Monday, 2020-10-19

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mcccHi, after upgrading my later dependencies from warrior to dunfell, one of my builds is giving me the error "ERROR: OEEquivHash requires SSTATE_HASHEQUIV_METHOD to be set"01:43
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mcccThe build giving me this error is for the raspberry pi, using the mender updating system.  A similar build for genericx86-64 without mender is not giving me this error.  Unfortunately the same error occurs immediately even when using -vvvv -e, so I'm having difficulty tracing down the differences in variables between my working and non-working build.01:45
mcccDoes any of that ring a bell for anyone, or can anyone point me at a diagnostic tool I can use when -vvvv -e isn't elaborating?01:45
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linumsI was running into an error during the do_unpack prpcedure, which is that a variable (INC_PR) is not02:04
linumsAnd the weird part for me is that it is actually set by a priority level 6 layer, and since I've added a priority level 13 layer, it looks it has been undefined02:06
linumsI guess I'm missing something, but yet I can't figure out what the problem could be02:08
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mcccHi, my issue goes away when I replace INHERIT_raspberrypi3 += "mender-full" with INHERIT_append_raspberrypi3 = " mender-full".  I apparently have some more understanding to do of _append vs. +=.05:53
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mcccFrom the mega manual: Note: Avoiding "+=" and "=+" and using machine-specific _append and _prepend operations is recommended as well.  Okay sure :)06:04
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mckoangood morning06:44
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX and mckoan  :)06:54
mckoanhey LetoThe2nd06:55
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yannin the links to ELC2017 slides are broken, URLs are now - submitted for a wiki account but got no answer, so better have someone fix that :)09:41
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RPyann: we should make sure the account process works :/09:43
RPndec: any idea where that goes?09:43
yannall those project services could benefit from a SSO (no don't look at me for that, not my domain ;)09:44
LetoThe2ndI highly doube the benefits of Small String Optimizations here.09:45
RPyann: at least the docs should be changing urls to something which should help soon09:46
ptsneveshas anybody noticed that when building an sdk the SDK_NAME defaults to "${DISTRO}-${TCLIBC}-${SDKMACHINE}-${IMAGE_BASENAME}-${TUNE_PKGARCH}-${MACHINE}" on poky.conf but IMAGE_BASENAME seems not set on an sdk recipe? Am i missing something?09:47
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qschulzRP: ndec: I'm wondering if is actually correct?09:49
qschulzit is the same as for which feels kinda odd to me09:49
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qschulzso, either it's wrong, or we'd need to rephrase it because I read it 5 times already and can't make sense of what are the implied differences/changes between the two that would make sysvinit the init system for the rescue image09:50
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rburtonqschulz: it needs to be expanded a bit09:51
rburtonthe latter includes using backfill to disable the sysvinit distro feature, so you don't get init scripts built at all09:52
rburtonthe former doesn't, so your packages contain both, the images use systemd by default, but a rescue image can just force in sysvinit or similar and boot without systemd09:52
RPRight, I think its unclear but not wrong as such09:53
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alban_hi i'm hardware eng i have some question about creating a new dts file10:06
LetoThe2ndalban_: just ask, as concisely as possible. if somebody knows, you'll get an answer.10:07
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alban_ok i'm using variscite dart. it works on the devkit. now i create my own dts to match my board. i want to bitbake compile it and deploy it. i modified the /conf/machine file and add an entry into the dts/Makefile, but bitbake doesnt see anything. did i miss something ? thanks10:10
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LetoThe2ndalban_: 1) you added your custom dt to the kernel trees repository that you are building for? 2) does it get built when you manually run "make dtbs" in the kernel build process?10:13
alban_i added the file into ~/var-fslc-yocto/build_fb/tmp/work-shared/imx6ul-var-dart/kernel-source/arch/arm/boot/dts    but make  dtbs gives nothing10:16
qschulzalban_: "gives nothing"?10:16
alban_"make: *** Aucune règle pour fabriquer la cible « dtbs ». Arrêt.10:17
alban_" no rules10:17
LetoThe2ndalban_: thats the wrong place to add stuff, this is a transient directory.10:17
LetoThe2ndqschulz: its more like your kind of expertise.10:17
qschulzalban_: make ARCH=arm dtbs10:18
LetoThe2ndbut usually, i would manually build the kernel until satiesfied, and only then commit stuff to either a patch carried in the layer or to the source repo10:18
qschulzwhere do you run it from? (~/var-fslc-yocto/build_fb/tmp/work-shared/imx6ul-var-dart/kernel-source ?)10:18
qschulzalban_: yeah nah, from ~/var-fslc-yocto/build_fb/tmp/work-shared/imx6ul-var-dart/kernel-source10:19
qschulz(don't forget ARCH=arm because that's how the Makefile knows which architectrues's dts to build10:19
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alban_looks like i put my dts at the wrong place. thanks anyway. i will read some docs10:27
qschulzalban_: no, your dts is in the correct place10:27
qschulz(arch/arm/boot/dts is where it should be)10:27
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qschulznot sure about work-shared though10:28
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qschulzalban_: should help you getting your changes in Yocto afterwards10:28
alban_i get this . i will try to figure out10:28
qschulzalban_: that's a weird one, I didn't think one would need to use a defconfig for that10:29
qschulzalban_: so find which defconfig is being used by your recipe and then: make ARCH=arm my_defconfig10:29
qschulzthen make ARCH=arm dtbs10:29
qschulzalban_: you could also make use of devtool for modifying your kernel sources10:30
qschulz(devtool modify virtual/kernel; go in the devtool workspace, add DTS and modify maekfiel there, then bitbake your image as usual, the new kernel will be used)10:31
qschulz(still need the change in conf/machine though (if the layer does not belong to you, you need to create a new machine in your own layer, but that's for later))10:32
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qschulzalban: thought I had drown you with info :)10:32
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eduardashello, does anyone here know whether any OEM uses Yocto for producing images for routers?10:33
eduardaswould it make sense for them to use Yocto instead of forking OpenWrt or using something developed in-house (like Cisco does)?10:34
albanthanks a lot ! i'm harware guy i only scrath the surface of linux. i'm a user only but i'm in charge of providing a working device tree to my fellow software guys10:34
eduardasfound this
qschulzalban: if you plan to do iterative development, I'd probably go for devtool (the issue with modifying /var-fslc-yocto/build_fb/tmp/work-shared/imx6ul-var-dart/kernel-source is that it can disappear if there's a change in the kernel recipe or any other recipe (or even conf file) that it depends on)10:36
albangot it10:36
qschulzalban: you got this, just say if something isn't clear, or if you get lost on the way10:36
eduardashas anyone tried using Yocto for something like Qualcomm IPQ SoCs?10:36
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dsueirohello. I'm having problems with `IMAGE_FEATURES += "dev-pkgs"`,  `PACKAGE_EXCLUDE_append=" grub-dev"` and `PACKAGE_CLASSES = "package_deb"`,  where despite of the package has the "Pin-Priority: -1" in /apt/preferences, apt-get install still tries to install it.10:37
qschulzalban: we have extensive documentation: maybe that can help too10:37
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qschulzalban: we have extensive documentation: maybe that can help too10:37
albando i need to create my own layer and so on ?10:38
albanit's just a variant of a board10:39
qschulzalban: yes you will need at one point. be it only for patching the kernel sources10:39
qschulzalban: "just" is a never "just" :p10:39
albanlol thanks10:39
ndecRP: yann : we should use links from instead. i will update the wiki10:41
ndecfixed now. i added links to the video as well (youtube) while at it.10:43
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LetoThe2ndeduardas: doesn't seem to be too crazy. but generally anything off codeaurora is often a bit demanding to get the head around.10:48
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yanngg wp ndec :)11:12
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ejodid you guys see the bleeding tooth CVE?  Will the meta-raspberrypi layer be updated with a kernel version that is patched? Wondering if I should spend time to patch it myself or wait for an update11:47
LetoThe2ndejo: patch, send to ML :)11:49
eduardasLetoThe2nd: is CodeAurora just some random place where vendors like NXP nad Qualcomm can dump there source or am I missing the bigger picture? Is there a link to the Linux Foundation?11:52
ejoML=mailing list? Is there a meta-raspberrypi specific mailing list?11:53
LetoThe2ndeduardas: i have never understood what it exactly is, but nxp and qcom seem to dump their mostly mobile related stuff there, yes.11:58
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LetoThe2ndejo: states a tracker and a mailing list :)12:00
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LetoThe2ndeduardas: my pain point with codeaurora is that is seems to generate an endless stream of repo-based, cryptically named manifests that state a combination of things that is supposed to work with each other. there might be value in it for somebody, but hasn't been for me so far.12:01
ejoLetoThe2nd: Cool thanks!12:07
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Ad0systemd_%.bbappend:    rm -rf ${D}${sysconfdir}/systemd/system/ in do_install_append() did not seem to work hm13:05
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Ad0any other way to disable systemd services?13:06
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Ad0so override the recipe and do that and that's it13:21
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qschulzAd0: **append** but yeah13:25
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RPqschulz: do you have your pending docs patches in a branch somewhere?13:29
RPqschulz: I'm having trouble getting them to apply :(13:29
RPqschulz: at least one has a character encoding of "y" :)13:29
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qschulzRP: I do not... Question, git send-patch asked about utf-8 formatting and I said yes13:32
qschulzshouldn't have?13:32
qschulz(I can resend them tonight)13:32
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RPqschulz: I think you should have just hit enter to accept the default (utf-8)13:42
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RPqschulz: if you could resend that would be appreciated, I'm a bit lost of with them, sorry :/13:42
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qschulzRP: np, will do that tonight. Sorry for the trouble13:44
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RPqschulz: Its ok, I think I've figured it out and got things to apply to master-next so we may be ok13:56
qschulzRP: I can do a diff tonight on yocto-docs between master-next and my local branch to check if there's an issue somewhere if you don't feel super confident13:58
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RPqschulz: Thanks. I think its just a question of whether I'm missing any changes14:01
qschulzI can ping on the ML if you want?14:03
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cid254Hello, is that true that NXP IMAX are fully open source?14:12
*** T_UNIX <T_UNIX!uid218288@gateway/web/> has quit IRC14:13
LetoThe2ndcid254: outright wrong.14:13
LetoThe2ndcid254: i don't think that there is even the tiniest bit of the imx opensourced.14:13
LetoThe2ndcid254: BUT!14:13
LetoThe2ndcid254: there's a lot of open source software FOR the imx.. in fact, the whole stack :)14:14
qschulzLetoThe2nd: the only thing I'm not sure is the VPU, their CST (usbarmory has an open-source version for imx6)14:15
LetoThe2ndqschulz: possible, yes. but you can certainly bring it up to full graphics and network glory.14:15
LetoThe2ndrequired amount of polishing depending on the exact family/model, of course.14:16
*** caiortp <caiortp!> has joined #yocto14:16
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qschulzand some firmware (we have sdma for example)14:17
qschulzLetoThe2nd: also depends WHICH imx SoC we're talking14:18
qschulzimx6 probably everything, imx7 a bit less, imx8 too new still14:18
LetoThe2ndthats what i meant by family/model, but thats the point.14:18
LetoThe2ndno idea for imx 1050, for example.14:18
qschulzLetoThe2nd: "It depends" (TM)14:21
LetoThe2ndqschulz: hi514:21
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cid254Thanks LetoThe2nd and qschulz for explanation14:26
cid254If you would develop a router board which "mcu" would you choose?14:27
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yannwhen I'm unpacking an extensible sdk, I get an error saying "Error: TEMPLATECONF value points to nonexistent directory" complaining about what was the TEMPLATECONF on the CI when the build dir was created to produce the sdk, is that kind of thing known ?  Looks like TEMPLATECONF bleeds into the build env ?  Shouldn't oe-init-build-env or oe-setup-builddir remove it from the env after it's used ?  How does it make it into the sdk installer ?14:36
*** ejo <ejo!2e1312b6@> has quit IRC14:40
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LetoThe2ndcid254: completely depends on your reqiurements. and no "router board" is not a concise requirements definition14:51
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drgbHi everyone, I'm on yocto 2.7, currently trying to debug an issue with /etc/resolv.conf. The problem is that it's being created as a symbolic link pointing to /var/run/resolv.conf, but /var/run/resolv.conf does not exist. I am using systemd-resolved, therefore /etc/resolve-conf.systemd exists and is correctly updated by dhcpc. I would like to figure out what recipe is creating /etc/resolv.conf and possibly15:00
drgbadd a .bbappend to change its behavior.15:00
drgbI grepped 'resolv.conf' in my source directory but could not find anything that directly creates a symbolic link in /etc/, just a few entries in volatile config files to create the link at runtime, but the symbolic link already exists in the rootfs at build time.15:02
drgbSo either something is parsing the volatile config files while building the image, or something else is creating the symlink.15:03
qschulzdrgb: oe-pkgdata-util find-path /etc/resolv.conf15:03
drgbI tried, no results unfortunately15:03
qschulzso added at boot then15:03
drgbthen how come I can find it in the .wic.gz?15:04
drgb(and .tar.gz I assume, but let me double check)15:04
qschulzdrgb: then done in an image recipe :) or in pkg_postinstl script15:05
drgbhmmm...ok thank you very much for the pointers, I'll start looking there15:06
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yannhm, that unpexpected TEMPLATECONF comes from conf/templateconf.cfg, does that mean that eg. an absolute path in TEMPLATECONF is an invalid thing ?15:12
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drgbhey qschulz, thanks a lot, you really helped me in figuring out what was happening15:29
drgbpkg_postinst in poky/meta/recipes-connectivity/resolvconf/ was actually parsing the volatiles config file and creating the links15:29
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qschulzdrgb: \o/15:31
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RPqschulz: I think I have everything there now (in -next) so if there is anything missing let me know15:38
qschulzRP: yocto-docs?15:41
qschulzah no, poky15:41
RPqschulz: I updated yocto-docs now too. I'd forgotten that doesn't push in my script15:41
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qschulzRP: i'll check tonight if I don't forget :)15:43
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khemRP: I have send few patches last week to fix rv32 build is there still soome time to get them into master before release16:08
RPkhem: The couple of boost ones? Its kind of late for a platform we don't officially support :/16:10
RPboost and mesa16:10
khemyes and a packagegrp as well16:11
khemok thats fine16:11
*** pohly <pohly!> has joined #yocto16:12
RPkhem: I've aborted builds and restarted16:14
ecdheI want bitbake to build me a zipped sd card image with multiple partitions (FAT boot, ext4) with several build targets on the FAT system and with the rootfs extracted onto the ext4 filesystem.16:20
ecdheAre there any reference examples for this kind of thing?  Or is it verbotten in the OE world?16:23
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RPecdhe: don't see why it would be forbidden. wic can make custom images and something like that should be possible as far as I know. You're unlikely to find an exact example matching what you want though16:27
*** kiwi_29 <kiwi_29!> has joined #yocto16:27
ecdheRP: I don't need that, I just feel weird writing recipes that treat ${DEPLOY_IMAGE_DIR} like a source dir16:27
ecdheAny kind of a reference for how to do this properly would be great16:27
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