Thursday, 2020-11-05

Guest9816Androo: what does `go env` say ?00:04
AndrooCC and CXX both have that invalid sysroot in 'go env'00:05
Guest9816right so that is the problem in building go compiler00:05
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Guest9816I guess setting CC/CXX in your env is a workaround you can use but we need to fix it by setting CC_FOR_TARGET in recipe to use target compiler as it will be duting runtime not buildtime00:15
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Androothanks for the assistance everyone, I believe I'm running smoothly with Go on the target machine now and will file a bug report once I dig into the problem a bit more and better understand it01:52
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mckoangood morning07:34
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX07:47
mckoanhi LetoThe2nd07:47
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nlhntjoin #poky10:06
nlhntsorry :)10:06
nlhntHey guys and gals, I wanted to ask for some help, is this a good place?10:07
nlhntI am trying to install vboxguest additions for a NI Linux RT system which is based on Poky (I think), so I followed the guide found in here:
nlhntUnfortunately there are some missing files (probably more than one) and I cannot finish the ```make scripts``` step10:08
nlhntFor example `classmap.h` is missing. And it is not present on the system, I searched for some similar problems on Fedora distribution but there are no present solutions, they seem to struggle with similar problems as well.10:09
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LetoThe2ndnlhnt: well the readme you linked specifically refers to the build-appliance image, so it probably does not work on any given poky-based build10:28
LetoThe2ndthis includes kernel-dev and kernel-devsrc, which are probably both not present in your image10:28
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nlhntletothe2nd: Ok, will do, thank you! :)10:31
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manuel1985What does the SH in SHLIBS stand for? I knew but it slipped my mind.10:57
LetoThe2ndum, "shared"?10:58
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manuel1985LetoThe2nd: Ah, yes.. Now I remember ;) Thx11:12
manuel1985I remember it was something pretty obvious when I first learned about it11:13
manuel1985Still I forgot11:13
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marexfray: hey, are you around to discuss meta-xilinx-standalone ? :)12:39
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LetoThe2ndepyc 7ksomething for build server? good or bad idea?15:05
guest252Hi, I'm having trouble with cross-linking a trivial c program with the yocto SDK: I get the error message "cannot find crti.o: No such file or directory" despite including it in my IDE15:05
LetoThe2ndguest252: are you properly passing the sysroot, repectively using the environment setup script? does it work manually (e.g. without the ide?)15:07
guest252aarch64-poky-linux-gcc -L/opt/poky/3.0.4/sysroots/aarch64-poky-linux/lib -L/opt/poky/3.0.4/sysroots/aarch64-poky-linux/usr/lib -L/opt/poky/3.0.4/sysroots/aarch64-poky-linux/usr/lib/aarch64-poky-linux/9.2.0 -o "test"  ./src/test.o15:09
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guest252these are the sysroot directories15:10
guest252I'm not using the environment setup script15:10
LetoThe2ndguest252: then thats the problem. use the script, its there for a reason.15:12
LetoThe2ndand AFAIK, passing random -L flags is not the same as passing --sysroot15:12
rburtonguest252: you don't *need* to use the environment script, but you *do* need to pass --sysroot15:15
rburtonbecause having 1 sysroot in a SDK is basically a nice edge case15:16
rburtonmultilib, multiarch, multitune, all have multiple sysroots15:16
guest252Okay, that makes sens rburton, thank you15:17
LetoThe2ndrburton: so my AFAIK strikes!15:17
rburtonyeah, gcc needs to find its internal libraries and stuff15:17
* LetoThe2nd feels mightily proud.15:19
guest252Hm, it's probably easier if I actually use the environment script, the alternative is copy&paste anyway, so does anyone know a tutorial to include this script in Eclipse?15:24
* LetoThe2nd knows how to get rid of eclipse15:25
rburtonwhen I used a SDK inside vscode the trick was to tell it that the compile command was . environment.. && $CC15:26
guest252Ah, that's actually a great idea, thank you15:27
LetoThe2ndrburton: sounds legit, or robs latest blueprint for vsc15:27
rburtonyeah that is next-level15:28
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roussinmI was wondering if this is the style of code you are using inside bitbake python:  instead of `return fn in self.clean` ?15:36
roussinmOups that pastebin has expired.15:36
kergothroussinm: it's not a question of general style, just individual choices about readability. generally we favor idiomatic python, but we try not to sacrifice readability just for conciseness. it's case by case.15:40
* zeddii nods15:42
zeddiiI've read too much perl/script/python code where the author is just trying to show how clever they are, and make things as small/concise/single line as possible.15:43
roussinmkergoth: what about usage of functions like `all` and `any` ?15:43
kergothwe've used them on a number of occasions and continue to do so15:43
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kergothzeddii: precisely, they often sacrifice readability and make maintenance harder in the doing15:43
kergothwe aren't going to be clever just because the stdlib has a function. if it makes sense and it's idiomatic and readable, we'll use it15:44
kergothcertainly patches to make the codebase more idiomatic would be considered for sure15:44
roussinmWe all have threshold of readability I guess, I would prefer using `return MYCONDITION` instead of spliting false/true. I'm used to the second syntax because I use a clang-tidy (C++) check that requires to "simplify" statement.15:46
roussinm*first syntax.15:46
kergothIMO it depends on the complexity and readability of the condition15:47
frayI love people who use obfuscators..  'Don't steal ma code, I'm an eleete haxor'..  dude, it's an interpreted language, the code is open..15:48
roussinmyou can always extract to a function or variable to put a name on the condition which should simplify.15:48
zeddiiif not not foo: do this.15:48
roussinmzeddii: oh god. don't.15:49
zeddiisigned-off-by: his-eliteness@elite.org15:49
frayif not not not foo:15:49
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frayif not not not foo or not not foo:15:49
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fray(actually I was going through some code a few weeks ago, where the code was something like  foo = not bar \n (about a dozen lines later)  if foo or bar: ....15:50
frayso always do this?15:50
LetoThe2ndzeddii: you're not really eleet until you get your PoCs back from customer presentations with the commend "worked nicely, but they asked us what foo and bar meant"15:51
LetoThe2ndfor the record: yes, this has happend to me.15:52
zeddiiit definitely level sets for the rest of the conversation, doesn't it ?15:52
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roussinmkergoth: that's the check I'm using in our code base. I don't have much experience in Python, does python has similar tooling? Auto-refactoring, Auto-modernization?15:55
frayOne thing I do, and have been called on it numerous times..  "for k,v in pairs(table)" (lua code)..  "Please expand what k and v do"..  for a lot of cases, that makes sense, cause the key and value do have meaning... but I wrote a function that simply copied a structure.. got the same comment and say "stands for key and value, since it can copy any table..."15:55
frayso it was clear the reviewer just went 'k,v' but enver looked at the comment to the function that says 'copy a table'15:55
roussinmrburton: Yes I use rope inside VSCode. That's the only one I use with PyLance server.15:58
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roussinmPylance has been very usefull to find unused imports and unused variables, but I don't think I understand how import works in bitbake because when I experiment by removing unused imports in a module, another module fails because it's missing that import. It feels like transitive import dependency? Maybe that's the python way?16:07
JaMahalstead: is patchwork known to be broken or is it just really slow?*&q=&archive=both&delegate= shows last patch from 2020-10-30 and there were many patches on ML after that16:09
halsteadJaMa, I keep repairing patch processing and then it fails again. I'm not sure why this time.16:14
roussinmkergoth: the maximum python version supported in BitBake atm is 3.6, correct?16:15
halsteadEmail to OE patchwork-next is bouncing again just like on Oct 17th. I need to change this set up instead of repairing.16:16
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kergothroussinm: sadly we can't use f-strings yet :)16:16
roussinmkergoth: :( Do you have a ETA on when it's going to be possible? Because even Debian has Python 3.7, debian is always behind usally. lol16:17
kergothwould have to ask RP, but oe+bitbake is expeted to run on a wide variety of hosts, so it always tends toward a certain level of compatibility16:18
kergothwould be nice, though16:18
roussinmit would improve readability on a lot of strings ;)16:18
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halsteadJaMa, It's starting to catch up now.16:35
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JaMahalstead: thanks! any update on -commits MLs?16:44
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marc1Question about wic: when calling wic from the command line, it uses the NATIVE_SYSROOT from the wic-tools recipe, right? But when wic is called from a run.do_image_wic script will it use the NATIVE_SYSROOT from the image (so recipe-sysroot-image)?16:54
marexfray: oh hello16:55
marexfray: you still around ?16:55
Guest9816marc1: yes16:55
marexfray: I have a question about some interpreted language (python) scripts (meta-xilinx-standalone) :-)16:56
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opellois there a bgg with PN being only [0-9-]+ and ALLOW_EMPTY_${PN} = "1" breaking? (thud, haven't checked newer; package_rpm.bbclass seems pretty stable; pretty sure this didn't happen in rocko)18:15
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yanndo we have a tool that would compare the pn-buildlist with the recipes really used for an image ?18:53
yannI'd think a first step would be to include the output of "bitbake -g" in buildhistory, and write this as a buildhistory-analysing script ?18:54
* yann does not like to spend time waiting for the build of useless stuff, especially when bisecting18:56
kergothAre you just trying to get a list of the recipes that were used as build tools?18:56
kergothnothing is built that isnt in the dependency graph. if it's there, something depended on it18:56
kergothso i'm not sure what you're looking for18:56
kergothyou can't just blindly remove dependencies, unless they're pulled in through PACKAGECONFIG and you can opt out of those fatures18:56
yanneg. lmsensors default to building sensord, which pulls rrdtools, which pulls perl - I just noticed that by chance, glancing idly at the bitbake progress and gaping at the sight of rrdtool18:57
yannthat's easily fixed by a PACKAGECONFIG tweak, but I'm sure there are many such occurences, and we should have a way to see that easily18:58
yannand yes there are cases where we just did not add the PACKAGECONFIG items yet, I'm sure :)18:59
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yannlooking at I can see I have some more work if I do want to avoid building perl, which does not every reaches my rootfs, it's sad not to be warned :)19:01
kergothoftentimes packageconfigs add runtime dependencies as well, which *would* end up in the image, and yet is still an optional dep you might not want19:03
kergothand warning about everything you build that doesn tgo in the image will show you hundreds of native and cross tools. i guess if you filter it to target.19:04
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Guest9816RP:  it seems the python3 recipe staged in master-next needs some rework
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RPGuest9816: yes, sorry. Let me drop that lot19:19
RPit was an experiment which didn't work19:19
zeddiikhem is in disguise these days19:20
RParmpit: the license errors I mentioned ^^^19:20
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khemzeddii: I use matrix for IRC these days and it forgets nicks19:54
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khemRP: I have some patches for master to fix my world builds on ml19:59
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DanmerZHi! I run basic core minimal image x86 runqemu and want to SSH into it. I installed ssh-server-dropbear but ssh root@ gives "connection refused"20:16
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DanmerZEXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES ?= "debug-tweaks ssh-server-dropbear"20:18
DanmerZping works fine20:19
rburtonis it actually running?20:23
DanmerZhow can I check it?20:29
DanmerZStarting Dropbear SSH server: dropbear.20:30
DanmerZI see this on qemu start20:30
DanmerZip a -> inet which looks strange, ip should be
rburtonoh sorry qemu20:33
rburtonno, is the right ip20:33
rburton192.168 presumably is your machine's ip?20:33
DanmerZ - You can access the host computer at within the image.20:34
DanmerZ - Your qemu system will be accessible as
DanmerZthis is from poky/scripts/runqemu.README20:35
rburtonwell, in that case, the qemu networking setup is a bit duff20:35
DanmerZcan I check somehow that sshd service is running?20:36
rburtonps ax20:39
rburtonbut the IPs not matching might be the problem20:39
rburtonrunqemu assumes that you've got the qemu networking config files installed in the image20:39
rburtonif you don't then networking will be different20:39
DanmerZ 201 root      2924 S    /usr/sbin/dropbear -r /etc/dropbear/dropbear_rsa_host_key -p 22 -B20:40
DanmerZI did not provide any networking config for the image, should I?20:43
DanmerZCan I provide something useful here ? runqemu qemux86 qemuparams=20:45
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alejandrohsDanmerZ: Can you ssh to localhost from inside qemu?22:29
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