Sunday, 2020-11-01

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RPI_IMX6ubi1_0 is full. How to increase the size of rootfs  ? where is the configuration file ? Thanks.05:07
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BWhittenhey all, I'm trying to take a bsp layer thats targeted on the nxp bsp and use it over the community layers instead. Is it better to put my own layer over the top fixing up the bsp where needed, allowing me to get updates, or pull the parts I need into my own? I have tried the former and running into stumbling blocks, how do you overlay a machine .conf with additional defines? can you rename a bbappend in another layer e.g linux-imx to20:27
BWhittenlinux-fslc-imx ?20:27
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RPkanavin_home: :)22:27
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kanavin_homeRP: :)22:29
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RPkanavin_home: quite the patchset :)22:30
RPkanavin_home: I did notice the builds!22:30
kanavin_homeRP: yes, getting there :) it's a product of a) me being on vacation; b) said vacation going totally pear shaped due to surprise governmental lockdown.22:31
kanavin_homec) rainy weekend22:31
kanavin_home(otherwise I'd be out riding)22:31
kanavin_homeRP: one error I can't fix is in meta-arm
kanavin_homeit hardcodes u-boot version in bbappend, so when u-boot gets updated, append can no longer find its own patches22:33
kanavin_homerburton: ^^^22:33
RPkanavin_home: right, this is a pain and we have to rely on the layer maintainers to react quickly ( jonmason, rburton )22:34
RPkanavin_home: I know what you mean about lockdown and rain :(22:34
RPkanavin_home: I even looked at prebuilt binaries! :/22:34
RP(to be fair I'm more interested in specifically locked recipes)22:34
kanavin_homeRP: I'd say meta-arm folks should find a way to maintain u-boot tweaks in a way that doesn't require updating things in lockstep22:35
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jonmasonkanavin_home: the problem is that the patches don't always/usually apply cleanly to other versions.22:53
jonmasonAlso, lots of work just getting everyone on the same version22:53
jonmasonherding cats22:53
kanavin_homejonmason: but you can at least put the version in .bbappend filename: uboot_2020.07.bbappend, then set that to take priority22:54
kanavin_homeso oe-core upstream updates will not break22:54
jonmasonyes, but juno probably won't boot.  Anyway, I'll see what I can do to fix it23:00
RPjonmason: thanks. I know its complicated :/23:03
RPjonmason: wasn't expecting you to be awake!23:04
jonmasonits only 6pm here :)  and irccloud always notifies me on my phone when I'm tagged23:05
RPjonmason: I couldn't manage with that on my phone!23:06
jonmasonnot a problem for me, I'm not important like you23:07
jonmasonI get tagged maybe 3-4 times a week.  So, its fairly tame.  Now getting slack phone notifications at 900 UK time is not fun ;-)23:08
RPjonmason: I'm not important either. I just don't want to know if I'm not at the computer, I spend too much time as it is :)23:08
RPjonmason: I was wondering if it was excluded during the night!23:08
jonmasonyou can configure some kind of nighttime thing now on android where it won't notify you after a certain time.  Which has saved me from rburton23:13
RPjonmason: I was wondering whether rburton had figured that out :)23:18
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* RP should sleep23:35
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