Friday, 2020-10-16

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JPEWRP: update for meta-mingw is in master-next00:23
alejandrohszeddii: I second that01:16
alejandrohsjonmason: I dont mind the speedo but I dont think they'll let me record my talk using it01:16
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AndrooBitbake with a SRC_URI using Git with a publickey doesn't seem to work for me.  Get a "permission denied (publickey)" error, though the command it uses (shown in the error) works fine under the same user that ran bitbake.  What might I be missing?02:49
AndrooSRC_UI = "git://;protocol=ssh;user=git"02:49
AndrooSRC_URI, rather02:50
kergothAndroo: pretty sure you need to use git://;protocol=ssh02:53
kergothAndroo: it not picking up the right user would be why the key isn't working02:53
Androokergoth: I've tried this and it doesn't affect the error.  In both cases, the error is exactly the string " Permission denied (publickey)." so it seems to be picking up the user either way.  If I omit "user=git", but keep "git@", the error changes to " Permission denied (publickey)" ... andy being my local username02:56
AndrooFeels like it's not using my ssh key, or perhaps the key being encrypted and requring a password is a problem?  I'm not sure.02:57
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Androoaaaahhhhhh, I think using ssh-agent and then ssh-add seems to do the trick03:02
Androomaybe it just doesn't like encrypted keys03:03
Androosometimes you just have to talk these things out, lol.  thanks for the help :)03:03
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX06:39
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* qschulz waves07:59
mckoanhello qschulz, everybody08:00
qschulzmckoan: o/08:01
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rburtonRP: question: where does bb.warn(foo) get the recipe/task added to the message, and are those exposed in the LogRecord in a machine-readable way?08:35
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rburtonrewitt: send to oe-core, when merged send removal from meta-oe08:42
RPrburton: look at lib/bb/ui/, "Prefix task messages with recipe/task"08:44
RPrburton: your answer is no, not exactly as adding that to every message is quite a waste of IPC08:45
LetoThe2ndwaste of IRC? :P08:45
rburtonI feel like Baldrick, but I'm unsure if series 1 or series 2+08:47
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rburtonRP: line 695 guessing that's a typo08:49
RPrburton: patch in master-next08:51
RPrburton: Tim sent it in08:51
RPIf its the one I'm thinking of. Been there for years08:51
RPthen two people spot it08:51
rburtonvscode ftw08:51
* RP never watched blackadder08:52
LetoThe2ndrburton: was it soemthing that vsc underlined, or what?08:53
rburtonRP: WHAT08:53
rburtonRP: citizenship revoked, you'll be deported to, well, somewhere08:53
rburtonLetoThe2nd: pylint runs in the background and give you live warnings. there's also an unused variable.08:54
LetoThe2ndrburton: i know, its like steroids for my js/ts foo08:54
RPrburton: haha :)08:57
Ad0I have my own dt-blob.bin but dtc tasks always produce .dtb files. so I end up with dt-blob.bin which is then copied to the boot partition. at what stage can I rename it to dt-blob.bin so it overwrites the original with the rpi layers?09:02
Ad0I mean I end up with dt-blob.dtb09:02
qschulzAd0: do_install most probably09:05
Ad0yeah I need to hunt down the recipe where I should bbappend to09:05
Ad0I have no idea where dt-blob.bin comes from, it's not mentioned anywhere in the meta-raspberrypi09:06
Ad0maybe it is downloaded and just passed straight into boot09:07
LetoThe2ndAd0: oe-pkgdata-util09:07
qschulzAd0: oe-pkgdata-util find-path /boot/dt-blob.bin09:07
Ad0ERROR: Unable to find any package producing path /boot/dt-blob.bin09:07
Ad0can I have wildcards?09:07
LetoThe2ndcan i haz wildcard?09:08
qschulzmight want to quote the path so your shell does not do the expansion09:08
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Ad0kernel-devicetree: /boot/dt-blob.dtb09:09
Ad0 - well that's my file09:09
Ad0so I assume the dt-blob.bin is already in some archive or git rep that has the whole folder copied09:09
qschulzAd0: only way for a file to not appear in that but in the image is some trickery in the image recipe09:10
Ad0I will dig deeper :) thanks09:11
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kriiveHi people, I am not really sure how the initramfs image works, because I cannot understand where should I put my IMAGE_INSTALL_append to have a binary available at initramfs-time10:04
kriiveIf I just IMAGE_INSTALL+="package" in my custom image it will get installed only on rootfs, right?10:06
qschulzRP: ndec: ping on my docs patches, I'd hate having to rebase them :p Oct 5th for the v2 (8 patches) and Oct 4th for a 3-patch series.10:06
kriiveMy custom image inherits from core-image10:06
qschulzkriive: PACKAGE_INSTALL i think?10:07
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kriiveThanks. I already saw that, but the thing that's not very clear to me is that a initramfs is already there, I didn't explicitly create one. Does inheriting from core-image also gets you a "free initramfs"? I am sorry, the question is dumb, but I can't get anywhere (I don't know what to search)10:11
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qschulzkriive: any conf file or your kernel recipe defining INITRAMFS_IMAGE_BUNDLE?10:17
JaMaany objection to delete meta/conf/machine/include/ ?10:21
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kriiveqschulz: nope. a ripgrep search results basically in docs results only10:27
kriivei see a bunch of core-image-minimal-initramfs*{.cpio.gz, .qemuboot.conf, .rootfs.manifest, .testdata.json} that gets created under deploy/images/$MACHINE10:29
kriiveBut I can't understand where that gets set10:29
RPJaMa: drop our sparc support? :)10:29
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RPqschulz: sorry, I think I was waiting on ndec :/10:30
RPndec: we need to figure out and agree a process10:30
JaMaRP: is it still being used somewhere?10:31
qschulzRP: it's alright, I just didn't want them to get forgotten :)10:32
RPJaMa: no, I'm just joking10:39
LetoThe2ndRP: no jokes allowed in here!!!10:41
* LetoThe2nd heads back to work on m68k support10:43
LetoThe2ndhey, who auhbombed me?!?10:45
JaMayou mean who auhbombed everybody? :)10:48
rburtonAUH Autobomb Users Heavily10:48
JaMaRP: good, I wouldn't be terribly surprised to find out that there is some autobuilder job which was still building it somehow :)10:49
ptsnevesso i have now started looking at this pseudo issue i am having. Can anybody guide me in understanding this log10:50
ptsnevesweirdly one of the issues is with $HOME/.python-history10:50
ptsnevesany ideas?10:51
ptsnevesok the python-history thing is some unrelated thing10:55
RPJaMa: it would be nice if we could support more architectures but sparc is a little obsolete at this point. I do have such a machine though! :)10:57
RP(its never run Linux)10:58
rburtonstill running sunos?11:01
rburtonyou're that person who moans about autotools breaking!11:02
RPrburton: yes, still got sunos on it. Hasn't powered up in a while :)11:02
JaMaright, don't tell Connor Krukosky (the guy who bought z890 at 18y old) about OE :)11:09
JaMaI would like my kids to like computers, but if they became hoarders like some of us, they will need to rent own place much sooner :)11:10
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RPJaMa: I'm definitely guilty of not getting rid of old/obsolete stuff11:18
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ilkappehello guys, I'm booting a kernel from uboot with this cmdline:11:24
ilkappeconsole=ttyPS0,115200n8 earlycon root=/dev/nfs rw nfsroot=,vers=3,tcp ip= rootwait11:24
ilkappedmesg, reports:11:24
ilkappe[   24.879215] IP-Config: Complete:11:25
ilkappeby the way if i run11:25
ilkappe# ip a11:25
ilkappeqdisc noop state DOWN group default qlen 100011:25
ilkappeso, eth0 do not get the specified ip in the cmdline11:25
ilkappedoes anybody know how to fix that ?11:26
qschulzilkappe: might need to specify the name of the interface iirc11:27
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ilkappe@qschulz, iirc ?11:28
qschulzilkappe: if i remember correctly11:28
ilkappethe device name11:29
JaMaRP: wife complains about my HP 700/92 everytime we move the box with it in our small storage room, why I still have it (as it's in the box since we've moved to new flat 5 years ago) I really don't know :)11:30
ilkappeI haven't specified it directly but since the dmesg msg automatically set it to eth0 I supposed that that wasn't the issue. BTW, I'll fix it.11:30
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qschulzilkappe: weirdly enough, one interface at least should be setup correctly since otherwise you wouldn't be able to mount your nfs as rootfs11:40
ilkappeI agree11:42
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ilkappeadding the device name to cmdline doen't solve the issue11:43
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qschulzilkappe: 1) which interface is used then? 2) is there an init script that put the itnerface down by any chance?11:47
ilkappeqschulz, I suspaect it's some kind of petalinux magic behind that11:51
ilkappeI hate it so much11:51
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RPJaMa: I have a large loft space and far too much 'junk' in it...11:54
RPJPEW: I fixed mingw, assuming you won't mind ;-)11:56
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ptsnevesHas anybody had bitbake crashing with broken pipe. I am on latest master?
RPptsneves: check dmesg and see if something went OOM?12:22
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gbr__Hello, while trying to compile the rocko branch, my build fails in early stages (devtool recipe), when compiling the 'swig-native' package12:32
gbr__the Error is "do_compile" 'make' failed: 'No Targets specified and no makefile found'12:32
gbr__It seems like it's trying to compile swig-native using make, but the package does not come with a makefile, or should not be compiled this way12:33
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gbr__any ideas?12:34
LetoThe2ndgbr__: well, we do have a swig recipe in the supported releases, which also is -native enabled:
LetoThe2ndgbr__: so unless the problem also is present there too, the idea is to upgrade.12:36
gbr__LetoThe2nd: thanks for your time12:37
gbr__LetoThe2nd: I'm new to yocto, -native enabled, means system/rootfs required package?12:37
gbr__LetoThe2nd: do you mean switching to another swig branch (more recent tag for example)12:37
LetoThe2ndgbr__: no, -native means that it can also be used on the host during compile time. as opposed to non-native, to be used on the target. no, i mean switching to dunfell instead of rocko.12:38
gbr__LetoThe2nd: ok thank you12:39
gbr__LetoThe2nd: I confirm that rocko is downloading swig 3.0.12, which is the latest in the page you pointed out12:39
LetoThe2ndgbr__: nonetheless the recipe has seen a number of fixes in the last 3 years which are certainly not present when you are using rocko12:41
gbr__LetoThe2nd: I see12:42
gbr__LetoThe2nd: thank you very much, I'll see what I can do12:42
gbr__LetoThe2nd: If i download the package manualy, it's an autotools pkg. So there's a makefile, but autogen + configure is required prior compiling12:45
gbr__LetoThe2nd: but that would mean the recipe is faulty12:45
ndecRP: both series from qschulz have my reviewed-by, so i want indeed 'done' with them. you can merge them, or i can update master-next if that helps.12:46
RPndec: ah, right. I think I've just missed that. Still getting used to things12:47
* RP will sort it12:47
ndecwe should agree on a process i guess..12:47
RPgbr__: rocko is old and no longer supported. dunfell is an LTS release12:47
gbr__RP: I see, it's a projet im 'inhereting', plus i'm more of a buildroot guy, nevery used yocto before. I'll see if I can upgrade to a more recent yocto base without too much effort12:48
LetoThe2ndgbr__: like i said, unless the problem persists on dunfell, you're out of luck. and i just built swig + swig native on a prety vanilla dunfell setup i had handy, and it worked without a charm12:50
gbr__LetoThe2nd: i understand12:51
RPgbr__: we tend to autoreconf things so the fact the makefile is missing sounds like its not configuring properly if its autotools12:52
gbr__RP: indeed12:52
Ad0qschulz, some trickery going on here
gbr__thank you guys, I'll try to simply update the base layer to dunfell, we'll see what happens12:54
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qschulzAd0: hehe12:58
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JPEWRP: Nope :)13:00
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ecdheI'm looking for a good example of a recipe that installs a tool into the native bin-dir instead of onto the target, what's a good recipe to refer to?13:36
qschulzecdhe: a native recipe, and just install into the ${D}{bindir}13:39
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gbr__LetoThe2nd: sorry, excuse my lack of knowledge ,just getting started with yocto13:56
gbr__LetoThe2nd: trying to upgrade the base layer (so poky & openembedded)13:56
gbr__LetoThe2nd: if I switch to dunfell for poky, how do you determine which branch of openmebedd to match this branch for instance?13:57
LetoThe2ndgbr__: just use dunfell everywhere. thats the whole point of the releases, that they can be matched.13:57
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LetoThe2ndgbr__: no problem, we all start out somewhere. but to be honest, the "i inherited this stuff" is not something we are going to solve.14:01
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gbr__LetoThe2nd: thanks, that is what I thought, dunfell everywhere, both poky + oe base layers14:12
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yannany idea why eudev wouldn't synthesize any "UDEV" events when upgrading a kernel to 5.9 on dunfell ?15:43
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khemRP: are you dropping the GPL license file renaming patch for now ? its some work to keep chugging rest of layers to adapt to it15:59
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JaMakhem: he said yes in some thread16:07
khembut not for this release16:09
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ecdhethanks qschulz16:26
ecdheI have a source project.  All that needs to happen for a build is "make".   I could make a do_compile with oemake, but is there a bbclass I can inherit from instead?16:27
ecdheinherit autotools cmake seem inappropriate since I'm using neither autotools nor cmake16:28
RPkhem: yes, its out. I just wanted to confirm how far the issues went16:30
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roussinmHello! is #yocto correct channel for meta-qt5 questions, or #qt is better suited?16:31
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khemroussinm: ask away if its related to the layer16:47
khembut core qt perhaps you wont find much help here16:47
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roussinmI'm trying to build qtvirtualkeyboard examples, but they don't build... I have added the `examples` packageconfig17:03
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paulbarkerecdhe: Sounds like the default do_compile will be fine for you:
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khemroussinm: post the error17:52
roussinmkhem: Well there is not error per say, they are just not built, I went looking inside the makefiles and the tasks logs. I can see makefile tasks for examples. I would think that if an error occurs it would fail the build.17:53
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JaMaroussinm: where did you enable examples? in qtbase?18:06
roussinmI tried two things, qtbase and with : PACKAGECONFIG_append_pn-qtvirtualkeyboard = " examples"18:07
roussinmand both at the same time too I guess.18:07
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tlwoernerthere seems to be some magical difference between poky and nodistro that allows the eSDK to work with poky, but not with nodistro (or maybe i've done something wrong)18:30
tlwoernerwith nodistro, when i install the eSDK i keep getting dozens and dozens of "ERROR: Task <some task> attempted to execute unexpectedly"18:32
khemtlwoerner: yeah this is classical problem, I think nodistro should be tested more18:32
tlwoernerkhem: okay, thanks for the sanity check :-)18:32
tlwoerneri went back to warrior and still haven't succeeded :-)18:32
khemtlwoerner: use yoedistro that used oe-core properly :)18:33
tlwoernerkhem: sounds good!18:33
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khembut perhaps having nodistro as reference distro in future might be a good thing if oe community is fine adoping to poky policies, some of them are good18:37
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ecdhethanks paulbarker19:08
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ecdheI need to build a flash image out of about four source files that are each in seperate repositories, then the flash image BLOB should appear in DEPLOY_IMAGE_DIR at the end of the build.  Is there a good way to approach this in yocto?19:49
ecdheI can build an individual recipe for each of the four source files that would basically just run the "fetch" step (the source files are also BLOBs already and don't need to be compiled) but how can I reference them all to faciliate the compilation into the output image?19:53
JPEWecdhe: Do you need them both as separate files *and* the combined blob in DEPLOY_IMAGE_DIR?19:54
ecdheJPEW: I really only need them for this single output file19:56
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JPEWecdhe: You could write a single recipe that fetches them all and combines them?20:01
JPEWecdhe: As far as getting the blob to appear in DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE, you need to write a do_deploy() task and `inherit deploy`: see
denixanyone remembers there was a discussion some time ago on the list about highly multi-threaded builds and someone mentioned the RAM-per-thread should be no less than some value - trying to locate that info...20:03
ecdheJPEW: so SRC_URI would just be bypassed?20:04
ecdheI and I'd just fetch all four git repos manually?20:04
JPEWecdhe: No, you can fetch all four in one recipe if you want20:08
JPEWusing SRC_URI20:08
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rburtondenix: fwiw i just set -j16 and num_threads to 1620:31
denixrburton: yeah, I'm looking at RAM requirements20:33
JPEWecdhe: I realized there wasn't a great example of how to do that in the documentation, so I added one:,,,20,0,0,0::recentpostdate%2Fsticky,,,20,2,0,7755969920:33
denixrburton: I have a range of build machines, some have -j5420:34
denixrburton: baremetal builds work fine even with limited memory20:35
denixrburton: but inside VM builds sometimes hit OOM, when memory-per-thread is below 2GB20:36
denixrburton: sometimes compiler gets killed, sometimes xz or other compressors, even with XZ_MEMLIMIT ?= "50%"20:37
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denixrburton: I don't seem to get those issues when memory-per-thread is above 2GB. and I'm not overcommitting resources to VM - host has extra cores and RAM20:39
denixrburton: so I was wondering if I can tune VM to behave, or if 2GB/thread ratio is completely expected and I just need to install extra RAM...20:41
rburtoni'd say its expected20:41
rburtonN bitbake workers and N compile threads in each one20:42
rburtonsoon eats ram20:42
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denixrburton: yeah, I was leaning to that conclusion20:44
denixrburton: I found someone's recommendation from few years ago to go with at least 1GB/thread, but I guess things have changed20:45
ecdheJPEW, thanks so much for sharing that21:01
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