Saturday, 2020-10-17

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tlwoernerkhem: yes confirmed. the YOE eSDK installs just fine too (only tested dunfell). so the eSDK from poky and yoe install without issue but the nodistro one fails.04:52
tlwoerneranyone care to hazard a guess what the magic config difference might be?04:54
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khemtlwoerner: right, it takes some effort to put a sane distro together, aim of yoe is to cut the chase and let you do the thing you want06:17
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JaMaanyone using powerpcle(-nf) tunes?09:01
JaMaheh and similar issue in sh3/sh4 tunes and the only google results for sh4 mention "LG SH4" soundbar :) lets fix the OE tune files for them09:25
RPJaMa: I think the powerpc stuff has been touched more recently, maybe by khem and others?09:31
JaMayes, fix for ppc sent as well09:33
JaMabut haven't found since sh3 and sh4 are broken09:33
JaMawith memres enabled the script got significantly faster with less than 24 hours to run09:34
JaMakhem: please review the changes from
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RPJaMa: thanks for the patches, I've pulled into a batch on the autobuilder now11:57
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mkilivanHi, I've created a recipe for an open source project which uses "Unlicense" license. See
mkilivanWhat is the proper treatment of the "Unlicense" license?15:22
goliath "SPDX-Identifier: Unlicense" ?15:36
mkilivanyes, this is it.15:39
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mkilivanWhen I add the project with "devtool add" command it sets the LICENSE variable to "Unkown". I am using dunfell branch and bitbake version is 1.46.015:50
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kanavin_homehalstead: AUH sent about 107 emails a couple days ago, but somehow only 100 reached the mailing list - can you please check what happened to the others? Were they blocked?18:24
kanavin_home(oe-core is the list)18:24
halsteadkanavin_home: I'm out right now but I can look into it. The platform has a limit and sounds like we hit it.18:25
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rburtonmkilivan: set LICENSE=Unlicense and if oe-core doesn't have that license file then add it to meta/files/common-licenses (or your own layer)18:26
rewittmkilivan: recipetool tries to guess the license based on the files in the source tree, if it can't guess then it will use Unknown expecting you to set it18:26
rewittrburton: How the heck do you snipe me on a weekend?18:27
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kanavin_homehalstead: thanks, 100 is a round number indeed. Usually there's less email each months, but now is the feature freeze, so there's more outdated versions18:27
rburtonrewitt: flying visit, only went to the work laptop to do the updates :)18:27
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mkilivanThanks rburton18:28
rewittrburton: Well have a good weekend, I'm going to actually try to go do weekend stuff :-D18:28
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rburtongood plan rewitt18:33
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* armpit yes, I think 100 is the limit.. saw that with patches18:44
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kasperHi! I'm trying to build Dunfell for a SabreLite board. I need libsdl2, which depends on virtual/libgl, which is removed by the Freescale BSP, and kind-of replaced by imx-gpu-viv, but this doesn't PROVIDE libgl. Anyone tried this?22:30
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moto-timouid=1000(builder) gid=100(users) groups=100(users),39(video),106,10923:49
moto-timooops wrong window23:49
armpitlike anyone is paying attention23:54
moto-timoarmpit: especially not me23:58

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