Tuesday, 2020-11-10

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khemRP:  I think libical is breaking due to icu update staged in master-next00:52
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khemsent a patch, I think living on bleeding edge is depressing01:02
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wrothinhansas<h1>i suck dick02:01
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX08:02
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kanavin_homeRP: adding world to reproducibility test:08:24
kanavin_home2020-11-10 02:44:59,206 - oe-selftest - INFO - Reproducibility summary for deb: same=11038 different=87 missing=0 total=1112508:24
kanavin_home2020-11-10 02:51:20,339 - oe-selftest - INFO - Reproducibility summary for ipk: same=11038 different=87 missing=0 total=1112508:24
rburtoncould be worse08:25
kanavin_home87 is not too bad is it08:25
rburtonoe-core world?08:25
kanavin_homeand that's 87 debs, not 87 recipes08:26
rburtongot a link for the report?08:26
kanavin_home2020-11-10 02:44:59,206 - oe-selftest - INFO - Reproducibility summary for deb: same=11038 different=87 missing=0 total=1112508:26
kanavin_home2020-11-10 02:51:20,339 - oe-selftest - INFO - Reproducibility summary for ipk: same=11038 different=87 missing=0 total=1112508:26
kanavin_home2020-11-10 02:51:36,565 - oe-selftest - INFO - Running diffoscope08:26
kanavin_home2020-11-10 04:14:56,566 - oe-selftest - INFO - Keepalive message08:26
kanavin_home2020-11-10 05:38:16,567 - oe-selftest - INFO - Keepalive message08:26
kanavin_home2020-11-10 07:01:36,567 - oe-selftest - INFO - Keepalive message08:26
kanavin_home2020-11-10 08:24:56,567 - oe-selftest - INFO - Keepalive message08:26
kanavin_homediffoscope still crunching, no idea when it's going to finish08:26
rburtonI wonder if we should drop the rpm/deb/ipk test for the entire recipe space and just do one recipe in rpm/deb/ipk, then world in just one packaging format08:27
rburtonhave we seen packaging-specific reprod regressions once all the initial problems were fixed?08:28
kanavin_homeakanavin@ubuntu1804-ty-3:~/build$ ls repro-world/oe-reproducible-20201109-z46h7z0_/packages/reproducibleA/tmp/deploy/ipk/core2-64/08:29
kanavin_homeacpica-src_20200925-r0_core2-64.ipk     go-dep-dev_0.5.4-r0_core2-64.ipk                igt-gpu-tools-dbg_1.25+git0+d16ad07e7f-r0_core2-64.ipk  libsecret-dev_0.20.4-r0_core2-64.ipk              ruby_2.7.2-r0_core2-64.ipk08:29
kanavin_homebootchart2-doc_0.14.9-r0_core2-64.ipk   go-dep-staticdev_0.5.4-r0_core2-64.ipk          igt-gpu-tools_1.25+git0+d16ad07e7f-r0_core2-64.ipk      libsecret-src_0.20.4-r0_core2-64.ipk              spirv-tools-dev_2020.5-r0_core2-64.ipk08:29
kanavin_homecwautomacros_20110201-r0_core2-64.ipk   go-dep_0.5.4-r0_core2-64.ipk                    kea-dbg_1.7.10-r0_core2-64.ipk                          libswresample3_4.3.1-r0_core2-64.ipk              swig-dbg_3.0.12-r0_core2-64.ipk08:29
kanavin_homedtc-dbg_1.6.0-r0_core2-64.ipk           go-helloworld-dbg_0.1-r0_core2-64.ipk           kea-src_1.7.10-r0_core2-64.ipk                          libswscale5_4.3.1-r0_core2-64.ipk                 swig_3.0.12-r0_core2-64.ipk08:29
kanavin_homedtc-misc_1.6.0-r0_core2-64.ipk          go-helloworld-dev_0.1-r0_core2-64.ipk           kea_1.7.10-r0_core2-64.ipk                              llvm-dbg_10.0.1-r0_core2-64.ipk                   systemd-bootchart-dbg_233+git0+fe1c5e41e6-r0_core2-64.ipk08:29
kanavin_homedtc-staticdev_1.6.0-r0_core2-64.ipk     go-helloworld-staticdev_0.1-r0_core2-64.ipk     libaprutil-1-0_1.6.1-r0_core2-64.ipk                    llvm-dev_10.0.1-r0_core2-64.ipk                   systemd-bootchart_233+git0+fe1c5e41e6-r0_core2-64.ipk08:29
kanavin_homedtc_1.6.0-r0_core2-64.ipk               go-helloworld_0.1-r0_core2-64.ipk               libaprutil-1-dbg_1.6.1-r0_core2-64.ipk                  llvm_10.0.1-r0_core2-64.ipk                       vim_8.2-r0_core2-64.ipk08:29
kanavin_homeepiphany-dbg_3.38.1-r0_core2-64.ipk     go-runtime-dev_1.15.3-r0_core2-64.ipk           libaprutil-1-ptest_1.6.1-r0_core2-64.ipk                lttng-tools-dbg_2.12.2-r0_core2-64.ipk            vulkan-samples-dbg_git-r0_core2-64.ipk08:29
kanavin_homeepiphany_3.38.1-r0_core2-64.ipk         go-runtime-staticdev_1.15.3-r0_core2-64.ipk     libavcodec58_4.3.1-r0_core2-64.ipk                      lttng-tools-ptest_2.12.2-r0_core2-64.ipk          vulkan-samples-dev_git-r0_core2-64.ipk08:29
kanavin_homeffmpeg-dbg_4.3.1-r0_core2-64.ipk        go-runtime_1.15.3-r0_core2-64.ipk               libavdevice58_4.3.1-r0_core2-64.ipk                     ovmf-dbg_edk2-stable202008-r0_core2-64.ipk        vulkan-samples-src_git-r0_core2-64.ipk08:29
kanavin_homeffmpeg_4.3.1-r0_core2-64.ipk            go_1.15.3-r0_core2-64.ipk                       libavfilter7_4.3.1-r0_core2-64.ipk                      ovmf-dev_edk2-stable202008-r0_core2-64.ipk        vulkan-samples-staticdev_git-r0_core2-64.ipk08:29
kanavin_homegcr-dbg_3.38.0-r0_core2-64.ipk          groff-dbg_1.22.4-r0_core2-64.ipk                libavformat58_4.3.1-r0_core2-64.ipk                     ovmf-shell-efi_edk2-stable202008-r0_core2-64.ipk  vulkan-samples_git-r0_core2-64.ipk08:29
kanavin_homegcr_3.38.0-r0_core2-64.ipk              groff-src_1.22.4-r0_core2-64.ipk                libavresample4_4.3.1-r0_core2-64.ipk                    parted-ptest_3.3-r0_core2-64.ipk                  webkitgtk-src_2.30.2-r0_core2-64.ipk08:29
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kanavin_homerburton: yes, usually during version updates repro test exposes them08:29
kanavin_homeor actually, no08:30
kanavin_homethere's no rpm based repro test btw, only deb/ipk08:30
rburtonoh i thought we did rpm already08:30
rburtonmight be worth copy/pasting the report into a google drive so multiple people can pick them off one at a time08:31
kanavin_homeakanavin@ubuntu1804-ty-3:~/build$ ls repro-world/oe-reproducible-20201109-z46h7z0_/packages/reproducibleA/tmp/deploy/ipk/qemux86_64/   08:31
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kanavin_homedo we have a ticket for world reproducibility?08:33
rburtonnot afaik08:33
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LetoThe2ndkanavin_home: i want the above quote out of context...08:46
derRichardwhen i use "devtool modify" and do a git rebase -i devtool-base, devtool detects re-worded patches only when i change the patch subject. otherwise changed commit messages are not detected. is this in purpose?08:57
derRichardit is also unable to detect changes in patch order :(08:58
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bluelightningderRichard: no that is not on purpose... I suspect something has been broken09:10
RPkanavin_home: that isn't as bad as I expected09:10
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derRichardbluelightning: you mean the reworded case? i fear the reorderung issue is deeply flawed.09:11
derRichardi have some ideas how to improve devtool. what is the right mailinglist to discuss?09:12
rburtonderRichard: oe-core09:14
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derRichardthx :)09:15
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kanavin_homeRP: the only issue is that diffoscope scales poorly, it has 1G of packages to compare, and still crunching after some 6 hours with no indication where it is now09:24
kanavin_home(half of that is llvm-dbg)09:24
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RPkanavin_home: I suspect it should skip "big" packages, that is more likely the issue09:28
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rburtonyeah llvm-dbg webkit-dbg etc are going to be huge09:32
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rburtondiffoscope has a lot of options but I can't see "don't dissect files bigger than X if they are different"09:34
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rburtoni assume it does a checksum comparison first before pulling the files apart09:35
LetoThe2ndrburton: send patches :)09:36
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shan1Hi all once again, asking if someone has an idea or a recipe i can peep into in order to install a python3 wheel based package10:03
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YumasiHi ! I am building disk images for x86 using WIC, and I am trying to use bootctl on those (the bootloader is systemd-boot, of course). However, bootctl complains that the ESP does not have the correct type. After looking at the GPT table with fdisk, I found that WIC creates an ESP with the "Microsoft Reserved Data" type, where bootctl expects a type that is "EFI System". Is there a way I can tell10:30
YumasiWIC to use this partition type instead ?10:30
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EmoChickenI have Yocto Linux running on arm32 machine. I am connecting to it using SSH (root access) and I would like to be able to figure out (from the shell) if the framebuffer is in the sleep power mode.11:00
EmoChickenI have naively tried "cat /sys/class/graphics/fb0/blank" however it returns nothing... any idea how to figure out the state of framebuffer over ssh?11:00
LetoThe2ndEmoChicken: this is neither arm nor ssh related at al, probably more if the specific fb driver actually exports that information. look at the driver if it has/provides such, and then trace the information to userspace. it might even include ioctl'ing on /dev/fb0...11:06
LetoThe2ndEmoChicken: depending on the specific HW it might even require traing the power/backlight controls of the fb, so be sure to also look at the DT11:09
EmoChickenLetoThe2nd: I am able to read the actual content of fb0 (bit array of OLED screen) using cat, however I have no idea how to figure out if it is in the sleep mode. I am also using the device as a "user" so I do not support the OS and I might not have the information about the drivers :( TBH i don't even understand it at this low level11:12
EmoChickenI am writing something like a "remote control" for our IoT device... part of that is to show the content of OLED screen (that works) but I am missing the information about "screen saver mode"11:14
LetoThe2ndEmoChicken: then i'd say, its time to get in touch with your HW/OS vendor.11:16
LetoThe2ndEmoChicken: as it really "depends" (TM)11:17
EmoChickenLetoThe2nd: I guess I will. Ok, thanks.11:17
LetoThe2ndEmoChicken: concerning the ioctl possibility, look at https://elixir.free-electrons.com/linux/latest/source/include/uapi/linux/fb.h also11:18
EmoChickenLetoThe2nd: ok, thanks11:19
* LetoThe2nd lunches out11:19
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jmieheHey! I want bitbake to build the same target for multiple machines, automatically. Currently, I have build/conf/machine1.conf and build/conf/machine2.conf and call bitbake twice, with each -R flag. It works, but is it … correct?13:11
*** ssajal <ssajal!~ssajal@bras-base-otwaon1146w-grc-11-174-88-220-58.dsl.bell.ca> has quit IRC13:24
*** tgamblin <tgamblin!~tgamblin@cpe64777de11593-cm64777de11590.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com> has joined #yocto13:26
paulbarkerjmiehe: You could try using multiconfig there. http://docs.yoctoproject.org/dev-manual/dev-manual-common-tasks.html?highlight=multiconfig#building-images-for-multiple-targets-using-multiple-configurations13:30
jmiehepaulbarker: thanks for the link, also I just found out about BB_ENV_EXTRAWHITE and how MACHINE is a part of it by my default env. so I can ditch the confs and call "MACHINE=foo bitbake bar" :)13:31
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Ad0argh ENABLE_UART forces uart console in config.txt13:46
Ad0SERIAL = "${@oe.utils.conditional("ENABLE_UART", "1", "console=serial0,115200", "", d)}"13:46
*** LetoThe2nd <LetoThe2nd!uid453638@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-whbnxaaywvrnqqhv> has joined #yocto13:48
Ad0I guess my machine conf is executed before meta-raspberrypi/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-raspberrypi.inc13:49
qschulzAd0: of course, it's a configuration file13:49
Ad0so the inc file for raspberry just sets the SERIAL13:50
Ad0I have to override the entire CMDLINE variable13:51
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*** sakoman <sakoman!~steve@rrcs-66-91-142-162.west.biz.rr.com> has joined #yocto13:56
qschulzAd0: what are you trying to achieve?14:01
Ad0not make it enable serial console14:01
Ad0I have survived till now by just mounting it and editing the file but it's annoying14:01
Ad0ENABLE_UART does other things as well14:02
Ad0putting enable_uart into the config.txt and I actually want that I suppose14:02
Ad0so since SERIAL is not ?= but = , then I would need to override CMDLINE which is ?=14:02
qschulzAd0: create a new machine based on the raspberrypi one14:02
Ad0I did14:03
Ad0I just needed to find what variable that I could actually override :D14:03
qschulzAd0: it does not matter if SERIAL is loosely set or not14:03
qschulzyou can always override it later on14:04
qschulzthe variables are expanded after they have been all parsed (except if there is a := somewhere)14:04
Ad0when that file loads won't it just overwrite what I set ?14:05
qschulzthat's my recollection, but if I'm wrong, I can already tell you what I said will be corrected :)14:05
qschulzAd0: it will, just set SERIAL after this file has been included?14:05
Ad0look on line 3014:06
Ad0it uses it immediately14:06
qschulzAd0: no it does not14:06
qschulzbecause it's not :=14:06
Ad0CMDLINE ?= "dwc_otg.lpm_enable=0 ${SERIAL} root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 rootfstype=ext4 rootwait"14:06
jmiehepaulbarker: oh, multiconfig is like 200% cleaner, thanks! <314:07
qschulzit still does not14:07
Ad0won't it set CMDLINE if it's not set from befor?14:07
qschulzit "references" it14:07
qschulz15:04:29       qschulz | the variables are expanded after they have been all parsed (except if there is a := somewhere)14:07
*** maudat <maudat!~moda@bras-base-mtrlpq2848w-grc-43-70-53-242-33.dsl.bell.ca> has joined #yocto14:07
clementp[m]paulbarker: thank you :)14:08
Ad0I see they are expanded not at that point14:08
Ad0I need to "get it" right before they are used then14:08
Ad0get in*14:08
qschulzAd0: just set SERIAL in a bbappend14:09
qschulzor whatever you actually want to modify :)14:11
Ad0hehe I already have linux-raspberrypi bbappend actually14:11
Ad0but I feel that the vars are scattered all over the place and I have to remember them14:11
*** ssajal <ssajal!~ssajal@> has joined #yocto14:12
Ad0so setting SERIAL = "null" in linux-raspberrypi_%.bbappend would do it then ?=14:12
*** B0ned1ger <B0ned1ger!~B0ned1ger@78-60-213-230.static.zebra.lt> has joined #yocto14:12
qschulzSERIAL = "" I'd say?14:13
Ad0you can say anything really14:16
Ad0was just a bit scared that "" would fall back to /dev/serial0 or something :D14:16
Ad0SERIAL = "console="14:16
Ad0I could also define my own variable like FORCE_SERIAL in my machine conf and have logic for it in the bbappend but14:18
jmieheset up multiconfig, got: »ERROR: Nothing PROVIDES 'mc:foo:core-image-minimal'. Close matches: core-image-minimal, core-image-minimal-dev«14:19
jmieheI have BBMULTICONFIG = "foo bar" in my local.conf14:21
*** B0ned1ger2 <B0ned1ger2!~B0ned1ger@82-135-139-249.static.zebra.lt> has joined #yocto14:24
Ad0jmiehe, what's your dir structure like ?14:26
*** B0ned1ger <B0ned1ger!~B0ned1ger@78-60-213-230.static.zebra.lt> has quit IRC14:27
Ad0local.conf , multiconfig -> foo.conf, bar.conf14:27
jmieheAd0: yes14:27
jmiehefoo.conf contains only override values for local.conf, right?14:28
*** Sandrita <Sandrita!d0586e2e@gateway/web/cgi-irc/kiwiirc.com/ip.> has joined #yocto14:30
Ad0that I don't know14:30
Ad0why do you want to use it ? :)14:30
Ad0"You need to create a single configuration file for each build target (each multiconfig). Minimally, each configuration file must define the machine and the temporary directory BitBake uses for the build. "14:32
Ad0seems like there is no inheritance?14:32
jmiehefoo.conf and bar.conf contain different MACHINE values for which the build config differs by a tiny bit.14:32
jmiehehm … then it's back to --postread them on bitbake call14:33
Ad0what I did was to actually make my own layer, and specify the machines and go that route14:33
Ad0if you intend to share your project with others local.conf route is not recommended I think14:33
Ad0since you mix local and common settings14:34
kanavin_homerburton: I put diffoscope out of its misery, I will address the biggest (size wise) repro fails, then try again to get a report on the rest14:34
jmieheAd0: reasonable14:35
jmieheAd0: can I inherit a machine config from another layer for that purpose?14:37
qschulzjmiehe: rule of thumb: if you need to version/share local.conf, you're doing it wrong.14:38
qschulzjmiehe: in that case, you need to either create a new machine, or a new distro :)14:38
Ad0I started out with local config since A LOT of the tutorials only uses it14:38
qschulzAd0: that's "fine", but once you need to share your work, can't use it anymore :)14:38
Ad0yeah haha14:39
jmieheqschulz: I'm not, I'm building from scratch in a CI environment14:39
Ad0jmiehe, I duplicated my machine14:39
qschulzjmiehe: you can require/include anything by using relative paths from any layer's root (say you have meta-rpi/recipes-kernel/kernel/linux-raspberry.inc, you require recipes-kernel/kernel/linux-raspberry.inc)14:40
Ad0not sure if you can require / include other machine.conf14:40
qschulzof course you can :)14:41
jmieheSo I have meta-vendor/conf/machine/machine-foo.conf and want to inherit from meta-custom/conf/machine/machine-foo-custom.conf …14:41
jmieheI'd "require ../../../meta-vendor/conf/machine/machine-foo.conf"? eew14:42
Ad0require conf/machine-foo.conf14:42
Ad0err conf/machine/machine-foo.conf14:42
jmieheAll conf/ folders are mashed together?14:43
Ad0you have #@TYPE: Machine14:43
Ad0 etc and then require the machine you want to inherit from14:43
Ad0especially working on CI I would immediately start working on my own layer with machines etc14:45
jmieheWe have multiple layers already14:49
jmiehejust no custom machines defined yet … it's all scripted :^)14:50
jmieheThat's why I'm cleaning up :^)14:50
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JPEWI just posted some patches to bitbake-devel to enable hiearchal hash equivalence servers. I can't remember who all was interested in that, but I'd appreciate some feedback :)15:00
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wyrewhat does mean this? https://docs.yoctoproject.org/ref-manual/ref-system-requirements.html#supported-linux-distributions15:13
*** fl0v0 <fl0v0!~fvo@> has quit IRC15:13
wyreare those the distributions where you can build yocto?15:13
wyreI mean, are those the supported distributions to build yocto proeject?15:13
qschulzwyre: yes?15:14
qschulzwyre: anything else you're probably on your own15:14
qschulzwyre: note that you should check on the manuals of your yocto revision to know which ones are supported15:14
rburtonother distros probably work, but those are the ones that are tested15:15
wyrebut just for building process, right?15:15
wyredid someone tried on ArchLinux?15:15
rburtonof course15:15
rburtonyeah, it breaks all the time15:15
qschulzwyre: just use pyrex or crops for building with containers if you're on archlinux15:16
rburtonarch linux aggressively upgrades, so breaks the build fairly often15:16
wyrerburton, oh, 😞15:16
rburtonor, use arch, and send fixes :)15:16
jmieheSo if I do 'require conf/machine/machine-foo.conf' in 'meta-custom/conf/machine/machine-foo-custom.conf', which has '#@NAME: machine-foo-custom', it errors out with »Nothing PROVIDES 'virtual/kernel': linux-vanilla PROVIDES virtual/kernel but was skipped: incompatible with machine machine-foo-custom (not in COMPATIBLE_MACHINE), …«15:16
jmieheThis is a rabbit hole.15:16
wyreqschulz, I didn't know about pyrex or crops15:16
rburtonjmiehe: add machine-foo to overrides in machine-foo-custom15:16
wyrepyrx do you mean?15:17
jmiehewhere's the docs for machine configs anyway?15:17
rburtonjmiehe: MACHINEOVERRIDES =. "machine-foo:" is the magic15:18
rburtonbasically "this machine is also this other machine"15:18
rburtonwyre: lots of people use arch, they either use a container running something more stable, or live with the fact that they might be the first person to discover that eg a binutils upgrade in arch breaks the build15:19
jmieherburton: what's =. again?15:19
rburtonjmiehe: += without whitespace15:19
kergothwyre: https://github.com/garmin/pyrex15:19
rburtonwell, its prepend without whitespace15:19
qschulzjmiehe: and IIRC, it should be put before any include/require in your machine configuration file15:19
wyrekergoth, what about crops?15:21
kergothhttps://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=yocto%20%22crops%22 :) i don't have as much expereince with that one, sorry15:22
dleppichwyre: I'm one of the Arch Linux users here and also started using CROPS, due to weird errors I got when trying things natively15:26
wyredleppich, and how is going using CROPS?15:27
wyrecan you provide me more info? (about crops, I mean, official docu or a github link)15:27
dleppichwyre: It is a docker container image. Github (https://github.com/crops/poky-container). In this wiki (https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/TipsAndTricks/CropsCLIContainers) there is a hint at the end how to run it (the command with the $(pwd)).15:29
dleppichwyre: All you have to do is to start in the docker container before using all the commands (e.g. bitbake). When the shell is opened, you proceed as if you were working natively on your own machine)15:30
jmieherburton, qschulz: thank you!15:31
wyredleppich, so it's a docker container  with a specific setup for yocto building process?15:31
kergothwyre: https://www.yoctoproject.org/docs/current/mega-manual/mega-manual.html#setting-up-to-use-crops as well15:31
rburtonbase distro + the build requirements15:31
dleppichwyre: Yes. It is a ubuntu based image with all build dependencies installed. It also has some nice features like setting the user and group id's of the docker user to the correct values, so that files created inside the container are correctly owned outside of the container15:32
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wyredleppich, so I guess you have not problems anymore 😄15:36
dleppichwyre: At least no architecture or machine specific problems. I'm still quite new to the Yocto project and asking stupid questions from time to time. But using CROPS made me a happier adventurer :D15:37
wyreawesome 😊15:38
wyreI'm gonna try it, probably I will be also here asking stupid things in a while, hehe15:38
dleppichwyre: I started using CROPS when I was asked multiple times if I'm using Arch Linux accidentally after asking a question about one of my issues here15:39
wyreoh, I see15:39
dleppichBut the guys in this channel are super friendly and always helped me out :) Never met such a great community before!15:40
wyreoh, that's fantastic hehe15:44
*** manuel1985 <manuel1985!~manuel@089144217118.atnat0026.highway.a1.net> has joined #yocto15:47
qschulzdleppich: there are probably non-guys here too :) but happy to see you like the community, I agree with you :)15:49
wyrewhat are those all container for? https://hub.docker.com/u/crops/15:53
wyreI mean, what's the difference between crops/poky and crops/yocto for example?15:54
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dleppichqschulz: Yeah, you are totally right. As a non-native english speaker I thought that "guys" would include all genders. Sorry :)16:17
tlwoernerJPEW: what's the tool you were mentioning for docs building? "pipen nv" or something?16:20
JPEWtlwoerner: pipenv16:20
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rburtonsakoman: fyi, just found a gcc patch i failed to backport to dunfell hope to send this week16:37
*** B0ned1ger <B0ned1ger!~B0ned1ger@78-60-213-230.static.zebra.lt> has joined #yocto16:38
sakomanrburton: I'll watch for it!16:38
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* mcfrisk dives into a rabbit hole, to remove python2. wondering how far this goes, and will I be sane afterwards..16:54
armpityou might find Alice16:55
*** Guest24795 is now known as mischief16:55
mcfriskwill say hi :)16:57
neverpanicmcfrisk: good luck!16:57
mcfriskneverpanic: I'll drag you along...16:57
neverpanicmcfrisk: hope you're not doing that for the old platform?16:58
mcfriskneverpanic: I'm not that crazy, yet..16:58
neverpanicmcfrisk: there shouldn't be any dragging required for us, then.16:59
rburtondoes anyone use cmake with in-tree builds?16:59
mcfriskneverpanic: hahaa, good one. check your inbox for newly created tickets...16:59
neverpanicrburton: I've seen software fail to build out-of-source with CMake, yes. Not in Yocto, but in other packaging systems, for example doxygen was affected.17:03
*** Ox861726f6c64 <Ox861726f6c64!~Ox861726f@gateway/tor-sasl/ox861726f6c64> has joined #yocto17:06
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away17:06
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rewittwyre: crops/poky will dynamically create a user/group for you that matches the workdir. crops/yocto will whatever the default uid:gid the distro uses when creating a user, usually 1000:1000. crops/poky uses crops/yocto, but just does a bit more to try and make it easier to use/experiment.18:22
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wyrerewitt, you mean will create in my system a user/group?18:26
wyreor in the docker container itself?18:26
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rewittin the container18:30
rewitthttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXHLAWveh7Y&list=PLbzoR-pLrL6pSlkQDW7RpnNLuxPq6WVUR&index=56 if you have spare time to listen to me ramble18:31
rewittI tried to do the talk for someone that may have little to no docker/container experience18:32
rewittwyre: ^18:32
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JPEWwyre: There is also https://github.com/garmin/pyrex if you want to try something else. It's a little more "seamless" than crops18:37
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kergoththat's why i use pyrex. essentially transparent once set up, doesn't impact the development workflow18:37
rewittI won't advocate for one over the other, because all the times I18:40
rewittI've tried to start thinking about consolidating, people yelled at me :)18:40
kergothha. i think it depends on your requirements, really. I can see an argument to use a simpler setup without pyrex for CI jobs, for example, but pyrex for day to day engineering work, perhaps18:41
khemkergoth:  IMO CI and dev env should be same for best results18:43
kergothfair point, otherwise you could get differences in behavior18:43
rewittkergoth: Right, that's what I've always thought, until I need to run devtool, or devshell and those things. I just hate not being able to point to THE solution.18:43
kergothpyrex does wrap devtool and the other scripts of that sort. devshell works too as long as you don't mind tmux or screen :)18:44
rewittkergoth: I live in tmux and mosh so it works for me. Does pyrex work with runqemu and serial?18:50
kergoththere's no real need to use runqemu inside the container when you can run it just as well outside the container. it uses the pyrex bitbake wrapper to query the metadata it needs if it needs it18:50
* kergoth shrugs18:51
JPEWrewitt: Ya, it should. It actually bypasses runqemu and lets your run it locally (instead of inside the container)18:51
JPEWrewitt: Which works because of the magic of uninative ;)18:51
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rewittrewitt: Yeah, I guess crops is mostly for CI people who don't want the setup parts of pyrex. I do know of users who will run "docker run crops/poky some_other_command_other_than_bash_or_bitbake"18:55
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rewittJPEW: I suppose if two different tools serves a purpose there is no harm in having two. But perhaps consolidating some of the dynamic user/group creation might be worth investigating.18:56
kergothpyrex can wrap any command you want it to, within reason. there's a config file. you can also use pyrex-shell to run arbitrary commands. i use the latter to rsync files out of the volume in the case where i'm building on a host with case insensitive workspace, i.e. on macos18:57
rewittIt's funny because pyrex behaves a lot like what I had intended when I first made https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXHLAWveh7Y&list=PLbzoR-pLrL6pSlkQDW7RpnNLuxPq6WVUR&index=56. i.e. The container starts and then exits18:59
rewittUgh wrong link, https://github.com/crops/yocto-dockerfiles/blob/master/helpers/runbitbake.py18:59
rewittAnd I remember, at the time I was like "I don't want the user to have to do any setup other than install docker", but I don't think that's necessarily a rarity anymore. :)19:01
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wyrety rewitt 😄19:23
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wyrebut I don't get why do you say pyrex is more transparent than crops once set up 🤔19:39
kergothit automatically creates wrapper scripts to run the tools in the container without having to do anything else. 'bitbake' runs bitbake in the container, etc19:40
kergothno special setup, no change in your workflow, other than using the pyrex setup script19:40
kergoththat is, you don' thave to 'enter' the container and use vim, etc in there, or use your own wrapper functions or anything special. you can use your host development tooling and use the wrappers to only run the build inside19:41
kergothdoing that with crops is workable, it's just less automatic and transparent19:41
kergothI used to use my own wrapper scripts with a crops container, for example19:41
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wyrekergoth, I love vim19:51
wyreI think I must read more about pyrex workflow19:53
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rewittwyre: Just to be clear, you don't have to use vim in the container, you can still access all the files on the host system using vim in a different terminal. The difference is really with crops, I will have two terminals open, one for running bitbake, and one for running every other command. Whereas with pyrex you wouldn't have to do that.19:56
wyrerewitt, I guess when you run bitbake you are starting a new building process, right¿19:57
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rewittwyre: Yes, or one of the other things bitbake will do such as show you the values of variables in the metadata.20:19
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kiwi_29hello...what is the difference between Yocto ADT and (e)SDK . Both seem to be providing the same solution21:17
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JPEWrewitt: Ya, some of the stuff Pyrex has to do for the user/group parts are... interesting :)21:42
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rburtonkiwi_29: ADT is a precursor to the SDK and is *just* the compiler+tools.  a SDK for an image is compiler, tools, and the libraries/headers for that image21:51
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kiwi_29thanks rburton then probably SDK is the one which everybody would use...no?  what use is adt then ?  because target sysroot which contains headers and libs (assuming sdk provides sysroot and not adt) is needed for writing apps that run on target .22:18
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rburtonkiwi_29: correct, nobody should be using the ADT unless they have special needs22:50
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