject MODULE_SOFTDE into the end of the .c files21:08
denixAd0: no, it creates necessary conf files with the dependencies21:12
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denixAd0: https://man7.org/linux/man-pages/man5/modprobe.d.5.html21:14
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moto-timosigh. haven't needed to use pdb in years and forgot everything. use it or lose it.21:34
moto-timobut at least now I now bitbake server is timing out with xmlrpmserver (toaster)21:35
moto-timoBBUnhandleException just masks anything useful21:35
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