Sunday, 2020-11-08

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zeddiithanks JaMa, I see them. And the fix makes perfect sense.03:04
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kanavin_homeRP: thanks :) I am experimenting with switching AB matrix from sato to weston08:49
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RPkanavin_home: I saw the patch mentioned...09:17
kanavin_homeRP: the full set is here09:18
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RPkanavin_home: I've messed up the controller, going to restart it :/14:55
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khemRP: world build doesnt look bad, only 7 apps failed18:51
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kanavin_homeRP: thanks, seems to work19:30
kanavin_home(the disabling of buildperf in regular a-full)19:30
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RPkanavin_home: I'll have to test a release run to double check its right but it looks hopeful20:10
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RPkanavin_home: I'm going to need to restart the controller again, that change wasn't quite right :(20:43
* RP wishes there was a way to test it :/20:43
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kanavin_homeRP: no  problem, I got enough failures to sort through :)21:04
kanavin_homeRP: the sato->weston patchsets will go out as RFC to gauge reaction21:05
kanavin_homeRP: one thing that was revealed is that weston has been broken under systemd for quite a while :-/21:06
RPkanavin_home: I think we are going to need to shake up the testing matrix a bit in this cycle21:08
RPkanavin_home: I want to shake up the autobuilder step handling first though...21:08
kanavin_homeRP: yes, I feel there's a lot of unneeded or suboptimal cruft there, but can't put my finger on it exactly21:09
RPkanavin_home: there are things which need to be tested and aren't (rt comes to mind and some arm coverage)21:10
kanavin_homeRP: yes, for instance doing world builds on something else than x86 would be good - upstreams generally tend to only do native x86 builds21:10
kanavin_homeRP: on the other hand, do we still need x32? Maybe we do, but for me, it's questionable.21:11
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RPkanavin_home: right, we could do with extending world builds but I don't really want to add more world builds as they take a long time, hard to know what to do for the best :/23:16
RPkanavin_home: x32 would regress quickly if not tested there23:16
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