Wednesday, 2020-10-28

khembreak the build at bootload prompt by pressing ENTER key few times00:03
khemthen type printenv and perhaps it should have option to boot from SD00:04
khemwhich you can run then00:04
alejandrohszybouser: sdboot is the command youre looking for00:12
alejandrohszynqmp issued that automatically, I cant remember if zynq does it as well00:13
alejandrohszybouser: you could issue those commands (the ones expanded from sdboot) one by one in case one fails you know what happened00:14
zybouserchange "loadkernel=fatload mmc 0 ${kernel_load_address} ${kernel_image}" to "loadkernel=fatload sdboot 0 ${kernel_load_address} ${kernel_image}" in uEnv.txt?00:14
alejandrohszybouser: no so from the prompt00:14
alejandrohsas khem said you interrumpt booting and you get a prompt00:15
alejandrohsyou can type sdboot there00:15
zybouserI am at the "Zynq>" prompt now00:15
zybouserZynq> sdboot00:15
zybouserUnknown command 'sdboot' - try 'help'00:15
alejandrohsif you look at the screenshot you sent it says sdboot= echo Copying ...00:16
alejandrohsthat should be in your environment already00:16
zybouserah got your point00:18
zybousertrying that now00:18
zybouserso sdboot = load mmc 0 ${load_addr} ${fit_image} && bootm ${load_addr}?00:19
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khemrun that cmd00:20
alejandrohsno, something's off00:24
zybouser"run bootkernel"00:24
alejandrohsare you doing the spl flow to boot?00:24
zybousergot it up and running00:24
alejandrohssorry I have to go00:24
zybouserthanks a lot00:24
alejandrohsoh well00:24
alejandrohsim glad00:24
zybouserthanks again for the ponter00:24
alejandrohsI think you're not using the rootfs from the sdcard00:26
alejandrohsif thats what you want then thats fine00:26
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alejandrohsI'd give this a read anyway:00:26
zybouserquick question: how do I edit uEnv to use rootfs from sd card00:26
alejandrohszybouser: I dont believe you would need to and it should work out of the box, so I think you're missing a step somewhere, but if you really want to, the u-boot-zynq-uenv recipe on meta-xilinx-bsp is what populates that00:27
* alejandrohs goes afk00:28
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX07:38
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adallyI have a trouble about how to set  /etc/resolv.conf. I built the core-image-sato image. And its content of /etc/resolv.conf is # Generated by Connection Manager08:09
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adallySorry, spell mistake.Retext it. I have a trouble about how to set  /etc/resolv.conf. I built the core-image-sato image. And its content of /etc/resolv.conf is # Generated by Connection Manager08:13
adallylike "nameserver" to this file?08:13
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LetoThe2ndadally: that probably depends on the connection manager in question. please note that sato is not really an image to base your project on, more like a demonstration/testing vehicle08:15
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adallyLetoThe2nd  Thanks. It seems /etc/resolv.conf is always softlink to a file named resolv.conf in /run or /run/x/. I used sato to try something which needs display and run the image with runqemu.08:33
LetoThe2ndadally: i've never used sato, so i cannot really comment properly. but if that links to /run, it seems that it has been created by connman or such. so the real question is probably, how to inject additional configuration there.08:34
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Massimogood morning everyone!08:37
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Massimothere's someone that can help me with an issue on Dunfell version ?08:38
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mckoanMassimo: sure! you're in the right place08:39
adallyletothe2nd: Yes. It's the real question. root@qemux86-64:/etc# cat resolv-conf.connman08:40
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adallyLetoThe2nd root@qemux86-64:/etc# cd /var/lib/connman/08:42
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LetoThe2ndadally: it seems to come from
LetoThe2ndadally: so you would create a bbappend to that and replace it with the stuff you want.08:43
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Massimomckoan: tnx!   i've just asked on stackoverflow a week ago....i don't know if i can post the url so you can read all the steps. Anyway....i've made a custom image of Yocto Dunfell on my Rpi3. I need to install NodeJS version 6.10.3 so i've added meta-nodejs as repo ...but when i try to bitbake nodejs me an error about "env python: not found". As workaround, i've tried to download a08:45
Massimoprecompiled version of nodejs for armv7l and create a custom recipe. It bitbakes without errors...but once burned the image on SD card... node gives me a "Segmentation fault" error.08:45
Massimomckoan: this is the url on stackoverflow:
Massimothe strange thing is that on my Host OS ....node binary file...differs from the package to the one on image dir08:46
adallyLetoThe2nd Thx. It's the connman.08:47
LetoThe2ndMassimo: nodejs 6 is massively outdated. and as we have a proper nodejs recipe in meta-openembedded, i would strongly recommend to just use that.08:47
MassimoLetoThe2nd: i know!! but i need that specific version08:48
LetoThe2ndMassimo: trying to package it as a precompiled binary is absolutely discouraged... and meta-nodejs is basically deprecated since we have nodejs in meta-openembedded.08:48
LetoThe2ndMassimo: well then the sensible approach would be to create your own layer, rip off the recipe from meta-openembedded, and try to set the version backwards. might require some patching, though.08:49
LetoThe2ndMassimo: then set your distro to request your version by PREFERRED_VERSION08:49
LetoThe2ndits no magic, just tedious.08:50
LetoThe2nd(unless nodejs 6 does not build anymore with the gcc version in dunfell. then you're screwed.)08:50
LetoThe2ndheh, or if it requires python2. then you're also screwed.08:51
Massimoyep....and that's what i have done. Everything with the "bitbake" process runs fine. The issue is on the pre-compiled file. Once launched Yocto no my RPi...node --version return "Segmentation fault". So i've downloaded directly the binaries...and brutally copied with "cp" and it just runs fine!08:53
LetoThe2ndwhat you're saying contradicts what i just said. i nowhere mentioned using binaries.08:53
LetoThe2ndyou might look into the binaries being stripped upon packaging. that can be avoided by INHIBIT_STRIP = "1" or some thing pretty close, please look it up yourself in the manual.08:54
MassimoLetoThe2nd: ok ....remove "nodejs"..... i made a recipe that copy a pre-compiled binary on my image rootfs.. the binary package that yocto creates during the process differs from the original one.08:55
* LetoThe2nd shrugs. i jsut said everything that is to be said about it.08:56
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MassimoLetoThe2nd have you looked the url i've posted ?08:57
LetoThe2ndnope. i am totally not interested in stackoverflow.08:57
LetoThe2ndand as you obviously are completely ignoring all effort i have invested in explaining, and are trying to stick to your precompiled approach, i will end here now and focus on getting more coffee.08:58
LetoThe2ndgood luck!08:58
Massimothere's someone less toxic that can help me on this issue pls ?08:59
angelo__:) i had a yocto setup for 48 threads, while my machine has max 24. Effect of this was incredible, mouse paralized, browser windows crashing with errors, and so.09:13
angelo__Should yocto prevent using more threads than the max available ?09:14
LetoThe2ndangelo__: maybe checkout
angelo__Hi LetoThe2nd , thanks.09:18
angelo__i registered for tomorrow summit :)09:18
LetoThe2ndangelo__: awesome! note, you can already join the slack, we're already around.09:19
angelo__ooh good :)09:19
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mckoanangelo__: BB_NUMBER_THREADS and BB_NUMBER_PARSE_THREADS didn't help?09:22
angelo__mckoan, thanks, yes i reduced the threads, all works :)09:22
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carlsb3rgGood morning, fine ppl09:22
LetoThe2ndmckoan: angelo__ well theoretically with higher thread cout and finely tuned nice you could get a little bit faster completion.. :P but i'd say that its probably not worth the effort, and just limiting _THREADS does the trick well enough, yes.09:24
LetoThe2ndcarlsb3rg: howdy. whenever i read you nick, i want a beer.09:24
carlsb3rgNot necessarily a bad thing :D09:25
carlsb3rgas a birthday present, I ordered myself a Pi that I will use exclusively to increase yocto competence...09:30
LetoThe2ndawesome! i am also considering to order myself a bottle of nice scotch as a birthday present that i will exclusively use to increase my yocto (in)competence!09:33
carlsb3rgDrunken Master II?09:34
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Massimoi've just tried with INHIBIT_STRIP = "1", INHIBIT_PACKAGE_STRIP = "1", INHIBIT_SYSROOT_STRIP = "1" ....but same result :(09:44
Massimoroot@sentinel:/opt/node-v6.10.3-linux-armv7l/bin# diff node /usr/bin/node09:44
MassimoFiles node and /usr/bin/node differ09:44
Massimowhy if it's only a "cp" ?! :°(09:44
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mihaiMassimo: it might not be the correct arch for your rpi09:54
mihaiI think you'd be better of fixing the recipe, the missing python error is pretty straight forward, you need to depend on python-native, most probably that involves using the meta-python layer, for python209:56
mihaior you could use a recent version of nodejs that can build with python309:57
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Massimomihai: if i download the pre-compiled tar.gz...and untar directly into /usr/ dir works perfectly10:02
Massimomihai: can't understand what appens during the bitbake process10:02
mckoanMassimo: as LetoThe2nd already stated, poking the binary in the image is not the solution10:05
Massimomckoan: understood....i was just wondering what can alter a compiled binary during the bitbake process10:08
mihaiMassimo: obviously it gets stripped :)10:10
Massimo"/usr/bin/node: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, ARM, EABI5 version 1 (GNU/Linux), dynamically linked, interpreter /lib/, for GNU/Linux 2.6.26, BuildID[sha1]=cbdb85ab56e5b0f7c31aeb0671fd9b6ae5984f81, with debug_info, not stripped"10:10
mihaiMassimo: maybe it's a linking issue10:10
Massimomihai: as i said...if i download and untar the binaries....everything works....if i "cp" the files from a recipe....not10:11
mihaisee with ldd10:11
mihaimaybe you're not shipping everything, maybe some lib from that archive10:12
Massimoon my yocto i don't have the ldd's the same if i run it on the host machine ?10:12
Massimo"not a dynamic executable"10:14
mihaiMassimo: so no :)10:15
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RPMassimo: have you prelinking enabled? that might be changing the binary10:28
MassimoRP how can i check it ?10:28
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RPMassimo: is there an entry in your local.conf: USER_CLASSES ?= "buildstats image-mklibs image-prelink"10:30
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Massimoyep...there is10:33
RPMassimo: remove that10:56
MassimoRP: yep i'm just burning the sd10:58
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MassimoRP: you made it!!!!! thank you so much!!!11:19
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RPMassimo: no problem. I added an entry to the FAQ section of the manual:
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bluelightningat some point we need to unify the FAQ in the manual and the wiki one I've been curating11:41
bluelightninganother thing for my todo list...11:41
eduardashello, I am attempting to build Qualcomm's u-boot 2016 fork for the IPQ6018 SoC via bitbake (using Yocto 3.2 poky gatesgarth) and failing11:41
eduardashere is the log:
RPbluelightning: that would be a good task to have a bugzilla entry for, someone else might help11:42
bluelightningright, good idea11:42
eduardasif I enter devshell, do a make mrproper and set CROSS_COMPILE and ARCH environment variables manually, it cross-compiles with Yocto-generated toolchain correctly11:42
eduardasbut not via bitbake and recipe11:43
eduardasit is weird that there is a line "is not clean, please run 'make mrproper'" in the output11:44
eduardasany idea how I can even try debugging this?11:44
MassimoRP: tnx! that helps a lot! in the manual ( section Packaging Externally Produced Binaries ) there is nothing about the pre-linking11:44
eduardasmy u-boot recipe:
eduardasmachine configuration: taken from meta-ipq on codeaurora11:48
RPMassimo: good point, I've added a note to that section too, thanks11:49
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moto-timoGood morning12:07
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Massimothanks a lot for you support, have a good day!12:20
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RPmoto-timo: you're up early!12:26
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moto-timoRP: I have been waking up at 4am for about a week in prep for the conference12:33
LetoThe2ndit would have been more fun if you'd done it the other way. going to bed at 2pm, getting up at 10pm, start drinking and be in perfect conference shape at 4am12:36
moto-timoslightly harder on the day$job12:36
LetoThe2ndwhy so serious?12:37
tgamblinbest time to be awake!12:37
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moto-timoif espresso.count === 113:00
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manuel1985moto-timo: In which timezone are you?13:23
*** B0ned1ger <B0ned1ger!> has joined #yocto13:25
sgwOh man, just found an Older Yocto USB stick from Nov 2010 with Laverne!  Must have been from Cambridge, I guess appropriate for the 10 yr anniversary13:29
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RPsgw: very appropriate!13:41
*** PaowZ_ <PaowZ_!~Vince@> has joined #yocto13:42
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JPEWI thought there might be a way to make bitbake automatically download the buildtools tarball when the build started.... am I making that up?13:43
sgwRP: yeah, I have been trying to clean up and reduce my bit-clutter.  This one has White lettering on the metal case vs newer ones have the black lettering.13:44
RPsgw: I'm sure there are some around here :)13:48
RPsgw: My day to day one is a mandriva one that predates yocto!13:49
moto-timomanuel1985: pacific... near PDX13:50
moto-timoespresso.count = 213:50
rburtonJPEW: automatically, yes.  install-buildtools will fetch/install for you13:50
moto-timoeyelid.weight = 2 metric tonnes13:51
sgwmoto-timo: who needs expresso when one has scotch ;-(13:51
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*** ssajal <ssajal!~ssajal@> has joined #yocto13:52
sgwmeant ;-)13:52
moto-timomoto-timo and sgw build a "aromatherapy still" in the basement13:54
JPEWrburton: Ah, Ok. I just have to run the script and source the init. I mis-remembered thinking that it was some bitbake var you could set. Makes sense, thanks :)13:55
moto-timois it possible to make scotch peat free???13:55
LetoThe2ndsure, why not?13:55
moto-timodear lazy web, what's the best practice for setting up bridge networks on the target... post-ints or just a dhcp conf for?13:55
*** camus1 <camus1!~Instantbi@> has joined #yocto13:56
moto-timoI've got xen host and xen guest in the same image, but need to set up the bridge network to have it be fully functional.13:56
* moto-timo makes it harder than it should be because networking and brainnzzzzz13:56
LetoThe2ndmoto-timo: inject appropriate systemd-network units :)13:56
moto-timoLetoThe2nd: a yes13:56
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*** camus1 is now known as kaspter13:56
* moto-timo has to double check if target is systemd13:57
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rburtonsystemd would be my solution for sure14:10
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*** kpo_ <kpo_!> has joined #yocto14:12
moto-timoyeah, but xen-image-minimal uses SysVInit... but I'll just roll with it14:15
JPEWsystemd networking works really well for use. We basically have one configuration we share with all our devices and use udev rule matching to control which interfaces on different platforms14:16
* moto-timo really not awake yet today14:16
moto-timoI'll use systemd in another virt image elsewhere :)14:16
* LetoThe2nd hi5es rburton 14:17
LetoThe2ndnad yeah, for us systemd-networkd works pretty nicely too.14:18
*** xtron <xtron!~xtron@> has joined #yocto14:18
JPEWAlthough, I just had to open a bug in systemd because they broke running weston as a non-root service when you don't have polkit enabled :(14:18
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*** xtron1 is now known as xtron15:13
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RPJPEW: I have a timestamp fix sitting in master-next for the issue we discussed. Seemed to test out ok.15:58
*** feddischson <feddischson!> has quit IRC15:59
* JPEW Looks at RP's patch15:59
RPJPEW: just going with do_package for now16:00
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JPEWRP: Seems reasonable... I guess we don't want hashequive to care about the timestamps if they aren't reproducible in the first place?16:08
RPJPEW: right, it doesn't really matter in that case16:09
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RPJPEW: thanks!16:16
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lxchow to generate img rootfs? tried hddimg but results in build error.16:44
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kiwi_29Hello ... can I write a conditional ( if else ) statement in side distro.conf file?19:29
*** manuel1985 <manuel1985!> has joined #yocto19:30
JPEWkiwi_29: no19:34
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kiwi_29any other way of using conditions in conf file?19:35
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JPEWkiwi_29: You can use inline pythons: FOO = "${@"a" if d.getVar19:55
kiwi_29got it..thats a bit help... JPEW ..thanks19:56
JPEWkiwi_29: You can use inline pythons: FOO = "${@'a' if d.getVar('BAR') == "1" else 'b'}"19:56
JPEWCan we add pipenv to crops?19:56
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BWhittenHey all, I am trying to build core-image-minimal but looking at pn-buildlist filtering for non native it seems I have gcc, gcc-cross-, gcc-source- included. I removed debug_tweaks from local.conf but they are still present, how can I avoid building gcc for the target?20:05
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kanavin_homeBWhitten: they are compiled, but not installed to the target image20:54
kanavin_homeBWhitten: the reason they are compiled is that some of the core items have ptests that need gcc and friends, so when those items are built, all of the dependencies for all supplementary packages need to be built too20:55
kanavin_homeBWhitten: inspect log.do_rootfs or license manifest to see what actually goes to the image20:55
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BWhittenkanavin_home: thanks, so no real way of avoiding building it then. Good to know it wont end up in the image, cheers for the tip on finding what ends up in I was looking for all non native tagged packages21:00
RPkanavin_home: I'm thinking of opening up master and trying to clear the patch backlog. I'm guessing you have something of a patch queue ready?21:00
RPBWhitten: gcc-cross is used to compile things for the target and gcc-source provides the source code for it so those will always be there21:01
RPBWhitten: gcc is on target gcc, turning off ptests if you have those enabled may help reduce the dependencies21:01
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kanavin_homeRP: sure, I was reluctant to send because this week is both ELC-E and trying to get the new release out :)21:03
kanavin_homebut I can send now21:03
*** gpanders <gpanders!> has joined #yocto21:04
RPkanavin_home: I don't mind adding it to the craziness already queued in -next :)21:04
kanavin_homeRP: my patchset is perfect! :)21:04
kanavin_home(and I can back up that claim, I got all-green from the AB for it)21:04
kanavin_home(small print, except for AB-INT issues)21:05
RPkanavin_home: I like perfect patchsets21:05
RPthe AB-INT issues are annoying :/21:06
kanavin_homeet voila21:06
kanavin_homeI picked specifically the updates that devtool failed on :)21:06
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RPkanavin_home: my email notifications are going suitably crazy :)21:07
kanavin_home(except for vulkan updates, because those need new gstreamer, and new gstreamer because it's already been taken care of)21:07
RPkanavin_home: cool, thanks. I've focused on trying to track the patches which usually fall through the cracks in -next so far21:07
*** elGamal <elGamal!~elg@> has joined #yocto21:07
kanavin_homeRP: as long as gstreamer 1.18 is not overlooked, I'm fine21:08
*** pohly <pohly!> has joined #yocto21:08
RPkanavin_home: no, they're in now too21:11
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BWhittenRP: that sorted it, much better! thanks.21:24
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rburtonkhem: fixed optee i think21:41
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mbulutgood evening gents, here's an easy one: will EXTRA_IMAGEDEPENDS_remove be honoured when put in an image recipe or is it restricted for use in machine config files?21:46
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smurraymbulut: the variable is used to create dependencies via anonymous python in image.bbclass, so my guess is that would work in an image recipe21:57
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RPmbulut: should work22:00
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khemrburton: cool time to update my git submods then lets see22:13
khemRP: where is the patch ?22:19
khemah that was meant for  rburton22:19
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mbulutsmurray, RP: thx for confirming22:31
*** beneth` <beneth`!> has left #yocto22:32
rburtonkhem: should be on the list tomorrow22:36
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kiwi_29Hello... I am making a container'ized distro ... therefore I have PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel = "linux-dummy" . I have few recipes which compile kernel modules. I would like these to be compiled as part of building containerized distro . When yocto compiles them I get error "make[2]: x86_64-poky-linux-gcc: Command not found" . Could this error be because of using linux-dummy kernel?   is there a way to solve it?  ie23:46
kiwi_29 using COMPATIBLE_MACHINE = my_actual_machine_name ?23:46
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smurraykiwi_29: I don't believe that works, you'll need to specify an actual kernel and not linux-dummy23:59
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