Thursday, 2020-10-15

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rr123_trying to subscribe to yocto and poky mailing list both pages are 40402:28
rr123_openembedded-core and openembedded-devel are fine02:28
rr123_the difference is that, one is hosted at which fails, another is at which works02:30
halsteadrr123_, Are you still seeing the errors?02:32
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halsteadrr123_, Can you provide the URL of the form that leads to the 404?03:23
halsteadrr123_, Those links look out of date. Where did you find them?03:37
rr123_Mega Manual the newest, in its mailing list section03:37
halsteadrr123_, We'll need to file a bug for that.03:37
halsteadrr123_, The correct links are and
rr123_that does not work either, it jumps to for me, I have to click on subgroups to get:
rr123_now I see many lists03:39
halsteadrr123_, Those links redirect for you? I tested them in Firefox and Chrome's private mode and they work as expected. But it sounds like you found a path to join.03:42
halsteadDo you want to file the docs bug or shall I?03:43
rr123_please file it, yes I joined, I never filed anything and it might take a while03:44
rr123_thanks for the helps03:44
halsteadThanks for the report rr123_. Glad to have you on the lists. :)03:49
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ThomasD13Good morning04:59
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ThomasD13After I built a image with "bitbake tisdk-default-image" for example, a bunch of files appear in temp/deploy/image/. When I delete these files manually (in temp/deploy/image) and rebuilding "tisdk-default-image" again, some files are missing in /deploy/image05:49
ThomasD13which were created at the first run05:49
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ThomasD13How can I force yocto to deploy all files for that image recipe in deploy/image, without deleting everything cached and starting from 005:51
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mcfriskThomasD13: image deploy tasks are not getting re-executed and are not cached. I would just wipe the whole temp directory. all compiled binaries are cached in sstate cache and only rootfs'es and SDK's would be re-generated.05:57
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ThomasD13mcfrisk, I will try that - thank you :)06:26
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX06:39
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mckoanhi LetoThe2nd06:40
ThomasD13Nice mcfrisk :) it does the trick!06:41
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qschulzhalstead: FWIW, the Sphinx docs point to and that probably works right? I haven't gone through all the docs yet so maybe a few are still outdated/not working.08:07
qschulzI'm half-way through the dev-manual and I've reviewed/fixed all manuals that appears earlier in the navbar (though it seems my latest patches haven't been merged yet)08:07
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SebzHi everyone ! I have been trying for long hours now to build Poky on a Debian 10 system (I'm a newbie at Yoctoing). And sadly I have ran into many issue with m4, bison and now python2.7.The current issue regards python2.7 and makes me run to a segfault while buildingIs there any kiind of patch to make the build seemless on Debian 10 ?Thanks in08:13
mckoanSebz: AFAIK Debian 10 is not one of the supported distros, which YP version are you using?08:15
mckoanSebz: my fault, latest YP 3.1 supports Debian 1008:16
mcfriskI'm building yocto 2.5, 3.0 and 3.1 on Debian 10 LXC container, a lot08:16
mckoanmcfrisk: ;-)08:17
mckoanSebz: did you follow the setup guide above?08:17
SebzI have followed the following setup guide
SebzHow can I check my YP version ?08:19
LetoThe2ndSebz: have you noticed the "1.8" in the url? you actually picked a very outdated version. eithr go with or
SebzOh well sorry, I have no idea how I got such an old version of the setup guide...08:22
SebzWe'll keep you updated thanks a lot and sorry for my newbie-ism08:22
LetoThe2ndSebz: no problem :) the current ones should work nicely, and we know google for some reason loves the old ones.08:23
qschulzLetoThe2nd: especially 1.808:29
LetoThe2ndqschulz: if it was me, i would expect an unfortunate interpretation as "18"... (cue alice cooper!)08:30
* qschulz puts headphones on08:32
RPLetoThe2nd: looking forward to the new docs helping with that issue!08:35
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qschulzRP: yup the dropdown menu on top is very helpful08:36
qschulzRP: maybe we could put it in the navbar at one point since the navbar is always on the seeable part of the page08:37
LetoThe2ndRP: lets see08:37
qschulzwell, nvm, when you're in a sub-sub-section, the navbar expands :p ANYWAY08:38
LetoThe2ndqschulz: nvme?08:38
* LetoThe2nd needs a bigger drive in his laptop08:39
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qschulzLetoThe2nd: millenials' slang08:40
LetoThe2ndi know, just pulling your leg08:42
qschulzLetoThe2nd: and now I've a pulled leg, smh08:45
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LetoThe2ndthats old people slang, you know.08:48
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yannwhy is it that modules produced by matching CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_TARGET_XXX and CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_XXX end up in a single kernel-module-xt-xxx package ?  Is it because the .ko names just differ in case ?  Looks like that prevents using RDEPENDS to ensure those options are selected :(09:32
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ThomasD13When I need different linux images, for example one for development and another for production: On which level is it good practice to distinct between them? They will differ not only on installed software, but also on kernel configuration, ssh access, debug libs, etc10:06
ThomasD13image, machine, distro configuration?10:06
LetoThe2ndThomasD13: a classic approach is to make a debug distro, which directly inherits the production distro and then adds stuff to it10:07
ThomasD13The hardware will be the same10:07
ThomasD13ahh okay10:07
rburtonwho knows the most about the yocto summit schedule?10:18
LetoThe2ndrburton: dreyna10:18
rburtoncurious what track 1 actually is10:19
LetoThe2ndrburton: its 2--10:19
rburtonand presumably track 2 is the usual presentations10:19
* LetoThe2nd doesn't care about the tracks, is just registered for heckling people10:19
LetoThe2ndwho else did receive the funny mail by LF concerning YPS registration? :D10:22
rburtonYeah I did :)10:24
LetoThe2ndHighly entertaining10:25
mckoanLetoThe2nd: do you mean the one stating "there was an error"?10:27
LetoThe2ndmckoan: yes10:29
mckoanLetoThe2nd: aaahhh so I am not the only one, phew10:29
mckoanin fact I'm still looking for an aswer from dreyna and nico10:30
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mckoanBTW the two track contents are puzzling10:31
LetoThe2ndmy brain totally replaced the mail content with "yo dude, sorry we registered you for free.. can we charge you now, pretty please?"10:31
rburtonLetoThe2nd: pretty much exactly what they meant10:32
mckoanLetoThe2nd: no problem paying but you have to ask me, not pretending there was an error10:32
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LetoThe2ndi interpret it as, track 1 is the entry level, hands on stuff - which we lacked dearly at the last vYPS, and track 2 is the advanced-presentations track. but of course, might be wrong me. as so often.10:32
rburtonthey were meant to charge :)10:32
* mckoan hates online events :-(10:33
rburtoni thought they might have forgotten to bill people using a sponsor code but apparently not10:33
rburtonLetoThe2nd: that's my impression too10:33
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dreynaLetoThe2nd: Hi. First, there was a registration glitch at LF that listed the YP Summit as a fee in one but but  as "Complementary" at the sign up page. I was very embarrased when I found out; we had never had that issues before. The people at LF promised that they would address it. As much as we would like the event to be free we do need to cover our expences, and the presenters are already contributing for free.10:48
LetoThe2nddreyna: hehe yes, i totally understand it. and it made for some good laughs and conversation. thats my take on it.10:49
dreynaThe Summit has two days of presentations, and your registration entitles you to both days.10:50
dreynaOn the first day, there is one room (track) devoted to the Intro class, and another room (track) devoted to intermediate and advanced presentations.10:50
dreynaOn the second day, there is one room (track) devoted to the hands-on classes with live user accounts, and another room (track) devoted again to additional intermediate and advanced presentations.10:50
dreynaIf you are new to Yocto Project, I would encourage you to join the Intro Class on the first day and the Hands-on classes on the second day, but you are free to mix and match as you see fit.10:50
dreynaIn any case, all of the presentations and recordings will be available to you after the Summit is over, so you can catch up on what you missed.10:50
* LetoThe2nd will just be around mostly all the time, happy to answer questions (preferable beginner ones, don't know answers to advanced ones!), and will heckle te regulars in the remaining spare time :)10:51
LetoThe2nddreyna: at the last vYPS, it seems to have been well received that regulars like me who would not partake in any hands on stepped up to halstead so he could save up on virtual instances, respectively hand out spare ones where needed. maybe it makes sense to announce this a couple of days early?10:53
rburtondreyna: i'm told by the LF that each track is $40 each10:53
dreynarburton: the entire Summit is $40 total. You can mix and match where you want to be for those two days. We listed them as separate "tracks" just to help (a) advertise that the Intro class was back!, and (b) to give guidance to the teaches how many people where attending what10:55
ernstpGetting this error 'dnf ..... makecache --refresh' returned -410:56
dreynaThe people who register will be given the Zoom information for all tracks.10:56
ernstpYocto 3.110:56
ernstpNo additional prints10:56
dreynaLetoThe2nd : I will talk to Michael about that, thanks10:57
LetoThe2nddreyna: :)10:58
qschulzI'm in awe we (LF) use a proprietary software known to have had non-negligible security issues in the past instead of I don't know... Jitsi? And if it can't handle that many connectionsm what about sending the project a bit of money/manpower to help with it?10:58
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LetoThe2ndqschulz: sentence does not parse, at least not for me.10:59
qschulzZoom = proprietary, history of bad security10:59
qschulzELC = mostly open-source stuff10:59
qschulzvirtual ELC over Zoom10:59
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qschulzJitsi = other video conferencing system (open-source, self-hostable, Android/iOS apps)11:00
LetoThe2ndJep, now I finally got the meaning.11:00
qschulzLetoThe2nd: not saying my initial sentence was making any sense :p11:01
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ThomasD13I got a skipped error (ti-sci-fw was skipped: incompatible with machine j7-evm (not in COMPATIBLE_MACHINE)) when building my custom image. I added "ti-sci-fw" in that case in my image configuration with IMAGE_INSTALL += "..:"11:44
ThomasD13However, if I remove that package from the custom image recipe, and add it in my local.conf, building the custom image works without any error.11:44
ThomasD13I suspect maybe a priority issue, something about the COMPATIBLE_MACHINE variable gets checked by ti-sci-fw recipe?11:45
ThomasD13Is that the right direction?11:46
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qschulzThomasD13: how did you add it to IMAGE_INSTALL in local.conf?11:51
qschulzThomasD13: the underlying question being: is ti-sci-fw package actually making it to the image when you're adding it to the image from local.conf?11:52
ThomasD13qschulz, with IMAGE_INSTALL += "ti-sci-fw"11:52
qschulzThomasD13: in local.conf, you should be using _append instead of += in most of the cases, because of parsing order (local.conf gets parsed very early and thus ?= operator won't be used)11:53
ThomasD13qschulz, Yes i think. I mean, the binaries I expect from this package appear in temp/deploy/image11:53
ThomasD13for double check, I build currently again, without any ti-sci-fw package11:54
qschulzThomasD13: can you run bitbake my-image-recipe -e | grep -e "^IMAGE_INSTALL=" ?11:54
ThomasD13qschulz, Yes I'll do when current build is finished11:55
qschulzThomasD13: and you didn't modify your machine configruation file or OCOMPATIBLE_MACHINE from the ti-sci-fw recipe between tries?11:55
ThomasD13No, I just removed IMAGE_INSTALL line from image recipe, and added it to local.conf11:56
ThomasD13and deleted /temp/ folder11:56
ThomasD13But I think that was not necessary ;)11:56
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ThomasD13qschulz, sorry it took some time:
ThomasD13and my double test revealed that this package (ti-sci-fw) seems NOT to be responsible to create the binary in temp/deploy/image, which I was told -.-12:07
qschulzThomasD13: see, it actually does not make it to IMAGE_INSTALL :)12:08
qschulzThomasD13: probably some recipe/conf file/class is doing IMAGE_INSTALL = "something" and overrides the one you have in your local.conf :)12:09
ThomasD13So it seems, the solution is that the package is somehow not added, when I use IMAGE_INSTALL += "ti-sci-fw" in my local.conf. That didnt throw up any errors during build, and oh funny my desired binary was still in image/deploy :D12:09
qschulzThomasD13: anyway, just add a bbappend for the ti-sci-fw recipe and add your machine to COMPATIBLE_MACHINE12:09
qschulzThomasD13: if it does make sense for this recipe :)12:10
qschulzand this machine12:10
ThomasD13lol- I just need some time to get over the idea that something overwrites IMAGE_INSTALL with "". That blows my mind12:12
ThomasD13or "something"12:13
qschulzThomasD13: bitbake my-image-recipe -e and then redirect the output to a file, go to the line starting with IMAGE_INSTALL= and you have the history of this variable just above12:13
ThomasD13thank you qschulz. I had never figured this out without your hints12:13
qschulzThomasD13: my pleasure12:14
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ernstpok, my dnf error had absolutely nothing to do with yocto :-)12:17
LetoThe2ndThomasD13: may i point you to:
ThomasD13LetoThe2nd, thanks, but I won't go on tiktok in my work environment ;) Ill do it later at home12:20
LetoThe2ndhehe. it is highly work related, though.12:20
ThomasD13#   set /home/ewdt/oe/arago/sources/meta-arago/meta-arago-distro/recipes-core/images/
ThomasD13#     "         packagegroup-core-boot  ${VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_initramfs}    ${CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL} "12:34
ThomasD13Lesson learned! Should have read more carefully, or just use ALWAYS _append in local config12:35
qschulzThomasD13: always use _append :)12:39
ptsneveslol the yocto jester12:40
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ptsnevesi think IMAGE_INSTALL_append  in the local conf is for the anonymous yocto builder12:42
qschulzptsneves: anonymous yocto builder?12:43
ptsneveswho values privacy in his build. Put the build in /tmp/ and not only its blazing fast due to using ram as file system. It also vanishes for ever once you turn off your computer.12:43
ptsnevesqschulz its a joke, on the vein of the tiktok video :)12:44
qschulzptsneves: then I shall watch it12:49
ThomasD13Can I use a .bbappend on top of another .bbappend ? Or is that weird?12:51
ptsnevesThomasD13 you can. There is nothing weird. Just be mindful of any ordering requirements you might have.12:52
ptsnevesThomasD13 that is assuming your bbappend would be in another layer12:52
ThomasD13Yes. I have a .bbappend in a bsp-layer. I would like to change that a little bit. But I don't want to do it directly there, would need to clone that repo, tracking upstream and so on.12:54
ThomasD13I thought I could do that little change as bbappend in my own layer12:54
qschulzThomasD13: that's the point of bbappend, you can do it :)12:57
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ThomasD13Sorry for another question... When a .bbappend-file look like this: "RDEPENDS_${PN}_append_j7-evm = "somevalue ..." , should it work to remove somevalue like this: "RDEPENDS_${PN}_remove_j7-evm = "somevalue" ?13:19
qschulzThomasD13: no need to be sorry :), yes it should work. You can test, and use bitbake -e my-recipe | grep -e "^RDEPENDS_my-recipe="13:24
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ThomasD13ahh okay. Thats why I get nothing with | grep -e "^RDEPENDS" . thanks again qschulz13:24
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LetoThe2ndThomasD13: more fancy than grepping: the magic here
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cookieMnstr123Hello, I am looking at the Autobuilder stats. How do I find the buildstats and autobuilder for a particular build?13:28
*** PaowZ_ <PaowZ_!~Vince@> has joined #yocto13:31
LetoThe2ndcookieMnstr123: you mean the publicly accessible YP buildbot?13:31
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qschulzndec: RP: I completely forgot to mention this but in few places in the docs, there is a mention of nightly builds available from the autobuilder, I however couldn't find any. Are nightly builds still available?13:33
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RPqschulz: yes,13:39
qschulzRP: \o/ thanks13:39
LetoThe2ndheh i guess that also answers the cookieMnstr123 question13:42
qschulzRP: quite confused by and being different thigs?13:42
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LetoThe2ndqschulz: yup that also confuses me13:43
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RPqschulz: they're not!13:48
qschulzRP: see and
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qschulzLetoThe2nd: couldn't manage to make your awk nicer but it's probably possible using this?13:51
qschulzLetoThe2nd: long-long-time request :p13:51
LetoThe2ndqschulz: yeah, its probably possible somehow, but not for a (g)awk-shell-idiot like myself13:52
qschulzLetoThe2nd: never done a single gawk command before so :man_shrug:13:53
LetoThe2ndi think it was my second, to be honest.13:53
RPqschulz: oh, I see what you mean. I was meaning they are the same infrastructure, not necessarily the same webserver13:55
qschulzRP: ok!13:56
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sagnerI got a bunch of mailing list email in my spamfolder lately, one of the main contributor for it to be marked as spam is lookup seems to have listed..15:26
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paulbarkerBuilding on latest master I see "Checking sstate mirror object availability" running repeatedly after every few tasks. I guess due to hash equivalency17:57
paulbarkerIt takes between 10s and 45s each time though so it's a major slow down to the build17:57
paulbarkerAnyone else seen behaviour like that? I guess it's more of an issue for me where the sstate mirror is remote17:59
snoRP: does the `` -> $() patch break something?18:01
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alejandrohsa little late for this, but I also got the LF mail, still registering of course, but an email clarifying the confusion would've been nice18:32
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX18:40
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rburtonalejandrohs: don't pay $80 is the summary19:43
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JPEWFun story for the day: I'm trying to get a shared drive for sstate setup. Apparently the access pattern for sstate writes looks an *awful* lot like malware, so the automatic detection system dutifully locked out our build user and took down the whole CI20:21
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RPsno: I don't know. Its unclear why we'd want to take that risk this late in a release just reading the commit message20:37
RPJPEW: oops :)20:37
paulbarkerRP: Just pushed the meta-kernel LAYERSERIES_COMPAT update to master20:37
snoRP: sure, after release is fine anyway20:37
RPpaulbarker: thanks!20:38
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zeddii@jonmason I'm recording my ELCe talk shortly, and will be rep'ing the 2019 OEADM shirt.21:36
zeddiiwhere's my 2020 one ?????21:36
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jonmasonzeddii: I was thinking OE branded speedos22:11
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zeddiinice. I'll need two pairs. wear and tear.22:14
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rewittIf a ptest fails, that is considered "ok" as long as the previous milestone also failed, correct?22:16
*** jpuhlman <jpuhlman!~jpuhlman@> has joined #yocto22:17
RPrewitt: it depends on the history before that too. Once things start to pass we do try and keep them that way22:17
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rewittRP: I'm asking in regard to numactl. In the case where numa is not supported in the hardware/kernel the tests will fail. I'm wondering if I need to make a ptest for when numa isn't in MACHINE_FEATURES and install that instead of the normal ones22:19
rewittRP: But the tests failing doesn't mean numactl isn't working, there is a function called numa_available() which will return -1 if numa isn't supported, so that can be tested.22:20
rewittRP: Also there are functions such as numa_bitmask_isbitset() that still appear to function, but the ptest suite would fail.22:22
RPrewitt: shouldn't they be reported as skipped rather than failing?22:26
RPrewitt: as long as tests don't regress, that is currently our principle bar for changes. Ideally things which aren't expected to pass would be skipped rather than fail though22:26
rewittRP: Ok I need to look into how to make them skip based on the MACHINE_FEATURES specified22:27
rewittRP: From what I can tell they'll all need to be skipped. If I get enough free time, I might submit a patch upstream that specifically tests the things that should work even when numa support is unavailable.22:28
RPrewitt: shouldn't the tests themselves call numa_available() and then return skipped instead of failed ?22:28
RPrewitt: I think we're thinking similar things :)22:29
rewittRP: Some of the tests do call numa_available(), but they return an error message and a failure in the case where numa isn't supported instead of skipping22:31
RPrewitt: right, that doesn't sound like the best behaviour to me :(22:32
RPJPEW: ERROR: Layer meta-mingw is not compatible with the core layer which only supports these series: gatesgarth (layer is compatible with dunfell)22:32
* RP thought he'd caught them all22:32
linumsHi guys!22:33
linumsI'm struggling with the error 128 for a while (fatal: destination path already exists and is not an empty directory)22:33
linumsThis keep occuring with a poky-linux unpack task, where I have additional layer on poky-linux22:34
linumsI did not find any useful information about this particular error, but I've seen, that the additional layer may cause this22:34
linumsCould you give some hint about it?22:34
rewittRP: In case you are curious
RPrewitt: that certainly doesn't look very good :(22:38
rewittRP: So I have two options, patch all the test to return whatever error code autotools checks treat as skip, or just don't run the tests when numa isn't supported22:39
RPrewitt: I think if I were in your position I'd hack a quick test for numa and then just have the runner report all the tests as skipped ;-)22:39
RPrewitt: Middle ground, and hack the test wrapper to report skipped based on /proc or /sys?22:40
rewittRP: Well the test wrapper is just running "make ..." so other than one test, the wrapper is not outputting the PASS/FAIL22:41
rewittRP: But maybe you're saying, in the case where numa isn't supported at runtime, just fake the report instead of running "make foo" ?22:41
RPrewitt: put the check before calling make and have it return dummy skipped output?22:41
RPrewitt: its a bit of a cheat but would work...22:42
RPrewitt: just throwing ideas around22:42
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RPI'm afraid I should sleep now...22:43
rewittRP: Yeah and if I ever get time, I can always try to send something upstream, rather than loading myself down with that work right now. Because upstream evidently doesn't care about testing the non-numa portions of the code currently, so I don't think the Yocto Project needs to until something is available upstream.22:43
RPrewitt: seems reasonable to me22:44
rewittRP: On that note, if I'm bringing numactl into oe-core from meta-openembedded is there any particular staging convention for that?22:45
rewittRP: Or do I just send the patch to oe-core to add it and then once merged, send one for removal to meta-openembedded?22:45
khemRP: I replaced Victor's patch for qemumips with upstreamed proposed patches, they are looking for us to report back after testing them, so if you can give it a shot on AB sometimes it will be good23:23
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