Monday, 2020-11-02

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LetoThe2ndyo dudX07:07
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mckoangood morning07:50
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fbreHi! My shell script returns 1 but the C-function "system()" returns 256 from calling this shell script. I use yocto's busybox. What could I do to get 1 as return value from system()?08:24
fbreHave you seen such effect also?08:24
LetoThe2ndi have replaced all calls to system() by boost::prcoess for the sake of improved control08:29
mcfriskfbre: -1 maps to 256. calling system() isn't really a good idea anymore as it executes things with shell.08:29
LetoThe2ndmcfrisk: i guessed that but wasn't certain enough to actually pronounce it, thanks!08:30
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fbreLetoThe2nd: Thank you. I'm gonna look for alternatives to system()08:53
carlsb3rgGood morning08:57
carlsb3rgWhat is the minimum I have to do after moving tmpdir? Basically delete sstate and rebuild everything?08:58
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LetoThe2ndnope, sstate should be location agnostic09:02
LetoThe2ndjust point to sstate and rebuild09:02
carlsb3rgthat's what I tried..."tmp/work/x86_64-linux/xz-native/5.2.4-r0/recipe-sysroot-native/usr/share/quilt/scripts/patchfns: No such file or directory"09:03
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carlsb3rgI deleted tmp and changed tmpdir in local.conf09:04
carlsb3rghad to do a cleanup before releasing stuff09:04
LetoThe2ndi am almost convinced that you did something else than just "remove tmp, repoint TMPDIR", because that pretty much certainly rebuilds perfectly.09:05
carlsb3rgI removed some i586 optimizations in my machine conf...other than that, nothing09:06
* LetoThe2nd has a hard time believing that. or you did things not in the order you are describing now.09:07
LetoThe2ndbecause 1) remove tmp 2) edit machine config 3) edit TMPDIR 4) build is almost such a standard use case that it would've been noticed.09:08
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carlsb3rgI was doing some spring cleaning and removed a few folders under meta/recipes-extended that I wasn't .bbappend-ing any more09:09
LetoThe2ndjust like i said.09:09
carlsb3rgxz-native was not part of the spring-cleaning :D09:09
LetoThe2ndthats what you think.09:09
carlsb3rgyeah...I get ya...09:10
carlsb3rgso I should probably just clean everything and start over09:10
LetoThe2nd1) do a build. 2) wipe tmp 3) reassign TMPDIR 4) rebuild. if it still breaks, do a bugreport, because thats what it is then. if it doesn't break after you tried a clean reproducer, you did something fishy ( even if you don't remember it).09:11
LetoThe2ndthe fishy thing might also have been quite a bit in the past, if so far the affected stuff hasn't been rebuilt09:11
carlsb3rgthat is probably the case09:12
carlsb3rgpretty sure I haven't anything "bad" today09:13
LetoThe2ndlike i said - it is of course possible that you have hit a somewhat exotic bug. but especially in that area, i highly doubt it.09:15
carlsb3rgway more likely to be my fault than some exotic bug09:19
rburtonjonmason: if people can't configure their phone to mute notifications overnight then that is their problem :)09:19
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fbreWhat is actually the meaning of build/tmp/work and build/tmp/work-shared?09:26
fbreWhy that separation?09:27
rburtonwork-shared is where gcc and the kernel put a source tree because their trees are so huge its worth the pain of managing it like that09:27
fbreah ok09:28
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DanmerZHi! I have an issue related to symbolic links. For some reason my build/tmp path is cached to /home/op/hdd symbolic link path instead of /home/hdd absolute path. It gave me error in conf/templateconf.cfg, I fixed path there.09:44
DanmerZBut now when I run bitbake myimage it gives "Error, TMPDIR has changed location. You need to either move it back to /home/op/hdd/yocto-build/build/tmp or delete it and rebuild"09:45
LetoThe2ndwell then remove and rebuild?09:45
DanmerZ" Either fix the cause of this error or at your own risk disable the checker (see sanity.conf)."09:45
DanmerZWell, it is not desirable to delete tmp directory in my case because I will lose this working day... too mucxh time to rebuild.09:46
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DanmerZIs there way to fix path to tmp directory?09:46
LetoThe2ndwhats the problem with remove, rebuild? if the sstate stay, it will take only a couple of moments.09:46
LetoThe2ndand sstate is location agnostic, so you can move it around at will.09:47
LetoThe2ndDanmerZ: if you don't believe me, then just rename your tmp to tmp_i_dont_trust_leto, and rebuild. as long as you didn't tinker with your sstate-cache, the tmp structure should be rebuilt in minutes, if not seconds.09:49
DanmerZgood, I am trying this, thank you09:50
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carlsb3rgpeople having fun with their tmp directories today it seems :D09:55
carlsb3rgI am building from scratch...had to be done anyway before I do a final commit and write instructions for the next poor soul who has to take over after me :D09:56
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LetoThe2ndyeah it seems we're having a tmp/sstate day.09:57
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carlsb3rgdon't have a clue what was wrong here...but clean build is refreshing no matter what...then I'll remove some of the i586 optimizations again and see what happens09:58
carlsb3rgI'm building so much stuff I don't need :( gotta get better at starting from scratch10:00
carlsb3rgpretty sure I don't need btrfs-native and swig-native...lol10:01
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carlsb3rgso I found the "bug", LetoThe2nd...and it could be my ignorance because I haven't read the documentation properly11:50
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LetoThe2ndcarlsb3rg: pray tell so we can warn others :)11:50
carlsb3rgI set DL_DIR to ${TOPDIR}/../downloads...and SSTATE_DIR to ${TOPDIR}/../sstate-cache...turns out TMPDIR doesn't like being set to ${TOPDIR}/../tmp11:51
carlsb3rgI have to make my stuff user-agnostic and bitbake doesn't like ~ much either...11:52
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paulbarkercarlsb3rg: How about setting TMPDIR to ${TOPDIR}/tmp and using a symlink?11:55
paulbarkerI'd avoid '..' in any of those variables if possible11:55
carlsb3rgthere are many ways to "Rome" and I know a few was just surprising since DL_DIR and SSTATE_DIR didn't mind ;)11:56
carlsb3rgI could just put it back in build and .gitgnore it away which is what I probably will end up doing11:57
LetoThe2ndcarlsb3rg: because DL_DIR and SSTATE_DIR are specifically meant to be user- and build- agnostic, whereas TMP, well.. its not build-agnostic? ;-)11:59
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carlsb3rgmakes sense, but the error message was a bit unfriendly...would be nice if the conf parser gave some kind of warning/error12:02
LetoThe2ndwe are never unfriendly!12:03
LetoThe2ndwe, and our messages are jut sometimes... "not optimally friendly!"12:03
carlsb3rghaha :D12:03
carlsb3rgokay...not "unfriendly", but 10 pages of red stuff from a couple of random packages was "kinda cryptic"12:04
* LetoThe2nd makes note to yiel 42 pages of red stuff next time. we can always improve!12:05
paulbarkercarlsb3rg: Bitbake is probably fine with '..' in the path but some projects are picky about their build paths12:05
paulbarkerDo you know which recipes failed? If they're in oe-core then I expect '..' in TMPDIR will never work12:06
paulbarkerIf it will never work we could add a sanity check12:06
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carlsb3rgthis time round it was dbus do_populate_sysroot_setscene that reported the error12:09
carlsb3rgwhich is in meta/ oe...12:09
LetoThe2ndpaulbarker: i hereby strongly oppos user sanity check!12:11
carlsb3rgthe actual problem is not being able to find files in pseudoroot12:12
carlsb3rgmaybe pseudoroot doesn't like relative paths12:13
paulbarkercarlsb3rg: Could you open a bug for this?12:16
paulbarkerAt least that way it won't get forgotten12:17
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carlsb3rgshould I file it under oe-core or bitbake?12:31
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carlsb3rg from 2012 :D12:51
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paulbarkercarlsb3rg: oe-core. Open a new bug, the old one seems to be specific to a failure in expat do_unpack13:47
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frayMorning, hopefully Friday went well.  My back decided to go out Friday morning at about 4am.  SO I spent all day drugged up in bed trying not to move..15:03
LetoThe2ndwoohoo! free drugs!15:05
frayya, the anti nausea rocks.. :P15:06
fray(actually best medicine ever, puking one second.. take one.. hits my tongue, 30 seconds later, no desire to puke)15:06
fray(that is how bad my back hurt, was making me nauseaous.. :P)15:07
kergothdamn, that's rough15:07
fraysecond time this has happened in 6 months..  (the first time was the first time this EVER happened).. so it may be time to go see a specialist and have my back checked.. UGH15:08
fraythe sit/stand desk actually is helping, I'm able to stand at least which usually hurts less15:08
LetoThe2ndI've been to hospital once where the nurse said "just a short sting when we'll insert the needle now" and the lights go out within about a second.15:08
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hmw1Im getting: do_fetch: Fetcher failure: Fetch command failed with exit code 128, output:15:38
hmw1fatal: Refusing to fetch into current branch refs/heads/master of non-bare repository15:38
hmw1fatal: the remote end hung up unexpected15:38
rburtonTry doing a clone manually of the repo15:38
rburtonthe final line suggests that its the remote's fault15:39
hmw1i did change the ssh key but if clone the repo localy it works but bitbake fails15:39
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hmw1omg it was a permmision issu in the download dir15:59
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dev1990LetoThe2nd: nice trick with awk, but now I'm wondering why this not built-in as bitbake feature. Something like bitbake example -e FOOBAR (variable as filter parameter) would be easier to understand and work with.16:51
kergoththat syntax wouldn't work, as -e works with or without a recipe16:52
kergothbut yes, that functionality is clearly useful, but doing so cleanly without introducing a whole new ui would be the question16:52
khem-e is more like C compiler preprocessing switch16:53
khemyou dont want to add filters in bitbake for that. its fine to write tools to post process the output16:54
kergothI rather miss my bb tool at times, that's why it had subcommands with different syntax than the default, though admittedly wasn't perfect itself16:55
kergothshould fix it, but meh, my motivation on non-required codign is squat lately16:55
rburtonkhem: meta-clang breaks mesa with oe-core master16:56
RPkhem: tinfoil API16:58
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rburtonkanavin_home: stop trying to break mailman!17:00
rburtonkergoth: miss? I use it daily still17:01
rburton is 'show me a variable'17:02
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kanavin_homerburton: I was a bit worried that this might get me auto-banned17:14
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willy_ubi1_0 file system is full. I can not install any software on it. Enlarge root partition ? Can I use IMAGE_ROOTFS_EXTRA_SPACE or IMAGE_ROOTFS_SIZE or IMAGE_OVERHEAD_FACTOR ? Thanks.17:24
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rburtonall of those :)17:26
rburtonEXTRA_SPACE is "i want N spare space", _SIZE is explicitly how much you want, overhead factor is, well, don't worry about that17:27
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willy_<rburton> ,The size of ubi2:update will be reduced accordingly ?  Or How to change the size of ubi2:update?17:30
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khemrburton: I thought fixed it17:31
rburtonso yeah i should update my clone17:33
rburtonthanks :)17:33
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armpitrburton, yeah... keep up ; )17:50
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kentHi all, I have a beginner question. I've been going over the letothe2nd's live yocto youtube series so I've got the poky core-image-minimal up and running and I don't seem to find an answer what I'm trying to do20:29
kentI'm trying to add a layer that someone else has written to get .net coreCLR cross compiled for an embedded image here
kentin the readme, there are dependencies on bitbake, openembedded-core, meta-mono, and meta-clang20:30
kentdoes poky already have bitbake and oe-core? I guess generally I'm not quite clear how I need to place the dependencies so that they can be used in the build20:31
kergothyes, poky is bitbake+oe-core+meta-poky/meta-yocto (depending on release)20:33
kentok. So what I need to do is git clone the meta-mono and meta-clang into my yocto build dir (currently yocto-test/build and yocto-test/poky), then edit bblayers.conf to add the new layers?20:35
kentam I missing any steps?20:35
JPEWkent: Sounds correct20:42
JPEWkent: What do you mean by "build dir" ?20:43
kentI created a yocto-test where I cloned poky into, so yocto-test/poky20:43
kentmaybe my terminology is not so good, it's just my yocto test project dir?20:43
JPEWkent: Ya, that's fine. Just wanted to make sure it wasn't the directory where all you build output is (defaults to "build"); then one that you get dropped into when you run oe-init-build-env20:46
JPEWYou probably don't want to put layers in there in case you want to delete it :)20:46
kentyeah that makes sense20:49
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kentok I cloned the dependencies for the layer, including meta-clang. Then I ran bitbake dotnet-source-build and I get ERROR: Layer clang-layer is not compatible with the core layer which only supports these series: dunfell (layer is compatible with gatesgarth)21:01
kergothkent: you have to check out the branches of the cloned repositories that line up with the poky/oe-core you're using21:02
kergothkent: i.e. you can't use a dunfell release with master branches of the layers, the latter are for a newer release than that21:03
kentI want to make sure I understand - so if I have a dunfell poky branch, I'll need to switch to the dunfell branches of the cloned repos? And the error is telling me that the meta-clang master is only supporting the gatesgarth poky branch?21:04
kergothof course, some layers don't keep current, and their master branches might or might not support the current release, it depends on the layer. ubt that's the rule, yes21:07
kentok. I'm not particularly tied to dunfell, that's just what was shown on the live coding sessions... is it good practice just to move to gatesgarth then? looks like that's release 3.2 as of Oct?21:08
JPEWkent: Ya, I think gatesgarth should be releasing shortly21:11
rburtonthis week, most likely21:11
kentok another beginner question... when I'm looking at someone else's layer here , how do I know the bitbake recipe commands? there are several recipe-aspnetvnext, recipe-devtools, recipes-dotnet, etc...21:17
kentor is it the name of the .bb files inside the recipe folders?21:18
kentthere is a file, would the bitbake command be 'bitbake dotnet-source-build_2.2.3' ? is the version necessary at the end there too?21:20
rburtonno, just dotnet-source-build21:20
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RPkanavin_home: mesa build race?21:43
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kanavin_homeRP: possibly, is this the first occurrence?21:48
*** bluelightning_ <bluelightning_!~paul@pdpc/supporter/professional/bluelightning> has joined #yocto21:51
RPkanavin_home: yes, just wondering what to do with it21:52
RPkanavin_home: that is with current master plus a handful of patches so the recent mesa upgrade was in there21:53
kanavin_homeRP: make a tarball of the broken build dir and give it to me for inspection? :)21:54
kanavin_home(as usual, once it's failed, don't touch anything inside!)21:54
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RPkanavin_home: you have ab ssh now?21:55
kanavin_homeRP: I kind of do, it lets me into only some hosts, not all21:55
kanavin_homeI'll try now21:55
kanavin_hometypically ubuntu1804-ty-3 is my goto host for private builds21:55
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RPkanavin_home: I've saved the build to pokybuild's ~/saved/build-st-364472821:56
RPon fedora31-ty-121:56
kanavin_homeRP: I managed to get in there21:57
RPkanavin_home: cool21:57
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kanavin_homeRP: I have a patch, will test now22:25
kanavin_homethe usual missing dependency in meson.build22:26
RPkanavin_home: that was quick, thanks!22:29
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derRichardis git:// sick? cloning git:// takes *ages*22:48
RPderRichard: halstead would be the person to ask22:48
halsteadI'll check.22:49
derRichardclone runs here now for more than 20 minutes.22:49
derRichardmy build server is fast and has a good internet connection :)22:49
halsteadderRichard, Yes. There were some long running processes that could have caused slow clones. I halted them. Any better now?22:50
derRichardhalstead: yes, looks better. thanks a lot for the quick support and fix!22:52
halsteadGreat. We are moving to new servers this month that will solve this long term.22:53
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batman26What is the gstreamer version going to be for gatesgarth ? Is it 1.63 or 1.18 ?23:26
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paulgI have it on good authority that 1.31337-beta is where you want to be...23:37
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