Friday, 2020-10-23

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moto-timook people, who set up
moto-timospeak up02:21
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moto-timoAdafruit requests for SDWire and a USB 3.0 Mux equivalent sent... cross your fingers people04:26
moto-timoOff the shelf automated testing commodity items for the win for all of us04:26
moto-timozedii: trying to KERNEL_FEATURES_append = " features/hugetlb.scc" for linux-yocto-dev ... shouldn't this work?04:29
moto-timozedii: ERROR: Feature 'features/hugetlb.scc' not found, this will cause configuration failures.04:29
* moto-timo goes to be entirely too late for the time zone I am pretending to be in04:29
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moto-timomight help if I used the actual path eatures/hugetlb/hugetlb.scc04:46
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mckoangood morning06:40
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX06:56
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carlsb3rggood morning, fine folks07:16
carlsb3rgthanks for helps and tips with my kernel module challenges yesterday...had to patch both Makefile and c source, but finally got kernel module installed on this antiquated HW07:17
LetoThe2ndnow gold plate it and sell it. gold antiquaries go at a premium price!07:18
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carlsb3rglol...I'll see what I can do07:29
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LetoThe2ndmckoan: glad you like the idea :)07:32
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mckoanLetoThe2nd: yes, thank you07:44
LetoThe2ndmckoan: hi507:45
mckoanLetoThe2nd: we are preparing for lockdown-2.0 so I have to imagine new scenarios07:45
LetoThe2ndyeah, we're already in for some fun too.07:46
mckoanLetoThe2nd: I'm very sad because now I'd be packing my suitcase for Dublin :-(07:47
LetoThe2ndsame here. yet actually i probably shouldn't complain as it does go along nicely with the current family situation, and as along as everybody is helthy, so be it.07:48
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carlsb3rgis it just me or could there be a poky-simple which is a stripped reference distribution specifically for learning purposes?07:56
carlsb3rgthe poky ref distro as is has loads of cool setups and recipes, but maybe at the cost of complexity07:58
carlsb3rgas a complete n00b at both Linux and Yocto, the steep (understatement of the year) learning curve is tough...definately made worse by my first assignment being to create a distro on 17yo HW that has to boot in under 4s but still...08:00
carlsb3rgmy distro boots in 2.9s btw so I'm really happy...not bad for a n00b :D08:01
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hchadelcast: i observed latest patch on the ML regarding permissions. i wonder: why check 'privilege' requirement at all? users might be using it just to install/manage packages into an offline root dir of their control08:07
LetoThe2ndcarlsb3rg: you can build completely distro-less if you want to :) just comment DISTRO ?= "poky" out in the local.conf.08:09
carlsb3rgsure...but even core-image-minimal etc is pretty heavy stuff...I'm still a bit overwhelmed by the link through -> core-image.bbclass -> image.bbclass and the plethora of tasks and other stuff in there08:17
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LetoThe2ndcarlsb3rg: i wouldn't worry too much about it. while it can be educating, this is more like stuff that is meant to "just work"08:21
carlsb3rgand when it does, it's very nice :)  but the void between starting up and "just work"-ing when you don't have an A4 case is pretty rough :D08:22
LetoThe2ndi can hardly see core-image-minimal not working when IMAGE_FSTYPES is correctly set.08:25
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carlsb3rgI'm doing IMAGE_INSTALL += "pciutils" in my custom image...should it be CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL += ... and I can do IMAGE_INSTALL += "kernel-modules", but should it be MACHINE_EXTRA_RDEPENDS += "kernel-modules"?08:29
carlsb3rgthere's loads of ways of doing stuff that seem to work, but are they best practice? why should I choose one over the other? So while I appreciate that things often "just work", the engineer and coder in me want to know why it works and what is the preferred way of getting things working08:31
LetoThe2ndit depends on where you to it. your custom image that pulls in core-image-minimal or such should happily be able to IMAGE_INSTALL += "". this is just very problematic due to expansion order in local.conf or appends, hence it should be avoided there. CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL is meant to inject stuff ad-hoc through local.conf08:31
LetoThe2ndfor the "kernel-modules", it entirely depends on if the machine will not even boot properly (e.g. the kernel setup NEEDS the modules), then it shall go into the MACHINE_EXTRA_RDEPENDS. if it is something that the image needs, or even more specifically, some application in the image, then it should go into IMAGE_INSTALL, or even the specific kernel-module-xxx into the RDEPENDS of the application.08:33
carlsb3rgand I guess that's the kind of info I'm missing...there's loads of ways to Rome and I feel like I'm killing best practice fairies every second line I add in a .conf or .recipe :D08:35
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LetoThe2ndcarlsb3rg: hehe yes, thats how it is with systems as complex as those. the problem is that there are so many tings to tune and understand that its almost impossile to document them in a way that suits everybody. so we went for the "document everything as good as possible" approach, which unfortunately means that the documentatino can be a bit overwhelming if you are just starting out08:38
carlsb3rgbut maybe you just have accept that you're not going to get everything right/correct at first and that becoming good is an organic process no matter how many tutorials and docs and stuff you find08:38
LetoThe2ndcarlsb3rg: thats certainly true for most of us, yes.08:39
yannRP: if I run "bitbake packagegroup-core-x11-xserver -c clean" and then build my image, the setscene tasks are running as expected, so I see no reason why populate_sdk_ext failed to find them.  Fun enough on next run the problem switched to packagegroup-core-boot.do_populate_lic08:42
carlsb3rgI guess my situation has been made worse by the fact that I (without prior knowledge of Yocto or inner Linux) got a project where I had a couple of weeks to upgrade a Yocto 1.6 project to 3.1 on HW that was EOL a good while back :P08:43
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carlsb3rgand the guy who hacked together the 1.6 version with hammers, nails, pre- and post-image patches etc left the company years ago and no-one here has even heard of Yocto :D08:44
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RPyann: from what I remember the error you're seeing means its not finding them within the eSDK it's built so it is quite a different codepath08:45
RPyann: obviously it should but I can see how the context is very different08:45
LetoThe2ndcarlsb3rg: thats also true for many of us. but my opinion is that this is something to be blamed on company processes and decisions, not on the YP. problems with advanced, undocumented internal things causing troubles when the guru leaves are certainly universal08:45
yannRP: it does not happen in the eSDK itself, but within standard bitbake env while dunning do_populate_sdk_ext08:46
yannbut using the sstate from our CI08:47
yannthe problem would appear to be with something that "do_clean" removes then08:48
RPyann: eSDK ends up running bitbake within bitbake to test the eSDK and I think your failures are there08:49
carlsb3rgnot blaming YP at all...merely trying to suggest (and maybe even assist) in ways of making things easier for other n00bs...clearly a bad decision by the company had made it a tough least I'm adamant in not doing any hacking...if you checkout the right version of poky and my layers, it's a one-liner to get the distro built...08:49
LetoThe2ndcarlsb3rg: well, we have all that. see the live coding session on kas.08:50
yannRP: how can I check this is the case ?  and how would do_clean change what's hapenning ?08:52
RPyann: did you have any tasks you'd run using bitbake -f ?08:53
carlsb3rgLetoThe2nd: Think I binged the live series a bit too hard...I'll checkout #12 again08:54
LetoThe2ndcarlsb3rg: kas essentially gives you exactly that. a one-liner that checks out all layers in a known state, sets the configuration and builds a defined target.08:55
yannnot that I remember - at one point though bitbake complained that it thought my kernel had been forced (which I'm pretty sure is not true, though I did request specific tasks locally for config tweeking) and a good do_clean on that recipe got rid of the issue.  But even if not accurate, that message was explicit08:55
RPyann: if you had, it would show warnings in each build08:56
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yannI confirm there is no such warning right now08:57
RPyann: debugging this problem is one of the reasons Paul and I were never happy with eSDK, its hard. I can try and talk you through it but I really need logs to look at and so on, its not straightforward :/08:57
yanneh, it's not that obvious from the talks that there are such annoying issues with eSDK :)09:03
RPyann: I'm quite sad we've never improved it, its purely a time thing09:09
yannI have a couple of patches pending verification that should improve some things, but not that one :)09:10
* clementp[m] sent a long message: < >09:16
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clementp[m]Oups sorry for the Matrix URL -_-09:19
clementp[m]I would like to test my local kernel before pushing my patch to git.09:20
clementp[m]Is there an easier way than adding a .bbappend with the KERNEL_SRC using protocol=file09:20
clementp[m]and SRCREV=${AUTOREV}09:20
clementp[m] e.g : in Buildroot I set the env variable <PACKAGE>_OVERRIDE_SRCDIR=~/my-repo09:20
clementp[m]Is there something similar or what do you use as dev for your local test before pushing ?09:20
clementp[m]Thanks for your answers09:20
LetoThe2ndclementp[m]: the kernel manual should have a section exactly how to do that using devtool09:20
Ninic0c0Hello all, I'm still working on distros managment and it's a really cool adventure. Last question remaining: I have to distros and i want to add some packages according the distro. The better way is to use DISTRO_FEATURES or there is an other way to do that ? Cheers :)09:21
Ninic0c0In fact I have mydistro-dev and mydistro-prod and the goal is to add only debug tools to the 1st one :)09:22
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qschulzNinic0c0: I would definitely go with DISTRO_FEATURES but distros are also available in OVERRIDES so you could do: IMAGE_INSTALL_append_mydistro-dev for example09:24
LetoThe2ndqschulz: ++09:25
Ninic0c0qschulz LetoThe2nd Thx guys I will do it :)09:29
qschulzand now I'm wondering if you can't have an IMAGE_INSTALL_append in your distro configruation file too mmmmmmm09:31
qschulz(still should go with DISTRO_FEATURES, but wondering :) )09:31
LetoThe2ndqschulz: IMAGE_INSTALL_append += will probably work, but its kind of besides the point09:32
rburtonNinic0c0: to be honest, using distros for prod vs debug might be overkill09:41
LetoThe2ndrburton: oh c'mon09:41
LetoThe2ndhere you go:
dev1990Hi I just wondering if there is possibility to make for example a whole bbappend conditional like u-boot_%.bbappend_your-platform-override ?09:48
qschulzdev1990: no but you can make all variables/tasks in your bbappend your-platform-override specific09:48
dev1990yeah I did that but I endup with bunch of overrides09:49
dev1990Is there a posibility that future bitbake will support something like that?09:51
rburtondev1990: meta-arm does this
qschulzdev1990: at one point if you have too many different things, you might want to create a new recipe that is specific to this hardware and use PREFERRED_PROVIDER_u-boot for it09:53
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qschulzrburton: nice trick09:53
rburtonwhen you have so many machines to deal with it's kind of essential09:54
rburtonseven machines there, another two queued, and ~4 in the pipeline09:54
dev1990ok this might be useful, thanks :-)09:56
dev1990LetoThe2nd: I remember one of their songs in thps3 (tony hawk game) ;-)10:00
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Ninic0c0rburton so what your opinion ? 2 images ?10:14
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rburtondepends on how invasive your prod vs devel changes are really10:15
rburtonis it just extra packages, or are large numbers of recipes built differently10:16
LetoThe2ndthe huge advantages that a debug distro has is that it can trigger system-wide effects. for example, we have a COMPANY_DEBUG DISTRO_FEATURE that turns all almost all debugging features in our recipes.10:16
rburtonyeah, if you want large scale effects then the distro feature works10:19
Ninic0c0I have set a DISTRO_FEATURE in the custom distro and IMAGE_INSTALL += "${@bb.utils.contains('DISTRO_FEATURES', 'develop-feature', 'custom-dev-apps', '', d)}"10:19
Ninic0c0I not good enougt to be sure what is the better way. But ditro trick works :)10:20
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rburtonyeah that works :)10:28
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RPJust to summarise, I think yann's eSDK issue is related to local sstate mirrors not quite doing what we might think/want10:32
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jmieheI feel like we're doing something wrong … on our CI system, we're auto-patching the local.conf to set the correct values for DISTRO (and some overrides) … is this as intended?12:12
mckoanELCE says "Personal schedules are currently locked from changes" WTF ?12:13
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mckoanELCE events are editable only in https://osseu2020.sched.com12:28
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mckoanno, they are not editable now :-(12:30
dsueiroHello folks. I'm want to generate an image with the linux-yocto  (set as the virtual/kernel) and linux-yocto-rt (with KERNEL_PACKAGE_NAME = "kernel-rt"). Is there an easy way for bitbake to install all required kernel modules (listed in RDEPENDS and RRECOMENDS) for both flavours (kernel-module-* and kernel-rt-module-*) ?12:32
qschulzdsueiro: if they're listed in RDEPENDS and RRECOMMENDS they should be pulled so I'm not entirely sure what's the actual question/problem?12:33
qschulzdsueiro: otherwise, kernel-modules package should have all kernel-module-* packages available, so RDEPENDS'ing on it should be enough to pull everything12:34
dsueiroqschulz: Thanks for the suggestion. But I'm not insterested in installing the whole kernel-modules kernel-rt-modules packages. Only the ones listed as runtime dependency by the installed packages in the image.12:39
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qschulzdsueiro: they're listen as runtime dependencies? if the package depending on those runtime dependencies is installed, they are installed, there's nothing for you to do.12:42
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dsueiroqschulz: For example, a have a package that thas RDEPENDS_${PN} = "kernel-module-foo". And on the image only the kernel-module-foo is installed, it does not include kernel-rt-module-foo.13:09
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qschulzdsueiro: i do not have experience with RT kernels so can't really help but I'm not entirely sure kernel-rt-modules is actually coming from vanilla yocto?13:16
qschulzdsueiro: i.e. for me, the modules would be named kernel-module-foo regardless for which type of kernel it is built?13:17
lxcDoes all things in IMAGE_INSTALL end up in SDK sysroot?13:18
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dsueiroqschulz: By using the KERNEL_PACKAGE_NAME variable I can build and install multiple kernels. But as I understand the image runtime dependency is only processed for the virtual/kernel and not for the other kernels.14:06
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adelcast^hch: we are not checking privileges explicitly, but the lock file is being created under /run, which has root:root14:33
*** pharaon2502 <pharaon2502!> has joined #yocto14:33
adelcastso if you use another place for the lock file, you will not be tied to being root for installs/upgrades/removals14:34
adelcastlike in the offline root case14:34
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ilkappeHello guys14:43
ilkappeI have a custom recipe to build an application. in the source code of this application there is the following include: #include <iio.h>. This include is provided by libiio-dev package which is created by the libiio recipe14:46
ilkappeHow do I manage the DEPNDS/RDEPENDS for my custom recipe ?14:47
ilkappewhile compiling I got this message:14:47
ilkappefatal error: iio.h: No such file or directory14:47
ilkappe|  #include <iio.h>14:48
ilkappe|           ^~~~~~~14:48
mckoanilkappe: put in your recipe DEPENDS="libiio"14:49
*** armpit <armpit!~armpit@2601:202:4180:a5c0:cdd7:299c:510e:89d7> has quit IRC14:50
*** Sandrita <Sandrita!b8a36cf4@gateway/web/cgi-irc/> has joined #yocto14:51
mckoanilkappe: where are you compiling it?14:53
*** AndersD <AndersD!> has quit IRC14:53
ilkappemckoan, adding the DEPENDS as you mentioned solved the issue14:54
ilkappe@mckoan, since my application requeires also the on the target fs, do I have to add anything more n my recipe ?14:55
mckoanilkappe: your recipe inherit the dependency therefore installs the library in the rootfs14:55
ilkappeperfect, thanks dude14:56
mckoanilkappe: the magic wand of Yocto Project14:56
ilkappeI nevere figure out the difference between depends and rdepends14:56
qschulzilkappe: DEPENDS is for buildtime, RDEPENDS for runtime14:58
qschulzif you have a DEPENDS in your recipe and your recipe's lib links against a lib from one of its DEPENDS, the package gets pulled automatically into RDEPENDS for you (implicitly)14:58
ilkappeqschulz, that's a veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee hint for me15:00
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Glenn97I have a BeagleBone Black project and I'm trying to figure out the best way to disable and unmask the systemd systemd-networkd-wait-online.service. I've tried adding a systemd_%.bbappend that contained pkg_postinst_${PN} task that used systemctl to both disable and mask this service but it's still running when I boot up my system. Is there a better15:04
Glenn97Or rather "mask" off (and disable) systemd-networkd-wait-online.service so it isn't run at startup.15:05
*** rubdos <rubdos!> has quit IRC15:07
qschulzGlenn97: bbappend with SYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE set to disable15:11
*** otavio <otavio!~otavio@debian/developer/otavio> has quit IRC15:11
qschulzGlenn97: c.f.
RobertBerger@ilkappe: is there any particular reason why you don't use: ?15:12
*** otavio <otavio!~otavio@debian/developer/otavio> has joined #yocto15:13
Glenn97qschulz: This isn't a service that I wrote but rather one of the ones automatically enabled somewhere in the file. I thought SYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE only applied to an individual systemd service recipe/package that I would write? How would I use it to specify one of these "pre-installed" and enabled services?15:16
ilkappeRobertBerger, nope15:16
ilkappeSimply I din't know about that15:17
*** PaowZ__ <PaowZ__!~Vince@> has quit IRC15:17
qschulzilkappe: is your friend15:18
qschulzGlenn97: find the package that has this service with oe-pkgdata-util find-path, then find its recipe with oe-pkgdata-util lookup, add a bbappend to this recipe with SYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE_<name of package>15:20
qschulzthe only downside is if this package has more services than just this one (which is probablye if it's systemd)15:21
qschulzin which case, you could split this service in its own package in a bbappend and do the same dance with systemd_auto_enable_pkgname15:22
qschulzdon't know if there's a better way though15:22
ilkappe@qschulz I'll take care of him15:23
*** rubdos <rubdos!> has joined #yocto15:24
Glenn97qschulz: Yes, this service is one (or many) in the systemd recipe. Bit of a yocto noob here, but can you sketch for me what I have to do to split out this service into a separate/it's own package?15:26
*** ilkappe <ilkappe!c65a42b1@> has quit IRC15:27
qschulzGlenn97: you want to check in which package this service is, then you can list all files in this package to check if there are others (if not or other services you don't want to start at boot, then just use SYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE_pkgname = "disable")15:29
qschulzpackage != recipe15:29
*** sno <sno!> has joined #yocto15:29
qschulzif there are others you care about, split into a new package by adding an entry in PACKAGES variable. It should appear BEFORE pkgname in PACKAGES otherwise it won't work15:30
qschulzthen you need to set FILES_newpkgname accordingly15:30
qschulzand work out which SYSTEMD variables are needed to declare the service eand the package as a package holding a service, c.f.
Glenn97qschulz: Would it be advisable to simply nuke (rm -rf /lib/systemd/system/systemd-networkd-wait-online.service) by appending to do_install() in a systemd_%.bbappend?15:33
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hchadelcast: right. sorry for noise16:02
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*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away16:07
Glenn97qschulz: The plot thickens. When the systemd-networkd.service service is enabled it also enables systemd-networkd-wait-online.service which I'm trying to disable. So I think I have to actually mask systemd-networkd-wait-online.service so it effectively does nothing. Is there a way to do this in a recipe?16:13
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moto-timozedii: k8s warns about cgroup hugetlb driver, should we add a fragment for CONFIG_CGROUP_HUGETLB and do you want it in features/cgroups ?16:41
moto-timozedii: also, we should make systemd docker.service an option with docker-ce16:41
moto-timoJPEW: FWIW I suggested SDWire and the USB Mux idea to adafruit... and at least they acked receipt of the suggestions16:43
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JPEWmoto-timo: Cool... if there's anything helpful I can do for that, let me know17:05
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JPEWAlright, I finally registered for the ELC-E17:12
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moto-timoJPEW and everybody: if you have interest in seeing off the shelf SD Mux and USB Mux that are controllable for test automation... send an email or tweet or otherwise reach out to Adafruit and let them know. A few of us building 10 boards each rapidly turns into a likely business model for them.17:25
* moto-timo should hit up automated-testing ML17:25
JPEWmoto-timo: Is there a link or something we can use to coordinate?17:33
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moto-timoJPEW: let me ask the responder and figure out how they would like to hear from us17:33
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JPEWmoto-timo: Thanks17:33
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* zeddii finally got the yocto summit template to not be garbled17:43
zeddiimoto-timo: for docker, you mean on top of the .socket service that is defined in the .inc ?17:43
zeddiiand for the option, it depends on which cgroup one you are talking about. If one in meta virt, easy yes, if it is in the main kernel-cache, I have to take a quick look and see what the overhead/extra it would be to globally enabled it for all cgroups users.17:44
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zeddiiI just cut and paste the title into my slides. Does that mean I'm almost done ?17:53
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JPEWdreyna_: Is there a schedule for the YP summit?19:36
* zeddii isn't dreyna_ though19:37
zeddiiI have no cut and paste my title AND written the outline slide.  I guess my presentation is nearly done!19:37
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moto-timozeddii: for the cgroup I was thinking a separate option... not global... so it might be smarter to put it in virt21:34
moto-timozeddii: it's really for k8s anyway21:34
moto-timolol @ zeddii21:34
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zeddiiMy slides are going to still be drying when I present. I failed to get a lot done today. I know what my weekend is going to look like now.21:54
zeddiiand I still have the kernel ones to start, although, that's only a few slides.21:55
* zeddii goes to hunt for food.21:55
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kergothJPEW: thoughts on ? using this for my builds. admittedly not pretty.22:15
kergothJPEW: i should say, thoughts on something *like* that22:15
kergothjust got gdb-cross-canadian building without removing readline/ncurses/python, debugging an issue with the python bits though22:16
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