Thursday, 2020-11-12

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nrossikhem: you still around? I've noticed an oddity with gcc-runtime and x86 where libatomic/etc override -march (via configure.tgt). Have you seen this? looks like qemux86 avoids compile errors cause it explicitly adds -msse00:15
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khemyes we try to target generic tunes but it is configured for specific00:16
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nrossikhem: so it is correct for libgomp to be compiled like so? ... -m32 -march=core2 -mtune=core2 -msse3 -mfpmath=sse ... -march=i486 -mtune=i686 ... libgomp/alloc.c00:18
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khemwhich tuning are you using00:55
khemgenerally we nullify what gcc runtime wants to do00:56
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nrossikhem: sorry didn't see your message. The args i just posted are with qemux86, the tune i was using (which has build failures) is custom but is basically just CCARGS "-march=westmere -mtune=btver2 -mfpmath=sse" ontop of tune-x8601:59
nrossikhem: i think the problem is that this x86 check in configure.tgt (;a=blob;f=libgomp/configure.tgt;h=1863287fa0d4f66cbb4c2421808e4208bdf9e50c;hb=HEAD#l82) is adding those args which are undesirable. It seems to be specific to only a few of libgomp/libatomic/etc.02:01
khemnrossi:  only think this will need is atomic instructions  and we do not build for i386 so we should be ok to remove this02:09
nrossikhem: you mean remove the addition of the args? or should "--with-arch" be plumbed in for i386?02:12
khempatch the tgt file to not use it02:17
nrossikhem: ok, i presume that is something that is not upstreamable correct? so just an oe-core patch yes?02:18
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khemI think its just for oe since we use own cflags02:33
nrossikhem: is it worth changing it so the detection checks for march in CFLAGS like it checks for -m64/etc.? could make it upstreamable?02:35
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nrossior is CFLAGS overrides with march just not something upstream supports?02:36
khemyeah if we can  implement the logic where it will set it based upon whats in CFLAGS that will perhaps work upstream too02:46
nrossiok, will have a look into it :)02:47
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX08:00
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koty0fqschulz: erbo: thanks for helping me out yesterday. I solved the issue. `machine-id` file was created by so I patched the file with patchdir=${WORKDIR}. Works like a charm:)09:59
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qschulzkoty0f: \o/10:02
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yannI'm trying to understand how selftests are run: after a build then a failure on first run because of missing package on build host, it refuses to run again because build-st already exists (!?), and if I follow the hint given on IRC of using "-j1" I have the surprise of seeing a new build-st-$PID appearing and everything rebuilding from scratch...12:06
yannisn't there some more reasonable solution, really ?12:06
yannWell, maybe the biggest problem comes from SSTATE_DIR being under TOPDIR - wouldn't it be reasonable to notify the poor soul between chair and keyboard that such a sstate wil just be a problem ?12:10
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RPyann: I guess there are some assumptions in the system about having a "sane" sstate setup by the time you run the selftests12:49
RPyann: TOPDIR isn't wrong as such, its just not optimal for selftest12:50
RPpreviously we did just reuse the build directory but that wasn't deterministic for the tests so we can't win12:50
RobertBerger@RP I am playing around with dunfell and your SPDX patch. I thought it checks per package, but I see things like this: glibc-2.31+gitAUTOINC+6fdf971c9d-r0 do_package: License for package glibc is {'GPL-2.0 WITH Linux-syscall-note'} vs GPLv2 & LGPLv2.1.  GPL with out the L comes from glibc tests.12:53
RPRobertBerger: it sounds like its looking at the main license rather than the package license? That is possible, I've not looked for a while12:54
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RobertBerger@RP OK - I might have  look at it then, as time permits. In general our licensing tooling seems to analyze whatever is built and not e.g. what ends up in the target, meaning too many "false positives".12:56
RobertBerger@RP So I guess, what people usually do, is post processing of the info.12:57
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RobertBergerI think I have a fix for ipk package/feed signing with uses gpg-native, but I am not sure why it uses gpg-native instead of the gpg of my hosts Linux ;)13:08
RPRobertBerger: right, yes. This was purely an experiment to compare the data from the sources with data from the license field13:08
RPRobertBerger: because we don't like dependencies on the host system? I know gpg is a nightmare in the context of the autobuilder and testing13:09
RobertBerger@RP: SPDX: Sure, just looking into how it works and maybe to improve it. It's very interesting. But, as you know, only a few source files use SPDX at all ;)13:10
RPRobertBerger: the kernel isn't "few" and its massively increasing13:11
RobertBerger@RP: SPDX: Yes I know, but it's GPLv2 ;) and one package13:12
yannRP: "not optimal" is an understatement :D13:12
RPyann: I agree it needs improvement and we would take patches which improve things without breaking our testing or getting in users way13:13
RobertBerger @RP: gpg: The latest version on Ubuntu 18 can not deal with "parallel" invocation. It runs out of "secure" memory. gpg-native can deal with it.13:13
RPRobertBerger: hence why we have gpg-native ;-)13:14
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RobertBerger@RP: Yes I know, but it's not used by default ;)13:14
RPRobertBerger: hmm, it should be? :/13:14
RobertBerger@RP: only for rpms:
RobertBerger@RP: I added the last few lines from above to
RobertBergerand this seems to fix it ;)13:15
RPRobertBerger: sounds like we need patches and new tests13:15
RobertBergeripk signing is broken in many ways.13:15
RPRobertBerger: hence the need for tests!13:16
RobertBergerIt's tests and doc.13:16
RobertBergerI amused myself a couple of days now to have something, which, I think, works.13:16
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RobertBergerLet me get it in "some" state and I'll show it.13:17
RPRobertBerger: sounds good, its something we do want to be able to support13:18
RobertBergerAs far as I can say it's not too bad patch-wise: just those few lines added, but inconsistencies e.g. defaults in the signing classes and opk. opkg default to binary signatures and classes to ASCII.13:18
RobertBergerAnd also some bbappends for opk and opk-keyring13:19
RobertBergerLet  me test it and I'll write up something (including the gpg key stuff) and then we can see how to push this further.13:20
RobertBerger@RP: i am pretty confident we can support it. I tried it with ipk and not rpms, but I think it's very similar there. rpms might be better supported.13:21
RPRobertBerger: I'm fairly sure there are rpm tests13:22
RobertBergernot sure about the situation with keys and rpms, but it should be relatively easy to check this as well.13:22
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RobertBergerOne major issues I had was, that key on the target was not "trusted" and I added a new function to "opkg-key" to make it work.13:23
yannRP: is it expected that between 2 runs sharing the same sstate, quite some build tasks need to be rerun ?13:23
yann(oe-selftest runs)13:24
RPyann: depends how you're sharing sstate13:24
RPyann: also depends upon the tests13:24
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RPyann: some tests have to build from scratch and are designed not to pull from or push back into sstate due to what is being tested13:26
RPyann: sorry, is "runs" here selftest runs or normal builds?13:27
yannI just adjusted SSTATE_DIR not to use TOPDIR but an absolute path, so most artifacts are indeed reused from initial build, but my first run failed because sudo wants a password (and I'm not going to change that), so I ran sudo to unlock it thinking it would just have to run the tests now, just not apparently :|13:27
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yannselftest runs only13:27
yannspecifically, "oe-selftest -r runtime_test.SystemTap.test_crosstap_helloworld -j 1"13:28
RPyann: the only sudo thing needed is for the tap/tun device. You can preload those in advance, then selftest won't need it13:29
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RPI'd expect that systemtap tests should build mostly from sstate but it will probably include a kernel build since the stap target pieces won't be written to sstate13:29
yannthat could be reasonable, but util-linux, sqlite3, libxcb and such are quite unexpected here13:31
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RobertBergersystemtap with a valid SSTATE will not work, since there will be no kernel sources available to build against.13:32
RPyann: are you using hashequiv?13:32
RPyann: ok, that rules out that idea. I agree those things should be being reused and would like to understand why they're not too :/13:33
yannat least the test passed13:35
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yannwow, it does indeed rebuild the kernel for each individual systemtap test, even in a single run :/13:47
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RobertBerger@yann: I am not sure it needs to rebuilt the kernel every time, but it needs the kernel sources and to build a kernel module against it from the .stp script.13:58
RobertBerger@yann So, I guess, we have a very special case with systemtap. If you would use SSTATE or an SSTATE mirror the kernel sources would not be available and it could not build against them.14:00
RobertBerger@yann not sure how this is handled in the tests. --no-setscene I guess, but then again, it builds a lot of stuff.14:01
RPyann: hmm, that doesn't sound good :/14:01
RPyann: there is definitely a ton of optimisation which could be done in oe-selftest14:03
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yannI don't really see how the qemu's IP address gets passed to the tests themselves - esp. how "crosstap -r root@ ..." gets to reach qemu (and the fact it requires 30min rebuild each time I attempt to launch this is quickly going to scare me away)16:24
RobertBerger@yann: If you run qemu manually those are the addresses it usually gets. Can you try to run qemu manually somehow and try if those addresses 7.1 and 7.1 are valid?16:28
RobertBerger7.1 and 7.216:28
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yannRobertBerger: yes it does get that when running "runqemu", however that still blocks on sudo even with tun and tap kmodules loaded16:34
marexyann: shouldnt your user be in some group which can configure the tun/tap OR dont you need an entry in sudoers ?16:37
marexkhem: can you pick 'freerdp: Add missing libxkbcommon WL dependency' for meta-openembedded please ?16:37
khemis it on ml ? if not send it16:40
yannmarex: requiring a group would seem reasonable, but the script really seems to like sudo :|16:40
marexkhem: it is16:40
yannthere is runqemu-gen-tapdevs too, but that's quite intrusive on the system, too16:40
moto-timoyann: have you run the runqemu-gentap-devs command? that uid:gid should be the user/group that will actually be running qemu/testimage16:40
moto-timoI've been working on a systemd solution to have tap devices created at startup, but it hasn't been smooth so far16:41
yannthat one seems really suitable for a container that will run tests, but not for a workstation16:41
* moto-timo not a networking expert16:41
moto-timoyann: I have always used the runqemu-gen-tapdevs and I create (if it doesn't exist) a netdev group16:42
moto-timoso my user and the CI system are both members of netdev16:42
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moto-timobut I am still in search of a cleaner solution with systemd16:42
yannIIRC I was using something for qemu networking that did not have such root perms requirement, in a previous life (and time flies, I'll have to re-dig from scratch)16:44
moto-timoslirp, but that is user space and slower16:44
moto-timoI won't intentionally use any tool that is slower16:44
khemmarex:  its already in master did you check ?16:45
moto-timoalso, I won't intentionally run things that require root perms... you get only the perms you need16:45
moto-timorunning containers as --privileged. NO.16:46
yannno that was not slirp.  things come gradually back into main memory as I browse the docs16:46
marexkhem: d'oh, I was still rebasing on dunfell ... so, I guess i should send another patch for dunfell too16:48
marexkhem: thanks for the heads up16:48
yannI was using the socket backend.  The use-case was different, essentially inter-VM communiactions.  I had a specific qemu process (with processor not running, kinda kludgy) acting solely as a network switch (with the equivalent of "-netdev socket,id=mynet0,listen=:1234" passed by the controlling process to create ports on the switch, dynamically), and the VM's connecting with "-netdev socket,id=mynet0,connect=:1234"16:50
moto-timoyann: interesting16:51
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yannand I probably had a special port on that virtual switch that was bridged to a permanent tap device16:51
moto-timothat would make sense...16:51
yannthat way I only had a single-shot config as root, and everything else unpriviledged16:51
moto-timothere are many things in runqemu and oe-selftest that made sense at the time but could use some updates...16:52
moto-timoor "there I fixed it" solutions where it worked and nobody ever went back to re-factor it16:52
moto-timoplus teams have changed... so continuity of devs is a factor16:53
yannsure :)16:53
yannand the tap solution is the one advertized everywhere, so usually people take the road with signs :)16:53
moto-timoto be honest, I frequently take the command that 'runqemu' outputs and tweak it manually, but the simpler starting point is still welcome :)16:55
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RPthe tap solution works out really well on the automated testing which helps a bit too16:59
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marexkhem: do you want me to submit it or can you pick it for 3.2 and 3.1 ?18:17
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kergothI just realized I'm procrastinating by watching a ted talk on procrastination.18:19
ShaunI can only hope it's the Sam Battle one18:21
kergothit is now18:24
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khemkergoth: is it the one by Tim Urban ? its so funny20:10
kergothkhem: yeah. instant gratitification monkey <320:10
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kergothhis blog post on the subject is good too. actually a lot of his posts are on wait but why20:10
khemyeah, but I think procrastination is also helpful, because it does not end the thread but puts it to sleep, so subconscious is still processing it :)20:11
kergothtrue, i think it depends on whether it's preventing you from taking action at all, or if it's a stepping away from it for a time20:13
khemmultithreaded concurrent systems are efficient20:13
khemonly problem is concurrency should not be left to everybody20:13
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khemsometimes its helping you to take action that you are not yet ready for20:14
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khemwhich is to 'defer'20:15
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mischiefhow does file-rdeps QA check work with virtual recipes? a recipe we have is failing the file-rdeps QA check, but we do have a provider for the required library in a virtual DEPENDS21:33
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ShikadiI have a (hopefully) easy question, I found online bitbake --interactive, which doesn't seem to exist in my setup. Was this feature moved/removed? I'd like to for example be able to run "bitbake -f -c compile package_a" followed by "bitbake package_b" without reloading all the recipes every time21:54
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mischiefit looks to me like the file-rdeps QA check ignores PROVIDES and PREFERRED_PROVIDER. is this intentional or a bug?22:51
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ShikadiAnswer to my question was "bitbake --server-only -T -1" in case anyone curious reads the scrollback23:27
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