Tuesday, 2020-10-20

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khemhalstead: it seems patchwork stopped receiving emails from oe-devel ml last it processed were emails from 10/1704:01
khemseems same issue for other projecrs on patchwork.openembedded.org04:02
halsteadkhem: thanks for the notice. I've been looking into this today. I don't have a solution yet.04:02
khemok no worries04:03
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* moto-timo jumps on the patchwork isn't listening bandwagon a couple hours ago04:29
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khemrburton: jonmason https://errors.yoctoproject.org/Errors/Details/510124/ I think meta-arm needs to add musl to its test matrix05:20
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halsteadkhem, I believe I've fixed the problem and new patches will reach patchwork. I'll need to add the missing patches tomorrow.06:08
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mckoangood morning06:33
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX06:36
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khemhalstead: yes seems to work06:51
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rburtonkhem: optee is a bit of a pain.  working on an automated test matrix now.07:13
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qschulzRP: you forgot one patch (sent a RESEND yesterday)... and that was actually a "happy accident" since it made me check and I had forgotten to send one patch :D08:05
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RPqschulz: I saw it and queued it, thanks08:28
RPqschulz: thanks for verifying. I'll do better to handle them as they come in going forward. I was confused over what I was doing vs what nico was doing08:28
qschulzRP: absolutely no worries. Also, as you said, docs can be merged later and you've already a lot to do for the upcoming release. Thanks for merging the patches!08:30
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ada3. I want to add a line "nameserver" to /etc/resolv.conf. I tried two ways.08:33
ada3How can I modify the /etc/resolv.conf in yocto built image?08:34
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ThomasD13Hi, again a QA problem which I dont know how to solve it: "ERROR: QA Issue: -dev package contains non-symlink .so: external-arm-toolchain-dev path ". The package is called "external-arm-toolchain".08:41
ThomasD13The funny thing about is, that exactly the same yocto source configuration builds on another PC without this QA Error08:42
ThomasD13Even if I do -c do_cleanall, and rebuild the package, the QA error appears.08:43
ThomasD13I suspect, that a "-c do_cleanall" does not remove "everything" of external-arm-toolchain. Could this be possible?08:45
RPThomasD13: external toolchains are complex/tricky things. Its difficult to know what is going on without debugging that :/08:57
ThomasD13Okay. I'm just curious, that this error appears. I'm using exact same yocto configuration and build commands. Just on a different host. However I noticed that the host (with the error) only provides 2 CPUs. The host without error has 8. Maybe thats the reason.09:01
ThomasD13I'll try to reduce the parallel yocto jobs and gcc threads for the 2 core machine, and rebuild everything from scratch.09:01
ThomasD13As last resort ;)09:02
RPThomasD13: it definitely could be some kind of race from a missing dependency09:03
rburtonThomasD13: was that the exact error message? it's badly formatted.09:03
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ThomasD13rburton, https://pastebin.com/jbrKKLHT09:04
rburtonThomasD13: what did you set EAT_VER_MAIN to?09:04
rburtonmy top tip is don't use external-arm-toolchain :)09:06
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ThomasD13rburton, EAT_VER_MAIN: I don't know. I just deleted everything and startet rebuilding the image from scratch. It will take some hours. I dont want to waste your time, when this was just a kind of race condition :)09:07
ThomasD13But I will tell you, if the error persists09:07
paulbarkerThomasD13: What's your DISTRO set to for your build? Any other layers you're including? I know of a few which have known QA issues09:08
ThomasD13And about external-arm-toolchain: I don't have enough time to understand what exactly happens, and how to avoid it :D I just relay here on ti09:08
ThomasD13paulbarker, https://pastebin.com/KwX1W7NW09:10
ThomasD13Thats my build configuration09:10
paulbarkerThomasD13: QA issues are a fact of life with Arago. I use it extensively. I just see "HEAD" as the branch name for all your layers, are you building against dunfell?09:11
paulbarkerDid you use the `oe-layersetup` tool or checkout all the layers yourself09:12
ThomasD13paulbarker, I building against dunfell. I used oe-layersetup to checkout the latest psdk_07_00_01 configuration. I separately store the state of source-git-repositories and restored them. I think this is why "HEAD" appears on the layer configuration info09:13
paulbarkerThomasD13: I don't think 07.00.01 is properly released yet. I've been following the tags in meta-arago, meta-ti and ti-linux-kernel but I don't see a final tag yet09:14
ThomasD13paulbarker, thats interesting: I work with the TDA4VMX, and use PSDKLA release from June 2020. This has version 07_00_01. Inside of that SDK, there is a psdkla-07_00_01.txt file, which holds the arago configuration (which should be used for yocto builds)09:16
paulbarkerThomasD13: Oh ok. We may be mixing up version numbers09:16
ThomasD13But anyway, I'm very glad to hear, that I am not the only one which uses arago :)09:16
paulbarkerThomasD13: You're using ProcessorSDK, I think what I'm using is referred to as CoreSDK (or it used to be)09:17
ThomasD13ah okay. I dont know CoreSDK. For which SoC do you use arago?09:17
paulbarkerI use the kas tool but you can probably figure out the config format easily enough. See https://github.com/SanCloudLtd/meta-sancloud/blob/dunfell/kas/bbe-arago.yml and other files under the kas directory in that repo09:18
paulbarkerThe BeagleBone Enhanced (BBE) is based on the old AM335x SoC09:19
paulbarkerI also worked with Keystone 2 SoCs a lot back in 2015-201709:19
ThomasD13Ahh cool! I used BBB (BeagleBone Black) to evaluate the PRU's for very first time. After that I gone up from AM4*/AM5*/AM65* and now on Jacinto Platform09:21
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qschulzis there a way to know which **direct** DEPENDS pulls some files in the sysroot? E.g., A depends on B which depends on C. I know the file come from C, but I want to know which recipe is B.09:41
qschulzrecipe A is qtbase and recipe C is openssl so looking at recipe-depends.dot or task-depends.dot is very inefficient right now :/09:45
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qschulz(it's not the packageconfig in qtbase BTW)09:45
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* RP wonders if we'r ready for rc110:19
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* RP fires a build10:30
qschulzRP: may all the lights turn green10:31
RPqschulz: lets hope so :)10:34
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* RP thinks the buildbot server may have just died11:02
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RPlooks like most of the data centre machines and access gateway :/11:04
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* qschulz calling the fire dpt, we shouldn't have fired a build in the first place11:06
RPqschulz: firing builds is so much more satisfying that starting them ;-)11:07
LetoThe2ndcue Bloodhound Gang?11:08
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LetoThe2ndis there some ad-hoc means to build tools-profile when linux-dummy provides the kernel? it borks out because being unable to build kernel-source11:38
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frosteyesHi folks. When having a git archive with submodules in the download folder. Is their a way for the modules link, to be relative instead of full path on the filesystem12:04
frosteyesE.g. in the downloads/git2/<name.git>/modules/ folder is a link to the module12:05
*** mihai- <mihai-!~mihai@unaffiliated/mihai> has joined #yocto12:08
frosteyesThis has a symbolic link to the module, but instead of having it like ../../<module_name.git> it is created like /file/system/root/path/very/long/path/downloads/git2/<modulename.git>12:08
frosteyesWhen using it in a docker setup, it can be an issue.12:09
frosteyesWhere the downloads and sstate is mounted in as a volume12:09
frosteyesSomething like "docker container run -t -i --rm -v /path/to/storage/yocto/:/opt/yocto/ ..."12:10
RPhmm, all came back...12:11
*** mihai <mihai!~mihai@unaffiliated/mihai> has quit IRC12:11
kayterinahello, I have linux manjaro at work and I want to start yocto again. So I am thinking of creating a debian filesystem for chroot with qemu static and work yocto in there, does it sound like a bad idea?12:13
qschulzkayterina: you could use one of the container images there exists though (pyrex or crops IIRC)12:14
rburtondefinitely just use crops or pyrex12:14
*** rcw <rcw!~rcwoolley@> has joined #yocto12:17
LetoThe2ndzeddii: already awake? could need a pointer.12:20
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*** camus1 is now known as kaspter12:53
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* RP hands LetoThe2nd a *13:25
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yannI'm trying to reuse sstate for building an eSDK, and just discovered that binutils-crosssdk:do_configure depends on DISTRO_VERSION - that sounds like a bad idea, right ?13:36
yannwe surely don't want to rebuild a new binutils (and I guess all the nativesdk) for every dot-release of a distro, right ?13:37
rburtonwhere is that referenced?13:39
yannI guess that would be meta/classes/toolchain-scripts-base.bbclass:    echo 'Distro Version: ${DISTRO_VERSION}' >> $versionfile13:39
yannnot sure though13:41
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*** davidinux <davidinux!~davidinux@> has joined #yocto13:44
yanntarget_exec_prefix and such use ${SDKPATHNATIVE} -> ${SDKPATH} -> ${SDK_VERSION} -> ${DISTRO_VERSION}, that sounds better like a do_configure influence13:49
LetoThe2ndRP: hrhrhr13:50
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*** ericch <ericch!~ericch@pool-108-34-251-214.prvdri.fios.verizon.net> has joined #yocto13:58
yannshouldn't this be neutralized, since the SDK are relocatable anyway ?  Shouldn't we drop SDK_VERSION from SDKPATH, and only have SDK_VERSION added at SDK relocation time ?14:00
rburtonsounds sensible14:01
*** Ninic0c0 <Ninic0c0!56f7ea5f@lfbn-idf2-1-792-95.w86-247.abo.wanadoo.fr> has joined #yocto14:01
Ninic0c0Hello all, is it dirty to put PREFERRED_VERSION  inside an image recipe ?14:01
rburtonNinic0c0: it won't work14:02
*** RobertBerger <RobertBerger!~rber@> has joined #yocto14:02
Ninic0c0ok that's confirm test. Thx14:02
LetoThe2ndNinic0c0: https://www.instagram.com/p/CBgEgS_jXTD/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link14:03
qschulzNinic0c0 sing with me recipe data is local, conf data is global14:03
qschulzLetoThe2nd: damn, too slow14:03
*** Lihis_ <Lihis_!~Lihis@ns3006753.ip-151-80-42.eu> has joined #yocto14:03
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Ninic0c0Nice guys thx for support :)14:03
*** Lihis <Lihis!~Lihis@2001:41d0:e:f34::1> has quit IRC14:03
*** Lihis_ is now known as Lihis14:03
RobertBergerDoes anybody know we we need a host gcc installed to install the extensible SDK? I thought we avoid host gcc dependencies with uninative.14:04
RobertBergerwhy we need14:04
*** davidinux <davidinux!~davidinux@net-5-89-139-222.cust.vodafonedsl.it> has joined #yocto14:05
RPRobertBerger: uninative doesn't avoid gcc, buildtools does14:06
RPRobertBerger: eSDK could avoid host gcc if buildtools is installed14:06
*** ada3 <ada3!cb7e0071@> has quit IRC14:07
*** ThomasD13 <ThomasD13!~thomas@DSL01.> has quit IRC14:07
RobertBergerRP: you mean when I install the SDK.14:08
RobertBergerRP: Wait so what you say is, that I need to install x86_64-buildtools-nativesdk-standalone-3.1+snapshot-20201020.sh manually?14:09
RobertBergerRP: My point is that we use the uninative tarball to avoid host gcc dependencies while building. But when installing the SDK we need a host gcc.14:11
rburtonuninative abstracts the host *glibc*14:12
RobertBerger@rburton, so it's not really about getting rid of the host gcc in the build process.14:13
RobertBergergrep show, that both the extensible SDK and the "classic" SDK do something with buildtools.14:14
*** kasper <kasper!~kasper@> has quit IRC14:14
RPRobertBerger: correct, uninative allows the same binaries to run on systems with a different OS, its a glibc abstraction14:15
*** stephano <stephano!~stephano@c-73-164-244-205.hsd1.or.comcast.net> has quit IRC14:15
RPRobertBerger: for gcc, you need buildtools14:15
RobertBerger@RP OK - understood14:15
RobertBergerI do have buildtools14:16
RobertBergerls *.sh14:16
RobertBergerpoky-glibc-x86_64-core-image-minimal-core2-64-qemux86-64-toolchain-3.1+snapshot.sh      x86_64-buildtools-nativesdk-standalone-3.1+snapshot-20201020.sh14:16
*** linums <linums!~linums@> has quit IRC14:18
RobertBergerThis is what the extensible SDK needs: for util in diffstat bzip2 gzip gawk cpio perl file which gcc g++14:18
*** linums <linums!~linums@apn-94-44-111-154.vodafone.hu> has joined #yocto14:19
RPRobertBerger: eSDK should be no different to the main build14:19
RobertBergerWell it could be that it has similar host requirements than oe/poky/bitbake in order to use the devtool.14:20
RobertBergerMost likely it does not bring everything needed with it.14:21
RPRobertBerger: Its not designed to bring everything14:22
RobertBergerSo all this slowly starts to make sense then to me - kind of.14:23
RobertBergerI just this is nasty thing and it starts to install: sudo touch /usr/bin/gcc14:24
RobertBergerbut not for long ;)14:24
RPRobertBerger: note that "buildtools" contains some tools, you need "buildtools-extended" to contain gcc14:25
RobertBergerhmm OK14:26
RobertBergerSo if I really wanted to I could hack things to use buildtools-extended instead of buildtools for the extensible SDK in order to avoid more host dependencies.14:30
*** paulg <paulg!~paulg@198-84-145-15.cpe.teksavvy.com> has quit IRC14:32
RobertBergershouldn't it be enough to throw the native tools into nativesdk-packagegroup-sdk-host.bbappend to end up in the SDK? But then it might be a chicken and egg problem.14:33
*** mattsm <mattsm!~mattsm@104-181-154-57.lightspeed.austtx.sbcglobal.net> has quit IRC14:39
*** mattsm <mattsm!~mattsm@104-181-154-57.lightspeed.austtx.sbcglobal.net> has joined #yocto14:40
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RobertBergerI'll built the buildtools-extended tarball and see what happens if I try to install this ;)14:40
*** netrace <netrace!~netrace@unaffiliated/netrace> has joined #yocto14:41
RPRobertBerger: I think extended should do what you're looking fod14:43
*** mbulut <mbulut!~nameclash@ip1f128f5a.dynamic.kabel-deutschland.de> has joined #yocto14:47
LetoThe2ndwe'll be live in 10 minutes on https://www.twitch.tv/theyoctojester - time to get confy and find a drink!14:50
mckoanLetoThe2nd: hurray!14:50
LetoThe2ndfray: did you find a minute to have a peek at the spdx patches for crosslink, so we can get some feedback out?14:51
frayI've been swamped with work and some other (non-work) stuff.. I hope I'll be freed up soon.14:52
frayI've got that patch and one from Mentor that need to get reviewed/merged.14:52
LetoThe2ndfray: i think it would also be ok if you can just drop a line saying "i'm the maintainer, i received it, will take some time". this came through the outreachy stuff and it would be awesome if we could keep the motivation up!14:54
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tlwoernerYPTM: trevor is on15:00
*** netrace_ <netrace_!~netrace@unaffiliated/netrace> has joined #yocto15:02
kergothJPEW: Trying to get gdb-cross-canadian on mingw to use a prebuilt python tarball, and the gdb executable immediately exits with no output. Any insight? I'm assuming it's failing to import it at runtime, but without any output or response to --help or anything, it's tough to diagnose. Do you happen to know if there's something like strace for windows executables or somethign?15:04
*** linums <linums!~linums@apn-94-44-111-154.vodafone.hu> has quit IRC15:05
*** linums <linums!~linums@> has joined #yocto15:05
JPEWkergoth: Are you running on actual Windows or on Wine?15:05
*** netrace <netrace!~netrace@unaffiliated/netrace> has quit IRC15:05
kergothactual windows, but i could use wine if that provides anything useful15:05
fraykergoth, I had reports of that on a baremetal toolchain, but also reports of python (nativeSDK) working on mingw [the bundled one] with Linux15:06
*** goliath <goliath!~goliath@clnet-p04-043.ikbnet.co.at> has quit IRC15:06
JPEWkergoth: No. A few things don't work on wine for some reason, so I always check15:06
JPEWkergoth: It's been a while since I did any debugging... I know there are tools, but I can't recall what theya re15:08
kergoththe python binary itself works fine, and can import its standard library modules, just gdb fails to run15:08
rburtonkhem: can't replicate the optee problem with musl.  was that musl+gcc or +clang?15:08
kergothnp, just thought i'd check15:08
rburtonrewitt: will you push the arm64 crops images to the official repo?15:09
*** uso__ <uso__!~uso@unaffiliated/uso> has joined #yocto15:10
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rcwAre there tools or scripts that people have used to read the bitbake event log?15:15
rcwIdeally, something that already filters the event types and depickles the event data.15:15
*** ssajal <ssajal!~ssajal@bras-base-otwaon1146w-grc-11-174-88-220-58.dsl.bell.ca> has joined #yocto15:16
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*** camus1 is now known as kaspter15:18
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RobertBerger@RP I didn't get it work15:27
RobertBerger@RP what i tried was to install x86_64-buildtools-extended-nativesdk-standalone-3.1+snapshot-20201020.sh and source it15:30
RobertBergerand I tried to install the extensible SDK afterwards15:31
RobertBergercould not find gcc15:31
RobertBergerSorry - my bad seems to install15:33
*** AndersD_ <AndersD_!~AndersD@h83-209-96-136.cust.a3fiber.se> has quit IRC15:33
*** fabatera <fabatera!5f5af5ac@ip5f5af5ac.dynamic.kabel-deutschland.de> has joined #yocto15:33
RobertBerger@RP: Wow this is nice, need to play a bit more,  but this means less host dependencies for the developer!15:36
tlwoernersmurray: https://jaycarlson.net/embedded-linux/15:40
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*** netrace <netrace!~netrace@unaffiliated/netrace> has joined #yocto15:41
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mckoantlwoerner: nice15:49
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*** mbulut <mbulut!~nameclash@ip1f128f5a.dynamic.kabel-deutschland.de> has joined #yocto15:54
khemrburton: this is gcc+musl15:55
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tlwoernerzeddii: w00t! more BSP layers converting!15:57
tlwoernerzeddii: your hard work is paying off :-D15:58
zeddiigit merge monkey!15:58
rburtonzeddii: can you setup a cron to pull linus's commits/tags and push them to linux-yocto so it's always fresh?15:58
zeddiiI have one that runs on my -dev machine. I check it weekly, but I could make master and */base automatic.15:59
tlwoernerrburton: i think there's more involved than just updating hashes, there are other things (perf) that need to come along with every update too16:00
*** fl0v0 <fl0v0!~fvo@> has quit IRC16:00
zeddiiI have a radioactive decay on old releases. weekly for current, bi-weekly for previous release, monthly for older and 6 monthly for really old stuff. (or when asked).16:01
rburtontlwoerner: not recipe updates, just the git repo itself16:02
rburtontlwoerner: eg at least once i've had to ask zeddii nicely to push linux-yocto because a platform team wants to use a release that is a day old :)16:03
zeddiihah. and I think that particular kernel is now EOL, or at least it didn't have updates when I did my last cycle last week.16:04
* zeddii will check again today.16:04
*** pohly <pohly!~pohly@dyndsl-091-096-023-126.ewe-ip-backbone.de> has joined #yocto16:06
rburtonwow, a pohly16:07
paulbarkerzeddii: Unfortunately I have some pain-in-the-ass client and vendor requirements. If we can find a way to meet them with what's in oe-core I'd be very happy to help out as much as needed to make it happen16:08
rewittrburton: I'll need to turn it on in travis, but my plan is to do it16:10
*** frsc <frsc!~frsc@p50937620.dip0.t-ipconnect.de> has quit IRC16:11
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rburtonrewitt: thanks16:13
rburtonrewitt: ping when its done and i'll update my custom image16:13
*** kiwi_29 <kiwi_29!~kiwi_29@c-73-231-211-214.hsd1.ca.comcast.net> has joined #yocto16:14
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khemrburton: another machine with qemuarm64/gcc/musl http://errors.yoctoproject.org/Errors/Build/111285/16:34
rburtonkhem: turns out the build i tested was n1sdp which doesn't build optee :)16:35
rburtonnew build running now16:35
*** kiwi_29 <kiwi_29!~kiwi_29@c-73-231-211-214.hsd1.ca.comcast.net> has quit IRC16:35
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khemrburton: ok, if you want to avoid my eyes test on qemuarm64/musl :)16:39
paulbarkerIs there any way to build linux-yocto with an in-tree defconfig (I'm thinking ARM multi_v7_defconfig) and ensure no config fragments are used?16:44
JPEWKBUILD_DEFCONFIG = "multi_v7_defconfig"16:45
JPEWI also had to set: KCONFIG_MODE = "alldefconfig"16:45
paulbarkerKCONFIG_MODE needs adding to the kernel-dev manual for sure16:46
paulbarkerWe need to replicate the behaviour of "make multi_v7_defconfig"16:47
paulbarkerThe closest I've got is `KERNEL_CONFIG_COMMAND = "oe_runmake -C ${S} CC="${KERNEL_CC}" LD="${KERNEL_LD}" O=${B} multi_v7_defconfig"` but that's unweidly16:47
JPEWpaulbarker: Don't those 2 lines do that?16:50
*** khem <khem!~khem@unaffiliated/khem> has quit IRC16:50
rburtonwhat JPEW said is what we have in meta-arm for one or two kernels16:50
paulbarkerJPEW: I'd have to check it out and diff the resulting .config files16:50
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away16:55
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JPEWpaulbarker, zeddii: I sent a patch to the docs ML with an FAQ for how to use a vanilla kernel.17:04
JPEWComments welcome.... also making sure I'm not telling lies would be great!17:04
*** neoliszt <neoliszt!54bfc73f@p54bfc73f.dip0.t-ipconnect.de> has quit IRC17:04
paulbarkerJPEW: Thanks. I'm hacking around now to see how close I can get to what I need with a linux-yocto bbappend17:04
paulbarkerJPEW: `v5.8/standard/base` is a merge commit, I guess we'd want `v5.8/base` for purely vanilla upstream17:07
*** kasper <kasper!~kasper@> has joined #yocto17:07
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*** dreyna_ <dreyna_!~dreyna@c-71-202-37-249.hsd1.ca.comcast.net> has joined #yocto17:08
paulbarkerAnd by the looks of it we'd still need a place to carry bbappend files or recipes which set KBRANCH, SRCREV, etc. That doesn't belong in a BSP layer17:09
*** camus1 <camus1!~Instantbi@> has joined #yocto17:13
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RPYay, green build for rc1 :)17:17
*** kiwi_29 <kiwi_29!~kiwi_29@c-73-231-211-214.hsd1.ca.comcast.net> has joined #yocto17:23
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JPEWpaulbarker: You may want to reference linux-yocto-custom in meta-skeleton18:07
JPEWpaulbarker: Ya, you're correct. v5.8/standard/base isn't *quite* upstream... but it's really close and it's by far the easiest to use18:10
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* zeddii reads18:46
zeddiiyah. /base is clean. /standard/base has only enough to work around boot / OE build issues (like perf). Nasty stuff is on BSP branches.18:46
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rburtonkhem: 2020-10-20 15:51:33 - INFO     - NOTE: recipe optee-os-3.11.0-r0: task do_compile: Succeeded19:03
rburtonkhem: qemuarm64-secureboot with musl19:03
rburtoncan you replicate? what else might be causing that?19:03
rburton(-secureboot is basically qemuarm64 with tweaks)19:04
rburtonoh optee-test, not optee-os19:04
* rburton expands test matrix19:04
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alejandrohsrewitt: While youre at it Randy, I noticed the default crops/poky-container is still 18.04, so 20.04 hasnt been pushed19:42
alejandrohsrewitt: nvm I just basically hit refresh and its there now19:42
JPEWzeddii, paulbarker: Hmm, that's a tricky one... it seems like telling users to use /base is unwise since it isn't tested and has at lease some known issues (at least I assume zeddii wouldn't be patching it otherwise)19:45
JPEWOOTH, it's hard to explain that19:45
paulbarkerJPEW: /base is the mainline or stable release from kernel.org though so any known issues must be very yocto specific if they're not causing more general issues for other users19:47
paulbarkerI know we carry a patch for menuconfig19:47
paulbarkerNot sure what else19:47
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paulbarkerFYI linux-yocto is still stuck in do_fetch here after 2h so I've made no progress on this, moved on to other things. I'll look at it tomorrow19:49
khemrburton: perhaps ptest ?19:54
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rburtonkhem: good news!  the optee-test thing happens with glibc too :)20:05
rburtoni'm guessing its trying to statically link but we don't build libstdc++ with static libs?20:05
rburtonno, there's a libstdc++.a20:07
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khemyes I am seeing it on glibc too see http://errors.yoctoproject.org/Errors/Details/510155/20:10
khemwe do have static libs but I am seeing it call bare linker and use full names on linker cmdline like libstdc++.a20:12
kheminstead of -lstdc++ etc.20:12
khem-static -lstdc++ should have same effect infact20:13
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khemrburton: it works with clang :)20:15
khemrburton: look at recipe-sysroot/usr/include/optee/export-user_ta/mk/gcc.mk20:18
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khemits not respectng CC and friends from bitbake env thats the problem20:19
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rburtonreally getting frustrated with projects just reinventing build systems from the ground up20:29
rburtonwhat the deuce20:30
rburtonlibstdc++$(sm):= $(shell $(CXX$(sm)) $(CXXFLAGS$(arch-bits-$(sm))) $(comp-cxxflags$(sm)) -print-file-name=libstdc++.a 2> /dev/null)20:30
rburtonwhat the ** is wrong with -lstdc++20:30
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rburtonkhem: our intern has been kicking this stuff a fair bit, i'll get him to have a look20:34
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rburtonah looks like an easy fix20:37
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rewittalejandrohs: 20.04 exists, but it isn't the default. i.e. If you pull crops/poky-container it would still pull crops/poky-container:ubuntu-18.04. We can change the default though.21:37
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khemrburton: http://sprunge.us/pdnoqU takes you a step further, but then it fails with LSE stuff, libgcc/config/aarch64/lse-init.c:44: undefined reference to `__getauxval'22:30
khem__getauxval is expected to come from libc which in optee-os case is not standard libc perhaps I tried to build it using -mno-outline-atomics but it did not work either22:31
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khemrburton: this is the offending commit in optee-test https://github.com/OP-TEE/optee_test/commit/1a205ae33440f603e0579155505ce48215169e5822:38
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