Saturday, 2020-11-07

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RPkhem: hmm, I just queued for testing, not looked yet00:16
khemyou will see them I got atleast 10-12 in my image build00:17
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RPkhem: my test build exploded too. Not sure which patch it is though :/00:23
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RPkhem: maybe one of the bitbake ones...00:27
khemright its somthing between those 4 commits on bitbake00:27
RPkhem: reverted one of them, trying that00:28
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Shikadi`Hello, does anyone have experience with qualcomm/code-aurora based yocto BSPs?01:46
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Shikadi`I'm working on a project where we are designing a product with a board based on a reference design that QC has provided a yocto BSP for. I'm wondering if it makes sense to create our own bsp and inherit from QC's layer (and also how to do that, ideally initially identical) or if we should add a machine (or distro?) to their bsp layer (and how to go about doing that)01:49
Shikadi`I've been reading developer guides, but I figured I'd ask in here if anyone has done it before in case someone has an opinion on approaches01:50
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Shikadi`A simpler question. If I have a meta-oem-bsp layer, and I want to create a meta-mine-bsp layer that builds the exact same thing as meta-oem-bsp but with one package override, how would I go about doing that? (Assuming this gives me the ability to  override everything else in the bsp with packages)02:10
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Moh3nHi , in uname -a command I see kernel version+git Hash !!!  how to delete this hash from kernel version ?? which recipe I must change ?04:44
Moh3nthe /lib/module/... directory name is also has this COMMIT HASH that I wont to have it04:45
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wberrierkhem: I take that back, different deploy dirs also didn't fix it... trying different build dirs...06:06
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wberrierIf I have the state cache, I should be able to remove all the downloads, right?  It's just really odd that it does "set_scene" for about 15% of the recipes, and then starts downloading source, only to do "do_license_pop"...06:19
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khemwberrier:  no, you need to keep DL_DIR around06:52
khemor have a premirror where its accessible via nfs or something06:52
khemif you delete it, it will refetch it06:52
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kanavin_homerburton: before  I send this as public RFC, how do you feel about it?
rburtonkanavin_home: hard to object.  especially if we enable xwayland so the apps still work... would be fun to test that.  what is core-image-weston-dev actually used for - curious if we can reduce the number of random images (as -dev but not tools is useless)11:40
kanavin_homerburton: I merely copied and tweaked sato images, there's core-image-sato-dev, so there has to be weston-dev too :)11:42
rburtoni'd check if it has a need first11:43
kanavin_homerburton: sato-dev is spotted here in a few places
rburtonbut always alongside -sdk11:43
rburtonso it just takes time for no reason11:43
kanavin_homerburton: right, so I can perhaps drop -dev then11:44
rburtonyeah, i'd drop it and remove it from the AB when migrating unless someone has a good argument11:45
rburtonhave fun with that on the list :)11:45
rburtonhave you tried adding xwayland into the image and verifying X apps actually start?11:45
rburtonat least the bulk of our apps are proper gtk so *should* work in wayland11:45
kanavin_homerburton: no, my idea was to not try that at all, and have pure wayland images with weston - we can easily start gtk apps directly11:46
rburtondefinitely worth checking it actually works for the migration path11:46
rburtonxeyes should be enough ;)11:47
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wberrierkhem: it looks like if I use a shared state cache and separate build dirs for each MACHINE, the only thing that gets re-fetched is the uninative binary.  Maybe this is working by accident?12:57
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B0ned1ger2Hi, I am trying to cross-compile lua-openssl library using yocto recipe. lua-openssl depends on libssl, so I add it to DEPENDS var in recipe. Everything compiles, but I get 'ERROR: QA Issue: lua-openssl: The compile log indicates that host include and/or library paths were used.'13:49
B0ned1ger2If I do not include openssl to DEPENDS, it cannot find multiplatfotm header file (opensslconf.h) required for cross-compilation. Here is my recipe . Maybe someone could point me to any direction?13:49
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JaMazeddii: sending fix fox cloud-init15:43
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khemwberrier: thats working as designed17:11
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wberrierkhem: k, sounds good, thanks for the help18:24
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khemRP:  Sent my LTO stuff on ML I think for 3.3 I will target to compile oe-core world with LTO enabled22:24
khemRP:  perhaps switch poky-altcfg and poky-tiny to start using it as well22:25
khemonce we have packages fixed up as of now core-image-base works fine22:26
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RPkhem: I'll take a look, aiming for standard poky is probably good23:03
kanavin_homeRP: I believe I'd need to be able to push to yocto-autobuilder-helper repo to test config tweaks, can you add me please?23:25
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RPkanavin_home: done for contrib/23:52

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