Monday, 2020-11-23

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mckoangood morning07:41
LetoThe2ndmckoan: mostly :P07:43
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DanmerZHi! My image build fails on do_rootfs step with "Exception: PermissionError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/home/hdd/apricot/build/tmp/work/image-ui/1.0-r0/rootfs/lib/modules/4.14.202-perf'08:09
DanmerZPython exception08:09
DanmerZmodules -> /usr/lib/modules/08:12
DanmerZFor some reasons I have this link08:12
LetoThe2ndDanmerZ: have you tried building without perf?08:16
DanmerZno, how to do it?08:17
LetoThe2ndwell i don't know why it is in your image, thats seomthing you ought to have decided.08:19
DanmerZI see there is a recipe for it but it seems like the whole modules directory is a link to /usr/lib/modules and maybe perf is just the first one which gave the permission error08:20
LetoThe2ndthats possible, yes.08:22
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LetoThe2ndhm my test setup here doesn't have kernel modules. let me try.08:26
DanmerZI removed modules link but it still the same error, the link has been recreated08:27
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LetoThe2ndDanmerZ: i just verified that in a standard qemuarm build, /lib/modules is no link to anywhere, and perf builds fine. so whatever broke it, its something that your build added.08:35
DanmerZIs it a normal directory not a link?08:35
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bhstalelHi, I'm trying to work on display panel, and I need to add this "mxcfb0:dev=lcd,CLAA-WVGA,if=RGB666" to kernel parameters, on IMX8MM, where to set those parameters ?10:11
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LetoThe2ndbhstalel: usually either through bootloader (u-boot probably) or device tree defaults - it depends a bit on the exact board and boot strategy in use.10:13
bhstalelLetoThe2nd if I want to set it on u-boot, it should be in bootargs?10:14
ginjIs there a way to get bitbake to setup the sysroot for a specific package? I'm having an issue where a package that's listed in DEPENDS doesn't seem to get installed in the temporary sysroot10:15
mckoanbhstalel: kernel parameters are usually set in uboot bootargs10:15
ginjAnd the do_configure step is painfully slow for this specific package so if possible I'd like to avoid that10:15
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LetoThe2ndbhstalel: bootargs is passed as kernel cmdline, yes.10:17
LetoThe2ndginj: bitbake -c $TASKYOUWANTTORUN $RECIPE, basically?10:17
LetoThe2ndand listtasks gives you all available. probably theres a prepare_sysroot or such.10:18
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cengiz_iohello there. don't want to introduce noise on an active conversation but can someone help me with this? "ERROR: xxxxx-1.00+gitAUTOINC+00bc0410d3-r0 do_packagedata_setscene: The recipe xxxxx is trying to install files into a shared area when those files already exist." it's a kernel module recipe that has "inherit module"10:21
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cengiz_iotried cleaning tmp, cleaning sstate, nothing changed. this builds successfully on "thud" but not with "dunfell"10:21
ginjLetoThe2nd: yes, but I can't find the one for the setup for the temporary sysroot10:21
ginjOr am I just blind10:22
LetoThe2ndginj: then there probably is none, if you can't find it.10:22
LetoThe2ndcengiz_io: then find out what put those files already ther.10:23
cengiz_ioLetoThe2nd there's a huge dump of manifests after error, none of them has the exact same naming as my kernel module10:24
LetoThe2ndcengiz_io: it's almost certainly hidden somewhere in that huge list, but you'll have to dig yourself.10:25
cengiz_ioLetoThe2nd how can I get files of those packages?10:25
LetoThe2nd"those packages"?10:25
LetoThe2ndmaybe oe-pkgdata-util can help you.10:26
cengiz_ionvm I think I'll go into tmp/pkgdata/rakun/runtime and check out its tree10:27
cengiz_ionothing matches any of my files introduced with my custom module. damn.10:30
zand__cengiz_io: i guess you need to be a bit more specific on which machine you're using, which module you built, and what is the actual file your build complains about. it might be that you're trying to install a module which has the same name and is built from kernel source already.10:30
ginjAh, duh, all tasks are listed in the temp folder of the specific package and a populate_sysroot task is there10:31
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LetoThe2ndginj: :)10:34
cengiz_iozand__ noted. here's my module recipe
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cengiz_ioit adds a directory under /etc to contain firmware and parameter files.10:35
LetoThe2ndpaulbarker: you beat me to it!10:36
paulbarkerLetoThe2nd: I beat you to what?10:36
LetoThe2ndpaulbarker: you will know.10:37
cengiz_iozand__ and here's the bitbake output of conflicting files:
paulbarkerLetoThe2nd: It's a Monday morning I'm still easily confused10:38
LetoThe2ndpaulbarker: all the better.10:38
cengiz_iofiles --> places10:38
cengiz_iozand__ my machine is based on imx6qdl, my kernel module is a closed source broadcom wifi driver, the conflicting file is by no means mentioned in error logs :(10:41
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zand__cengiz_io: so you have precompiled kernel module in blob?10:49
cengiz_ionope. it gets compiled by bitbake.10:49
cengiz_iozand__ I think my structure is wrong. I've renamed my recipe and put it inside recipes-kernel/kernel-modules/kernel-module-bcmdhd_1.00.bb10:50
cengiz_iowill see how it goes10:50
zand__cengiz_io: please separate FW and module into 2 separate recipes, i'm not sure why would you do them in one10:50
cengiz_ioI was using and inheriting "module" class, with PROVIDES = "kernel-module-${PN}"10:51
cengiz_iozand__ will do that. thanks. it didn't need them at first..10:51
zand__cengiz_io: sure, please give it a try. and firmware files are usually installed into "${nonarch_base_libdir}/firmware", which in your case should resolve to "/lib/firmware". there is an example in meta-freescale you can look at, it is under recipes-bsp10:53
cengiz_iozand__thank you.10:54
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zand__you can also take "inspiration" from the way how Qualcom FW and modules are separated in meta-freescale. OOT module in built here: recipes-kernel/kernel-modules/, and firmware package - here: recipes-bsp/firmware-qca/firmware-qca9377_3.0.2.bb10:57
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zand__cengiz_io: btw, what is the reason you re-define "MODULES_INSTALL_TARGET" variable? is your Makefile malformed? iirc, this defines the build target for module, and it is normally resolves into "modules_install"11:01
cengiz_iozand__ my makefile is absolute bonkers.11:01
cengiz_ioit's not built in standard11:02
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cengiz_iowill rewrite it to conform to out-of-tree makefile.11:02
cengiz_iothat's another task awaiting.11:02
zand__cengiz_io: ah, ok... :(11:03
cengiz_iotheir official documentation says to build it outside and copy the file and `insmod` on every boot.... go figure11:03
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zand__cengiz_io: i've recently had similar situation with other HW module vendor and their OOT module - not a pleasant experience i must say. i was then lucky to find out that this HW module had an upstream driver already, and quickly turned to that one instead.11:06
cengiz_iolucky you. my part number doesn't even show up on google :D11:06
cengiz_iosuper secret11:06
zand__cengiz_io: "early adopter"! :D11:07
cengiz_ioas always.11:07
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zand__cengiz_io: try to split FW and module, check how it is done in meta-freescale for QCA, and post your results here. would be interesting if you solve it this way.11:09
cengiz_iowill definitely do. thanks a lot11:09
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vermaeteI'm missing pdflatex in yocto?  i'm I correct?11:23
vermaeteI'm using doxygen-native and it does build the tex files.11:24
vermaeteBut running pdflatex to generate a pdf from it doesn't work because it's missing pdflatex.11:24
vermaeteAnd at, no results on pdflatex nor latex.11:24
vermaetebtw: doxygen is called from cmake.11:25
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cengiz_iozand__ can  I ask you one more thing? "do_populate_sysroot: sstate found an absolute path symlink /build/tmp/work/myarmmachine-agl-linux-gnueabi/kernel-module-bcmdhd/1.00+gitAUTOINC+00bc0410d3-r0/sysroot-destdir/lib/modules/5.4.51-fslc+gcb0494913b61/source pointing at /build/tmp/work-shared/myarmmachine/kernel-source. Please replace this with a11:36
cengiz_iorelative link"11:36
cengiz_ioguess zand__ left11:36
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rburtonvermaete: right, there's no latex recipe yet11:39
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rburtonvermaete: a horrible workaround would be to add pdflatex to HOSTTOOLS in your local.conf, if you can assume that the buildhost has it11:46
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vermaete@rburton: I will check it.  thanks for the help11:51
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LetoThe2ndAlle deutschsprachigen Nutzer sind hiermit eingeladen -
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LetoThe2ndpaulbarker: found your unicorns already? nah seriously - is it possible to pass a -c populate_sdk_ext into kas through the .yml? or do i have to automate this otherwise?12:13
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cengiz_ioLetoThe2nd hi. did you ever bump into something like this: "do_populate_sysroot: sstate found an absolute path symlink ........./source pointing at /build/tmp/work-shared/machine/kernel-source. Please replace this with a relative link."13:36
cengiz_ioI'm pulling my hair out13:37
LetoThe2ndcengiz_io: nope. gut feeling says that the Makefile for said recipe is buggy and leaking host information/paths13:37
LetoThe2ndcengiz_io: i would absolutely dig into the build process of the offending source.13:38
cengiz_iorecipe's makefile is sucky that's for sure.13:38
cengiz_iobut it used to build..13:38
LetoThe2ndcengiz_io: well, maybe its something that hasn't triggered so far but was buggy ever since? i can't tell.13:40
cengiz_ioI need a clean, up to date makefile and kconfig for my module.13:40
* cengiz_io bangs head onto desk, trying to smash his brains out13:41
LetoThe2ndcengiz_io: "it used to build" can also mean like "i used to drive home drunk, never had an accident". but that doesn't mean that you should contine to drive when drunk - it means you should be happy you made it so far, and change :)13:41
cengiz_iowho told you that? ?!?!!?13:41
LetoThe2ndcengiz_io: need some sound for banging?13:41
cengiz_iowhy not13:42
LetoThe2ndat your service13:43
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cengiz_iogreat. now this: Problem: package packagegroup-core-tools-profile-1.0-r3.machinename requires lttng-modules, but none of the providers can be installed13:44
LetoThe2ndcengiz_io: i personally just don't pull in tools-profile as its often way too much, and some are problematic as you just see, but rather manually add those that i really need.13:45
cengiz_iohow can I NOT pull it?13:46
cengiz_ioI'm using an image provided by automotive grade linux 10.0.013:46
LetoThe2ndcengiz_io: create a custom image :)13:50
LetoThe2ndbut that actually sounds more like you have "tools-profile" in your IMAGE_FEATURES somewher13:51
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mcfriskcengiz_io: you need to understand what brings the dependency to images and break the dependecy|ies. bitbake -e output and buildhistory can show the RDEPENDS14:00
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paulbarkerLetoThe2nd: It's not well documented but there is a "tasks" property you can set. See
LetoThe2ndpaulbarker: ah nice, thanks. my build container might be on an outdated version still, but its definitively worth giving it a try.14:04
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mcfriskwhen ever I have dependecy problems, I grep through the meta layers and buildhistory to see where does the dependency come from and how can I resolve it. and before adding a layer, I manually review all files in it to have an overview of the contents..14:05
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LetoThe2ndpaulbarker: LOL @genau14:08
*** xtron <xtron!~xtron@> has quit IRC14:10
*** xtron <xtron!~xtron@> has joined #yocto14:10
paulbarkerLetoThe2nd: I just have to be careful I post from the correct account now haha14:12
cengiz_ioLetoThe2nd I've extended an image already but sure I can try removing that. if possible.14:14
cengiz_iomcfrisk the problem is error message is very cryptic14:15
cengiz_io`package lttng-modules-2.11.2-r0.machine requires kernel-module-lttng-uprobes` AND `package packagegroup-core-tools-profile-1.0-r3.machine requires lttng-modules, but none of the providers can be installed`14:16
LetoThe2ndcengiz_io: no, thats the wrong approach. don't remove things. if you have to remove something that you don't actually want, why are you using an image that even adds it in the first place? see. take the image as a starting point, copy it over, and throw out stuff.14:16
cengiz_ioLetoThe2nd the image in question is `agl-image-graphical-qt5`14:17
cengiz_ioit inherits lots of stuff which I don't really care about14:17
LetoThe2ndcengiz_io: so what? just because it carries "agl" in its name, it is holy and must be used as-is?14:17
cengiz_iono because I'm cargo cult programming and I want my image to be updated as the upstream updates14:18
LetoThe2ndtake the recipe, rename it to "unholy-image", and go wild.14:18
LetoThe2ndcengiz_io: then if you are following upstream sclose, why doesn't it even build? ;-)14:18
cengiz_ionot tested enough on imx6 I guess14:18
paulbarkercengiz_io: You may also try #automotive for AGL14:19
LetoThe2ndor it is just not meant for your machine...14:19
smurraycengiz_io: as I mentioned the other day, that image hasn't been tested in quite a while.  The issue seems unrelated to AGL to me, though14:19
paulbarkerI know there's been some work recently to support imx8 but not sure about imx614:19
cengiz_iohaha the worst part is whenever I google, my chat logs show up14:20
Ben47Picking up on my issue from Friday ("posthook" task after builing all images). As LetoThe2nd suggested last week I created a multiconfig setup, and one of the configs one should add an additional release task after all images have been built. Now I am currently struggling whilst trying to run a function "do_release" defined in a bbclass file at the14:20
Ben47correct time during the build. I tried to INHERIT the bbclass and calling the task within KAS, which did not work (not defined). I also tried using a handler and setting eventmask to `bb.event.BuildStarted bb.event.BuildCompleted` which would run twice, probably due to the multi-config. Any ideas?14:20
*** thaytan <thaytan!> has quit IRC14:21
cengiz_iosmurray LetoThe2nd perhaps this is the culprit: CONFIG_FUNCTION_TRACER=y14:21
LetoThe2ndBen47: nah, if you want to bundle n images, then you have an image recipe n+1, which essentially pulls in recipes that package the artifacts from the other builds. its a mc: form of DEPENDS14:22
cengiz_iowhich is already enabled.. sadface14:22
cengiz_iowill try checking menuconfig for such a module.14:25
*** sno <sno!> has joined #yocto14:25
Ben47LetoThe2nd: ah, I see. That was basically my first attempt, just without the mc. '=D  thanks, will try14:28
*** manuel1985 <manuel1985!> has quit IRC14:29
LetoThe2ndBen47: you have to lookup the exact syntax, but you get the idea.14:29
*** leonanavi <leonanavi!~Leon@> has joined #yocto14:36
cengiz_ionow devtool modify fails to find defconfig...14:36
cengiz_ioso can't drop to menuconfig14:36
cengiz_iomaybe I should quit my job and start a carpentry instead14:36
cengiz_iohow can it build my kernel but fail to init devtool modify?14:36
*** leon-anavi <leon-anavi!~Leon@> has quit IRC14:37
*** sagner <sagner!~ags@2a02:169:3df5::4db> has joined #yocto14:37
LetoThe2ndqschulz: maybe you?14:38
*** leon-anavi <leon-anavi!~Leon@> has joined #yocto14:38
* LetoThe2nd hardly ever does kernel work, but if, then the non-yocto way.14:38
smurraycengiz_io: that's not surprising to me, devtool modify of BSP kernels is a crap shoot14:40
qschulzLetoThe2nd: I resist the urge to use devtool with the kernel, take way too long to do it (so I compile manually when need be)14:40
cengiz_iosmurray it works fine with icefish 9.0.14:40
*** leonanavi <leonanavi!~Leon@> has quit IRC14:40
cengiz_iowhat do you suggest? compiling kernel outside of yocto?14:40
smurraycengiz_io: vs master?  that's thud vs dunfell, plenty to have broken in there14:40
qschulzcengiz_io: yup, then I use TFTP to load it from network14:41
cengiz_ioI'm on jellyfish 10.0.014:41
smurraycengiz_io: right, that's dunfell14:41
LetoThe2ndqschulz: heh, so same process as i have.14:41
cengiz_iowhat's the point of yocto then?!?!?14:41
cengiz_iouboot is outside build for me.14:41
cengiz_iowhat the heck14:41
qschulzcengiz_io: a *build* system not a test environment :p14:41
zeddiiyou do realize that yocto != devtool14:41
cengiz_iothis is getting seriously dumb14:41
cengiz_ioyeah but devtool allows me to configure my kernel and savedefconfig to my layer14:42
cengiz_iois it not?14:42
zeddiiI build kernels all day, every day, in yocto, without ever using devtool14:42
zeddiiand probably never will.14:42
cengiz_ioyes I do as well14:42
qschulzcengiz_io: not really, you can use menuconfig and savedefconfig tasks14:42
smurraythe kernel is coming from a BSP layer, devtool so far doesn't handle the vagarities of kernel recipes in all BSP layers14:42
zeddiiyah. like smurray said, crap shoot.14:42
cengiz_ioit does. with thud14:42
smurraythings change14:43
LetoThe2ndzeddii: HEEEEEEEY DON'T BURST MY BUBBLE!!!!14:43
zeddiiI just woke up, and there's the first snow on the ground. so my mood is worse than a normal monday.14:43
* LetoThe2nd quickly covers in 10 layers of bubblewrap14:43
smurraycengiz_io: devtool is looking for a maintainer if you've got cycles14:43
zeddiismurray: you in lockdown ? or did you escape that ?14:43
qschulz cengiz_io just to be sure you didn't miss it, you can actually execute the menuconfig and savedefconfig tasks with bitbake14:43
smurrayzeddii: I live in Toronto, so back to lockdown14:43
*** amitk_ <amitk_!~amit@unaffiliated/amitk> has joined #yocto14:43
zeddiigood times!14:44
*** kaspter <kaspter!~Instantbi@> has quit IRC14:44
cengiz_ioqschulz will try that now14:44
*** leonanavi <leonanavi!~Leon@> has joined #yocto14:44
qschulzyou just need to steal the defconfig from the WORKDIR of the kernel and put it in your recipe14:44
cengiz_iobecause my defconfig is  definitely in the right place of my layer14:44
*** jobroe <jobroe!> has quit IRC14:44
qschulzcengiz_io: I didn't follow a thing of your discussion unfortunately :/14:44
qschulzcengiz_io: what's the issue? defconfig not being applied or what?14:46
*** leonanavi <leonanavi!~Leon@> has quit IRC14:46
*** manuel1985 <manuel1985!> has joined #yocto14:46
qschulzyou didn't modify the defconfig by hand DID YOU14:46
cengiz_iomy defconfig is in a `files` directory which is appended to my kernel bbappend `SRC_URI` as `file://defconfig`14:46
*** leonanavi <leonanavi!~Leon@> has joined #yocto14:46
cengiz_ioofc not!14:46
*** amitk <amitk!~amit@unaffiliated/amitk> has quit IRC14:46
cengiz_ionot that stupid14:46
*** jobroe <jobroe!> has joined #yocto14:46
smurraycengiz_io: so the AGL demo platform images effectively pull in the same stuff and build for the cubox-i and AFAIK imx6sabreautoqdl machines, so I suspect the issue is due to a local change of some kind in your tree14:46
*** leon-anavi <leon-anavi!~Leon@> has quit IRC14:47
cengiz_iosorry not relevant. it compiles.14:47
carlsb3rghow would I go about using grub for å bios machine?14:47
carlsb3rgwithout efi14:48
*** frsc <frsc!> has quit IRC14:48
*** frsc <frsc!> has joined #yocto14:49
cengiz_ioI won't be bothering you people anymore. thanks for all the suggestions. take care14:50
* cengiz_io starts spilling gas on desk with a lighter in hand14:51
smurraycengiz_io: no dates on that posting that I can see.  I can try a build here of cubox-i or imx6sabre for reference14:52
qschulzcengiz_io: if there's already a defconfig in a layer, check that the defconfig you're overriding isn't in a subdirectory of "files" in the original recipe (or a bbappend)14:52
qschulze.g. files/imx6qdl/defconfig14:53
qschulzin which case, you need to create the same layout in your bbappend14:53
wyreshould I extract the .bz2 file to get the .sdcard for flashing?14:53
*** amitk <amitk!~amit@unaffiliated/amitk> has joined #yocto14:53
wyreis it not generated the .sdcard image directly?14:53
qschulzwyre: you have to ask for sdcard to be created (or wic now with newer releases of Yocto)14:54
qschulzin IMAGE_FSTYPES IIRC14:54
wyreqschulz, and if I don't specify it could I extract the bz2 file?14:54
qschulzwyre: all depends what you want to do with it?14:55
qschulzIt's a tarball, so yes, you can extract a tarball :)14:56
*** amitk_ <amitk_!~amit@unaffiliated/amitk> has quit IRC14:56
wyreaccording to this (page 9) is UBOOT_CONFIG? qschulz14:59
wyrebut I cannot see just a .sdcard image15:00
wyreI can see the .sdcard.bz2 🤔15:00
*** rob_w <rob_w!~bob@unaffiliated/rob-w/x-1112029> has quit IRC15:08
cengiz_ioqschulz made sure of that. thanks15:09
cengiz_iosmurray WARNING: keko-image-1.0-r0 do_rootfs: Manifest /build/tmp/sstate-control/manifest-x86_64_x86_64-nativesdk-linux-fslc.package_write_rpm not found in keko armv7at2hf-neon armv7ahf-neon armv7at2hf-vfp armv7ahf-vfp armv6thf-vfp armv6hf-vfp armv5tehf-vfp armv5ehf-vfp armv5thf-vfp armv5hf-vfp allarch x86_64_x86_64-nativesdk (variant '')?15:09
cengiz_iodo_rootfs explodes at this. can it be something to do with COMPATIBLE string?15:09
cengiz_iochecked meta-freescale for example machine configs15:09
cengiz_ioI match them15:09
smurraycengiz_io: did you make a new machine template in AGL?15:10
cengiz_ioif icefish - jellyfish transition didn't change anything, it's the same15:10
smurraycengiz_io: did you copy the stuff to disable meta-freescale's dynamic tuning stuff from one of the other i.MX templates?15:10
cengiz_iohmm let me check15:11
smurraycengiz_io: I ask because w/o it you'd maybe see failures like that15:11
smurraycengiz_io: probably better to switch to #automotive15:12
cengiz_io # Disable meta-freescale package architecure mangling, as it causes15:12
cengiz_io   8 # issues with AGL's explicit setting of DEFAULTTUNE.15:12
cengiz_io   9 INHERIT_remove = "fsl-dynamic-packagearch"15:12
cengiz_io  10 MACHINE_SOCARCH = "${TUNE_PKGARCH}"15:12
cengiz_iosorry spam15:12
*** ThomasD13 <ThomasD13!> has quit IRC15:12
qschulzwyre: ah, well if you have sdcard.bz2, you should be able to only untar it before flashing it indeed15:12
qschulz(at least that's what the extension is telling me :) )15:12
wyreqschulz, if I untar I got the whole fs ... /root, /mnt, /home ... etc, you know15:13
qschulzwyre: how do you untar it?15:13
wyretar xfvj <imagename>.tar.bz215:15
qschulzwyre: why is is tar.bz2 suddenly and not sdcard.bz2?15:16
wyreqschulz, well, it's .rootfs.tar.bz215:17
qschulzwyre: that's not what you wrote15:17
*** iceaway <iceaway!~pelle@> has quit IRC15:17
wyre sdcard.bz2 is a link to rotfs.wic.bz2 qschulz15:18
qschulzwyre: wyre if you don't have an .sdcard.* file in your deploy dir, complain to your vendor. And/or add sdcard to IMAGE_FSTYPES15:18
qschulzwyre: then untar rootfs.wic.bz215:18
qschulzand dd the wic archive to your sdcard15:18
wyreqschulz, if I include IMAGE_FSTYPES = "sdcard" to my local.conf is not building 🤔15:19
qschulzwyre: untar the wic.bz2 archive15:19
wyreqschulz, it says that does not look like a tar archive15:20
qschulzwyre: my bad, I meant "uncompress" the wic.bz2 archive15:21
qschulzor extract if you will15:21
qschulzbzip2 -d according to Google15:22
wyreqschulz, well, now I have a .rootfs.wic file15:22
wyreshould I flash this with dd?15:22
*** amitk_ <amitk_!~amit@unaffiliated/amitk> has joined #yocto15:22
*** thaytan <thaytan!> has joined #yocto15:22
qschulzwyre: 16:18:46      qschulz | and dd the wic archive to your sdcard15:22
wyreand also I don't know why the build process is failing when I set IMAGE_FSTYPES = "sdcard"15:22
wyreupss, sorry15:23
qschulzwyre: don't know either but I suggested to *add* to IMAGE_FSTYPES, not replace it15:23
wyre+= ?15:23
qschulzit probably relies on other fs types and didn't set correctly the dependencies, wouldn't be surprising15:23
qschulzwyre: _append in conf files15:23
wyreso ... IMAGE_FSTYPES_append = "sdcard" ?15:24
qschulzwyre: almost there, with _append you need a leading space15:24
wyreso IMAGE_FSTYPES_append = " sdcard", right?15:25
*** amitk <amitk!~amit@unaffiliated/amitk> has quit IRC15:25
qschulzyes, BUT15:26
qschulzthis is deprecated since wic support15:26
qschulzso, probably wic now BUT YOU ALREADY HAVE IT so just forget about it15:26
qschulz(if you didn't have it already, you wouldn't have wic.bz215:26
wyreso ... you say qschulz sdcard images are deprecated?15:27
wyreand it's better to use wic?15:27
qschulzwyre: you said yourself it's a symlink15:27
qschulzjust flash the wic image on your sdcard15:27
*** amitk <amitk!~amit@unaffiliated/amitk> has joined #yocto15:27
qschulz(wic, not wic.bz2)15:27
*** Ninic0c0 <Ninic0c0!51ff1123@> has quit IRC15:28
wyreqschulz, doesn't build with _append either
wyreanyway ... I'm going to flash the .wic15:28
*** amitk_ <amitk_!~amit@unaffiliated/amitk> has quit IRC15:31
qschulzwyre: yeah, it's obsolete, replaced by wic instead of sdcard15:32
qschulzwyre: we have many people with old releases of Yocto, so never know what exactly I should recommend15:32
*** amitk_ <amitk_!~amit@unaffiliated/amitk> has joined #yocto15:32
qschulzwyre: and finally, UBOOT_CONFIG = "sd" is only for uboot (except if there's magic in your layers, one never knows what people or vendors do) to indicate it'll be loaded from sd instead of NAND probably15:33
qschulz|(just answering your previous question)15:33
*** amitk <amitk!~amit@unaffiliated/amitk> has quit IRC15:33
qschulzso if you want a non-compressed wic, you can probably just add wic to IMAGE_FSTYPES15:34
wyreqschulz, oh, I see15:39
wyreso IMAGE_FSTYPE_append = " wic"15:39
*** AndersD <AndersD!> has quit IRC15:43
*** habing_ <habing_!~habing@2a02:8388:6c0:1200:6e4:c92e:7e9d:99c0> has quit IRC15:46
qschulzI'm actually surprised wic.bz2 does not pull a wic dependency15:47
*** dleppich <dleppich!> has quit IRC15:48
Ben47LetoThe2nd: silly question: how would I ideally run the task in the "wrapper" image? I cannot set `addtask release after do_xy` as this is unreliable during rebuilds of the wrapper image (afaik). setting the task in KAS does not work either, as I also need to run the build task on the other multiconfig target, otherwise I get a nonexistent mc15:48
Ben47config error.15:48
LetoThe2ndBen47: what would you need a task for? you have recipes that pull in the dependency artifacts, and the image installs the packages those recipes provide15:50
*** thaytan <thaytan!> has quit IRC15:52
*** amitk <amitk!~amit@unaffiliated/amitk> has joined #yocto15:52
Ben47LetoThe2nd: the idea behind the release task  is to "prepare" the artifacts in a way the software is shipped to customers. So it is meant as a "post build" script for the build processes.15:54
*** amitk_ <amitk_!~amit@unaffiliated/amitk> has quit IRC15:55
Ben47LetoThe2nd: so we are not talking about a function native to yocto, but a custom task to run after the images (and sdk) were built. The idea behind including it into the yocto build process is to use the yocto build environment variables in this task.15:56
wyreqschulz, there is not any uImage but zImage15:56
wyreand my board cannot read the uImage (obviously because it doesn't exist even)15:57
wyrebut ... could I setup de board to read a zImage?15:57
*** amitk_ <amitk_!~amit@unaffiliated/amitk> has joined #yocto15:57
*** amitk <amitk!~amit@unaffiliated/amitk> has quit IRC15:58
Ben47LetoThe2nd: I begin to get the feeling we were talking past one another '=D15:58
wyrethe U-Boot needs a uImage apparently15:59
LetoThe2ndBen47: sounds a bit like it, yes. But i explicitly verified at least two times that you said "i want to crate things and bundle them into an image"15:59
wyreI guess I must specify this in the config variables?15:59
LetoThe2ndexternal things are well... external *shrug* to be honest, i don't have brain capacity to spare for it at the moment.15:59
*** xtron <xtron!~xtron@> has quit IRC16:01
*** xtron <xtron!~xtron@> has joined #yocto16:01
RPsakoman: your contrib branch for dunfell for yocto-autobuilder-helper doesn't have needed changes in so your build was mostly skipped16:03
sakomanah, ok will fix that!16:04
RPsakoman: I was thinking I'd broken it!16:04
Ben47LetoThe2nd: That's why I tried to explain the exact thing I wanted to do first. '=D  well it is internal to the extent as I am trying to figure out how to run a single yocto task after building multiple target images in one run. Thanks for trying to help at any rate :]16:04
LetoThe2ndBen47: yeah.. well, have fun anyways!16:05
qschulzwyre: bootz to boot zImage, bootm to boot uImage16:06
qschulzso load the zImage and read it with bootz16:06
qschulzalso, read the dtb16:06
qschulzbootz $kerneladdr - $dtbaddr16:06
qschulz(yes, you need the dash)16:06
wyreqschulz, I'm using 'run bootcmd_mmc' to run the dtb and kernel image16:08
qschulzwyre: editenv bootcmd_mmc and fix it :)16:08
wyreqschulz, should I set it as runloadzImage?16:09
*** amitk <amitk!~amit@unaffiliated/amitk> has joined #yocto16:10
cengiz_iois there a default value for FILESEXTRAPATHS?16:11
qschulzcengiz_io: no, but you're looking for FILESPATH probably?16:12
cengiz_iosome of the recipes in meta-freescale does not have FILESEXTRAPATHS_append but still manage to find files16:12
wyreqschulz, if I use 'bootz $kerneladdr - $dtbaddr' I get a message saying Bad Linux ARM zImage magic!16:12
qschulzwyre: did you load the kernel from the sdcard at $kerneladdr?16:12
wyreqschulz, how can I do that?16:12
*** leonanavi <leonanavi!~Leon@> has quit IRC16:13
qschulzwyre: mmc read probably since it comes from an sdcard16:13
*** gpanders <gpanders!> has quit IRC16:13
qschulzbut honestly, that's something you should ask your vendor16:13
*** leon-anavi <leon-anavi!~Leon@> has joined #yocto16:13
qschulzor go to #u-boot IRC chan16:13
cengiz_ioqschulz sadly not that. imagine a file what has "file://defconfig" in SRC_URI. what I generally do is append the ${PN} to FILESEXTRAPATHS so my files:// resolve to linux-fslc subdirectory16:13
qschulzi'm afk now16:13
*** amitk_ <amitk_!~amit@unaffiliated/amitk> has quit IRC16:13
qschulzcengiz_io: you shouldn't append but prepend16:14
qschulzand use :=16:14
cengiz_ioyou are going afk. let's talk about this later. cheers.16:14
*** amitk_ <amitk_!~amit@unaffiliated/amitk> has joined #yocto16:15
*** amitk <amitk!~amit@unaffiliated/amitk> has quit IRC16:15
wyreqschulz, could not I also generate a uImage?16:19
*** amitk <amitk!~amit@unaffiliated/amitk> has joined #yocto16:20
*** amitk_ <amitk_!~amit@unaffiliated/amitk> has quit IRC16:21
*** amitk_ <amitk_!~amit@unaffiliated/amitk> has joined #yocto16:27
*** amitk <amitk!~amit@unaffiliated/amitk> has quit IRC16:30
OutBackDingookies question, Ive acquired a couple of Compex WPQ873 boards, which run CompexWRT (OpenWRT Chaos Calmer fork) based on the Qualcomm Atheros IPQ8072A "Hawkeye" processor... any insight to getting yocto onboard? I see meta-qcom appears to be mostly dragonboard based16:31
zandreycengiz_io: you can use kernel fragments to amend the config in linux-fslc.16:31
zandreyand if you have an append - then you need to prepend the FILESEXTRAPATHS16:32
cengiz_iozandrey thanks. but I think the problem is much bigger. defconfig doesn't get used by bitbake16:33
cengiz_iowhich is a problem on meta-freescale side16:33
* cengiz_io cries16:33
zandreycengiz_io: this is a very interesting find of yours! :) i actually dropped it in, and updated it...16:34
cengiz_ioit just uses the defconfig that is shipped by it16:34
cengiz_ioreally? right now?16:34
zandreynope, quite some time ago. today i just did the upgrade to 5.4.7916:35
*** gpanders <gpanders!> has joined #yocto16:35
zandreyplease have a look at the log from do_fetch and do_unpack for the kernel recipe16:35
cengiz_iozandrey I don't know what's wrong with me. I have my layer/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-fslc/linux-fslc_5.4.bbappend and near that linux-fslc subdirectory with defconfig16:35
cengiz_iomy layer has 99 priority16:36
cengiz_ioI'm getting worse at this.16:36
cengiz_iozandrey build/tmp/log is empty. where are they?16:37
zandreyif you change the defconfig in meta-freescale - does it propagates to your build? if it does - this means that at least the defconfig supplied in the meta-freescale is the one used in the build16:37
cengiz_iozandrey it definitely is being used16:38
zandreytmp/work/<your funky machine>/linux-fslc/<version>/temp16:38
PaowZI read "funky", I come by that chan..16:39
zandreyok, then it should be a problem with the append you have16:39
cengiz_iofound the unpack log16:39
zandreycan you also post it somewhere?16:39
cengiz_ioNOTE: Unpacking /yocto/meta-localdev/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-fslc/defconfig to /build/tmp/work/FUNKY-agl-linux-gnueabi/linux-fslc/5.4.51+gitAUTOINC+d051c7c9af-r0/16:40
cengiz_iothat seems right16:40
*** RobertBerger <RobertBerger!> has quit IRC16:40
zandreycengiz_io: correct, this points to that your defconfig is taken into the build.16:41
cengiz_iozandrey wow I regret never reading this before16:41
cengiz_ioand I just appended a silly string to default cmdline just to verify it16:42
cengiz_ioat least something is working. heh.16:42
zandreycengiz_io: :D logs are eternal source of info!16:42
zandreyso now we know your config is there, what is the actual problem you face? ;)16:43
cengiz_ioI came from the inferno called java development. I'm allergic to logs16:43
zandreycengiz_io: ufff... really sorry to hear that. :) welcome to the bright side of life then!16:44
cengiz_iomy do_rootfs fails with manifest not being found16:44
cengiz_io` do_rootfs: Manifest /build/tmp/sstate-control/manifest-x86_64_x86_64-nativesdk-linux-fslc.package_write_rpm not found in FUNKY armv7at2hf-neon armv7ahf-neon armv7at2hf-vfp armv7ahf-vfp armv6thf-vfp armv6hf-vfp armv5tehf-vfp armv5ehf-vfp armv5thf-vfp armv5hf-vfp allarch x86_64_x86_64-nativesdk (variant '')?`16:44
cengiz_iobut I've changed a gazillion of things, it might pass this time16:45
*** JPEW <JPEW!~JPEW@2605:a601:ac3d:c100:e3e8:d9:3a56:e27d> has quit IRC16:45
cengiz_iokernel compiles fine. now the moment of truth..16:46
*** w00die <w00die!~w00die@> has quit IRC16:46
cengiz_iobtw if you guys didn't know already, kernel script scripts/extract-ikconfig can extract .config from zImage16:47
zandreycengiz_io: this [manifest-x86_64_x86_64-nativesdk-linux-fslc.package_write_rpm] manifest is rather strange... you should have the one called [manifest-<funky machine>-linux-fslc.package_write_rpm]16:47
*** w00die <w00die!~w00die@> has joined #yocto16:47
cengiz_ioI'm going to rename my machine after this16:48
cengiz_ioracoon is a lot less cooler than funky16:48
PaowZI agree.16:48
zandreythis suggests me you compile linux-fslc for x86_64 somehow!16:48
zandreyif you can post your redacted version of append somewhere, i might take a look to see what can be wrong16:50
*** xtron <xtron!~xtron@> has quit IRC16:50
cengiz_iothat's an image I presume16:52
zeddiianyone have ops ?16:53
*** Ben47 <Ben47!> has quit IRC16:53
PaowZsorry, buddies..16:54
PaowZcengiz_io: indeed, I hope you can read base64 from head..16:54
*** mbulut <mbulut!> has quit IRC16:54
zandreycengiz_io: this is how my sstate-control looks like for imx8mmevk machine and linux-fslc-imx package (IPK package format used):16:56
zandrey<snip>/sstate-control$ ls *linux-fslc*16:56
*** amitk <amitk!~amit@unaffiliated/amitk> has joined #yocto16:57
*** RobertBerger <RobertBerger!> has joined #yocto16:57
cengiz_ioPaowZ I hate you made me decode this.16:57
*** JPEW <JPEW!~JPEW@> has joined #yocto16:58
cengiz_iozandrey let me check16:58
PaowZcengiz_io: that´s right ! Here funky raccoons ! Best of both world !! xD16:59
cengiz_iozandrey I wish I had a powerful machine. instead of this i517:00
*** amitk_ <amitk_!~amit@unaffiliated/amitk> has quit IRC17:00
zandreycengiz_io: append seems legit. i assume you derived defconfig from the one in meta-freescale layer? also, do you have proper MACHINEOVERRIDES defined in your conf/machine/funky.conf?17:01
*** mabnhdev <mabnhdev!6b0d4e3b@> has joined #yocto17:01
*** gsalazar <gsalazar!955a6fad@gateway/web/cgi-irc/> has quit IRC17:01
cengiz_iozandrey let me check17:02
cengiz_ioMACHINEOVERRIDES =. "mx6:mx6q:mx6dl:"17:02
cengiz_iono use-mainline-bsp17:02
*** AndersD <AndersD!> has joined #yocto17:03
*** JPEW <JPEW!~JPEW@> has quit IRC17:03
cengiz_io(don't know what that does)17:03
mabnhdevHi.  I am working in Dunfell.  For various reasons, I'm stuck using Linux kernel v4.14.  I can build and run my 4.14 kernel fine, but menuconfig no longer works.  I get LOTS of undefined references while it tries to build mconf.  Any guidance? Thanks.17:03
zandreycengiz_io: you can see the definition of 'use-mainline-bsp' in [meta-freescale/conf/machine/include/]. it is based on the variable IMX_DEFAULT_BSP, which defaults to "mainline". hence, if you use proper MACHINEOVERRIDES (which you do) - you can drop the line 15 in your kernel append file, it is not required17:06
zandreyCOMPATIBLE_MACHINE = "(mxs|mx5|mx6|vf|use-mainline-bsp|funky)" can go17:06
cengiz_iozandrey thanks. it was a cargo cult thing.17:06
cengiz_iorootfs just built! now complaining about No kickstart files from WKS_FILES . I know how to fix it!17:07
cengiz_ioI think17:07
zandreycengiz_io: your funky machine conf is messy i believe, it *should* be defined there17:08
cengiz_ioit is17:09
cengiz_iozandrey tbh I don't use the u-boot that's being built by yocto. I build it outside and flash it.17:12
cengiz_iocertain flashing modifications, memory tweaks etc. was too lazy to port it17:12
cengiz_iozandrey can it be due to my layer's extremely high priority? 99?17:13
*** AndersD <AndersD!> has quit IRC17:13
*** otavio__ <otavio__!> has quit IRC17:22
zandreycengiz_io: i guess priority should not make a difference here.17:24
cengiz_iozandrey any ideas?17:24
cengiz_ioimx-uboot-spl-bootpart.wks is shipped by default right?17:24
*** matthewzmd <matthewzmd!> has joined #yocto17:24
cengiz_iodoesn't seem so.17:25
cengiz_io meta-freescale/wic/imx-uboot-spl-bootpart.wks.in17:25
zandreyyes, is resides in meta-freescale/wic17:25
cengiz_iothere's a .in at the end17:25
cengiz_iooh my17:26
*** otavio <otavio!> has joined #yocto17:26
*** otavio <otavio!~otavio@debian/developer/otavio> has joined #yocto17:26
zandreyother way around: since your funky machine is a mere copy of imx6qdlsabreauto.conf - did you try to build your layer with that machine instead?17:26
*** fl0v0 <fl0v0!~fvo@> has quit IRC17:26
RobertBerger@cengiz_io: might actually be needed - if you want to use variables in there ;) No idea how it looks like.17:27
cengiz_iozandrey not with dunfell17:28
cengiz_iozandrey RobertBerger I've added .in suffix to WKS_FILE and crossed my fingers17:28
RobertBergerhehe OK ;)17:28
cengiz_iozandrey any feedback on my machine conf?17:29
cengiz_ioyour feedback is extremely valuable to n00bs like me right now17:29
*** JPEW <JPEW!~JPEW@2605:a601:ac3d:c100:e3e8:d9:3a56:e27d> has joined #yocto17:32
*** zillolo <zillolo!~zillolo@2a02:2455:39e:e000:3a33:1a2e:58e:43ab> has joined #yocto17:33
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*** megabread <megabread!~megabread@2a01:4b00:e031:2600:dd76:7114:f1fc:1507> has quit IRC17:36
zandreycengiz_io: apart from SERIAL_CONSOLE, which you can replace with SERIAL_CONSOLES = "115200;ttymxc2" - it is a "stock" imx6qdlsabreauto. please have a diff of both and align your funky machine to it - it should then be OK.17:36
zandreyand of course! thanks RobertBerger!17:37
cengiz_ioviola! it just got built.17:37
cengiz_iozandrey please kindly check your dm17:38
zandreycengiz_io: \o/17:38
*** frsc <frsc!> has quit IRC17:44
bhstalelAnyone here have worked with SN65DSI86 DSI to eDP bridge befofre ?17:45
*** jpuhlman <jpuhlman!~jpuhlman@> has quit IRC17:47
*** jpuhlman <jpuhlman!~jpuhlman@> has joined #yocto17:47
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qschulzwyre: uImage is legacy, either go for zImage or fitImage18:32
wyreqschulz, yes, but I need to figure out how to set up Uboot for booting these zImages 🤔18:35
wyredo you know where can I find docs about this?18:35
qschulzyou need the bootz command and that's it18:37
*** jobroe <jobroe!> has quit IRC18:37
qschulzthen you need to load your kernel image into an area in RAM18:37
qschulzand your dtb as well18:37
qschulzand pass those to bootz18:37
qschulzmake sure you don't overwrite your kernel or dtb with the second artifact you're loading in RAM18:38
*** laurittr_ <laurittr_!> has joined #yocto18:40
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*** leon-anavi <leon-anavi!~Leon@> has quit IRC18:42
wyreqschulz, but how can I perform that process?18:43
wyreI mean, the kernel image and the dtb are in the mmc18:43
*** zyga-mbp <zyga-mbp!~zyga@unaffiliated/zyga> has joined #yocto18:43
wyreI would need to list the RAM artifacts18:44
wyreand load zimage and dtb in specific addresses18:44
wyreI need to know how can I do this with uboot18:44
qschulzwyre: you probably have a loadaddr available in the environment18:45
wyreqschulz, and what about checking the RAM content?18:45
qschulzload your kernel at that address from sdcard (with mmc command or fatload or ext4 load or whatever)18:46
qschulzand load the device tree a tad bit before that one18:46
qschulzwyre: bootz will do it for you18:46
*** mabnhdev <mabnhdev!6b0d4e3b@> has quit IRC18:46
wyrea tad?18:46
qschulzwyre: a bit beofre18:47
qschulzlike 1MB before juste to be safe18:47
wyreso dtb must be before than the kernel image?18:47
qschulzbut kernel can fluctuate a lot in size18:48
qschulzdtb is usually <100KB18:48
qschulzor even Kb don't remember18:48
wyrebut you just said, "load the dtb a tad bit before that one"18:48
qschulzso it's safer to load it before the kernel because it'll be pretty hard to have your kernel overwrite your dtb or vice versa18:49
qschulz(well, have U-Boot overwrite the kernel or dtb you have in RAM when loading the other artifact)18:49
*** manuel1985 <manuel1985!> has quit IRC18:50
wyreqschulz, and what about list what's loaded in RAM?18:51
wyrecould I do something like that with U-Boot?18:51
*** lsandov1 <lsandov1!c8448bdf@> has joined #yocto18:52
qschulzwyre: I don't understand your question18:52
wyreqschulz, to avoid overwrite artifats18:52
wyreI mean, how is exactly the process?18:53
wyreI must load the artifacts with loadaddr?18:53
wyreI don't get the point where you said that "bootz will do it for you"18:53
qschulzthere's no filesystem on RAM for U-Boot, so you need to load your artifact from your storage medium (sdcard) into RAM at a pre-defined address (or offset if you will)18:55
qschulzthis pre-defined address could be stored in the environment variable called `loadaddr`18:55
qschulzwhich you then pass to bootz18:55
qschulzobviously, you need to load your artifacts at different pre-defined artifacts and make sure you don't overwrite them18:55
wyreqschulz, and cannot I print the contents of loadaddr?18:55
qschulzwyre: obviously but what does this bring to you?18:56
qschulzloadaddr is a variable storing an address18:56
qschulzyou could print whatever is in RAM at that address18:57
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*** zyga-mbp <zyga-mbp!~zyga@unaffiliated/zyga> has joined #yocto18:57
qschulzbut bootz will read the RAM at the address you pass it and do its magic to boot your kernel with the dtb you passed18:58
qschulzthe same way bootm reads the RAM where you put your uImage18:58
wyreoh, I see18:59
qschulzI remember you ran a specific command, you can print the content of this command by running `printenv <insert-command-here` or even `printenv` to see the whole environment18:59
wyreand how can I load the zImage and the dtb in a particular address?18:59
qschulzwyre: the same way the command you were using in the first place does19:00
qschulzotherwise, it depends (TM)19:00
qschulzit depends on the storgae medium you're using19:00
qschulzand if you have a filesystem on that storage medium as well19:00
wyreI wasn't using any command in the first place, I just was using 'run bootcmd_mmc' to run the uImage and the dtb19:01
qschulzthat's the command I was talking about19:01
qschulzinspect this command19:01
wyreqschulz, 'inspect'? what do you mean?19:02
wyrewith editenv?19:02
rburtonfray, seebs: if you have any ideas19:03
qschulzwyre: yeah or printenv19:03
Guest25560rburton:  it seems syscall mismatch perhaps19:09
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rburtonGuest25560: yeah guessing some x86 assumptions sneaked in19:20
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RPlsandov1: I've just replied about the cmake-native issues in -next on list19:26
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seebsno immediate ideas about 14133, but it definitely shouldn't be segfaulting. hmm. there's some debug flags you can use for path debugging, suggest trying to get a `cp` command-line that crashes on its own without the whole build system, so you can just run that one cp under pseudo with spammy debug flags.19:34
*** pharaon2502 <pharaon2502!> has joined #yocto19:34
RPseebs: is putting a copy of the statx header into pseudo as a fallback a really horrible idea? We're seeing issues where we build pseudo on a system without statx but then sstate and uninative use the pseudo binary on a system with has it :/19:35
*** BWhitten <BWhitten!~BWhitten@unaffiliated/wipster> has joined #yocto19:37
seebsthat feels like a horrible idea. pseudo *really* wants to be built against the libc it's running with.19:39
RPseebs: I thought you might say that. In general we don't and it works out fine. Until now :/19:40
RPwe generally uninative it to something more recent that the host anyway19:41
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ShikadiI've got a million "Getting checksum for xxx SRC_URI entry : file not found except in DL_DIR" warnings in this vendor provided build, and I think it's causing a ton of rebuilds that don't need to happen, is there a way to fix this?20:56
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rburtonseebs: yeah i can get it to crash on demand, cp --preserve=xattr is all it takes21:15
rburtoni tried to turn on asan and it aborted before it even forked the server off with errors...21:15
*** manuel1985 <manuel1985!> has joined #yocto21:20
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manuel1985Is anyone (except the Yocto project itself) using the Autobuilder2?21:26
manuel1985I would like to set up CI/CD for Yocto but I'm just not able to find a proper tutorial to set up Autobuilder2.21:26
seebsoh that's interesting! so it's crashing in the local xattr code before it even gets as far as *trying* to ask the server any questions. neat!21:34
rburtonseebs: is the test suite expected to have some fails if attr/acl headers are not available?21:41
rburtonor does that get handled nicely21:41
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seebsi don't remember anymore. i think the attr stuff is supposed to get handled by the ports stuff, but i'm honestly unsure whether the test cases check for that, or can.21:51
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ShikadiI'm trying to bitbake a kernel module, but the module is trying to build against the wrong kernel version. How do I fix this in the recipe?22:00
rburtonah, cp 8.32 uses a load of new calls22:01
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paulbarkerRP: Looks like the summary line got lost from
RPpaulbarker: well spotted, will fix23:32
RPpaulbarker: fixed23:33
paulbarkerRP: Cheers! I always feel bad sending difficult to apply patches but I couldn't see an easier option there23:34
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RPpaulbarker: other option is a pull request from a contrib branch but yes, I realised it wasn't an easy one!23:38
RPpaulbarker: I'm kind of sad we didn't build up a decent repository of presentation material23:38
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