Thursday, 2020-10-22

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LetoThe2ndyo dudX06:55
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manuel1985Why is ${PN} "PN"? Shouldn't it be "RN" = "Recipe Name"?07:26
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LetoThe2ndmanuel1985: technically a recipe can provide an arbitralily chose PN by setting it. its a best practise to derive PN automaticall from the recipes name, but its not mandatory.07:32
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manuel1985Got it, thank you.07:38
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rburtonmanuel1985: the problem with a project having 20 years of history is that some things don't make a lot of sense :)09:25
rburtonwell, 1509:28
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LetoThe2ndi thought it was only 10? so only 8 years left until drinking age!09:33
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rburtonthat's yocto09:36
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rburtonbitbake/oe are older, obviously09:36
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JaMafirst bitbake commit from kergoth goes to 2003 ".oe file parser function" :)09:38
LetoThe2ndobviously. but we're in the wrong channel then. read: we will be drinking in #oe years before we can start here.09:38
manuel1985rburton: Thought so :)09:51
rburtonreally, PN is package name as it's used for the deployed packages.  BPN *is* recipe name.09:52
JaMaexcept for native and nativesdk where BPN *isn't* the recipe name :)09:53
rburtongar, true09:53
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qschulzhrw: o/09:59
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manuel1985What is The Best(TM) way to set up a CMake project in a proper way? Proper means: That I don't make the package maintainers job hard. My current thinking is as follow: My CMake project must not set the DESTINATION argument of install(<target-name> ...).10:17
LetoThe2ndmanuel1985: i think its perfectly fine to set DESTINATION10:19
hrwmanuel1985: just use standard functions and do not invent own ones?10:19
LetoThe2ndjsut don't hard code a path in there.10:20
LetoThe2ndmy blueprint is
rburtonusing GNUInstallDirs makes things a lot easier for packagers10:22
manuel1985LetoThe2nd and hrw: Disagree. cmake.bbclass invokes cmake with `-DCMAKE_INSTALL_BINDIR:PATH=<bindir>` hence there should be no reason to fiddle with this in CMakeLists.txt10:24
LetoThe2ndyup, AFAIK thats why i install to bin, not to "/usr/bin" or such. the example i provided installs to /usr/bin on a standard OE build. to me thats sane and expected.10:25
manuel1985rburton: Agree, CMake honors these variables if GNUInstallDirs is used.
hrwI've seen things you people would not believe. configure scripts called from different dirs, cmake modules changing standard stuff just to make life harder, sick m4 macros...10:26
* hrw -> out10:26
LetoThe2ndi've never actively pulled in gnuinstalldirs, but i see the described behaviour. hm.10:26
manuel1985LetoThe2nd: Perhaps there are some distros around which come up with something like "bin64", hence I thought about not setting DESTINATION *at all*. Just to be on the supersecure side.10:28
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LetoThe2ndi tend to just use the simplest and most obvious setup until it breaks.10:29
manuel1985My feeling is also that CMake honors these variables like ${CMAKE_INSTALL_BINDIR} in every case, not just when GNUInstallDirs is used. However, seems to claim different:
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manuel1985Oh I think I just read the docu wrong.10:31
manuel1985"For regular executables, static libraries and shared libraries, the DESTINATION argument is not required. For these target types, when DESTINATION is omitted, a default destination will be taken from the appropriate variable from GNUInstallDirs, or set to a built-in default value if that variable is not defined."10:31
manuel1985So, if CMAKE_INSTALL_BINDIR is set, it is used. If not, go with the default.10:33
LetoThe2ndso i implicitly and without actally knowing have already used gnuinstalldirs, it seems.10:33
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manuel1985Ok but then the next pargraph is very misleading. It effectively claims the opposite.10:34
manuel1985"The following table shows the target types with their associated variables and built-in defaults that apply when no destination is given:"10:34
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manuel1985LetoThe2nd: Your live coding session on package splitting got me thinking about all this :)10:37
manuel1985I f****** hate CMake documentation10:39
manuel1985What are your oppinions on Meson?10:40
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LetoThe2ndi personally gave it a try some time back and didn't like that it includes some pre-defined target configurations like release, debug,...10:47
LetoThe2ndbut that might be just me, i see it being used in many noteworthy projects.10:47
manuel1985Hmm. I see. We're now partly switching to Meson as it seems to be what GStreamer is using.10:48
LetoThe2ndand systemd, and...10:49
manuel1985I love systemd, though10:49
LetoThe2ndsame here.10:55
manuel1985Systemd and the AWS CLI are shining examples of a clean CLI interface. Docker is a nightmare.10:57
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AndrooI'm trying to install some python dependencies into a Yocto image (in custom bb files), and one of them calls kernel functions, namely "shm_unlink" which once booted is undefined.  I'm not much of a C developer, I'm assuming there's some linker issue or I'm missing something in the image.  If someone could point me in the right direction I'd be grateful.11:12
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LetoThe2nd"which once booted is undefined"... what does that mean? sounds like you are copying over something pre-compiled instead of actually building for the image.11:15
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AndrooLetoThe2nd: python dependencies seem to be built by creating a bb file, adding "inherit pypi setuptools", and naming the file after tha package desired.  I've done this, it works well.  But one of the python packages, "posix_ipc" calls on some functions from <sys/mman.h> ( but at runtime this is not found and I just plain don't know11:24
Androowhat I'm missing in the recipe.11:24
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LetoThe2ndwhy should it search a header at runtime?11:26
LetoThe2ndsomething is completely wrong here.11:26
AndrooLetoThe2nd: upon importing posix_ipc in python, I get "ImportError: /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/ undefined symbol: shm_unlink"11:27
AndrooIf the package is installed on the target, using pypi (pypi install posix_ipc) all is fine.11:30
Androopip, rather11:30
Androopip install posix_ipc11:30
LetoThe2ndAndroo: thats because in the first case you are crosscompiling, and something is messed up. in the latter case, you are compiling in-target11:37
LetoThe2ndthat is not python, its a compiled binary. plus, as you are on python 2.7, you are totally out of luck and support anyways.11:37
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AndrooFully understand the problem, just not the solution.  It's a linking issue that I thought might be easily solvable.11:42
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Androo(just not by me, of course, and where does one go to get paid support for cross-compiling on Yocto ... I would pay!)11:43
LetoThe2ndthe solution is probably to properly package posix-ipc11:43
Androothis is an attempt at properly packaging it, unless i'm misunderstanding what a proper package for it would look like11:45
LetoThe2ndi am no python guy, hence i cannot hepl with the details, sorry. i can just guess that something in the compilation stage is broken.11:58
LetoThe2ndleon-anavi: maybe? ^^^^11:58
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AndrooI'm grateful for the attempt, thank you. I work for a company in the IoT space, and we're trying to learn Yocto to properly produce images for one of our products (traditionally we've just been using Debian and copying the image directly off one of our devices) and it's been a journey!12:02
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LetoThe2ndwelcome to the club! erm.. jungle! erm... welcome anyways!12:06
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rburtonAndroo: there are plenty of consultancies who specialise in yocto and can help migrate from other systems to Yocto12:10
Androorburton: any recommendations?12:11
rburton is a starting point12:12
LetoThe2ndwell, leon-anavi  as one of the main meta-python contributors works for the konsulko group, for example. :)12:12
rburtoni can think of a few who are not on that list though12:12
LetoThe2ndit really depends (TM) but the list is a good starting point.12:15
Androorburton, LetoThe2nd:  all of this is a good starting point, thanks much.  So far my hurdles have been overcome by sheer will and patience, so I'll likely try more of that first because it's clearly holes in my knowledge that are at issue, but it's good to know there might be somewhere I can turn to if I give up on myself.12:18
LetoThe2ndAndroo: for generic python packaging questions you can also try and poke moto-timo, who will probably around in a couple of hours here12:20
rburtonAndroo: i'm *guessing* your shm problem is the the in that repo12:29
rburtonAndroo: it tries to run some code, which isn't going to work in a cross environment12:29
ernstpHow does Yocto calculate the taskhash for a python function? Does it include all "see" the d.getVar calls?12:31
Androorburton: I'm thinking "-lrt" is needed (see line 361 of in this environment, and perhaps this file does not put it there?  Not sure.  Maybe I should fork this library and modify a few things.12:34
rburtoncorrect12:34 is terrible at building code in cross environments12:34
Androorburton: i've noticed!12:34
LetoThe2ndy u no nodejs? :P12:34
AndrooLetoThe2nd: there's a lot of bad decisions made about our app that I am tasked to eventually clean up12:35
LetoThe2ndAndroo: rule #1 of this channel: do not take me seriously, unless i'm being seirous.12:35
rburtonrule #0: ignore LetoThe2nd12:36
LetoThe2ndrburton: sounds like a plan!12:37
qschulzernstp: IIRC, the sstate-cache stores all variables used by a task and their value. So if a variable changes, it triggers a rebuild of the task. I'm not entirely sure but for me "taskhash" actually means the hash of the content of the task (like... "plain text" content). In that case, no, the taskhash does not include "all see d.getVar" but taskhash AND dependent variables are part of the task's12:37
ernstpqschulz: I mean for bash script the variable is just evaluated and then the task hash is simple. And sstate-cache simply uses the task hash as key, right? But for the python d.getVar() calls it must be more complicated...12:39
qschulzernstp: haven't looked at the code but I think I remember people saying there was some smartness around detecting uses of d.getVar from within a task.12:40
ernstpqschulz: it must somehow determine _before_ running the function if it can use the cache or it should be run again...12:40
qschulzernstp: anyway, you can what makes up a sstate-cache by running `bitbake-dumpsig -t recipe task`12:41
qschulzyou can check*12:41
ernstpqschulz: ah, thanks. that should be helpful...12:41
leon-anaviLetoThe2nd, thanks for mentioning my contributions to meta-python. I'm catching with the conversation right now.12:45
LetoThe2ndleon-anavi: :)12:45
ernstpqschulz: right, it certainly detects d.getVar variables in task dependencies, so all good!12:47
leon-anaviLetoThe2nd, I think we have meta-python in pretty good shape. Most (not all) of the recipe are up to date with
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Ninic0c0Hi all, can we use bash parameter expansion inside recipe ? in my case ${DISTRO#*-} is still empty but ${DISTRO} contains the good value13:49
guest2134Hi, I'd like to add an FPGA bitstream to my image, but I use copy&paste and call a command line script, is there a better way, say is it possible to use yocto for this?13:49
LetoThe2ndguest2134: adding a binary file to the image is trivial. running some script also is, it it does not need to be executed at runtime.13:50
LetoThe2ndguest2134: see
guest2134do you have a tutorial how to write an image recipe that runs a script after compilation?13:51
Ninic0c0guest2134 You can also take a look if the vendor provide meta-xyz  for your FPGA13:52
carlsb3rgaddtask my_script after do_compile?13:52
LetoThe2ndguest2134: it really depends on what the script is supposed to do.13:52
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guest2134LetoThe2nd it calls Quartus13:53
guest2134(with the output from yocto)13:53
guest2134in the workdir13:53
LetoThe2ndnow that does not make any sense at all.13:54
LetoThe2ndyou said: "I'd like to add an FPGA bitstream to my image". now it sound like "i want to add my image to something"13:54
LetoThe2ndand the latter is a completely different thing.13:54
guest2134The Quartus programmer generates the FSBL from the U-Boot output, uses the bitstream and generates the image13:56
Ninic0c0guest2134 to be honnest it's exactly what I do with Xilinx product13:56
* LetoThe2nd is out, no idea about these things. no fpga guy.13:57
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guest2134Do you know what the IMAGE_PSOTPROCESS_COMMAND does?13:58
qschulzguest2134: ?13:59
carlsb3rgit is clearly stated in the manual...13:59
carlsb3rgI'm having a hard time adding a kernel module to my image...think it's because the module is 32 bit...anyone have any pointers?13:59
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guest2134Can I use IMAGE_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND to call a shell script?14:00
guest2134Or do I have to use add a task?14:00
qschulzguest2134: functions != tasks14:01
qschulzfunctions are shell only IIRC14:02
LetoThe2ndcarlsb3rg: its certainly not because of 32bit per se - builds are completely 32b and no problems at all. so you're probably missing out some(many?) important details14:02
guest2134Ah okay, thank you qschulz14:02
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carlsb3rgI get a bunch of warnings that all of the shift lefts are larger than the data type and pointers are incompatible...then finally an error saying: asm/unistd_64_x32.h: No such file or directory14:05
carlsb3rgso it at least has something to do with 32<->64, but maybe I'm missing an option14:06
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carlsb3rgwhen bitbake builds, it's looking at the kernel source in /usr/src/kernels instead of build/tmp/work-shared/geodelx/kernel-source/ - that might be the problem?14:14
LetoThe2ndcarlsb3rg: almost certainly, but then your module makefile is broken.14:15
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carlsb3rgI'll look...might be a variable...14:15
carlsb3rgbut the module is from the board manufacturer so I would prefer not to touch it...might end up having to patch tho14:16
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LetoThe2ndcarlsb3rg: here's a neat example on how the Makefile of an out of tree module has to look like if it shall be properly crosscompile-aware:
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carlsb3rgthe proper way to do it (according to the manufacturer) is: KERNEL_DIR := /lib/modules/$(shell uname -r)/build14:24
carlsb3rgthanx for info...I'll patch it... ;)14:25
carlsb3rgMakefile from 2004... :D14:25
LetoThe2ndthe manufacturer is clearly wrong here.14:25
*** lxc <lxc!> has joined #yocto14:26
lxcneed to add some symlinks inside sdk, what would be the right approach?14:26
carlsb3rgThe irony is the comment in the Makefile:14:26
carlsb3rg# Kernel build environment directory.  Supposedly it is safer to use this# method of referring to it than using /usr/src.14:26
carlsb3rgit's all wrong...lol14:27
carlsb3rgtime to patch...14:27
qschulzcarlsb3rg: probably KERNEL_DIR ?= would work just fine14:32
qschulzbecause supposedly Yocto is passing its own KERNEL_DIR14:32
qschulzcarlsb3rg: check all other variables that they aren't hardcoded either14:32
carlsb3rgyeah...I was thinking of patching it from KERNEL_DIR := to KERNEL_DIR ?= or maybe just KERNEL_DIR := $(KERNEL_SRC) which i think is what Yocto uses14:37
qschulzcarlsb3rg: yeah seems like KERNEL_SRC is the correct value from
*** linums <linums!> has quit IRC14:40
*** linums <linums!~linums@> has joined #yocto14:40
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*** paulg <paulg!> has joined #yocto14:54
guest2134possible dumb question: bitbake core-image-minimal builds an image, bitbake virtual/kernel builds the kernel, bitbake virtual/bootloader the bootloader, etc. Is there a single command to build kernel, bootloader and rootfs?14:54
*** gpanders[m] <gpanders[m]!gpandersma@gateway/shell/> has joined #yocto14:54
gpanders[m]Hi all, I'm working on adding a new Python recipe using devtool. I used `devtool add` to clone the sources locally and devtool was able to infer that the recipe used setuptools, so it already contains `inherit setuptools3`. However, when I try to build it, I get a ModuleNotFoundError in the `do_configure` stage: "No module named 'setuptools'"14:57
gpanders[m]I've done this process before with other Python packages without any difficulty. Does anyone know what might be causing this particular package to have this problem?14:58
*** AndersD_ <AndersD_!> has quit IRC14:59
gpanders[m]The package in question is cvxopt:
qschulzguest2134: usually, you'd put virtual/kernel, bootloader, etc... in EXTRA_IMAGEDEPENDS in your ,achien configuration file15:02
*** gpanders <gpanders!> has joined #yocto15:03
*** stephano <stephano!> has joined #yocto15:04
guest2134Ah, that makes sense15:06
carlsb3rghmm...I put PREFERRED_PROVIDER-virtual/kernel and INIT_MANAGER in machine/[name].conf...can you do it with EXTRA_IMAGEDEPENDS instead?15:10
*** pohly <pohly!> has quit IRC15:11
qschulzcarlsb3rg: PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel only tells yocto IF and only IF there is a dependency somewhere on virtual/kernel which recipe to build15:15
qschulzcarlsb3rg: it actually does notghin more than that15:15
qschulzcarlsb3rg: INIT_MANAGER would be better in a distro conf file IMO15:16
qschulzit does not make much sense to me to force an init manager depending on which machine your building15:16
*** kpo_ <kpo_!> has quit IRC15:16
*** kpo_ <kpo_!> has joined #yocto15:17
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carlsb3rgI actually put INIT_MANAGER in my distro.conf myself15:19
carlsb3rgnow that I checked...15:19
RobertBerger@LetoThe2nd: Python does all the checks at run time, not at build time. You could try to use some static code checker which could tell you dependency issues at build time.
*** eduardas <eduardas!~eduardas@> has quit IRC15:26
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*** gbr_ <gbr_!> has quit IRC15:28
gpandersRobertBerger: idk if that was meant for me or not, but in either case it answered my question. Thanks!15:29
*** chris_ber <chris_ber!~quassel@> has quit IRC15:29
*** gbr__ <gbr__!> has joined #yocto15:30
RobertBerger@gpanders: It really helped me to work out dependency issues in Python to add meta-sca with some python checks.15:30
RobertBerger@gpanders: at build time15:31
*** florian <florian!~florian_k@Maemo/community/contributor/florian> has quit IRC15:31
RobertBerger@gpanders: as a nice side effect coding style issues were resolved as well.15:31
gpanders[m]in my case, my problem was that I was using `DEPENDS =` instead of `DEPENDS +=`. So I was overwriting the setuptools3 class15:31
RobertBergerI see.15:32
dl9pfRobertBerger: what flags did you use15:32
*** pharaon2502 <pharaon2502!> has quit IRC15:32
rburtongpanders[m]: the class should be using _append really so that can't happen15:33
*** paulg <paulg!> has joined #yocto15:34
RobertBerger@dl9pf: you mean for the python stuff?15:36
gpandersrburton: _append or += ? I see both used in poky. Is one "better" than the other for any reason?15:36
rburton_append happens afterwards15:36
*** RJ8 <RJ8!9d30af44@> has joined #yocto15:37
rburtonso even if your recipe did DEPENDS=foo15:37
rburtonthe _append would still happen and add setuptools-native15:37
*** RJ8 <RJ8!9d30af44@> has quit IRC15:37
RobertBerger@dl9pf: SCA_ENABLED_MODULES_IMAGE_PYTHON = " pyfindinjection pylint "15:38
kergothwell, there's a reason most recipes sdefine DEPENDS before inherit :)15:38
RobertBerger@dl9pf: SCA_ENABLED_MODULES_RECIPE_PYTHON = " bandit cspell pyfindinjection pylint pysymcheck radon rats "15:38
*** prabhakarlad <prabhakarlad!> has joined #yocto15:40
dl9pfRobertBerger: cool, need to try that out15:40
*** bobo <bobo!> has quit IRC15:40
*** guest2134 <guest2134!a5e11b3e@> has quit IRC15:41
RobertBerger@dl9pf: check this:
prabhakarladHello all, Is there way in which I can override do_install[noexec] = "0" from a bbappend file (the bb file sets it 1 do_install[noexec] = "1" as a result my do_install isnt being invoked)15:42
JPEWprabhakarlad: I think you can set it back in the bbappend. I think bbappends are always processed after the .bb file (although the order between multiple bbappends can be trickier)15:45
kergothprabhakarlad: set it to the empty string, not 015:46
kergothprabhakarlad: if that doesnt' work, you can use anonymous python to delete the flag15:46
*** dreyna <dreyna!> has joined #yocto15:49
prabhakarladkergoth, JPEW: setting do_install[noexec] = "" in the bbappend file didnt help! could you please provide pointer on "anonymous python to delete the flag"15:59
kergothprabhakarlad: python () { d.delVarFlag('do_install', 'noexec') }15:59
kergothobviously not on one line like that16:00
*** fatalhalt <fatalhalt!> has joined #yocto16:00
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*** vmeson <vmeson!> has joined #yocto16:05
prabhakarladkergoth: Thank you :) deleting did the trick!16:05
*** w00die <w00die!~w00die@> has joined #yocto16:06
kergothprabhakarlad: no problem16:10
kergothprabhakarlad: i think there's actually an open yocto bug about that16:10
kergoththere it is16:11
*** fl0v0 <fl0v0!> has quit IRC16:11
prabhakarladkergoth: Thank you for the link and pointing out it was know issue.16:12
*** linums <linums!~linums@> has quit IRC16:21
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kergothHm, hitting an issue with dunfell builds on ubuntu 20 building qt5 where it runs incredibly slowly compared to other hosts nad also hangs up the system so much that you can't even ssh in.16:53
kergothAnyone else hit this?16:53
*** jobroe <jobroe!> has quit IRC16:55
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khemkergoth: strange, any specifics from system load ?17:05
kergothchecking into that. i wasn' tthe one that hit it. and builds in ubuntu 20 under docker happen in a normal amount of time without any problems, so it's either specific to u20 with its kernel, or something about that particular host an dits resources17:06
*** linums <linums!> has joined #yocto17:07
khemyeah I have seen issues with ub20 but not perf related17:09
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rewittIs this the correct patchwork for oe-core? The latest patches it shows are from 10/1717:16
khemrewitt: yes it it,and there were issues with it last week but then halstead  has fixed it, atleast it working again for oe-devel mailing list again not sure about oe-core ml17:22
rewittkhem: Alright, I'm sure if halstead is aware then it will be fixed17:25
halsteadrewitt, It should be getting patches again. I still need to resubmit patches that arrived while the account was bouncing.17:27
rewitthalstead: No worries, and thanks. I wanted to make sure it was still be updated before I assumed something was wrong.17:28
halsteadrewitt, There is a new smtp server I needed to whitelist starting yesterday. That's done.17:31
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carlsb3rgI'm getting permission errors when do_install tries to put my kernel module in /lib/modules...isn't pseudoroot supposed to take care of that?17:37
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kergothcarlsb3rg: no. you have to install files to ${D}17:51
carlsb3rgoki...thanks...I'll have to check into that tomorrow17:57
*** davidinux <davidinux!> has quit IRC17:57
carlsb3rgI see your point...just not sure how to edit my Makefile17:57
*** davidinux <davidinux!> has joined #yocto17:58
rewittcarlsb3rg: In case you haven't seen it
*** kiwi_29 <kiwi_29!> has joined #yocto18:04
carlsb3rgI did...but think I've been a victim to makefile order of expansion stuff...18:06
carlsb3rgi'll fix it tomorrow :)18:06
carlsb3rgthanks guys18:06
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khemRP: so I did an experiment with and without multilib for qemux86-64 ( without my patch ) and once I enable multilib its rebuilds everything target related, so my patch does not make it any worse18:39
khemRP: the second build it still in progress, I will check how much sstate got reused18:40
khemonce its done18:40
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linumsHi guys18:59
linumsHave anybody wrestled with amd video card support?19:00
linumsI am and I could not be more stuck19:00
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JaMalack of imagination? :)19:15
linumsSort of :D19:23
linumsI am trying to drive a radeon device19:24
linumsBut meta-amd does not really help for me19:24
linumsI have a mullins radeon r4/r519:26
linumsNow I am trying to create the recipe on my own from the sources19:27
*** joeythesaint <joeythesaint!~joe@2605:6400:2:fed5:22:c968:e405:6881> has quit IRC19:27
khemlinums: share details maybe someone has run into similar errors19:27
linumsI don't know if it sounds reasonable after I failed with the meta-amd19:28
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derRichardcan i somehow have an alias for a machine? such that i can use either machine name foo or bar?19:33
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khemderRichard: well you need separate files for best results19:35
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RobertBerger@derRichard: do you want to use the same machine config for multiple machines? then you could just have dummy machines including the common machine config, but you will need to adjust the kernel recipe as well to be compatible19:37
kergothi'd have the second include the first file and adjust MACHINEOVERRIDES so both overrides are applied19:37
RobertBerger@kergoth, but then they are not completely identical, since due to the override one is "stronger"19:38
*** aidanh <aidanh!~aidanh@unaffiliated/aidanh> has quit IRC19:39
*** aidanh_ is now known as aidanh19:39
derRichardcurrently i cleanup a yocto setup with strange machine names. i cannot rename them now because too many exteral tooling uses these names. so i'd like to do a soft transition and add aliases for the existing machines such that i can use the better names step by step.19:39
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khemwhats in a name ? that which we call a machine by any other name will cause as much pain - Khem'speare19:48
derRichardmachine names such as "some-arm" are not really nice. especially since the layer now supports three different arm based socs :D19:50
linumsSo, what my problem is with the meta-amd, that it uses 3 machine parameters, and those seemingly does not produce x86-64 images19:51
*** sakoman <sakoman!~steve@> has quit IRC19:51
linumsSo now I'm truing to build the driver based on the
linumsThis results somehow multiple definition errors, and I don't really know why (i can see that the sources are present in 2 folders during the do_compile procedure, but after that, the second folder gets deleted, and I don't know how I could debug this issue)19:55
linumsSo this issue I can't resolve19:55
*** kiwi_29 <kiwi_29!> has joined #yocto19:55
linumsBut also I doubt somehow, that amd support is even possible under yocto, and now I am wondering why radeon module recepie is only present in the meta-amd layers, and why is it soo barely updated19:57
linumsI know that this is not a specific question, but after 2 weeks of suffering with the radeon kernel module I have no more definite question, sine I have no clear idea how to proceed :(19:59
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