Wednesday, 2020-11-04

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tastycactusThanks smurray, mccc00:07
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JaMawho have eaten bison? with latest oe-core I'm seeing binutils-cross-arm/2.35-r0/git/missing: bison: not found; and dtc-native failing with | make: bison: Command not found01:51
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JaMait's that issue again: WARNING: binutils-cross-arm-2.35-r0 do_configure: Manifest sstate-control/manifest-x86_64-bison-native.populate_sysroot not found in x86_64 (variant '')?01:52
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opellohi, trying to follow the "secondary toolchain" workflow and my trivial recipe with the trivial toolchain ends up failing because quilt-native is blacklisted for the gnu toolchain, i went with the "whitelist" (because i want to opt recipes in to the secondary toolchain) and i guess i'm wondering where i went wrong and if there's a better example or if i should show a complete example?02:11
opellomy goal is to have a newer gcc to use for some recipes that i can opt-in to it02:15
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roussinmI was wondering if this is the style of code you are using inside bitbake python:  instead of `return fn in self.clean` ?04:57
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mcfriskHey! yocto 3.2 gatesgarth is out, well done everyone!07:53
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX08:20
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ka6soxOnce the parse is done on a build Bitbake has already put everything in its cache and changing a recipe has no effect for that build?09:45
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lxccan I augment a machine configuration? E.g. say I want to append some values to machine qemux86.conf without defining a new machine.10:29
LetoThe2ndlxc: new machine that pulls in the original file, and only "augments" :)10:35
LetoThe2ndlxc: technically you can inject stuff through local.conf for debugging/development, but ... well, its meant to go into a machine config.10:36
lxcyes, but then I would have to create a new machine type, say qemux86-extra.conf.10:36
lxcbut I want to keep the same machine name. recipes supports this with bbappend, but not conf files?10:37
LetoThe2ndlxc: nope, it doesn't work like that with conf files.10:38
lxccan I set PREFERRED_PROVIDER per machine type?10:40
lxce.g. PREFERRED_PROVIDER_qemux86_virtual/kernel ?10:40
LetoThe2ndof course, thats one of the primary usecases of a machine config10:47
LetoThe2ndah you mean, set somewhere OTHER than the machine confi? it depends. you can not in a recipe, affecting another recipe.10:47
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RobertBerger@LetoThe2nd: maybe @lxc means machine overrides?12:43
LetoThe2nd@RobertBerger maybe. but those do just affect the current recipe, hence as usual: it depends(TM)12:45
lxcRobertBerger LetoThe2nd I think I found a way, I created a new machine file and inside the file set MACHINE=12:45
lxcDoes that seems like a correct approach?12:45
LetoThe2ndhalfways. it will work probably, but confuse others that use the metadata, hence i did not mention that way. i would probably file it under "hack"12:46
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mattia_Hi, I am using bitbake in a CI pipeline with a failing task, but bitbake does not seem to return a standard error output, any idea how I could make that happen?13:02
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Ninic0c0Hi guys! thanks to your help i'm now able to have useful CI workflow. Question regarding a shared SSTATE_CACHE shared between to Docker images running Yocto. If the 1st containers makes some changes on a package, the second one is able to detect changes ? Thx :)13:25
LetoThe2ndNinic0c0: please rephrase, i don't think the sentence makes sense as is.13:30
Ninic0c0Ok sorry my english is not really Goog. I have 2 Docker images sharing same SSTATE_CACHE. If the first one make some changes inside this package (means change recipe contains, SRCREV, add patch...) the second Docker image will be able to see differences ?13:33
Ninic0c0I hope to be clear ...13:33
rburtonassuming the second docker has the same recipe changes, it will find the sstate-cache files for those yes13:33
rburtonit won't magically use the files from sstate without the corresponding recipe changes13:34
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LetoThe2ndNinic0c0: i guess you're thinking backwards. its like this: if the build process in one container encounters a recipe, then it looks at the sstate if there is somethign that matches the exact state of the recipe. if it finds something, then it is used. if not, it is being (re)built13:41
Ninic0c0rburton and LetoThe2nd Thank you guys it's clear now13:41
LetoThe2ndNinic0c0: so if both (dockerized) builders share the same modified recipe sources, then the build will reuse the sstate. if their recipes are different, then not. it is always "build looks at sstate, then uses." never "sstate says 'hey ive' got something newer for you'"13:42
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ak77hello all!13:55
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SibertSay that a distro is defined in layer A, is it possible to append to that distro from Layer B?14:04
Sibertsomething like confappend :P14:05
LetoThe2ndat least not in a somewhat clean way14:05
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SibertAnd some form of inclusion from a distro file from B in the A distro?14:18
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LetoThe2ndyou can happily include other distros, and add/modify their content. look at poky-bleeding.conf for an example.14:21
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Sibertokay thanks14:26
nohithi using .bbappend file, how can i replace the images with my own ?
nohitor is the easiest way just to copy everything, make my own receipe and edit the Makefile and replace the images with my own ?14:31
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LetoThe2ndnohit: in the given example a stupid copy'n'patch does the trick probably.14:33
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nohitLetoThe2nd: ok thanks14:35
nohiti found this but its for the poky psplash
nohiti was hoping for similar easy solution14:36
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LetoThe2ndnohit: i can neither confirm nor deny that this works, never used that way.14:44
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ikke43I'm lost...14:51
ikke43I have a Petalinux project.  Doesn't matter, it's yocto after all.14:51
ikke43I have a bbappend that add patches.14:51
ikke43And I can see them applied in the do.log_patch file.14:52
ikke43When I go to the linux-xlnx code checked out with devtool modify linux-xlnx, I can see the patches applied to the git repo.14:52
ikke43But I'm just behind the commits of these patches.14:53
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ikke43So: who is forcing me to say behind the applied patches?14:53
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ikke43First, it thought it was a do_patch[noexec] = "1'.14:53
ikke43But I can't find it.14:54
ikke43and unsetting it didn't help.14:54
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manuel1985Are the presentations from the Yocto Project Summit last week online somewhere?16:06
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mckoanmanuel1985: AFAIK not yet16:40
smurraymanuel1985: the slides are available via the schedule if that helps:
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mckoanmanuel1985: I though presentations=videos, sorry16:55
eduardassome videos are available here for those who might not be aware:
mckoaneduardas: ELCE!=YPSummit though16:58
eduardasmckoan: but as far as I understand there is quite a bit of overlap?16:59
eduardasfor example, Robert Bergers meta-virtualization video is listed on the elinux page17:03
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opellohi, if i need to build a few packages with a newer version of gcc, how practical is that going to be?  i saw the "secondary toolchain" wiki page but the blacklist is tripping me up for quilt-native (which should presumably use the native tools and not be affected?)17:17
*** w00die <w00die!~w00die@> has joined #yocto17:18
rabbit9911Is there a way to have yocto build a toolchain for -native packages?17:23
rburtonhow would you build it? :)17:30
rabbit9911Build it with the hosttools gcc :)17:30
rburtonso if you trust the host gcc to build a compiler, why don't you trust it for the other -native packages?17:30
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opelloif the hosttools gcc is old (as is my case) it might be nice :) but i can appreciate how that is an edge case17:36
*** vineela <vineela!~vtummala@> has joined #yocto17:37
kergothIf you can't trust your host, that's when it's time to do your builds in docker or another container17:44
kergothyou can do so almost entirely transparently, you don't have to move your dev tooling into the thing17:44
kergothi.e. pyrex17:45
rburtonopello: containers, or use the buildtools tarball which does in fact contain a native gcc built by yocto17:45
kergothgood point, buildtools-tarball is handy17:45
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opellois it practical to use buildtools-tarball and maybe even a future version esdk as a secondary toolchain for some subset of recipes?17:47
kergothwhy wouldn't you use it for everything?17:48
kergotha subset seems like just adding needless complexity17:48
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opelloto avoid rebuilding libc and everything so that ongoing updates via the package feed don't reinstall the entire system17:50
opello(i'm trying to figure out just how practical of a goal that is to satisfy, if it's not practical, the solution is probably going to be reimage to a newer distribution, which is nicer for me anyway, but presents a more complex ongoing environment to support)17:53
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kergothi can't imagine sourcing the buildtools tarball would result in rebuilds of target packages. bitbake doesn't track the host's toolchain17:55
opellosorry, i thought you were addressing the 'future version esdk as a secondary toolchain for some subset of recipes'17:56
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robbawebbaHello, I have a question about PARALLEL_MAKE. I'm experiencing some strange "hanging" of bitbake tasks when building on a virtual server instance in the cloud (N1 on Google Cloud Platform, I blieve). The instance has 32 vCPUs, and bitbake automatically uses 32 for BB_NUMBER_THREADS and PARALLEL_MAKE. I noticed in the ref manual that the recommended setting for PARALLEL_MAKE on large systems with19:19
robbawebbamany CPUs is "-j 20". Why 20? I'm going to try this setting shortly, but I wanted to see if people knew the reason behind this. Thanks in advance!19:19
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smurrayrobbawebba: AIUI the issue is you effectively can end up with BB_NUMBER_THREADS * PARALLEL_MAKE processes, as PARALLEL_MAKE currently isn't global across tasks19:22
smurrayrobbawebba: lowering one or the other some can keep load within what the machine can handle19:23
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Guest9816use containers is an option20:06
opelloas part of the build process of a single recipe?  or you mean for the over-all build?20:07
robbawebbasmurray: thanks! this makes sense. I'll try lowering one or both of these parameters.20:07
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marexhi, is the hello-world example from meta-xilinx-standalone known to be broken ? cortexr5fhf-vfpv3d16-xilinx-eabi/xilstandalone/v2020.1+gitAUTOINC+338150ab36-r0/git//scripts/': [Errno 2] No such file or directory20:18
marexits as if this script was just missing form the embeddedsw repo altogether20:18
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smurraymarex: suspect you need to flag fray on that, see he's listed as one of the maintainers now21:15
* smurray refrains from making any meta-amd jokes21:16
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marexsmurray: fray == mark ?21:27
smurraymarex: yep21:28
marexah, thanks21:28
marexsmurray: it fails to build on native hardware too btw21:28
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marexfray: hi, what's the state of meta-xilinx-standalone ? (see above)21:54
* zeddii pops some popcorn21:55
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AndrooAnyone familiar with compiling golang directly on a Yocto target?  I have it working up until I include a MySQL driver, at which point it tries to use cgo and fails with this error:   Clearly the sysroot directory is wrong here, but I'm unsure what to do about it.22:25
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marexzeddii: did I miss something ?22:30
marexzeddii: seems like here is a good place to discuss downstream vendor layer problems, no ?22:31
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robbawebbaAndroo: one suggestion I'd recommend is to re-assign the CC env variable to remove the --sysroot flag. My assumption is that all of the libraries/headers/dependencies should be on the target, and the sysroot flag would no longer be needed.22:32
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Androorobbawebba: whoa, "env CC=arm-poky-linux-gnueabi-gcc go run .." mayyy have worked!22:37
Androothis is what I get for not really knowing C22:38
robbawebbahaha don't worry I'm in the same boat. I22:39
robbawebbaI'm still learning all of this one day at a time22:39
rburtonAndroo: can you file a bug please.  the sysroot shouldn't be used on target obviously.22:41
Androorobbawebba: I was thrown headfirst into Yocto by my employer and finding I need some serious cross-compilation skills at times.22:41
rburtonAndroo:, build system - oe-core -> devtools22:41
Androorburton: will do.  This is something related to the packaging of go?22:43
robbawebbahaha we'll you're in for a wild ride! I started using yocto about 2 years ago for the same reason, and I've learned a lot since then. There's still a lot I don't know about Yocto and embedded development, but we just have to take it one day / one problem at a time. Your debugging skills will definitely increase if you stick with development! Yocto luckily makes most of it very easy :)22:44
Guest9816are you compiling go itself on target ?22:45
AndrooGuest9816: Yes.  Sort of helpful to do my development straight on my target, as there's hardware there I can't replicate elsewhere.22:46
Guest9816Androo:  or using the go compiler on target to compile other go app which has cgo pieces22:46
Guest9816do you have CC set in your shell ?22:46
AndrooGuest9816: do now22:47
Guest9816so the sysroot is being added by go compiler itself ?22:48
AndrooGuest9816: yes22:48
Guest9816I guess it will be good to run strings program on go compiler and search for sysroot perhaps its being added during cross building of go compiler22:49
Guest9816since we use cross-compiler to build the go compiler for target, its not a normal setup for bootstrapping go22:49
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AndrooGuest9816: cross compiling works fine, but I need to be able to work on my target as my application ties together custom hardware (an RF serial modem), buttons, LEDs, a cell modem, etc ... not sure how I would work effectively otherwise.22:53
robbawebbaI'm pretty sure the go toolchain respects the CC and CXX env variables from the shell I doubt that CC was set within the go toolchain itself. Would CC be set in some other environment location on the target?22:53
Androorobbawebba: no CC environment variable was set when this error occurred, so I'll have to dig to find the source22:54
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Guest9816Androo: its ok, I understand your dev env is fine, I would do same especially if I am writing things in go or rust22:59
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Guest9816yeah cgo is a bridge to bring all C/C++ devs over to go :)23:00
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robbawebbaAndroo: gotcha. Well best of luck! It sounds like it'll be sorted out with the bug report on bugzilla23:19
robbawebbaI use a mix of Go and C apps on the product I work on, and I've been spending quite a lot of time on C apps lately. I miss Go!23:20
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AndrooGuest9816: looks like sysroot is compiles straight into Go somehow, getting binary matches in /usr/lib/go/bin/go and /usr/lib/go/pkg/tool/linux_arm/cgo23:38
AndrooGuest9816: I'm wondering if it's related to
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Guest9816yes see `C{C,XX}_FOR_TARGET23:46
Guest9816are embedded during the make.bash process because they have to provided by23:46
Guest9816the user.`23:46
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Guest9816so naturally it is going to embed the cross compiler since that is what is setting these vars during build of go compiler for target23:46
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